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Global SITREP A6-20: The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement (IPPA)

The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement Conceptual Map
(UPDATE BELOW) 28 January 2020: The so-called "Deal of the Century" proposed by the Trump Administration is also known as "Vision for Peace: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People." This Vision is a realistic approach, apart and distinct from the nearly 700 ineffectual United Nations resolutions, to establish a man-made peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples; the establish a "State of Palestine" where nothing of the sort has existed previously.

From the purely Biblical perspective, this is a plan to divide the land given in the Land Covenant established by God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel); it ignores the inheritance of these lands as a possession to the Twelve Tribes of Israel. As such Eschatology Today believes this plan has no chance of success, nor is it, as described by the angel Gabriel to the prophet Daniel, the covenant among many. This plan is between Israeli's and a newly recognized people, the Palestinians. It is a Two-State solution, separate and distinct from the generational Arab-Israeli or Muslim-Jewish conflict.

This Vision also recognizes the dynamics of the Middle East region as a whole; the changes taking place at the present time; the common threats faced by Israel and its Arab neighbors from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the need to establish an economic foundation upon which to build peace in the Greater Middle East. This plan envisions a doubling of the Palestinian GNP in a decade, the creation of over one-million new jobs, unemployment below ten percent and a reduction of the poverty rate by fifty percent. Accordingly, this plan is diametrically opposed to the objectives of the Shi'a Twelver doctrine of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their proxies from Lebanon to Yemen, which focus upon a regional apocalypse led by a mythical, centuries old religious figure.

This Vision is for the State of Israel and the new State of Palestine to establish the Israel-Palestinian Peace Agreement between them and from which all other future potential will flow. Peace, Safety and Security are things which these two peoples will establish for themselves, with the United States of America acting as a facilitator.

This Vision recognizes two major hurdles: Gaza and Jerusalem. Terrorist control of Gaza must end; HAMAS, PIJ and other factions must recognize Israel's existence, the State of Palestine must control Gaza and the territories that will become integral to it. Jerusalem and its holy sites will remain in the current status quo, with free access at the Temple Mount to Jews, Muslims and Christians. Politically, Jerusalem is to remain the undivided capital city of the State of Israel. A capital for the State of Palestine can exist outside of the municipal boundary security barrier east and north of the city.

UPDATE 30 January 2020: What is wrong with the map at the top of this SITREP? For starters, it has no basis in fact or reality. It is no real nor is it Israel. It is a concept what what could be IF the vision of the peace plan were to be accepted by the current State of Israel and the "Palestinian" leadership. It depict an Israel with total control of the entirety of its borders north, east and south; the potential State of Palestine is entirely within the state of Israel.

Here's the bottom line about the visionary map and the text of the "Vision for Peace" plan. It embodies to the ultimate degree that which Donald J. Trump has become most renowned for -- the "Art of the Deal" Anyone who understands Trump has to understand what a Trump deal is, and that is he puts forward from the get-go the highest most expansive position possible, and then sits back and waits for the counter offer, or if the deal is rejected, he just walks away. No deal. We will see how this plays out after the Israeli election in March because nothing of substance will come of this until after the election.

Israel Today - 30 January 2020
Secondly, and we all must know this if we have read our Bible's cover to cover, any current map of Israel is nothing more than a temporary map of Israel. The map of Israel on May 14, 1947 was altered to a different map at the armistice of 1949. And the map of 1949 changed again in 1956, and back again a few months later. In June 1967 the map of Israel changed again, and again in 1973, 1974, 1975, 1979, 1982, 2000, 2002, and 2005. Only for the last fifteen years have the borders of Israel remained relatively static, status quo. The illustration below show this in good detail. These are maps of Israel in disbelief. These are maps which are pretty good illustrations of Ezekiel chapters 36 and 37. If you've not read them in a while, by all means re-familiarize yourself with those prophetic words.

Expanding Israel
Israel's borders will change yet again, and soon, and in my eschatological view Israel's borders will change drastically away from what the visionary map illustrates. And the next map change will occur with a high degree of certainty due to what the visionary map and plan both instigate among the Arab Muslims within and all around Israel. Talk about your paradigm shifts, this one will be something to witness!

So here's the rub. None of these maps illustrate the true Israel, the full covenant land map of Israel. That will be the Israel in belief, the Israel in which the Holy Spirit has been poured out upon. And no matter what may transpire between now and then, nothing will actually change except for the earthquake movements of the surface. The land belongs to God and it is the Lord's Land Covenant with Abram/Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel. Ezekiel 36/37, as well as 38/39 all attest to this fact. The will of God is in motion, these things must take place. Even so, Marana'tha!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Global SITREP A5-20: IRAN Part IV

Fake News Iranian Twelver Style
25 January 2020: We begin Part IV of the Iran series by noting that the fake news reported in Iranian media is not really that different from what the American public recieves from ABC, CBS or NBC and all of its subsets. The above image is touted as a recent "anti-US rally." In reality it is photo of a Shi'a religious procession known as Arba'een Chechelom that was taken on Safar 20 (October 19, 2019).

Iraqi Shi'a to US Troops: "Leave to Live" 
The above images are from the Khamenei regime's Keyhan newspaper, show pro-Iranian demonstrators advising US troops to "Leave [Iraq] to Live" and "Leave to Survive." These IRGC-QF-led demonstrators also hung in effigy a manikin of President Trump and three uniformed US soldiers. The threats against US troops continues day in and day out. Truly, the Iranian Twelver regime and its proxies are the Nazi's of the 21st century.

Meanwhile, all across Iraq and Iran, and even in Lebanon, there are anti-Iran protests. Yesterday the Amal militia in Beirut attacked an anti-Iran demonstration. The Lebanese army immediately came to the defense of the demonstrators. Late word that the downtown area of Basra, Iraq is in flames today.

The US military confrontation with Iran continues unchanged. The US position that was made clear by President Trump as the Davos economic summit has several bullet points. 

Firstly, bilateral relations between the US and Iraq are far deeper than just the presence of US forces in the country. Any talks must take all aspects into account. 

Secondly, NATO will be taking on an increased role in the fight against Islamic State. To this end the establishment and/or expansion of bases in the territory of the Kurdistan Regional Government (Erbil) seems is highly likely. 

FFinally, the defense of the large US base at al-Tanf on the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border region from encroachment by Iranian and Syrican forces will be robust; confronting of IRGC-QF and proxy forces at various points along the Iraqi-Syrian border and denial of access to all land corridors linking Iran to Syria and Lebanon, plus denying access of Russian forces to the Iraqi-Syrian border region.     

This will be continued...

Global SITREP A4-20: Miscellaneous Items

(6FEB20 UPDATE BELOW) 23 January 2020: This SITREP is to cover miscellaneous items, some new, some just for updating purposes.

Firstly, it's necessary acknowledge the passing of televangelist Dr. Jack Van Impe. He was truly amazing in his ability to call up chapter and verse of prophetic Scripture, and his passing is mentioned here simply because he was a brother in Christ. It is irrelevant if one agreed or disagreed with some of what he taught, but I do thank the Lord that Dr. Van Impe was true to his calling for several decades. He will be missed. There is an entire generation of us who grew up with prophecy teachers in Jack's class, and now we look forward to being with them again at the Lord's side.

Secondly, in recent studies the angel Gabriel's prophecy in Daniel 9:26b, "And the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary," has been in the forefront. Almost exactly ten years ago at the very beginning of Eschatology Today several posts were made to identify specifically who the people of the prince to come were. The prince is the coming Antichrist; the people were the several legions of the Roman Empire that besieged, sacked and destroyed Jerusalem and the Second Temple, specifically and most prominent among them was Legio X Fretensis

The army of the Antichrist, as has been written about here in several posts, is back in the news. One post in particular was brought to mind recently because of this, "It Was Never About the EU, But All About NATO." It's three and a half years old now, but that post deserves a revisiting because there's lots of noise of late about an EU army being stood up, one building block at a time. Breitbart published an article on this today that is worth reading. And yet, the EU army will be wholly reliant on NATO and buttressed American military power that will enable it to take the field in future combat operations as seen in our discussions on Daniel 11:40-45 taking place during the 70th Week.

The thing here, and this is a lot to wrap any one's head around at one time, but I must also be recalling other Eschatology Today posts such as "Ten Toes" and "The Little Horn," which rest upon even more very specific Bible prophecy regarding ten kings or leaders of nations among whom an eleventh little horn rises and plucks three of the ten out by the roots (making them his own). This occurs while there's a war going on. This is the fourth beast of Daniel 7:7-8. So, while some might tend to think its quiet and not much is going on, oh but to the contrary!, this world has a great deal going on andis moving inexorably down the Prophetic Road to Revelation.

Thirdly, and as an adjunct to the above (rumor intelligence (RUMINT) has been rampant all week long in advance of the Davos economic summit and the VP Pence trip to Israel) it looks as if Trump will have both Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu and Israeli PM wanna-be Benny Gantz as his guests in the White House next week to be briefed on the so-called "Deal of the Century" peace initiative. 

Both Netanyahu and Gantz have pledged to annex the Jordan Valley to Israel, and Netanyahu acknowledging that since that is now the case, then Israel should move forward immediately an make the annexation happen. And guess who would like to blow that up in all of their faces? The Iranian Ayatollah. So little wonder that today rockets were launched again from Gaza.

Meanwhile, In Iraq, there are raging battles between anti-Iran protesters and pro-Iran forces in several cities this evening, and just about every evening this week, most involving life fire automatic weapons. In the Iraqi-Syria border town of al-Qaim unknown aircraft attacked the 45th Brigade of Kata'ib Hezbollah with reports that a commander was killed. This coincides to today with the United States warning the new IRGC-QF commander, MG Esmail Qa'Ani, that he faces that same fate of MG Qassem Soleimani if any US forces are harmed in Iraq.

Finally, the truth about the coronavirus that emerged in China and has spread around the world is finally being acknowledged. There are over 20 million people trapped in Chinese cities as that government attempts to get a handle on an epidemic in the making. Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places, plagues and pestilences... sounds like a Jack Van Impe telecast, but its real and its all happening today just as our Lord said it would in the Olivet Discourse.

UPDATE 06 FEB 20: Taiwan News recently leaked the actual numbers of 2019-nCoV in the PRC. Infected 154,023; Suspected infected 79,808; Deaths 24,589, Victims cured 269. These numbers dwarf the "official" numbers being reported. The 2019-nCoV Infected and Suspected Infected total is well over one-quater million people (circa 234,000). 

2019-nCoV Data
Left to Right: Confirmed cases, Suspected cases, Cured cases, Deaths.
Other data from Taiwan strongly suggests that 2019-nCoV may be an "unkillable" virus due to the many insertions of other viruses in the core. That may mean in 2021 it may resurface again with unknown consequences. Also, H5N1 Bird Flu has recently made a reappearance in the People's Republic just south of Wuhan.

UPDATE 25 January 2020: Another of the older posts, one from December 2018, is worth noting again. "Psalm 68: A Messianic Prophecy for a Snowy Israel." There are a couple of interesting passages in it, with a reference to a specific season of the year; when snow is present upon a certain mount. This has me recalling what Jesus said in the Olivet about the middle of the 70th Week as Matthew 24:20 recorded. More convinced than ever that nothing here is coincidental.


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Global SITREP A3-20: The Rise of Gog

Ezekiel 39:6

18 January 2020: The events which took place in Moscow, Russia this week are assuredly relevant to the prophetic visions given in Ezekiel 38-39 as noted in the chosen title for this SITREP, and which, for the purpose of continuity, is essentially an update for the 2009/Update 2014 post The Prophetic Road to Revelation (Part IV): The War of Gog of Magog and the 2012 post Clues to the Timing of Ezekiel 38/39 and other Insights.  
Sweeping top to bottom change to the government of the Russian Federation came as the result of a stunning speech this past Wednesday (15JAN20) by its President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. In the speech Putin announced reforms that would change the very nature of Russia's governnance. Those changes resulted in the instantaneous resignation of the entire government The resignations were not in protest of the announced reforms, but in support of them and of Putin's objective agenda behind them. In the midst of this single day upheaval came word that an obscure apparatchik of the Russian tax service, Mikhail Mishushkin, was elevated to the office of Prime Minister. Mishushkin was elevated in leap-frog fashion above a total of thrity-two Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers of the Government with nary a signle protest. Not so much as a peep. Tsar Valdimir has spoken. 

Or should it now be acknowledged, Gog of Magog the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, has spoken.

Global SITREP A2-20: IRAN Part III

Ayn al-Asad Airbase

Update 18 January 2020: 
President Trump, as we're all aware of now, warned the Ayatollah of Iran about 52 targets that would he struck if American military personnel were killed in retaliatory strikes by Iranian forces. President Trump noted that included within those 52 targets were Iranian "cultural sites." Most everyone, including the entire gamut of media, was aghast at the idea of American weapons destroying Iranian cultural sites.

Three years now and people still do not fully comprehend "Trump-speak."  It's a fact.

When President Trump said "cultural sites" he was unambiguously informing the Ayatollah, his Twelver regime and the IRGC: WE KNOW YOU'RE USING IRANIAN CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS SITES AS COVER FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS DEVELOPMENT. 

Let that sink in as it has for the Iranian Twelver regime. It is language they understand implicitly as not just a threat, but a promise that remains in effect.

8 January 2020: The media, lock, stock and barrel, is rife today with not just disinformation about what took place last night in Iraq, but absolute bald-face lies. And they cite "Western sources" as the origin for the "truth" they are trying to cloud our minds with. 

The claim, which actually originated from within the propaganda of the Iranian government, is that the volley of ballistic missiles were deliberately pre-programmed to miss killing American and allied troops at Ayn al-Asad Airbase. This lie is intended to deceive and convince the public that the Iranian government intended to do no harm; that they just had to save face and show their people a win against the "Great Satan" by firing harmless missiles at an American airbase.

Earlier today the image at the top was acquired. It may go viral in due course, along with others like it. Save it, enlarge it, and look closely at it. You will see white-dashes forming circles in several (five to be precise) places in the base perimeter. Those are NOT misses. They are, in fact, direct hits on facilities which had been populated by American and allied troops.

American orbital reconnaissance satellites, of many types and capabilities, had detected Iranian preparations for a ballistic missile attack many hours before the fact. The soldiers who would have been in harms way, in the very structures that were hit, were moved well in advance to safe, secure spaces. This was done hours prior to the Swiss/Iraqi communication that Iran was going to attack. It was the US intelligence which ultimately saved Iran, its people and probably the world at-large, from the devastating consequences of American strikes, many of which would have obliterated active Iranian nuclear weapons sites. 

If you have not already done so, watch President Trump's statement made this morning and carefully listen to what he said. Do so with the information you have now just read in mind. Yes, American mainstream media, all the major TV and cable news networks, would rather fill your head with the abject lies concocted by the Iranian regime simply because of their all-consuming hatred of President Donald J. Trump.

P.S. Eschatology Today advised its readership to track events today on the Times of Israel website. Unbeknownst to Eschatology Today THIS was published about two hours ago. Imagine that, truth being told in Israeli media, but not in American media.

The above graphic illustrates the SRBM attacks from Iran that began last even before the burial of MG Qassem Soleimani had come to a conclusion in Kerman.  We await a statement from President Trump on what action, if any, he has determined to take.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Global SITREP A1-20: IRAN Part II

UK Royal Navy nuclear attack submarine

UPDATE 5 January 2020: It's about 9:30 PM in Israel, 10:30 in Baghdad and Tehran. Iranian proxies just announced they will commence retaliation tonight. 

If Iran attacks the US directly, the NATO common defense charter will be invoked. The UK has its nuclear-powered subs in the region and prepared to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles into Iran. Here, my brothers and sister, is the "coalition of nations" often referred to here regarding Jeremiah 49:34-39. Cruise missiles can be programmed to fly to their targets from every direction on the compass (confuses defenders).

4 JANUARY 2020: President Trump just tweeted a SEVERE WARNING to Iran 30 minutes ago:

"Iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain USA assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader who had just killed an American, & badly wounded many others, not to mention all of the people he had killed over his lifetime, including recently hundreds of Iranian protesters. He was already attacking our Embassy, and preparing for additional hits in other locations. Iran has been nothing but problems for many years. 

Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!"

Screen grab of Soleimani's last Damascus-Baghdad flight.
SECOND UPDATE 3 January 2020: A second American precision airstrike has just occurred north of Baghdad, near Camp Taji. There are six confirmed dead from the Hashd al-Shaabi, an Iranian-led Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) militia, in what is being reported as a Predator drone strike against a multiple vehicle convoy. Two precision strikes in as many days, both against moving vehicles after sunset. 

3 January 2020: The tremendous capabilities of US intelligence was on full display last night in the real-time tracking of Quds Force MG Qassem Soleimani's and the terrorist ensemble accompanying him on his last flight (Cham Wings FLT 6Q501) from Damascus to Baghdad. Upon arrival the surveillance continued with US military aircraft loitering overhead, and ended with four Hellfire missiles slamming into the convoy of vehicle as they departed the Baghdad International Airport. 

The Islamic Twelver regime had ignored President Trump's quite specific warning that if they continued with the planning they were engaged in yesterday another "big hurt" would occur. It was only a matter of a couple hours before the warning became fact. Iran is not so arrogant today. A regime-declared three-day mourning for Soleimani is in progress, with promises of retribution to follow. The image below is of Gen. Esmail QaAni, the just announced IRGC-QF replacement for MG Soleimani. His days are numbered as well.

What next? There is a very high probability that the military reduction of Iranian warfighting capabilities which Eschatology Today interpreted from Jeremiah 49:34-39 nearly ten years ago will shortly commence. This will be a highly kinetic and asymmetrical war as the opening verses of Jeremiah's prophecy attest. These developments are being closely monitored in real-time, updates as they occur.

2 January 2020: It appears that the US launched a preemptive decapitation strike tonight against the IRGC-QF-led PMF terrorists just outside of Baghdad International Airport (BIAP). There are reportedly 8 killed in the Predator drone strike by four Hellfire missiles on an SUV convoy that had just departed BIAP. One of the reported dead may well be IRGC-QF Major General Qassem Soleimani (image above). The unique ring on the finger appears to be a dead giveaway on the identity of the deceased. Other dead include several high profile terrorists of Lebanese Hezbollah, Kata'ib Hezbollah and Hashd al-Shaabi head Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. The Times of Israel is now reporting confirmation that MG Soleimani and al-Muhandis were killed in the strike.

Height of the Iranian Proxy Assault on US Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq 31DEC19
US Marines arrive US Embassy at dusk 31DEC19
US Embassy this morning 1 January 2020
1 January 2020: The above images reflect the three stages of the reiterated Iranian declaration of war against the United States that began in 1979 with the attack and seizure of hostages at the US Embassy in Tehran. The Baghdad embassy assault by soldiers of the Iranian-led PMF (Hashd al-Shaabi) and Kata'ib Hezbollah) of yesterday morning was pushed back by dusk last evening with the arrival of 100 US Marines who flew in on MV-22 Osprey aircraft accompanied by a pair of Apache attack helicopters. Forewarned of the US Marines approach, the terrorists began to withdraw from the embassy's perimeter compound and the last few stragglers were sent fleeing when flash-bang grenades were distributed into their ranks.

Acting on orders from Ayatollah Khamenei, the two individuals who are essentially the government of Iraq, IRGC-QF MG Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis had prepared this assault well prior to the strikes on five Kata'ib Hezbollah camps in al-Qa'im, Iraq and Deir Ezzor, Syria last week as well as prior to the K1 attack which killed a US military contractor (see previous SITREP). 

Additionally, the current leader of the Shi'a terrorist Badr Organization in Iraq, Hadi al-Amiri, was photographed during the siege yesterday. Hadi al-Amiri had been a guest of former President Barack Hussein Obama in the White House in 2011. Al-Amiri was responsible for the smuggling of Iranian-made Explosively Former Penetrator (EFP) munitions into Iraq that killed or main hundreds of US soldiers during Operation Iraqi Freedom, even while he was Obama's guest in the White House. Former-President Obama's links to Islamic terrorists are deep and well known, and thus his fingerprints as a coup d'etat plotter and Deep State operative have been found yet again in yesterday's terrorist attack, with former SECSTATE Kerry known to be actively advising Tehran on how to oppose the foreign policy of President Trump. 
82nd Abn DRB boarding one of the
three C-17A that flew to Iraq last night.
With the deployment of the Marines it was also announced that President Trump directed SECDEF Esper to authorize the deployment of the 82nd Airborne Division's Ready Brigade. The first 750 of these nearly 4,000 airborne soldiers went wheels up immediately last evening and flew non-stop to Kuwait, refueling in mid-flight over the Strait of Gibraltar. Make no mistake, the miscalculation of all involved in this latest Iranian folly will result in severe kinetic damage being done to the Twelver regime in Tehran.

Questions remain on how the normally tight security of the Green Zone in Baghdad was breached with ease yesterday allowing hundreds if not thousands of Hashd al-Shaabi and Kata'ib Hezbollah terrorists access to the US Embassy compound. 

This new chapter of the war involves not only the United States, but also the entire CJTF-OIR international military coalition and Israel. The coming days of this brand new decade have begun most ominously, with the immediate prophetic implication of Jeremiah 49:34-39 and Isaiah 17 holding emphasis.