Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bill Salus: Israel, Iran and the Ishamelites

1 AUGUST 2010: As Iran’s nuclear development program nears completion, the rogue state draws dangerously close to possessing sufficient military power to control the OPEC Oil Cartel and the Islamic Crescent. Iran’s apparent quest to obtain overwhelming power in the Mideast region justifiably concerns Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, who has recently ratcheted up his support for the destruction of Iran’s nuclear sites and implementation of his Saudi Mideast Peace Initiative of 2002. King Abdullah’s latest geo-political actions tell a timeline tale of sincere concerns the Middle East is about to go apocalyptic.

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hartdawg said...

it seems to me that since saudi arabia is part of the psalm 83 confederacy (if my understanding is correct) and saudi arabia is equally scared of a nuclear iran then psalm 83 is unlikely to occur at least til the nuclear threat is over. am i missing something?