Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Global SITREP E1-16: NATO or EU Army?

GETTY Image: EU Army
22 November 2016: If you're listening to secular, corporate and globalist media you know, as several of you have written to me of late, that the push is on again for an EU Army. The topic of NATO was touched upon in the context of the incoming and quasi-secular Trump Administration within SITREP D11-16. Now is the time to address the issue of the globalists fervent desire for an EU Army.

To begin with, the same European globalists who are clamoring for an EU Army are the same political entities who haven't for the past half century and longer not paid their fair share of costs for NATO defense of their homelands. So what makes anyone think they'll now ante up in monumental amounts of cash to establish a brand new from scratch defense force where NATO has fulfilled that role? 

And we must be mindful of the fact that some of the European nations clamoring for an EU Army were on again-off again members of the NATO alliance since its inception. Are the potential members of a new EU Army sufficiently feeling the warm and fuzzies that these same nations would not in the future decide to opt out of such a defense arrangement? 

The smaller nations within the EU community are without any doubt giving buckets of prudent thought to this potentiality. No doubt they will opt for the historically proven and time tested alliance for their defense requirements. This at a time when the threat of Russian military aggression on the European continent is foremost on the minds of defense establishments north, east and southeast of where Angela Merkel, who may in 2017 be as gone as Barack Obama, makes her home. And how many of those small European nations have anything in common with increasingly Islamist Turkey; would they follow Ankara out of the alliance thereby forsaking NATO membership and all of its benefits? I kinda doubt it. In fact, I highly doubt it.

And then there's BREXIT. Most everyone who studies these sorts of national defense issues knows that the United Kingdom, which possesses the best European force in terms of funding and professional warfighters, has absolutely zero intention of leaving NATO. 

Most importantly there's Bible prophecy, and Bible prophecy given the angel Gabriel points to an overwhelmingly powerful military force - air, sea, land and space - being existent in the West, particularly at the start of and during the 70th Week. It is a force, which even if only for 42 months, appears to guarantee a security arrangement which covers the whole of planet earth. This is not something a newly emergent and relatively small EU Army would be capable of accomplishing.

The overall probability versus risk valuations for the establishment of an EU Army supplanting the longstanding NATO alliance are just not present, particularly in light of Bible prophecy. Dreamers will always have their dreams, and then they wake up to the rousing scent of freshly brewed coffee and they come to their senses and deal with the reality of a situation like military force posturing on a global scale.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Global SITREP D12-16: The Urgent Need for Repentance in America

NOV-DEC 2016 Issue of Lamplighter
15 November 2016: The final Global SITREP of the current D-series for 2016 is highlighting the November-December 2016 issue of the Lamb & Lion Ministries bi-monthly Lamplighter online magazine. From this issue the spotlight in upon Dr. David Reagan's 3-part series entitled "What America Desperately Needs."  It will take the average reader a total of 15 minutes to read all three parts of this series.

Part 1 of 3  Our National Sins, The Call for Repentance and A Biblical Example

Part 2 of 3  The Power of Repentance in the History of our Nation

Part 3 of 3  The Warning of Romans Chapter 1

Our President-elect (a claimed born-again) and his Vice President-elect (a born again Christian) have as their regularly convening "Evangelical Executive Advisory Board" a fairly well-rounded group of more than two dozen brethren. According to multiple reports I have read, this group includes (in no particular order): Michele Bachmann, James Dobson, Ralph Reed, Jerry Falwell Jr., Richard Land, Jentezen Franklin, Johnnie Moore, Mark Burns, Robert Jeffress, David Jeremiah, James MacDonald, Tony Suarez plus a dozen or so others.

One of the first things this group should advise and act upon is the establishment of a National Day of Prayer in Repentance. They should also meet in the Oval Office and dedicate through prayer to God that room as being the point where the Lord's will be done in our country. America must get on its knees and we must lead the prayers for national repentance.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Global SITREP D11-16: The LORD God Blesses America to Bless Israel

President-elect of the United States of America Donald J. Trump
9 November 2016: As of this morning, a handful of states and district electoral college votes remain to be awarded. The lion's share of them will go to President-elect Donald J. Trump. The one and very obvious demographic segment of American voters not being fully recognized (as yet) by the corporate media for President-elect Trump's victory is ourselves, the bride of Christ. Approximately 90% of us voted for him. The will of the LORD God is done, but there's more to come, both good and bad because as our Lord said, "the end is not yet."

What's next? Eschatology Today precisely called the "what's next" eight months ago (back in March). What is occurring on college and university campuses and on the streets of several major American cities tonight is a surprise to no one who read and understood the Addendum of Global SITREP B1-16: The Approaching Storm Clouds. Everyone is hoping that we just move forward following the Trump election victory, and I would hope for that too, but our godless adversaries have a different agenda. That agenda is one of violent confrontation, and the blame for it can be laid squarely at the doorstep of the Obama Administration, its DoJ, the Clinton campaign and George Soros minions. 

At this point, the fact of the matter is that the storm clouds are no longer approaching, they are upon us. Do not be deceived by Obama's saying that he has directed a smooth transition and transfer of power. That's all PR smokescreen. Our adversaries are simply not going to just walk away from the past eight years of moving their agenda forward. And please recall what I wrote as my comment in the previous SITREP on 1 November:  "I'm in full 'expect the unexpected' mode from today to Veterans Day, Nov. 11th. Anything can and probably will happen, so I will expect it." 

Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, would be completely out of character to not at least try to take advantage of the current situation. Somewhere, somehow. There are thousands of illegals in this country; there are thousands of potential Islamic terrorists the current administration has admitted into communities all over the country. Do not fear these things, but be prepared for them. Expect the unexpected knowing full well that God is in complete control.

Beyond this, we also are very keenly aware that great changes must take place because the current global configuration is very close to, but not quite what Bible prophecy describes about the immediate and very short-term closure to the pre-70th Week era and the 70th Week itself. There will be no 'newspaper exegesis here; Eschatology Today is boldly stepping forward to identify these coming changes well in advance. The Trump Administration will not commence for another 70 days minimum. Cutting-edge, as it has been here from the beginning of Eschatology Today eight years ago.

Therefore, Eschatology Today has adopted the view that the Trump Administration will be a key - if not critical - change agent to this end. The role of the Trump Administration becoming a key change agent, particularly in the next two to four years, falls precisely in-line with expectations as outlined in previous SITREPs for Israel's 70th national anniversary as a nation (mid-2018). The Trump Administration four years down the road in 2020 will have effected or made great strides in all of these changes, and we know what they are in advance because Donald Trump has already told us what they will be. 

Let us begin.

The Obaminazation of the United States Armed Forces of the United States will come to a screeching halt on Inauguration day, if not sooner. The Armed Forces of the United States will be rebuilt from the bottom up, taking a near hollowed-out and ideologically-driven PC force and turning it again into an all-volunteer world-class leading force, a force without equal on the planet.

NATO. Big, and we mean really big and dynamic changes are coming to NATO, and this will be in line with the changes that are coming to the EU itself, via the BREXIT (as another leading change agent in Europe) and coming FREXIT and the other wholesale regime changes coming to the current crop of European leaders. 

The Merkel's and the Hollande's, et al, are all living on very limited and borrowed time, to borrow a phrase. Trump is right, NATO is obsolete and must be updated and so it shall be. These changes will be made manifest from the obvious changes coming to American foreign policy. It is inevitable and as sure as the sun rising tomorrow. European NATO partners are already on the path to paying their financial share of the force that NATO will be in the very near future.

Russia. Big changes coming here also, which along with those coming to NATO will make make more sense to us now of the prophetic statement made in Ezekiel 38:13. We should expect the kinds of changes  in the US/NATO/Russia paradigm which this prophecy makes clear "must take place." 

China. Relations with China means more big changes. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) according to Trump's election platform is a target and therefore we can anticipate that it will be toast just as NAFTA will become toast. There's little doubt that these changes will accommodate the rapid rise of the prophetic "kings of the East. 

Environment. "Climate Change" will also likely go the way of bell bottom pants during the Trump Administration.

Global Trade. Is there any doubt that global trade agreements will be scrapped and/or completely renegotiated. As a matter of course new spheres of influence and non-interference will be established all over the planet. This makes the rise of the "kings of the East" very observable even before this process begins in earnest. China, in the coming negotiations, will be given responsibility for "handling" North Korea. Who needs a rogue state armed with nuclear weapons on their border?  Think regime change ala Bejing as a viable option; a swift coup to bring the madman in Pyongyang and his regime to an end.

Iran. This has been discussed in pretty clear terms in the virtual preemptive discussion that began yesterday in the comments section of this SITREP, so there no real need to re-hash those points again. 

Islamic State and the War in Syria. The events next 70 days will determine much here, so it remains to be seen what the situation here will be when President Trump first takes his seat behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Whatever happens, the prophecies of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 will come to fulfillment.

Israel. Most importantly, the Trump Administration will be completely committed to Israel. In short, as stated here previously, America will once again bless Israel. The Lord's promise of Genesis 12:3 stands firm with America once again being Israel best and closest ally in the world. Therefore, the horrors of the past eight years for Israel brought on by the Obama Administration will end very abruptly on Inauguration Day. Perhaps even sooner as Eschatology Today believes is the truth of the behind-the-scenes matters and maneuvering. 

Key item in all of these changes in the America-Israel dynamic is that American political intervention during Israel's military operations against Islamic terrorist organizations within and without her borders will be non-existent during the Trump Administration. And you know full well how Donald J. Trump feels about defensible borders. It's a no-brainer: all of the chatter about a "Palestinian state," well, in a Trump Administration and as they say in New York, fuggedaboutit.

That means one very important thing for Israel and the fulfillment of Bible prophecy: the political handcuffs which had been placed on the IDF's offensive military operations since 2009 will have been removed. The IDF will finally take care of business in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, the Sinai and even Lebanon. We're talking Psalm 83 here brothers and sisters. It will also come to fulfillment as sure as the sun's rising tomorrow. 

UPDATE 11 November 2016: And speaking of "expecting the unexpected," a virtual 'black swan' event occurred immediately on the heels of President Trump's miraculous election victory early Wednesday morning. That same morning Russian President Vladimir Putin dispatched his Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev to Israel. Medvedev's first stop on Thursday (yesterday) was a visit to the Western Wall of Jerusalem. 

However, even before the wheels of Medvedev's aircraft touched the tarmac in Israel word was flashed to Bibi Netanyahu and his cabinet of what the Russian Prime Minister had just stated was the official position of the Russian Federation: 

"Our country has never denied the rights of Israel or the Jewish people to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount or the Western Wall." 

When it comes to unexpected 'black swan' type events, this one is a really powerful stunner. The kind that you have to be sitting down for, and if you're not sitting down it will stop you dead in your tracks. The kind that makes you eyes pop and your brain to freeze in disbelief.

Consider for a moment the effect of this official statement of the Russian government upon the the Iranian Ayatollah and his existential threat to Israel, its people and Jerusalem. Or even more, its effect on both radical Sunni and Shi'a jihadists and so-called moderate Sunni Muslims and governments throughout the Middle East, and beyond to include within the Russian Federation itself. In Moscow! 

Are you kidding me?!  Expect the unexpected between November 1st and 11th I wrote to this blog. I think I'll be sitting down for the rest of the day today. 

Oh, and happy Veterans/Remembrance Day.

Obama Team
One final note. SG lives and works half-way around the world on the island nation of Madagascar. He emailed me to say the following that I think should be shared because several of us have made similar comments.

Hi Sean;

Great news from halfway around the world.  Looks like the man is moving fast to make good on his campaign promises.  Nice also to see that Mr. Netanyahu was (I think) the first to get an invite to the WH.  I heard that there was a standing ovation in the Dumas on the news also.  Not sure if that's true or not - or what the significance could be.  If true, I guess they just didn't like the alternative - understandable.

You've probably seen the attached (see the image above) - but it is an absolute knee-slapper the looks on the faces - in particular the Gatekeeper.  She looks a bit menacing actually.  One commenter noted that if he had a bunch looking at him like that, he would be marking the exits and keeping his gun hand free.

You are right - prayers are needed more than ever.  Those 'magnanimous' speeches by Zero and Clinton were just maskirovka.  They are seething and something is very definitely planned - more than just those stupid protests around the place.

I saw the news that Michelle Bachmann was involved in the nationwide and Jerusalem election night prayers and that the very minute they kicked off, the tide turned against the Clinton machine.  The prayers of the righteous availeth much.

BTW - I am now dialoguing with Christian Aid Mission about possible link-up with our local evangelism activity here in Madagascar.  Thanks once again for that referral.

Yours in Christ,

SG makes a strong point here in correctly using the Russian word maskirovka. This is the Russian word for military deception; it carries the literal meaning of masking. It also literally means deception via concealment, camouflage, and even includes deception by imitation with decoys and dummies. 

This is where the above update regarding Russian PM Medvedev in Israel and at the Western Wall immediately comes to mind as a bald-faced example of maskirovka in real-time. The Russians know well President-elect Trump's position on Israel, and Jerusalem in particular. So within hours of Trump's electoral victory a Russian maskirovka operation commences inside Israel at the highest levels of government interaction, and goes so far as to include the statement quoted above regarding the nation, people, Jerusalem and even the Temple Mount. Maskirovka. Keep this word in mind, we're going to be seeing a lot more of it in coming days.

Unlike the Russians, the Obama WH Team as seen in the image above are unmasked, just like their ideological minions in colleges, universities and major city streets across that nation have unmasked themselves in the past couple of days. The Obama maskirovka also extends to the PR nonsense that is being shown on all US media of late in the sit down between President-elect Trump and outgoing President Obama.  The faces in the image above above belie the photo op smiles and handshake between them we're seeing in the news. Keep fresh in your mind the third paragraph of this SITREP; it's 100% consistent with what SG has communicated via his email - and he could see it all the way from Madagascar. Thanks Steve.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Global SITREP D10-16: America Has A Choice To Make

Reverend Billy Graham exactly 42 years ago at his Tidewater VA Crusade, November 1974

4 November 2016: How utterly appropriate for us today is the message given by the Reverend Billy Graham at his Tidewater, Virginia Crusade 42 years ago this week. Here are the first four sentences of that message embedded in the link above:

"The world is changing so rapidly that I hardly know it anymore. While we Americans are glued to our television screens watching football games, the world is reeling and rocking from crisis to crisis. Dangerous explosions are almost everywhere. We are on the edge of a precipice."

Please use the link, and read the entire message - you can almost hear Billy speaking these words as if he were saying them this very day. This is the paramount message I believe the Lord wants America to hear as we head into a national election a little more than 100 hours from now. The Lord wants us to hear these words because Billy, who will be 98-years old on the day before the election, cannot deliver them as he did 42 years ago. 

If you're like me, these words resonate as the words of any prophet of God will resonate; indeed, the Holy Spirit is powerfully moving as these words are read again, for I do believe these words are prophetic and they might well be His final words to America. Who shall heed the word of the Lord from a man I do regard as America's prophet.

Then, Billy Graham continued...

"Before we take a look at the future, we should look at the past and remind ourselves of the roots from which we sprang. I do not see how anyone could study the history of America without recognizing religious influences that have helped mold this nation from the beginning. In no other nation’s founding documents can we find so many declarations of allegiance to God. Time after time in our history there have been appeals to the “Supreme Judge” in seeking to build a new nation. This idea of freedom as a right of all men everywhere is unique among nations."

And then Billy Graham clearly and unequivocally laid it on the line...

"I believe that every problem facing us as Americans is basically a spiritual problem. Crime is a spiritual problem. Inflation is a spiritual problem. Corruption is a spiritual problem. Social injustice is a spiritual problem. The lack of will even to defend our freedoms is a spiritual problem."

The same question that Billy Graham followed up with 42 years ago remains unanswered by our nation as a whole... 

"The great question before us tonight is: Will this nation survive as a free society? ... Will America turn to God at this late hour, or will America continue on the broad road that leads to destruction?"

In just about 40 hours from now we are going to learn the answer to the multi-faceted spiritual question Billy Graham asked. We're going to find out where the Christians of America stand regarding all of the spiritual problems in this country. 

I've stated on this blog that this election is about Globalism versus Nationalism, but it is much, much more than that.  Christians MUST voice their opposition to the spiritual causes of all that ails this nation and they must do so by going to their local polling place to ensure that the godless Globalist candidates are soundly defeated in every state of the union. This is something I believe strongly that the bride of Christ must do before we hear the call to "come up hither!" I can think of nothing better to give Billy Graham on his 98th birthday.

Happy Birthday Billy!