Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bibi Netanyahu Tells The Truth

9 March 2010: Todays Jerusalem Post reports on the Pastor John Hagee-chaired Christians United for Israel meeting held Monday night at the Jerusalem Convention Center. Here is the critically most important thing PM Netanyahu said at the meeting. I seriously doubt, although I would love to be incorrect, that the lamestream media in the US, including FoxNews will report this:
“Time after time, through thick and thin, you have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our state. Today that friendship is more important than ever, because Israel faces unprecedented challenges to its security. There is no greater threat to mankind than a radical Islamic regime gaining nuclear weapons. If Iran develops nuclear weapons, the world would never be the same. Remember that for the tyrants in Iran, Israel is only the little Satan. Their real target is America."
This has been absolutely true since day one of the current Iranian regime. In visual form the above statement was first made with this image several years ago. Notice carefully which orb is broken first in the image above. The United States of America's current president has as his primary concern a dead-on-arrival socialist healthcare plan. Obviously, somewhere down near the bottom of his priorities list is this very real threat.


hartdawg said...

i dont know my history as well as i should, but when there was a crisis at the time ronald reagan took over, he was tuff and the crisis (a hostage crisis?) ended in days. i think ronald reagan was our last great president. he wouldnt allow iran to build a bomb.

Drew said...

Everyone I talk to who would know, to a person believe that a war in the Middle East (Israel) is imminent. What the scope of that war would be, they tend to disagree, but it appears that Syria, Hezballah and Hamas will be the primary opponents of Israel. Not sure yet that Iran is ready to get directly involved, but it could easily happen. I was told this morning that this will probably go down soon, maybe in the next 90 days.

hartdawg said...

iran will not be directly involved in this one. irans date with destiny on the mountains of isreal comes a little later with russia, turkey and other nations

Drew said...


Yes my brother, I agree with you that Iran's ultimate destiny is as Ezekiel prohisied. I was simply pointing out what my friends have indicated. For example, if, when it all hits the fan in Israel, Iran reacts by blockading the Straits of Hormuz, then America will have to react. If then Russia sees American reaction as a provication against Iran, then they are pledged to act, also China will become involved. So you see, they tell me that this whole scenario could escalate to a World War condition amazingly fast. Not to take away Ezekiel's prophesy, but it could be the very thing that leads to Israeli security, the final fall of America, and the setting of the stage for the anti-christ. I don't think I have ever read of any time span prohesied between Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38. Could be they are "nose to tail". That would be pure speculation though.

skullee said...

With Drew's second comment I believe is right on. Possibly when the Psalm 83 war breaks out it won't be too far down the road that the Ezekiel 38/39 follows? Where in this time frame do you believe Israel will be burning weapons etc for the 7 year period? Could this burning lead into and still be going during the tribulation? God Bless!

hartdawg said...

i, in no way speak for sean, but its my belief that the battle occurs before the tribulation but the Bible doesnt say how long. whether the rapture precedes it or not is not certain as the rapture is an immenent event. it could take place as you`re reading this or it could take place one day before the tribulation.

SeanOsborne said...


You're probably correct about Ronald Reagan would deal with an Iranian nuclear threat were he alive today as POTUS. Hopefully, Netanyahu is Israel's Reagan.

Drew said...

In light of my previous couple of posts regarding the possibility of Iran making moves to draw the US into a war, I found this on Middle East Newsline this morning;

"WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Iran was said to have been deploying a range of naval assets for a massive strike on its Gulf neighbors. A report asserted that Iran has been acquiring and deploying a range of
missiles and naval platforms to strike at shipping and energy facilities of its Gulf Arab neighbors. The report by the Center for Strategic and
Budgetary Assessments said Iran wants to intimidate the United States from operating in the Gulf."

I still have a feeling though that before Iran makes a move, it will exercise its puppets of Syria and Hezballah. The prohesied war of Isaiah 17/Psalms 83 may be dead ahead!

BTW Sean, if I haven't told you recently, thank you for all you do in trying to bring all of these things to our attentions, and for taking an unrelenting stand for our Lord. I kknow that it is not easy for you, but you have my respect and admiration. Keep the faith. May God be glorified, and Jesus exalted! Soon and very soon!

skullee said...

thanks Hartdawg for the info!!