Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE - America's Last Chance

Introducing the newly released DVD:"Behold A Pale Horse"America’s Last Chance
A documentary film by Chuck and Anita Untersee


SeanOsborne said...

The "Behold A Pale Horse" movie trailer and Charlie Daniels song are awesome ... I simply had to include them here.

I just purchased the DVD.

SeanOsborne said...

I just noticed that this blog entry is one of the most viewed items on this blog in recent days, well, particularly in the past two months.

Clearly this increase page views for this blog item are due to many Christian brethren websites and news networks linking directly to this blog item.

To all of you I say a heart-felt "Thank You!" for spreading the message.

Hopefully we, the Bride of Christ, are within the 90-some odd days (election day 2012) of being able to make a difference by taking our nation back from the usurpers.

The Lord's will be done in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.