Sunday, December 20, 2015

Global SITREP E9-15: An Eschatological Year In Review

20 December 2015: The final SITREP of the current year will take a look at those eschatological things which are important to us as we continue to watch the signs pointing to our Lord's soon return in the clouds and a command with the voice of an archangel to "come up hither."

Firstly, there is no longer remains any issue with with the firm placement of Ezekiel 38/39 as a pre-70th Week prophetic fulfillment. In a direct response to prayer seeking clarity on the issue, the Lord has shown through the Scripture of Ezekiel 38/39, Romans 11 and The Revelation of Jesus Christ that there will be two kinds of Israel in the context of the 70th Week just as there are currently two kinds of Israel in the context of the present pre-70th Week context. 

One is clearly remaining in disbelief; living in rejection of Jesus who came in His Father's name as the promised Messiah. This is the Israel that will fulfill our Lord's prophetic words (John 5:43) at the start of the 70th Week when they receive the false messiah who comes in his own name. 

The other is the true Spiritual Israel; it is they who will know the "I Am" who is the Lord their God (Ezekiel 38/39); it is they, all Israel, who will receive Jesus as Messiah; who will have the Spirit of God poured out upon them (Ezekiel 39:29). Their number is 144,000 and they will come, 12,000 individuals each, sealed with the sign of God on their foreheads from every tribe of the children of Israel (Revelation 7). It is these Jewish evangelists who will preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world during the 70th Week which will result in the innumerable saved souls seen in Revelation 7:9-17 who will "come out of the Great Tribulation" (the Megas Thlipsis) in robes washed white in the blood of the Lamb.

Speaking of Ezekiel 38/39, one of the most common threads in the newspaper eisegesis coming from the Islamic Antichrist (IA) theorists of late is that Turkey is the land of Magog, the home of Gog, the man who is also one and the same as the world deceiving and conquering Antichrist. The entire IA theorem is the most easily debunked, rebuked and reproofed of all end-times interpretations via the plain text of Scripture alone and real-world historical fact. The thing here is, facts continue to occur in world history, and we're living in the most important pre-70th Week fact-making periods that will ever exist.

Speaking of established facts, apparently none of these  purveyors of literary nonsense and their hoodwinked minions have ever bothered much to pay attention to established historical facts, both Biblical and real-world, so it should come as no great surprise that they pay even less attention to current events and the facts they are establishing in front of the eyes of the world. 

One of the most glaring is that Turkey and Russia are literally at each others throats in military confrontation over Russia's intervention in Syria and the Turkish shoot-down of a Russian bomber in Turkish airspace for just 17 seconds. If anything these IA theorists are fond of propagating for cash were true, then the current situation in Western Asia should have suited itself very well towards a Turkish-Russian military alliance simultaneously opposing the wannabe Caliphate known as the Islamic State as well as the State of Israel. However, as can be seen by everyone, this is not the fact of the matter. Turkey, a now much militarily reinforced member of NATO, and Russia have been for a very few weeks a hairsbreadth from a shooting war, as are Turkey and the Shi'a Twelver theocracy ruling Iran and its Lebanese Hezbollah proxy. The greatest part of the Ezekiel 38/39 Magog confederation clearly lies to the north and northeast of the Caucasus Mountains.

Another fact is that after a five-year hiatus diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel have turned one hundred eighty degrees from where they had been in the aftermath of the Mavi Marmara incident of 2010. Following intense and broadly-based negotiations between the two in Switzerland Turkey and Israel are in a position to resume their previously close alliance. The Russia-Turkey conflict near instantaneously shut off the bulk of Russian petroleum products flowing into Turkey. Stepping into this breach is an opportunistic Israel with its operational Tamar gas field, with the potential of billions of dollars worth of petroleum opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea being offered to the Turks. On this new threshold is a very lucrative partnership between Israel and Turkey that will based upon moving Israel's immense Leviathan natural gas field product into European markets through a Turkish pipeline. This relationship will revolve around the Delek Group of offshore developers and the Houston, Texas-based Noble Energy Corporation to fully develop the Leviathan and Tamar gas fields among a few others and get a good portion of the estimated total of  40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas product into Turkey via a direct pipeline. 

So, are these resources the source of the many spoils of Israel referred to in Ezekiel's prophecy? Sure looks that way.


As we enter the year 2016 there are a plethora of things which will continue to have powerful prophetic implications. From the war in Syria, to Iranian nukes, to the newly established Saudi anti-jihadist military coalition and a resurgent NATO and morphing of the Western alliance to include more and more nations, to the technological arena and new reports of breakthroughs or quantum leaps in artificial intelligence (image of the beast), all of these and more will be watched and posted to this blog.

In the meantime, and in between updates... Marana'tha!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Global SITREP E4-15: An Inherently Dangerous Situation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Putin and his generals at the National Defense Control Center, Moscow
Update 17 December 2015: A bit of a history lesson is now necessary to understand why the current situation in Syria exists, and how it was as predictable as the fall of Iraq into the Iranian sphere, the  rise of the Islamic State: A lack of vision, leadership and willingness to apply the ultimate tool and force multiplier of foreign policy. To look at this in hindsight is like looking at a replay of a chess match in which one of the players is deliberately playing to lose.

We woke up yesterday to see that the US-led coalition supporting so-called moderate Sunni jihadist rebels against the Ba'athist regime of Bashar al-Assad had surrendered its very raison d'etre with the sudden announcement that the Obama Administration had abandoned its policy position that Bashar al-Assad must leave power.  How did this come about?

In the latter half of 2013 when Obama threatened to bomb Syria (i.e. start a war) because al-Assad had possession of and was using chemical WMD against the Sunni jihadist rebels. Obama stated he could launch this war against Bashar al-Assad's Syria without Congressional approval. It was a bluff. U.S. allies in Great Britain knew it from the get-go and so did the French. Absent any U.S. leadership this world-class ruse quickly fell on its face without so much as a whimper. 

The reason it did was the continuing effect of Obama's cut and run from the nearly won counter-terrorist war against the remnant Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). That cut and run retreat from victory was on full display. Within a very few months of the U.S. military retreat from Iraq the terrorists of AQI became the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and launched a blitz of conquest gaining vast territories and resources in both countries.  

To the north the Obama bluff resulted in blatant Russian aggression and the rapid military conquest of Crimea from Ukraine, and the continuing to this day Russian war of aggression that is seeking to dismember southern Ukraine from the rest of the country. 

In all of this there was not one scintilla of American leadership or pushback that amounted to anything approaching serious military or economic consequences for either of these enemies. Sunni terrorists were free to create a terrorist state, the essential requirement of Sunni eschatological belief - a Caliphate. To crown this infamous achievement, Obama then put up the false front of negotiations with Iran and Russia and achieved his goal of making Iran a nuclear weapons power. He essentially gave the Sunni a Caliphate and the Iranian-Mahdi hastening twelvers the Bomb.

In the face of such fecklessness the Russians now made manifest what Barack Hussein Obama had bluffed at two years previously - they put their combat power on the ground in Syria, in the skies, and on the ocean approaches in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and covered it with an anti-aircraft missile shield that has no bearing whatsoever in any conflict with the Islamic State because it does not have an air force or missile force. Moreover, the Russians also have a nuclear weapons umbrella with which to defend what they have achieved in the Levant.

Can you now see where this is all leading? Does the greater Middle East now not have the essential driver for and catalyst to bring about war on a scale never before visited upon these lands? Do you now see the enabler of flood-like Bible prophecy fulfillment that exists from southern Europe to northern Africa to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Arabian Peninsula to the Indian Ocean? And there is tiny but nuclear-armed Israel standing in the midst of it all.

14 December 2015: What I've flagged as an inherently dangerous situation in the Middle East grows more ominous with each passing day. If these SITREPs have not made the situation perfectly clear up to this point, one can only repeat that the I&W are that Russian forces in Syria have less to do with fighting the Islamic State and more to do with confronting the US-led Coalition and NATO head-on. 

Islamic State has no air force in Syria or Iraq. They have flight training simulators in the heart of their Wilayat Tripolitania (i.e. Sirte, and western Libya) but those assets will be soon be scrap metal due to imminent airstrikes from French and British aircraft. So what drives Russia's deployment of additional top-of-the-line Su-34 'Fullback' bombers and Su-30 'Flanker-C' and the launching of Kalibr cruise missiles from a submerged Kilo-class submarine in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea; the deployment gift of of T-90MS 'Tagil' Main Battle Tanks to the Syrian Army 4th Division, and regular flights over Iraqi airspace of Tu-160 'Blackjack' enroute to targets in Syria? 
Russian T-90 MBT

All of this Putin muscle-flexing of last week is a show specifically intended for NATO eyes. This week These Russian forces have an additional tasking order. On the direct order of Putin to the National Defense Control Center, led by Russian Army Chief of Staff General Valery Gerasimov, in Moscow this past Friday a shoot to kill directive was issued. This order is a direct warning to NATO that any detected threat, even the slightest action deemed to be a provocative threat against Russian forces anywhere in the region, will be fired upon with extreme prejudice and without hesitation. This is no FRAGO from Moscow, this is a direct order that any perceived threat is to be destroyed immediately. While some will attribute this threat as being directed solely at Turkey, the fact is that since Turkey is a member of NATO and is covered by the collective defense provision of Article V of the NATO Charter, any attack by Russia on Turkey will be viewed as an attack upon all of the NATO allies. 

Try not to blink, or you might miss what happens next.

9 December 2015: We're now seeing in the media the first public reports of what I first predicted one month ago (9 November 2015) would occur (now highlighted in yellow below) regarding the potential coming from Valdimir Putin of RUSSIAN tactical nuclear weapons becoming involved in the war against the Islamic State.  Russia fired Kalibr 3N-14/T SLCM cruise missiles (NATO Name: SS-N-30A) against Islamic State from a submerged submarine (the Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine Rostov-on-Don) in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Along with this announcement from the Kremlin by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Putin added that the Kalibr can also be armed with nuclear warheads.This means, as if it is not obvious enough, that nuclear weapons are present within the Syrian war zone. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a banner head line for corporate global media in the next day or so, but I won't be holding my breath in anticipation of it.

29 November 2015: An unconfirmed report of extremely low credibility that has been picked up by some western media is claiming that Vladimir Putin will deploy 150,000 newly drafted Russian soldiers into Syria to destroy the Islamic State. The source for this claim is an Iranian website, Eschatology Today located this report at the VeteransToday website this morning.  

My assessment is that this report has extremely low credibility as written due to the fact that newly conscripted Russian soldiers are not formed into new fighting battalions and brigades. What occurs is that platoon and company-sized units of these draftees are inserted into existing units to replace an equal number of previously conscripted troops who are being discharged after their one-year term of service. Put another way, draftees fresh out of a three-month long tactical training boot camp would constitute a combat ineffective fighting force if they were summarily deposited into an ongoing war on a foreign land. Due to the accelerated nature of their boot camp these draftees have not trained to repair their fighting equipment in non-combat situations, much less in a fog of war, heat of battle environment. Thus a large number would probably be chewed up in pretty short order and unit combat effectiveness would nose dive. Therefore, the Iranian origin report is at best a rumor, and most likely intentional disinformation (i.e. they know our eschatology as well as we know theirs).

The current reality is that Russia's army is slowly being transformed into a professional fighting force, with its best units consisting of all-volunteer careerist troops. These are the combat brigades and types of troops that Russia would deploy if it were serious about annihilating Islamic State. Russian combat brigades would also have to enter the battlefield in concert and strategic coordination with a large number of American, Turkish, Jordanian, British, French and Iraqi combat brigades positioned in Turkey, Iraq and Jordan in order to bottle-up, cut-off and kill the Islamic State in a full-scale campaign across the deserts of Syria and Iraq. That is what a serious anti-Islamic State war would look like and the best chance of that happening would be an accord being reached at what is supposed to be a global climate summit of world leaders in Paris, France beginning tomorrow.

27 November 2015: The shoot-down of a Russian Su-24M bomber by a NATO member (Muslim Turkey) resulting in the killing of its pilot by Syrian jihadists (the navigator/weapons officer has been rescued), followed quickly by the shooting down of a Mi-8 SAR (Search and Rescue) helicopter and resultant killing of a Russian marine by U.S.-armed Muslim jihadists have to be linked together as a singular event in the mind of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. This event has to have been to impetus to cause the immediate change in the military dynamic and order of battle for Russian forces deployed in Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. I assess with high probability and high risk that the first tangible evidence of the change in the military dynamic and order of battle will come in the form of hostile fire coming from the Russian missile cruiser Moskva. This ship has essentially been placed on orders from Moscow to shoot first and ignore all questions later.

The second change in the dynamic and order of battle is far more ominous. It will likely be the introduction of tactical nuclear weapons being transferred from storage in Crimea to the Russian flotilla in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Basel al-Assad Air Base (a/k/a Hmeimim Air Base) near Jableh from which the doomed Su-22M took of on its last combat sortie.  The introduction of Russian tactical nukes into this Middle Eastern war zone is something I put with much aforethought into the comment section of SITREP E2-15 on the morning of 9 November 2015. Understandably, no one touched that comment with a ten-foot pole. Yet here we are two weeks later and the introduction of those Russian tactical nukes into the Syrian battlefield is very much a part of the new dynamic and order of battle. 

Russia has announced the deployment to Syria of its S-400 Triumf (NATO: SA-21 Growler) SAM system. The S-400 Triumf is an upgraded version of the S-300PMU/3 SAM system. Details are in the image above. Awaiting Israel's and NATO's response to this deployment.

Speaking of Israel, there is a Russian-Israeli military understanding that has been published in Israeli media (JPost, etc.). As published this understanding holds that Israel Defense Forces will not shoot down Russian air force aircraft conducting strike missions in southern Syria (i.e. Dera'a) and which might accidentally enter Israeli airspace over the Golan region. According to a quoted IDF spokesperson, the lines separating IAF operational areas and Russian operational areas are clearly defined according to the understanding, and at least from the Israeli perspective, Russia is not seen as an enemy of Israel. Therefore the Russians are free to conduct their anti-terrorist airstrikes in Syria and Israel is free to conduct its anti-Hezbollah and anti-Iran airstrikes in Syria and Lebanon. In my opinion, this current understanding probably has the life expectancy of a soap bubble blown by a child's toy and will likely burst upon the first item of Russian airdropped munition which "accidentally" hits an Israeli position on the Golan. So, we'll wait and see as this war progresses.

A Couple of Other Odds and Ends:

According to a Washington Free Beacon staff report of 25 NOV15, the JCPOA nuclear agreement between the P5+1 nations and the Islamic Republic of Iran is not legally binding because President Obama did not require them to do so in order to bring the agreement into effect. In essence, and according to the Obama Administration via the U.S. State Department, the JCPOA is nothing more than a verbal agreement between President Obama and Ayatollah Khamenei. For those who have suggested that Jeremiah 49:34-39 has been preempted by the JCPOA nuclear agreement, you might want to reconsider your viewpoint - it is based upon nothing. 

The Atlantic published an interesting article on 24NOV15 titled "The War on ISIS: What's the Endgame?" The second sentence of the article caught my eye: 
"Today, the United States is contemplating a major expansion of its military campaign against ISIS. Driven partly by faith that the end times are imminent, ISIS has stepped up expeditionary attacks outside its caliphate, including the bombing of a Russian jet over Egypt, a suicide attack in Lebanon, and coordinated assaults in Paris."
If you follow that "end times" link embedded in the quote above it'll take you to another article from The Atlantic published in March 2015. That article makes clear that the Sunni eschatological theology underpinning the Islamic State is identical to that which we have known about the Twelver-Hojjatieh Shi'a clerics ruling in the Islamic Republic of Iran for the past 36 years and counting. The raison d'etre for both is that they believe they are "a harbinger of—and headline player in—the imminent end of the world." This is the bottom-line reason why Sunni Muslims have flocked from all over the world into Syria to join the Islamic State, receive military trained and return to their home countries, many disguised as "refugees" in order to execute attacks for the above stated purpose. The only difference between the Sunni jihadists and Shi'a jihadists and what keeps them at each others throats is that they each consider the other to be apostates of Islam. The Shi'a have their al-Mahdi-hastening Ayatollah Khamenei and his Twelver-Hojjatieh regime, and the Islamic State has their Caliph Ibrahim who is the al-Mahdi.

And speaking of Iran,  it has been confirmed that the Ayatollah's right-hand man and commanding officer for global terror operations via the IRGC Qods Force, 58-year old General Qassem Soleimani, was wounded in the ongoing battle southwest of Aleppo, Syria. Several reports have indicated that his wounding came as a result of a strike by a U.S.-made BGM-71E TOW anti-tank missile (as referenced in SITREP D10:15) and he was the principal of an immediate medical evacuation (Medevac) to a hospital in Tehran. This is just a step towards justice due to Soleimani for his role in the hundreds of American troops killed and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan by weapons Soleimani deployed on those battlefields.

Thus far the name and rank of Soleimani's IRGC-QF replacement on the Syrian battlefield is as yet unknown. The BGM-71E TOW missile also destroyed the Russian Mi-8 helicopter that was forced to land after being hit by groundfire during its SAR mission to recover the pilot and navigator of the downed Russian Su-24 bomber. Given the speed of the TOW strike and destruction the Mi-8 the proximity of the opposing forces to each other was within a couple hundred yards and clearly line-of-sight.

So, as we can probably all discern with relative ease, the deception is rampant and it is global, and it is something that we have to deal with until the moment we are commanded by Jesus, with the trump and voice of an archangel to "Come up hither!" (1 Thessalonians 4:16 and Revelation 4:1)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Global SITREP E8-15: IAEA Report Confirms Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program

10 December 2015: The global corporate media might not report the full truth of this matter, particularly here in the U.S., in order to keep the Obama nuclear deal with Iran from imploding. However, the fact is that the leaking of details found within the forthcoming IAEA report over the past week by former IAEA officials will ultimately result in confirmation that the Iranian nuclear program was purposed for and in the pursuit of the development of indigenous nuclear weapons. The report also reveals that nuclear weapons testing did occur at the secret Parchin military nuclear facility.

Other tidbits of information that have been forthcoming include the fact that the unverifiable JCPOA between Iran and the five other nations never became a signed nuclear accord. That's right, none of the heads of state or negotiators of the JCPOA, or designated authorities of the nations involved, put ink to paper to make this accord an official agreement. In other words, there is nothing binding in this agreement upon any party to it. 

Therefore and in essence, brothers and sisters, what I've noticed here is that the JCPOA amounts to a 10-year "covenant among many" which has never been confirmed. A very near-term foreshadowing of the you-know-who confirmed "covenant among many" of the 70th Week the current JCPOA may well be.  

The JCPOA could be unilaterally abrogated by Iran or the U.S. or  E.U. or E3 at any time. And the fact here is that Iran has been routinely ignoring specific provisions of the JCPOA as well as the ban on testing of ballistic missiles.  So what is to keep the other parties to this accord from initiating the much talked about military option to deprive Iran of its nuclear weapons capability?

At this point and in a single word, nothing

Monday, December 7, 2015

Global SITREP E5-15: Jihad in Southern California and the game of 'Fantasy Islam'

7 December 2015: I've held off posting about one very important aspect of this Islamic atrocity, and that is the role a brethren in Christ had in it. As you are probably aware by now 52-year old Messianic Jew (he accepted Christ as Messiah in 2013), Nicholas Thalasinos (seen above with his 41-year old wife Jennifer), was a fellow restaurant inspector with Islamic terrorist Saeed Rizwan Farooq for San Bernardino County. That's about the only thing Nicholas and Saeed had in common, other than their occasional discussions on politics and especially religion. It was something about religion which was said between the two at the Christmas party which set off the Islamic terrorist couple of Saeed and his wife Tashfeen on their murderous rampage last Wednesday. That is what it is, and it is now history, our brother has gone to be with our Lord forever and Saeed to eternal damnation.

However, the problem with this that I am having now is the way media of the Left is portraying one of the bride of Christ. The New York Daily News published a truly ignorant report by a Linda Stasi in which she personally impugns Nicholas Thalasinos as "a hate-filled bigot" who was just as responsible (i.e. not an innocent victim) for the San Bernardino murders and grievous bullet wounds as the two Islamic jihadists firing their assault weapons. She implies that Nicholas deserved to be murdered in cold blood by a Muslim jihadist. This Daily News reporter is truly in a world-class of ignorant buffoons because she also exhibits a mind-numbing lack of understanding about why Islamic jihadists kill innocent people. For a New Yorker such a mindset is unfathomable, unless you're a card-carrying leftist of diminished mental acuity. Linda Stasi outs herself as being over-the-top hate-filled towards anyone who is conservative in their political views, pro-Second Amendment, anti-abortion and against Islamic jihadism be it the Sunni or Shi'a variety of jihadism. Linda Stasi, I have been informed, also possesses a deep seated desire for the NRA to be declared a terrorist organization.  There are times when the truly ignorant and hate-filled Leftists among us do merit being popped upside their empty head, even if they happen to be female.

5 December 2015: We now all know a great deal more about what occurred in the terrorist assault in San Bernardino, but we don't know everything. The are a great many details which are being withheld from public knowledge. The biggest and most in-our-face clue as to what the information is that authorities are not talking about is found in the fact identifying this attack as a terrorist act was not as forthcoming as it should have been. Why? Because our Government would not and will not allow corporate media to do so

Even now, more than 72 hours after-the-fact, one can watch television, listen to radio or read print media about the known details of this "act of terrorism" and not get a definitive and true identification of it as Islamic terrorism. The closest any of them will come is to refer to this as "radical Islamic terror." However, that description is deceptive because there is nothing "radical" about Islamic terror. Such extreme violence and cold-blooded murder as occurred in San Bernardino this week is an absolutely consistent, 100% pure, direct doctrinal dictate from the Quran for the pure adherents of Islam. This Quranic doctrinal dictate for Muslim purists, known formerly as Islamic fundamentalists, to engage in violence is specific in how they are to treat apostate Muslims, Christians and Jews or any other non-Islamic creed followed by human beings on this planet. This is the ultimate truth about Islam that our government has refused to acknowledge for many decades.

If one looks at historical U.S. government records one will see that after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing the FBI still describes that act of war as "Global Terrorism" and "Middle Eastern terrorism." None of perpetrators has ever been identified as an Islamic terrorist. Look back at the acts of war that occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. which indiscriminately murdered 3,000 people. None of the Muslim men involved has ever been identified as an "Islamic terrorist." Al Qaeda itself has never been identified as an "Islamic terrorist" organization, and the FBI's own Top 10 Most Wanted Terrorist website refuses to identify any of those individuals as "Islamic terrorists." 

After 9/11 our president and elected representatives declared war on a tactic (The Global War on Terrorism or the antiseptic GWOT) instead of a firmly identified enemy and its ideology: Islam. Moreover, our government is utterly loathe to refer to the newest terror group by its proper Arabic name, Dawlat al-Islamiyah f'al-Iraq w Belaad al-Sham, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, but instead find it absolutely preferable to use the totally antiseptic ISIS or ISIL. Why? Because the Islamic terrorists of CAIR and ISNA, a/k/a the Salafist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, a/k/a HAMAS, find the proper Arabic name objectionable, and therefore so do the dhimmi's in the American government.
Our government's abject refusal to refer to any of these acts of war or their perpetrators as Islamic terrorism or Muslim terrorists is a complete and continuing white-wash of the issue before us. The bottom line in all of this is that the reluctant admission that the San Bernardino massacre was just plain "terrorism" is due to a direct link to ISIS being incontrovertibly established. According to our government's policy ISIS (and Al Qaeda, among others) are known simply as perverters of Islam. This allows the government to continue the fantastic charade that Islam is a 'religion of peace,' and therefore the San Bernardino massacre has nothing to do with Islam. This is a deadly game that must be referred to as "Fantasy Islam" for it has nothing to do with reality in this 21st century.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, I have just laid out for you in factual detail why even more horrific acts of blood-curdling Islamic carnage than we have endured since 1993 will soon occur again in our cities and rural towns. Our government, paid for by our tax dollars, is hell bent to continue its game of Fantasy Islam to the great detriment of us and our progeny. So help us God.

Finally, President Obama has stated that ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States. However, Islam is an existential threat to the United States and President Obama will never admit it nor act decisively against this threat. 

3 December 2015: The first fairly solid intel I received at 6:32 PM EST on the massacre that occurred in San Bernardino, California was that law enforcement knew the identity** of at least one of the three AR-15-armed jihadists, but will not release that information until they were captured or deceased. (**How did the first police responders know this information? Wounded survivors of the assault told them who it was that had burst in to open fire on them.) The principle name that  was overheard several times in monitored law enforcement radio chatter as the manhunt for three active shooter suspects was in full swing was (phonetically) "Farooq Saeed." All three active shooter suspects are believed to be devout Muslims, two are males, the third a female spouse. 

The female has since been identified as Tashfeen Malik. The second male jihadist name has not been released, but he is believed to be the brother of "Farooq Saeed." One of these jihadists was reportedly listed on a federal terrorism watch list. "Farook Rizwan Saeed" (image above) is known to have recently returned from a trip to Saudi Arabia. There is much more that is known, but is not being publicly divulged at present due to an ongoing and widespread investigation. The jihadist link is becoming clearer; the time spent in preparation for heavily-armed jihad (acquisition of assault rifles, ammunition and the mass manufacture of IEDs), tactical training and planning is also being developed.

The 3 December 2015 cover page of the New York Post. The cover on the right is the original, first edition; the one of the left is the second printing edition. Fantasy Islam by definition, an obfuscation of the truth.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Global SITREP E7-15: America, Wake Up! A Lesson from our Brothers in Australia to Learn

6 December 2015: I think the above video is must viewing for all patriotic Americans. It is a timely lesson of something we may soon have to deal with in an American city - Muslim rioting. And contrary to leftist media, Muslim rioting has nothing to do with racism, this is no such thing as an "Islamic race." To the contrary, what this is about is everything to do with the open expression of Islamic supremacy as dictated to Muslims by the Quran.

Notice in the embedded video above, which is a recent video as evidenced by the number of Islamic State flags, that this mass of primarily Muslim men has no problem whatsoever being directly associated with supporters of the Islamic State which is sworn to the destruction of Australia. This is sedition and Islamic insurrection; it is the same irregardless of what Judeo-Christian society in which it appears of late. And as you read this video's on-screen text, simply replace "Australia" with "America" and apply its lesson here in our nation.

As background, 10 years ago (2005) there were Islamic riots in Sydney, Australia that lasted for several days and nights. On 15 December this year the 10th anniversary of the response from patriotic Aussies will be held at the same beach, Cronulla Beach, which is just south of downtown Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The Cronulla 10 Year Memorial on Saturday, 12 December 2015 has been organized and is hosted by the Australian Party for Freedom. The Australian Party for Freedom is very much akin to the Tea Party that has swept across the United States of America in recent years. It was violent attacks by Muslim men against Australian volunteer lifeguards which precipitated everything which followed.

  To those who attempt to refute that there is anything in Bible prophecy about this global problem of violent conflict between Islam and the rest of the Judeo-Christian world, I give you the literal words of our Lord Jesus Christ as given to us in Matthew 24:6-7

"And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom."

In the sense of the Old Testament, the word "nation" referred to a tribe, or group of Gentile people as much as it referred to those foreign nations not worshiping the true God; pagans in other words; Muslims as well as non-Christian Gentiles in the manner in which Paul used the word.