Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reality Check for the Bride of Christ in the Face of Imminent Prophetic Fulfillment

3 July 2011: We, the Bride of Christ, are witnesses to the stage-setting and character introductions of the literal and final fulfillment of 'last days' prophecy. This what I believe we can take away from the seemingly fearful current and imminent future events discussed in the blog item below this one. We MUST use this information as a part of our witness for Christ. I believe the many detailed prophecies have been given us for this very purpose.

Looked at another way, we know about the imminent future events in detail and in advance. How much more of an advantage do we require to win over souls for our Lord? As an example of this type of an advantage, consider how lopsided the final scores of an entire season of football games would be if our team had all of the other team's playbooks? Dare I say such a team would finish the season UNDEFEATED?

This is the situation the Bride of Christ finds itself in right here, right now, today! This is our "reality check" just prior to the standing up of Michael the Archangel to execute his Divinely appointed last days mission.

So, how busy are we in completing our Divinely appointed mission?


Heli gunner Tom said...

This post and Blog are a very fine and welcome encouragement to me! I just had my Left knee replaced on June 14th, and ask for some prayers for recovery. I did a lot of witnessing at KMH- Kenosha Hosp., and hope I led some to Christ.

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70

jeri from SA said...

Hi Sean,

Good to see you posting again:-)! I have missed your good comments and input.


SeanOsborne said...

Thanks Brother Tom. Prayers for a speedy recovery for you and your knee! Keep on keepin' on!

Thank you also! I was really busy there for a while, and then had issues with the new version of the IE browser. Had to switch to Firefox. Now we're good to go again! Amen.