Monday, July 27, 2015

Global SITREP D3-15: The Secret IAEA-Iran Deal Exposes Obama Lies

UPDATE 28 July 2015: It is possible that French President Fran├žois Hollande recently let slip the condition under which the Iranian nuclear program would immediately come under military attack "by Israel and other nations." That condition amounts to any indication that Iran has not kept to the letter the many detailed obligations it has signed onto in the agreement.

27 July 2015: In the image above U.N. IAEA Secretary-General Yukio Amano and Iranian nuclear energy (AEOI) chief Ali Akbar Salehi pose with the secret agreements made between them on the very day the P5+1 announced a nuclear "deal" had been achieved. 

The blue-colored folders contain two secret agreements, i.e. secret "side deals," that the Obama Administration initially denied existed to both the U.S. Congress and to the American people, but was eventually forced to admit as a fact when a duo of Republican Senators (Mike Pompeo of Kansas and Tom Cotton of Arkansas) accidentally discovered the secret agreements during a meeting with an IAEA functionary in Vienna, Austria. This meeting occurred within a couple days of the announcement of the P5+1 acceptance of the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action (CJPOA). The P5+1 agreement is also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

So what was it that Obama deliberately attempted to conceal from Congress? 

Oh, just that the secret accords between the Global Government entity of the United Nations IAEA were never so much as seen by SECSTATE Kerry's eyeballs, nor will their contents ever be divulged to any American at any time or under any circumstance, not will any American have any role whatsoever in the on-the-ground IAEA verification process of Iranian compliance with the CJPOA, or the Possible Military Dimensions (PMD) issue regarding Parchin and other Iranian nuclear weapons related sites where nuclear warhead testing has occurred in the recent past. 

President Barack Hussein Obama delivered the CJPOA to the U.S. Congress with the declaration that the agreement was not based upon trust, but rather, was based upon a regime of "unprecedented verification." And he said this with a straight face.

This is akin to allowing the fox to tell the farmer that all of his chickens are safe and sound in the coop and that he need not call the sheriff to investigate a highly probable series of Gallus gallus domesticus homicides on the farm. 

Obama and Kerry think we Americans are stupid. Really stupid. They think the Israelis and the Saudi Arabians are really stupid also. They really must think all of us just fell off the proverbial turnip truck. The only way the Obama Administration's belief in our collective stupidity will be proven accurate is if our elected representatives in Congress vote to accept this "deal." On that day the very notion of American sovereignty will have died an easily avoidable death, and we'll only have ourselves to blame because we elected this Administration into office, not once, but twice. On that day We The People need to insist that the above named U.S. Senators commence impeachment proceedings against the Executive and Legislative branches of our government for failure to perform their sworn duties. So help us God.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Global SITREP D2-15: The Surest Sign of the End of the Age - PART II

Here as PART II of SITREP C-9-15 The Surest Sign of the End of the Age is the just published video presentation produced by The Temple Institute. 

Tisha b'Av: The Third Temple Plans Have Begun

Published on Jul 26, 2015
This is a walk-through the main sanctuary of the Holy Temple, showcasing decades of research and tens of innovative Halachic solutions to various perplexing issues that were resolved to create fully functional, ready-to-use plans. As the visual tour sweeps through the sanctuary, one can see the menorah, incense altar and showbread table, all of which have already been prepared by the Institute, among 70 other sacred vessels. The presentation was specially released to coincide with the Ninth of Av, the Jewish national day of mourning which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples.
This is not a ‘virtual’ representation, but a portion of a complete and highly detailed architectural plan which has been prepared for the immediate construction of the Holy Temple. The plan includes all of components that will be used in building: marble, stone, concrete, wood, flooring materials, overlay of gold, etc.

The external view presents the openings, windows, chambers, the outer hall, the Sanctuary and the Holy of Holies.

In the first stage we are moving through the hall’s entrance. As we continue we arrive at the golden chains described in Tractate Middot, which the young priests-in-training would climb in order to view the decorative crowns that were placed in unique windows above the entrance to the Sanctuary. The visit continues on to the 38 chambers that surrounded the Sanctuary. The door opens and we find ourselves within the first chamber. We turn left and enter into the Sanctuary. From the right we see the three major vessels of the Sanctuary: The golden altar, the table of the showbread, and the menorah. We also see the curtain with its depiction of the two cherubim.

This curtain is actually a double curtain, that separates between the Holy area (the Sanctuary), and the Holy of Holies. We look up to the ceiling of the Sanctuary, which reaches a height of 40 amot. Near the ceiling are the ‘narrowing windows’ (Kings I 6:4) which direct from the Temple outwards.

Turning behind us, we see the doors of the Sanctuary towards the east, as they are opened each morning by the priests, revealing the blue skies of Jerusalem at sunrise.

From the Sanctuary, we turn back to the chambers and go out to the long passageway known as the ‘mesiba.’ We ascend stairs that lead to the roof of the chambers. We continue moving, encircling the Temple from the north and west, afterwards turning east.

At the end of the passageway stands a special ladder that is used to ascend to the upper level. This level has a very high level of sanctity. One opinion maintains that it is only entered once in seventy years (for maintenance purposes).

In summary, this is a highly-detailed building plan which includes room for further innovation by professionals and craftsmen, including decoration, heating and electric etc. According to the decisions of the steering committee that will be established to oversee the construction of the Third Holy Temple, which can be begun immediately.

The video comes one year after the Temple Institute appealed to its supporters to take part in an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign that raised over $100,000 for the architectural plans. The video was first released to supporters of a current campaign to raise the first kosher Red Heifer in Israel in over 2,000 years. Over the past five years, the organization has released its most ambitious campaigns and poignant videos to reframe the mourning period into one of active preparation for the Third Holy Temple.

Rabbi Chaim Richman, International Director of The Temple Institute noted: “One third of all Torah commandments pertain to the building of and service in the Holy Temple. Today, we not only mourn the destruction of the two Holy Temples, but also our inability to fulfill one third of the Torah. Over the last three decades, the Temple Institute has done everything in our power to research and prepare for the Third Temple. As world Jewry sits on the ground mourning the first two Temples, we have taken a huge leap towards the rebuilding, by releasing a 3D architectural rendition of the Third Temple”

The Temple Institute is the center of research and preparation for the Holy Temple. In addition to educational activity focused on the centrality of the Temple Mount and Holy Temple, the Institute have also recreated over 70 sacred vessels for use in the Third Holy Temple, which can be seen at their Visitors Center in the Old City of Jerusalem.Holy Temple, which can be begun immediately.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Global SITREP D1-15: The Sinai Peninsula and Greater Egypt (The War of Isaiah 19)

UPDATE 24 July 2015: I decided to bring SITREP A20-13 forward and relabel it as Global SITREP D1-15 because the events that have continued to tear at Egypt make it clear that the Isaiah 19 prophecy remains in the process of literal fulfillment. 

These current events are reported in our media as pitting terrorist organizations such as HAMAS, the Muslim Brotherhood. the al-Murabituun and Wilayat Sinai of the Islamic State against the Egyptian Government, but make no mistake, this is civil war exactly as prophesied by Isaiah 19:2 pitting Egyptian against Egyptian.

The current government of Egypt faces an expanding Sunni insurgency and finds itself in a situation where its closest military ally is actually the State of Israel. Egypt's Egyptian enemies are four-fold, yet the same as they are all Sunni Muslims waging jihad against the State. A brief look at each may serve us as this civil war progresses in the future.

We're already very familiar with the Sunni militants of the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimuun), but we're not so familiar with the insurgent force known as the al-Murabituun. They are terrorists of crossed wires led by a former Egyptian special forces officer who has in recent times been directly linked to both Al-Qaeda and its original Egyptian-born half known as Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ) and the Islamic State in Sinai (Wilayat Sinai). Wilayat Sinai is the former al-Qaeda affiliate in the Sinai, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, which this year pledged itself to the Caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. There has always been a certain number of jihadists within the Egyptian military as evidenced in the assassination of President Anwar Sadat 34 years ago. And then there's the off-shoot of the Ikhwan in Gaza, HAMAS. These are the Egyptians set against Egyptians of Isaiah 19:2.

Remember this map from September 2014?

So severe is the existential threat facing the Egyptian government that it today extended the long-standing state of emergency declared for Sinai through October 2015. The northern Sinai is a virtual no-go zone for the Egyptian army these days with both HAMAS and Wilayat Sinai in total military control between Al-Arish and Rafah, Gaza. If you will recall, this entire area was offered about a year ago to the PA and HAMAS by the Egyptian government to combine with Gaza for the purpose of creating a territorial state of their own as a part of an overall peace deal following HAMAS' war with Israel (Operation Protective Edge). If you need a memory re-fresh on this particular issue, see the map above which I specifically created for Global SITREP D7-14: THE NEXT WAR.  

The "Next War" has begun. It is the War of Isaiah 19. Some times things take a year or more to come to a point of boiling over and the activities of the Islamic State's Wilayat Sinai along with the other Sunni jihadists in Egypt have managed to do just that. In the end the State of Israel will have to pacify the whole of Sinai as Egypt's military will have its hands full with Islamic State aligned jihadists on the Libyan border and in southern Egypt where yet another insurgency grows.

By the way, Israel will not only have to pacify the Sinai, but they also have a very firm military commitment to defend the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the Islamic State. The acquisition of this knowledge very recently brought me to a reading of Jeremiah 49 and the realization that the expansion of Israel into Jordan (as is clearly seen in Ezekiel 39:11) is closer than we may currently may think it is.

13 October 2013:  My original assessment below on Egyptian-Israeli military cooperation against the Islamists in Gaza, Sinai and even in the Nile Delta region has been confirmed 100%. 

This confirmation comes via a report issued on October 2, 2013 by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy entitled "
Israeli-Egyptian Peace: 40 Years After the 1973 War and Holding."


Egyptian Defense Minister Abdul Fatah Sisi, in a reversal of state policy that has lasted since the 1979 peace treaty, has authorized the Egyptian military and intelligence community to maintain direct communications and coordination with their counterparts in Israel.

Previously this type of liaison with had been permitted only through the heavily Islamist MB-staffed Egyptian Foreign Ministry
. However, with the purge of the Islamist MB from the ministry and Egyptian government on the whole the Defense Minister directed the military and intelligence community to work directly with Israel
due to their shared mutual interest in curbing the terrorist factions that have emerged in Sinai over the past decade, threatening both the Israeli border and Egyptian control over the peninsula.

This liaison is now direct with high-level staffing of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate (GID) at the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv. The GID has overall responsibility for maintaining the new relationship and Embassy senior consul is actually the senior resident GID representative. Israel has a reciprocal staffing arrangement in Egypt.  Both nations now have the shared view that HAMAS is a primary threat to the region, the United States under President Obama is not to be trusted, and Iran and its regional proxies are the major threat to the Middle East.

14 August 2013: The interim government of Egypt today declared a "State of Emergency" would exist beginning at 4 PM local time throughout the nation.  Approximately 1,000 Egyptians have been killed or wounded in the most recent hours of the civil war. It appears as if Egyptian security forces responded with lethal force after the Islamists opened fire on them at both the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque and Nahda Sqaure makeshift but fortified protest camps. Both camps were then bulldozed into oblivion by Egyptian security forces.

11 August 2013:  The map of the Sinai Peninsula above illustrates where the southern front of the coming Psalm 83 War, the fulfillment of Isaiah 19 and the subsequent Daniel 11 war of conquest of the Roman Antichrist will be focused.  This most strategic aspect of the entire region can roughly be defined as including the whole of the Sinai Peninsula, the Suez Canal and the Nile Delta. It is further defined by the three major bodies of international water which surround it: the Gulf of Aqaba, the Gulf of Suez and the Mediterranean Sea.

An Assessment of the Present Situation

The northern Sinai, from Port Said to Gaza along the Mediterranean Sea, is virtually lawless. This is "Lower Egypt." Fundamentalist Islam as manifest in a plethora of Islamic Jihadist groups runs rampant here. The Egyptian military is just beginning to execute an operation designed to bring this area firmly back under the control of the interim government in Cairo. That will require the annihilation of all jihadists out posts in the Sinai. Israeli assistance from an intelligence and mutually beneficial covert military perspective are essential for the success of the Egyptian operation.

Egypt, however, has a bigger problem to tackle than terrorism running rampant in the Sinai. In Egypt democracy, as we understand it, and fundamentalist Islam are mutually exclusive just as they are anywhere on planet Earth. This is just an undeniable fact and the source of Egypt's bigger problem. Through the current events clarifying lens of  Bible prophecy we can see both the origin and the outcome of this problem through the text of Isaiah 19, Ezekiel 29 as well as Daniel 11.

Firstly, Egypt embroiled in full-blown civil war, as described by Isaiah 19, is the only logical outcome of the current situation, just as it has been in Afghanistan and any other majority Muslim country where fundamentalist Islam is not the supreme political determinant.

Secondly, rampant Islamic fundamentalism in the Sinai is not a problem requiring American and/or European Union military intervention at this time. Foreign intervention will occur in the future of the 70th Week.  I believe that the person identified as a "cruel lord/master" (qasheh 'adown) and "fierce king"  ('az melek) in Isaiah 19:4 is a direct reference to the Antichrist who will conquer Egypt during the 70th Week as revealed in Daniel 11:43.

At the present time Islamic jihadism in the Sinai is an Israeli and Egyptian problem. Through their existing peace treaty the these two nations will solve the problem together, or through the Egyptian military's preoccupation with the civil war in the Nile Delta region, Israel will once again impose a security solution in the Sinai exactly as they have done several times previously. Israel will do this not to conquer the Sinai, but to secure it and free the Egyptian military to deal with the bigger problems in Egypt proper. 
Regarding the full map above. Another problem which will distract the Egyptian military is the Ezekiel 28 aspect which is focused along the Nile River, and particularly from the Aswan High Dam (Syene) to the frontier of Sudan and Ethiopia (Kuwsh).  This is "Upper Egypt" and the conflict described in that prophecy appears to emanate from an ongoing Ethiopian-Sudanese project to build a dam above the existing Egyptian High Aswan Dam.

Finally, the long-term aspects of the Egyptian civil war, which will eventually adversely impact essential commercial shipping through the Suez Canal, will force NATO (US/EU) to intervene to secure the entire length of the Canal Zone/Red Sea choke point.  This is, again, the Daniel 11 aspect and it will occur during the 70th Week under the reign of the Roman Antichrist.

What all of this illustrates is just how close this Earth is to the start of the 70th Week.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Global SITREP C10-15: What's Next For The Islamic Republic of Iran?

21 July 2015:  It's no longer a guessing game but now an open fact. Prince Bandar bin Sultan, a former Saudi Ambassador to the United States for 20 years and chief of Saudi Arabia's intelligence directorate, has gone on record in an interview with the Daily Star (Lebanon) that was also picked up by the The Times of London, saying the P5+1 agreement with Iran will allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. In order to prevent this from happening Prince Bandar announced that Saudi Arabia and its GCC allies are now prepared to take military action against Iran without American support. It is not possible that Prince Bandar bin Sultan made this statement without his uncle, King Salman, personally directing him to do so.  

The "coalition of nations," interpretation I put forward and have frequently updated here on Eschatology Today (since September of 2010) regarding the literal fulfillment of Jeremiah 49:34-39 grows ever closer to becoming reality with each passing day.

14 July 2015:  The one thing which never should have happened, like the sheer insanity of the 1938 Munich Agreement, has happened; it has become fact. And make no mistake, this agreement is an insane capitulation to a regime which desires nothing more fervently than the ability to create a global apocalypse in pursuit of its religious beliefs. 

So it is from this point of secular insanity that we will move forward, now knowing what God has known all along - that American communists and European world socialists holding the reigns of power would achieve their agenda in making a deal with the demonic prince of Persia that guarantees the next great world war. It's no longer a question of if this war will erupt but when it will erupt.

So what will Israeli PM Netanyahu do: trust the fairly unreliable American Congress to kill this deal within the next 60 days or will Bibi take direct action to put the Iranian nuclear weapons program on hiatus for an unknown number of years? Will the Sunni Arabs join with Israel in executing this absolute necessity? Will Israel's other trustworthy allies lend their support? Only the God of Israel knows.

30 June 2015: What is next for the Islamic Republic of Iran? With this very day having been previously agreed to by all parties in the P5+1 nuclear negotiation with Iran as the date upon which a final agreement would be signed, the fact that no such agreement will be signed today or on the postponed to date of July 9th is the first secular indicator of what is next for Iran. 

Know this Christian: Iran has never had any intention of following through on any agreement over its nuclear program with other nations, not even those to which it has tentative understandings, such as the Russian Federation or the People's Republic of China.

What is next for the Islamic Republic of Iran has been in plain sight, at least for those who can read, since the totalitarian theocratic regime in Tehran officially adopted the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran in December 1979 (amended July 1989). 

As codified in this constitution the central and unimpeachable mission of the Islamic Republic has always been and will always be "to fulfill the ideological jihad of Allah's way, that is, extending the sovereignty of Allah's law throughout the world (in accordance with the Quranic verse "Prepare against them [the world] whatever force you are able to muster, strings of horses, striking fear into the enemy of Allah. and your enemy and others besides them.")" 

Bottom line: Iran has no true allies anywhere in the world. None. Iran has declared that its mandated mission direct from the false god "Allah" is to bring the rest of the nations of planet earth into submission under through whatever weapons they may wield. Iran will never relinquish its quest for nuclear weapons. 

This declarative Iranian Twelver objective is nothing less than world conquest and world domination. Therefore, no nuclear agreement with the enemy nations of the world can ever truly exist because it is in direct contravention of the will of "Allah" for the Iranian Twelver regime. If you would like more detail on the Iranian constitution and what it says, then an article published last week by Lt. Col. James G. Zumwalt, USMC(Ret.) will serve you well.

Questions: Are the sum of the American, British, French, German, European Union, Russian and Chinese governments military, intelligence and political leadership unaware of these facts? No, they are not; all facets of the Iranian Shi'a Twelver ideology is understood by these nations in the most unambiguous terms. Are these nations acting in denial of Iran's ideological objectives? No, they are not; they are acting in spite of Iran's ideological objectives and in full knowledge that failure of the P5+1 negotiations with Iran will result in military action.

What must be crystal clear to today's Christian, no matter where he or she may currently reside, is that the Iranian Shi'a Twelvers have lifted up their demonically inspired heads to declare themselves irrevocably opposed to all that the God of Israel has inspired His prophets to say in His written word. Obviously, what is next for Iran is the express judgment spoken through the prophet Jeremiah. The God of Israel will take away the foremost of their might and subdue the regime by the sword (warfare) to its total destruction.

And what must be clear to the secular denier of the God of Israel, no matter where in the world you may live, is that when this prophecy comes to its literal fulfillment you will no longer be able to deny that the God of Israel is exactly who and what He has said He is. You must then call upon the name of His Son, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the Lord Jesus Christ for your personal salvation. We all pray that you will come to this realization of your own free will before it is too late. John 3:16. Amen.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Global SITREP C11-15: Another Look at Psalm 83 and its Fulfillment

9 July 2015:  The above image has been posted to this SITREP a full six twenty-four hour days, and has been viewed by over 400 individuals. Now I have a question for those of you who looked closely at this image which was deliberately selected due to its appropriateness to the literal fulfillment of Isaiah 17. 

How many of you noticed that southern portion of the "Kingdom of 'Aram Damascus" lies in what today we know as the uppermost northwestern portion of the Kingdom of Jordan? Use the image now added directly below it to compare the ancient-historical border to the present-day geographical reality. 

See it now? The "cities of Aroer" mentioned in Isaiah 17:2 which were part of the Kingdom of 'Aram Damascus in Isaiah's day are today completely within the modern the northwestern border of the Kingdom of Jordan. Also, know this: As recently as the first publication of the English-language King James Version of the Bible there has been an incorrect word substitution into Isaiah 17:3. Where the KJV version, upon which all more recent English versions have been based, the word "Syria" was "'Aram" in the original Hebrew language version of the Bible.  

This is what is meant by being 'a Berean' and searching out and studying the true meaning of Scripture. It is especially important at the present time as literal prophetic fulfillments stand directly in front of us all. Understanding what the Bible says about the immediate future comes from understanding what had been in the past. Names may change, but the Word of God is far, far more precise than any human language could ever hope to be.

3 July 2015: As the final fulfillment of the Psalm 83 War draws ever closer, it occurs to me once again that Asaph's inspired notations regarding verses 6 through 8: "Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites; Gebal, Ammon and Amalek; Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assur has also joined with them, they have helped the children of Lot," is more about the geography and the peoples who inhabit these regions, than it is about the modern nation states bordering upon Israel.

As an example, the recent heavy battle fought in the northern Sinai between "Islamic State" forces (a/k/a Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, a/k/a Wilayat Sinai) and the Egyptian Army in northern Sinai powerfully illustrates how the "Islamic State" forces in the Sinai are directly fulfilling the role of Amalek as prophesied by Asaph. 

Previously it was noted with great detail within these various SITREPs that the forces constituting the "Islamic State" which originated in northern Iraq were fulfilling the role of Assur. I would also now note how "Islamic State"/Assur forces are providing military assistance to the "children of Lot" (Sunni tribes) in all of the territories noted in Asaph's prophecy. Even the terrorist HAMAS in Gaza which has a long history of cooperation and direct arming coming from Hezbollah in Lebanon, is now in close coordination with "Islamic State" forces which attacked the Egyptian Army. 

NOTE: The comments section below this post is a "must read" for a more complete interpretive understanding of current and near-term future events.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Global SITREP C12-15: Grexit Good For Israel?

6 July 2015: Is the presence of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias in Israel today just coincidental to the Greek voters turning down another European Union financial bailout this past weekend? I, for one, highly doubt anything is coincidental at this point on The Prophetic Road to Revelation, and in particular when it involves the EU, Greece and Israel.

FM Kotzias has meetings with all of the key Israeli government leaders, including PM Netanyahu, through Wednesday of this week. That means the prospect of Israel taking on some measure of financial support to Greece is perhaps more likely than ever before.  

With Greece looking to the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) for necessary financial assistance and to divorce itself (GREXIT or Greek Exit from Eurozone) from what FM Kotzias sees as a growing Euro empire ruled from Brussels and Berlin that is comprised of a rich north and poor south, the doorway to an important Israeli role in Greece's financial woes must be seen as a very attractive option to FM Kotzias and his boss PM Alexis Tsipras.

We'll be watching closely as this develops in the days to come.