Sunday, April 28, 2013

Global SITREP A10-13

28 April 2013: Global SITREP A10-13 is an update to an article published on Eschatology Today two and one-half years ago entitled 'Kings of the East."  The prophetic references in that article are the baseline for this update. My intention here is to bring the subject "up to speed" with very a recent development in Turkey's move into a military alliance with the Chinese and Russian-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The SCO can be easily be viewed as the "NATO of Asia."  The SCO is for all intents and purposes a nuclear armed military and political alliance with more foot soldiers than the world has ever seen. For students of Bible prophecy I will postulate that the SCO most probably will fulfill the role of the "kings of the East" discussed in the aforementioned article. In the firm belief we are that close to the advent of the 70th Week I am completely comfortable in making such an eschatological assessment.

In a signing ceremony at a meeting of the SCO in Almaty, Khazakhstan on Friday 26 April, 2013, the Republic of Turkey officially was welcomed into the organization as a "dialog partner."  Turkey's signing on as a SCO "dialog partner" is akin to a nation seeking NATO membership signing on to that organization's "Membership Action Plan."  With both of these member wannabe programs, there is no prejudgment on full future membership, but it most certainly is a very critical step in that direction. Turkey, after many decades as a NATO ally, as well as being a stiff-armed European Union candidate member for the past quarter century, appears poised and fairly well determined to align itself with the political, economic and military fortunes to be found within the SCO.

This fate that Turkey's ruling party is determined to assign to it was made completely unambiguous in the declarations of Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu carried by Turkey's Hurriet news service:

“Now we declare that Turkey also shares the same fate as Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries. We are thankful for being accepted as a member of this family. This is only a start. Maybe a complementation of a process but it is the start of a long way we will walk together hand by hand. This is our point of view on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and we will move in this direction.”
Who or what is the SCO? The SCO's member and aspiring member nations are seen in the eastern hemisphere global projection image above, which clearly show the core nations as Russia, the People's Republic of China and all four of the Central Asian former-Soviet Republics, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Observer status nations include Iran, Belarus, Mongolia, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Absentee from from this line-up are Turkmenistan and the newly independent Caucasus republics.

What remains for Turkey is a determination of its military alliance with the rest of the NATO nations. Good faith diplomatic intentions are one thing, but events on the ground in the war-torn Middle East or between India and Pakistan will prove to be catalysts which will bring this alliance to its role in the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies in Ezekiel and The Revelation of Jesus Christ. I can see both in literal fulfillment just by looking at the above map.


Jonathan said...

Just like the preceding updates, great job Sean. I appreciate the time it must take for you to ferret out, analyse, and compile this information into a coherent picture. Keep up the great work!

Sean Osborne said...


Thanks. The amount of material that needs to be ferreted, filtered, corroborated and then made semi coherent for the average reader boggles my mind at times, but the Lord is my strength and rock.