Saturday, February 24, 2018

Global SITREP A9-18: The Focus on Jerusalem

 The Embassy of the United States of America in Jerusalem, Israel
24 February 2018: This SITREP is an essential update for three previous SITREPs: C5-17 Making Sense of Current Events of 4 June 2017, the final update to D10-17 Paradigm Shattering Changes Reshaping the Middle East - Part II of 6 December 2017 and the first SITREP of 1 January 2017, A1-17 Israel Sovereignty. A re-familiarization of these SITREPs from the oldest to the most recent is a recommeded refresher.

These three Global SITREPs are the Eschatology Today foundation documenting the greatest change to come to Jerusalem since its liberation fifty years ago in June 1967 and the sudden establishment of the United States Embassy in the city just 80 days into the future from today, and the as yet unknown but sudden standing up of the 3rd Temple in the Holiest city on the earth and the future capital city of the planet.

Here's the big news if you've not yet heard it. On May 14, 2018 there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Embassy of the United States of America in Jerusalem (seen in the image above), the newly and officially recognized capital city of the State of Israel, on the 70th anniversary of Israel's modern existence. To repeat that last bit again: "on the 70th anniversary of Israel's modern existence." The timing of this event is absolutely perfect, so perfect that it simply has to be ordained by the LORD.

There should be a lot of pastors talking about this because throughout Israel's history periods of 70 years have always been milestones, benchmarks. In the 9th chapter of the book that bears his name Daniel states his understanding "by the books" of the significance of 70 years. Daniel's understanding, until the angel Gabriel came and explained these things to him in detail, was based upon what the prophet Jeremiah in chapters 25 and 29 had given as God-breathed prophesy. 

This might be something a good pastor properly atuned by the Holy Spirit to in-the-process-of-fulfillment Bible prophecy might talk about in this Sunday's sermon, no? If not, then might he want to preempt his prepared sermon and reconsider due to the importance of this subject, no? Just asking, because it is a pretty important subject in these last days. If not, then a repeat of Jeremiah 25:3-4 might well be in progress and the particular pastor who misses this important event is not hearing what God has spoken by the Holy Spirit. Israel, for the most part, has a good reason at present for such Spiritual blindness or deafness (Deuteronomy 29:4 and Isaiah 29:10), but a born-again pastor of The Word? So, we make note of it here as has been the case for some years now.

May 14, 2018 marks the 10th shavuim since Israel was born in a day back in 1948 in fulfillment of Isaiah 66:8. A shavuim is the Hebrew word for a group of seven, seven of anything, but in this instance the context is that we are talking in terms of years. May 14 2018 is the 10th shavuim in the modern-day context of Israel's existence. 

This 70 anniversary is an important milestone or benchmark. Just as Daniel realized he was very near the end of the 70 years prophesied by Jeremiah for the Babylonian captivity, so too we realize that the 70th year of Israel's existence points directly to an imminent start of the final 70th Week of Gabriels prophecy; it highlights that we're very near the end of that gap of time, the so-called Church Age, which began at the conclusion of the 69th of the 70 weeks of years in Gabriel's prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27).

Friday, February 23, 2018

Global SITREP A8-18: Regional Warfare

SpaceX Falcon rocket
Russia's new Su-57 in Syria

Update 23 February 2018:
  Two items to make note of in this update, the first related to the SITREP title, the other is about the near future.

Russia has deployed into Hmeimim airbase two Su-57 "stealth" aircraft. (Image directly above). Why? To test the aircraft against the American F-22 Raptor and Israel's F-35I Adir as well as our ability to detect it. It is so new that it has not yet garnered a flashy F-series NATO Name, and just by looking at photographs and video it does not appear to be all that "stealthy." It looks like a dressed up Su-27 Flanker. We'll see.

The image at top is the Space-X Falcon rocket. Yesterday it was to quietly and without fanfare launch the first of what will soon be a 12,000-strong fleet of "Starlink" spacecraft which are to bring high-speed internet like a blanket over the entire surface of our blue marble. I'm sure you all recognize the prophetic implications of such a Starlink fleet of spacecraft. Just another indicator of the global systems being put into place. 

Screen-shot of the US video showing Russian T-72 just prior to its destruction by CJTF-OIR aircraft on Satuday, 10 February 2018.
17 February 2018: Disturbing news this morning from both US and Kurdish media sources: Turkish troops have used rockets with chemical warheads. These Turkish chemical weapon injured at least six civilians, two critically, in the ongoing fighting around Arenda village in the Shea district of Afrin, Syria. The rockets warhead chemical agent has been specified as chlorine gas. Seven individuals were named in the Kurdish report (updated @ 0900 17 FEB EST) and were taken to Afrin central hospital. ZeroHedge has a near identical report posted simultaneously with the Kurdistan24 report. 

The proliferation of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, Jihadist rebels, and now Turkey in Syria is something which cannot be undone. it Their use is a gateway the size of Texas to even more powerful WMD and to increased foreign military intervention, such as France has promised. Additional foreign intervention is precisely what U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster called for this morning at the ongoing security conference in Munich, Germany. Again, chemical weapons use, specifically in northwestern Syria, is something Eschatology Today has consistently made note of in conjunction with Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27.

Turkey also made the news this week (Thursday) in a report by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). IPT reported that Israel's internal security agency, Shin Bet, has exposed the depth of Turkish support for HAMAS military wing in Gaza. Shin Bet made two arrests, a Turkish national and an Israeli-Arab, who are accused of working for HAMAS in Turkey. Shin Bet public these arrests on Monday 12 FEB. The Shin Bet surveillance discovered a Turkish company known as SADAT, whose designed purpose it is to financially support and provide war materiel to HAMAS. There is no way the Turkish government would be unware of this activity. Details at the embedded link. 

Israel has been battling HAMAS terror tunnels. Next they may be dealing with HAMAS drones acquired through Turkish arms merchants. 

16 February 2018: Eschatology Today assesses that the "Battle of al-Tabiyeh" near Dier-Ez-Zor on February 7, 2018 marks an entirely new phase of the war in Syria. The superpowers and major powers' military forces on both sides of this conflict are now in direct conflict with each other as these SITREPs have been forecasting for some time now based upon Bible prophecy. And other countries, such as France, are about to join in. 

The anonymously reported number of Russian ChVK Wagner merc casualties in the Battle of al-Tabiyeh has now risen to 300. It has been roughly stated as 200 KIA and 100 critically injured. Of the 100 wounded now medevaced back to central military hospital in Khimki, Russia, a full third of them may yet succumb to their wounds raising the overall KIA count resultant from that battle. Russia continues to hide and outright deny the fact that Russian combat troops, mercs or not, are more deeply involved in this war than they will publicly acknowledge. The Russian denials ring very hollow. 

Wounded troops themselves report that there were two 275-man battle formations of ChVK Wagner troops engaged in that battle. That is the upper-level number of OPFOR combatants reported officially by THE US-led CJTF-OIR. This leads to the stunning possibility that there may not have been any Syrian or Iranian Shi'a militias present in the battle, or put another way, the Battle of al-Tabiyeh may have been a direct Russia vs CJTF-OIR engagement.

A major effort in reinforcing on both sides in terms of the number of troops and their lethality is underway. It is a given that larger and more lethal engagements are a certainty. Isaiah 17, Jeremiah 49:23-27.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Global SITREP A5-18: SYRIA - Part III

Russian mercenary soldiers of ChVK Wagner

Final Update 21 February 2018:
 The the eastern Damascus suburb known as Ghouta there is a massacre occurring. The Syrian government denies any civilians are there, only terrorists, so there is no "humanitarian" contect to this battle whatsoever. The artillery, rockets and chlorine/shrapnel bombardments are unrelenting, unforgiving; hundreds and hurdreds of civilians are being massacred each day. Eastern Ghouta is being returned to the stone age, and it's a foreshadowing of what Damascus itself will soon become. It is hard to not imaging some type of military intervention occurring. We'll see. SYRIA - Part IV is next.

13 February 2018: Details on the battle at al-Tabiyeh which occurred on Wednesday of last week continue to seep out. New OSINT is strongly suggesting that 3/5ths of a 500-man enemy force consisting of Russian mercs, Syrian soldiers and Iranian militia was wiped out by the US-led CJTF-OIR. 

Of the 300 reported KIA Opposing Force (OpFor) troops more than 100, and possibly as many as 200, were reportedly Russian mercs deployed into Syria by ChVK Wagner. Some reports suggest the Russian mercs were the largest contingent of the OpFor. 

Officially, Russia does not acknowledge the presence of ChVK Wagner troops being in Syria, but independent estimates hold that there are or have been as many as 3,500 in Syria. Russia even denied last Wednesday that any Russian nationals were in the Dier-Ez-Zor area. It was that Russian denial which led the CJTF-OIR to unleash the full measure of firepower necessary to decimate the attacking OpFor, and decimate it they did. US B-52 bombers and MQ-9 Reaper drones were cut loose on OpFor convoys of vehicles which were out in the open. Nothing much survived.

US Forces in Syria
9 February 2018: US SECDEF Mattis provided a few details to the engagement between CJTF-OIR and pro-regime forces on Wednesday. He confirmed the presence of US Special Forces in the engagement, and that as the first artillery shells from the enemy began falling the de-confliction line of communication between US and and Russian commanders was activated. Mattis confirmed that CJTF-OIR aircraft neutralized all enemy artillery, advancing tanks were destroyed and enemy ground forces were otherwise engaged and "had casualties." 

Russia told the US that none of their uniformed forces were involved, leaving wide open the door that Russian mercenaries (i.e. ChVK Wagner) may have been involved. Several thousand Wagner Group mercenaries have been sent to fight in Syria; their presence is a poorly kept Russian secret until some began returning to Russia in body bags. The pro-Regime assault was an attempt to sieze oil and gas fields held by the US-allied SDF. The ChVK Wagner troops are under a lucrative contract between Russia and Syria to defend oil and gas fields. Unfortunately, some pay with the lives. There's a powerful lesson here for Turkey's Erdogan and his announced designs for Manbij and Kurdish lands east of the Euphrates River. 

The de-facto border now existent in Syria at the Euphrates River has very profound implications in the literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy; it is Israel's northern boundary in the Land Covenant of Deuteronomy 29:1-29 and Deuteronomy 30:1-10. This Covenant has been upon Israel since they first entered into the Promised Land, it remains upon them to this day. How interesting that American soldiers are today holding this line, this northern border of Israel to come.

8 February 2018: Yesterday (7 FEB) a Syrian and Iranian militia attacked a headquarters of the US-led CJTF-OIR Coalition in the town of Khusham, about 6 miles southeast of Dier-Ez-Zor on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. This enemy force numbered about 300 troops and was backed by artillery, tanks, multiple launch rockets systems and mortars. Coalition forces repulsed the attacking force on the ground and with numerous airstrikes. The enemy dead are said to number about one-third of the number which initially attacked, with the remainder in full retreat back across the Euphrates. The only CJTF-OIR casualty was one wounded SDF soldier.

No question the Su-25 was a Russian jet from Hmeimim Air Base

3 February 2018: A Russian Su-25 (NATO Name: FROGFOOT) was shot down this morning in Saraqib (also Saraqeb), Idlib Governorate, Syria. The rebel group Haya'at Tahrir al-Sham used a MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System) to shoot the Russian aircraft out of the sky deep in territory they control. The Su-25 is a close ground support jet (roughly similar the U.S. A-10 Warthog), and was flying low and slow when at least one heat-seeking MANPADS scored a direct hit. The Su-25 was without question supporting the ongoing Syrian-Iranian militia offensive against rebel forces in Idlib. The pilot ejected but was apparently killed immediately during a firefight on the ground. Reportedly, at least one Russian naval ship cruising off Syria's coast has responded to the shootdown with a volley of Kalibr cruise missiles into Saraqib. Don't expect much to come of this, but given the region in which it has occurred it is noteworthy.

1 February 2018: Noting once again that the twin pre-70th Week war prophecies concerning Syria, Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27, are not being taken literally by many of our brethren. Many openly opine that foreign military forces, but principally the Russian bases, will remain in Syria indefinitely. This view is contrary, in the interpretive opinion of Eschatology Today, to Isaiah 17:3 and 13 as well as Jeremiah 49:26. What we are seeing transpire in Syria is the run-up to a literal fulfillment of these prophecies in real-time. 

For the human observer, the passage of time is painstakingly slow until it suddenly becomes historical fact. So it was with Jesus' Olivet Discourse prophecy concerning Israel and Jerusalem. Take Matthew 24:2 for example. Assuming Jesus spoke these words circa 14 Nisan (7 April) 30 AD, the specific event of this prophecy took a full 40 years to become a literal and historical fact. The Roman conquest and subjugation of Israel began in 67 AD and was not complete until the fall of Masada, the last Jewish zealot redoubt, in 73 AD. That's a passage of 7 years in real-time.

Time for a recap. The war in Syria began as a civil war, a late blooming in what global corporate media so ignorantly referred to as "The Arab Spring." This uniquely Syrian war lasted essential from 2011 to 2014. Although Iranian military intervention began almost immediately in 2011, big power direct military intervention did not begin until the fall of 2015 by the US-led Coalition and the Russian government. So, we're just over two years into escalation to full-scale warfare by major world powers. That's were the ultimate and literal fulfillment of the specific verses cited above from Isaiah and Jeremiah are concerned. The escalation to that prophetic finality is in full swing and the specifc point of origin for the foretold catastrophe per Jeremiah is the battlefield in today's headlines.

Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, three times in the past 30 days Bashar al-Assad's forces have attacked the rebel-held East Ghouta section of Damascus with chemical weapons, specifically asphixiating chlorine gas. The most recent attack of this type occurred yesterday. So, don't be surprised if President Trump once again orders a strike against Syrian forces.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Global SITREP A7-17: Fighting Between Israel and Iran/Syria Erupts

IAF F-16 Crash Site in Northern Israel this morning
UPDATE 12 February 2018: Here comes the rather stunning Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) from Israel on Saturday's strike in Syria. Naftali Bennet stated on GLZ Radio (a/k/a IDF Radio) in Israel that Damascus "now stands exposed" as a direct result of the airstrikes. The BDA is that one-half of Syria's air defense systems, which are heavily concentrated around Damascus, were destroyed. Damascus is virtually naked; almost defenseless against Israel. LTC Jonathan Conricus, IDF Spox, compared Syria's air defense array post-strikes to the remains of the Iranian drone blown out of the sky. 

No wonder that since the dozen or so airstrikes on Saturday there's been heard the sound of crickets from both Tehran and Damascus. Al-Assad has no one else to blame for his massive loss of air defense capability but IRGC Qods Force commander Qassem Soleimani and his boss Ayatollah Khamenei. And Hezbollah in Lebanon celebrates? The below Israeli cartoon expresses this new fact-of-life for Damascus, Syria quite nicely.

Translation: "We showed them!"

10 February 2018: About 6 hours ago Iran sent one of its drones (a cheap replica of the US RQ-170) into Israeli airspace from Syria. The drone left Syrian airspace and entered Jodanian airspace and then intruded into Israeli airspace. After one minute and thirty seconds in Israeli airspace an IAF Apache chopper intercepted and utterly destroyed the Iranian drone. Nothing but charred remains fell to the ground.

Scrambled IAF F16I Sufa aircraft responded to the incursion and were met with heavy anti-aircraft missile fire from Syria which critically damaged one of the responding Sufa's. That aircraft crashed in northern Israel (image above). Sirens began wailing all over northern Israel. The two Sufa crewmen bailed out and survived, but the pilot sustained serious injury and has been hospitalized.

In response to this obviously pre-planned Iranian attack, PM Netanyahu convened an emergancy session of his defense chiefs in Tel Aviv. Israel then immediately launched a sort of mini-blitz against the Iranian drone control vehicle and at least 12 other Iranian and Syrian targets according to the IAF Air Order Of Battle (AOOB). Four hours ago the heavy fire between Syria and Israel continued to escalate, with Israel promising to exact a heavy price from Syria and Iran.

As of 6 minutes ago (8 AM EDT) a report was issued saying that Israel is rushing ground troops and other reinforcements to the Golan front. 

Now, four hours later, it would appear that combat operations have ceased, but high alerts remain in effect. This morning's combat illustrates how quickly and unexpectedly the situation is on Israel's northern frontier. This appears also to foreshadow the prophecy of Isaiah 17:14a

"Then behold, at eventide, trouble!
And before the morning, he is no more."

IAF airstrikes in Syria 10FEB18
The above image (IDF Source) illustrates the four targets struck by IAF f-16I Sufa aircraft this morning in Syria. The first was the Iranian drone control vehicle. Following the Syrian anti-air ambush of one F-16I, Israel took the opportunity to attack and destroy millions of dollars worth of multiple air defense assets of the the Syrian regime. The systems struck were the SA-2 (NATO Name: Guideline), the SA-5 (NATO Name: Gammon) and the SA-17 (NATO Name: Grizzly) BUK-M2 SAM systems. 

A graphic of this morning's 4-hour long chain-of-events follows below.

The intensive Eschatology Today situational awareness of all events in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza will continue; a new and far more dangerous period has now begun.

Monday, February 5, 2018


5 February 2018: Been watching the global corporate media of late? If you have then you probably have no idea what the image above is referencing. That would be because the globalist media would not and will not put coverage on the discovery and unmasking what has been, since at least July 2016, a disinformation campaign to sway a US presidential election in favor of the globalist candidate. Since the November 2016 election there has been an unrelenting campaign that has taken on all the earmarks of a silent coup d'etat against the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Eschatology Today has been tracking this globalist effort and agenda since August 2013 (see Global SITREPs A19:13; B10-16 and C12-16 for background). The reader would then be directed to the Breaking News Alert 08-17 of 10 May 2017. That alert ended with this thought regarding the firing of former FBI Director Comey: "This is not a shot across their bow, this is a torpedo amidships and the battle that ensues will be something America has not seen since the mid-1860s."  That was no joke; it was dead serious.

These posts were followed up with the 5 March 2017 Breaking News Alert 06-17: Evidence of 'Deep State' Insurrection. BNA 06-17 contains a re-cap of BNA 01-17, so no need to link both of them. You will see in the above the crux of the domestic insurgency issue that blew up this past Friday when the House Intelligence Committee memo was released. Recall that after the 2016 election this blog advised that would be no lengths to which the Left would not go to, The illegalities committed by the leaders of the DOJ/FBI are just the beginning. Next, it is my understanding, and in addition to the the Grassly memo released this afternoon, is that we will learn about the efforts of the Obama/Clinton-run State Department, which will be followed by at least four more memos from the House Intelligence Committee. 

The civil war is on, and the same requirement for prayers remains even though we know that the will of God is being done in America and in Israel.