Sunday, May 10, 2009

Christ in Prophecy TV hosted by Dr. David Reagan: Bill Salus, Psalm 83, Israelestine and the Final Arab-Israeli War

10 MAY 2009: Click on the image of Bill Salus' Israelestine bookcover to view the Christ in Prophecy Television program hosted by Lamb and Lion Ministries founder and director Dr. David R. Reagan. This program features Bill Salus and an indepth discussion on the next great prophetic military event to occur in the Middle East, the final Arab-Israeli War. The geo-political and military precursors or conditions for this imminent war are occurring in real-time in Washington D.C., Europe, Jerusalem, and the Arab captial cities of the Middle East. The outcome of this war will fundamentally and irrevocably change the balance of power and the map of the Middle East in ways not seen on this earth since the Kingdom of David and Solomon which existed over 3000 years ago.


Donald Dolmus said...

Hey Sean.
God bless you.
Bill's insight is wonderful.
This program is a must see.

mac said...

Thanks for posting this, Sean. I enjoyed watching the interview with Dr Reagan and Bill, and plan to read Isralestine at some stage.

SeanOsborne said...

Thanks Mac and you're welcome. I would say that the sooner you read Bill Salus' Isralestine the better.

John Chingford said...


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John Chingford said...

Hi Sean

Thanks so much for advertising my blog and for sending an encouraging comment, there.