Sunday, March 14, 2010

America’s Clown Prince Visits Jerusalem

UPDATE 14 March 2010: Today's issue of the leftist Israeli Ha'aretz newspaper has confirmed what I wrote on 10 March regarding the true purpose of the American Clown Prince's visit. In true lefty dissimulative fashion the Ha'aretz article at first refers to Biden's appearance in Israel as a "friendly visit." Then the truth of the matter is revealed where the article author Aluf Benn writes: "Washington did not reveal the contents of the ultimatum or the list of demands reportedly presented to Netanyahu." Accordingly, the sovereign declaration by Israel of further housing contruction in Jerusalem has sent the false messiah Barack Hussein Obama through the roof in issuing further directlives for Israeli compliance with his dictates.

It is now crystal clear to me that Israel has been deliberately set up by the Obama Administration for this very confrontation. Obama has abandoned all pretense of neutrality and is clearly siding with his long-time radical Arab brethren. Yes, I said it, Obama is behaving like the true muslim that he is. Anything and everything aforesaid by Barack Hussein Obama at this point was pure Islamic al-Taqiyya. Period.

It also seems fairly obvious that this little gambit run by the Obama Administration has been designed to provoke if not precipitate an Arab-Israeli military confrontation.

Bibi, do yourself and your nation a favor. Dump this ludicrous charade, cease all contact and get ready to rumble. Yahweh is the God of your fathers, not Barack Hussein Obama. Git'r'Done Bibi.

10 March 2010: America’s Clown Prince, Vice-President Joseph Biden, is making a very high-profile visit to Jerusalem, Israel this week. Our foot-in-mouth diseased clown prince arrived just chock full of Obama’s imperial haughtiness and wasted no time in issuing humiliating, contemptuous and dictatorial instructions to Israeli leaders on how they will conduct Israel’s sovereign affairs, how Israel’s elected and appointed leadership are to think and how they must be enslaved to the socialist worldview and policy imperatives of the U.S. Obama Administration.

Wish that I were Benjamin Netanyahu, if only for a microsecond, and only for the experience of planting highly polished shoe leather on Joe Biden’s backside as he left the international departures lounge at Ben Gurion (NATBAG) International Airport. The gall, the arrogance displayed by Obama’s errand boy thus far is wholly deserving of such treatment and more. Nothing coming from this Administration is remotely close to serving the needs of our Israeli ally right now. Zippo, nada, nothing. They are hollow words. Beware of the hidden dagger in the left hand as the right is offered with platitudes.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should send Mr. Biden on his merry delusional way and take care of the Israel’s most pressing business at hand – remove at all costs the existential threat posed by a nuclear armed Islamic Republic of Iran. Then build all the settlements your heart desires and then some. In fact, Israel will be needing the extra housing as Jews from the world over are being gathered back into the land given to them by the God of their fathers.


SeanOsborne said...

Comments in response to this entry received via Email:

From Victoria in Israel:

"Par Excellance!
We have been subjected to closed streets, diverted foot traffic as well as vehicle traffic since yesterday. I told one of the security guards at Netanyahu's place yesterday not to work so hard. It wouldn't be a great loss! He actually cracked a smile.
Thanks. Hope you are well. Victoria

From Sharon ( in New York:

"Thank you for this article!!! Sean, I agree with everything you stated. The LORD will (soon, I hope) avenge His enemies for what they have done and are still doing to His people and there is not a thing Biden (or anyone else) can do about it...except repent."

SeanOsborne said...

I.J. Germaine in Texas wrote...

"Exclusive of the Biblical rights bestowed to the State of Israel their is nothing but gall from the self professed egomaniac in our White House to send such a "Schmuck" to lay but another attempt at running the foreign policy of our only friend in the Middle East."

Rapture Forums said...

Well, it looks like "Hillarious" Clinton got on the phone and gave Netanyahu a mouthful. I guess Obama couldn't do it himself. I wish Netanyahu had hung up on Clinton. That would have been fitting.

Obama, Biden, Clinton, and the rest of the anti-semites and closet moslems in the Obama administration need to read Genesis 12:3. They're making a big mistake!!

Keep up the good work Sean, your article made me laugh as I read it. You've got such a way with words. LOL

SeanOsborne said...

Obama has stepped in. According to left-wing Ha'aretz newspaper Obama has demanded Bibi Netanyahu to take specific actions, which is the subject of today's update to this article.

hartdawg said...

a question if i may, if i recall, it was netanyahu who folded several years ago and gave up hebron, you think he will stick to his guns on this one? many doubt he will but i`m praying for him, he`s under a lot of pressure. i was angered when i read about hillarys call yesterday.

SeanOsborne said...

This time I believe Netanyahu will stand his ground for the sake of Eretz Israel. Should he fail, then he is finished for good.

hartdawg said...

yes, we really in to be in serious prayer about this.