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Global SITREP B2-18: Ideas on the Ongoing Prophetic Flood

(UPDATES BELOW) 17 April 2018: As mentioned in the previous SITREP a lot of information has been posted on Eschatology Today that deals with a flood of prophetic fulfillment. 

This 'prophetic flood" theme is taken directly from the angel Gabriel informing the prophet Daniel about the seventy weeks prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27). This is a prophecy which we all should be very familiar with as it is one of the most critical set of prophetic verses regarding "last days" eschatology. 

Gabriel informed Daniel that three distinct periods of time would transpire in the future for Israel as part of a total of 70 weeks. These periods of time are related as being weeks of years, with each of them constituting a period of seven literal years of 360 days each within each week. The first period was for 7 weeks (7 x 7 = 49 years); the second period was for 62 weeks (7 x 62 = 434 years). These two periods combined total 69 of the 70 weeks. In essense the conclusion of 62nd week is simultaneously also the conclusion of the 69th week.

In the plain text language of Daniel 9:26 Gabriel explains that after the 62nd/69th week three key events would transpire: 

(1) Jesus Messiah would be cut-off for our sake, which was and remains for the salvation of all mankind. This occurred circa 33 AD. 
(2) The people of the prince to come would destroy Jerusalem and the 2nd Temple on the Mount. This was Rome, the fourth beast empire in its first iteration, and from its people would rise the coming Antichrist. This event of Jerusalem and the Temple's destruction occurred in 70 AD.
(3) The end thereof this period, the pre-70th Week period, also known as the Church Age or the present dispensation, shall be with a flood. This is the flood of prophetic fulfillment that has long been a central theme of Eschatology Today.

There is a fourth event which follows these first three, and that is the 70th Week itself, the final seven years of human rule over the earth. The 70th Week commences with the Antichrist confirming of a peace treaty among many nations; this is a treatly which is clearly centered upon Israel, Jerusalem and the coming 3rd Temple on the Mount.

So, what we're concerned with now is the flood of prophetic fulfillment. All of these prophecies are either in a process of coming to their final fulfillment or are about to be fulfilled. The Psalm 83 prophecy has been in a process of fulfillment since 1948, and is about to observe a 70th anniversary, which coincides exactly with Israel's 70th anniversary year as an extant nation. Also, to Psalm 83 it is also necessary to link Joshua 13 as it regards the immediate future of Lebanon.

There are also the twin Syria prophecies of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 which, as we all know, are as hot as they could possibly be at the present time. There is also the Jeremiah 49:34-39 prophecy concerning Iran, which will likely tie-in directly at some point to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38/39 just prior to the commencement of the 70th Week.

What I would propose that we give due and specific consideration to is that the Syria prophecies are a critically important aspect of the flood; their ongoing active fulfillment serving as the catalyst for the ultimate fulfillment of all these pre-70th Week prophecies. 

It is in Syria where chemical warfare WMD has been introduced to the battlefield on a scale not seen on this earth in over 100 years. This is a proverbial WMD genie that will not be put back into the bottle, and will very probably lead to the utilization of even more destructive WMD. 

Chemical warfare WMD usage by the Syrians has the world's major nuclear powers in a threatening loggerhead situation, a full-blown stand-off against each other. The use of chemical warfare WMD, according to how Eschatology Today interprets Isaiah 17:11 as "in the day of grief (chalah) and incurable ('anash) pain (keh-av)," will come to be used soon against Israel. In Isaiah 17 we also see the result of this being tied directly to the ruination of Damascus and the the nation of Syria as a whole.

Moreover, the use of WMD also spreads to what is today northwestern Jordan; noted as the forsaken "cities of Aroer." It should come as no surprise that there are thousands of US and allied troops in this region of Jordan, and it is where many would fall back to if the order to depart Syrian territory comes to fruition as we have been told recently. 

It is also very important to include Zechariah 9:1-8 in any eschatological discussion of the above listed prophecies and their fulfillments. This prophetic chapter touches on aspects of each of them. It is, more or less, a general overview of all of them.

UPDATE 25 April 2018: This update is intended to make folks think. A lot. Cast aside preconcieved notions about how and when the prophetic flood will runs its course; if one knows where to look one might see that the course has always been determined and is discussed within the prophecies themselves.

For example, Jeremiah 49:35 where the LORD of hosts says, "Behold, I will break the bow of Elam, the foremost of their might." This has always been interpreted to refer to Iran's preeminent weapon of modern warfare - the ballistic missile. Here's the thing: Iranian missiles are not just in Iran, they have also been deployed to Syria, to Lebanon and even to Yemen.  

The Houthi's of Yemen have fired off dozens of Iranian missiles, but not one has yet to actually hit its intended target. Most have been shot out of the sky, others left to fall harmlessly in desert expanses. Just an interesting observation I suppose.

In Iran itself, and in Lebanon with Hezbollah, the missiles have a more menacing impact upon Israel, and to a lesser extent US bases in the region and also the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Yet we are left with the refrain of the LORD of hosts (i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as The Existent ONE, and His innumerable army of angelic beings) is going to break (shabar) as in a violent act of wrecking, crushing, destruction into many pieces of this weapon of war. The question is, is this applicable just to the thousands of missiles in Iran which pose a direct threat to Israel, or does this shabar also include the throusands in Lebanon as well?

Final Update 2 May 2018: One final item to add to Global SITREP B2-18. Back in February, within SITREP A8-18 Regional Warfare and Global SITREP A5-18: Syria - Part III, readers were introduced to the Russian mercenary corporation known as ChVK Wagner. A rather large component of this Russian mercenary group was annihilated by CJTF-OIR at the battle of al-Tabiyeh in Dier Ez-Zor.

A late April OSINT report by the Conflict Intelligence Team, based upon British and French news reports, revealed an interesting detail about where ChVK Wagner has deployed its mercenrary troops that has a direct linkage to Ezekiel 38/39 as well as Daniel 11. 

One of the Magog allies in Ezekiel's prophecy is Kuwsh. The nation of Kuwsh are are black men descended from Ham who have lived in Africa, south of Egypt for millennia. Also, in Daniel 11:40 this same ally is found "at the time of the end" in league with the "king of the north," but here he is identified as the "king of the south."

ChVK Wagner troops, allegedly serving as "instructors," have been deployed into the war-torn Central African Republic (CAR) and the Sudan. A quick look at any map of Africa locates the Central African Republic on the southwestern border of Sudan... a/k/a Kuwsh. 


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Global SITREP B1-18: Syria - Part V

Update 17 April 2018: Based upon various Indications and Warnings (I&W), and there are a great many of them, the likelihood of a regional war involving Israel is very high at present. 

Russia and its client-state Syria have denied access yesterday to the OPCW team of the specific site of the 7 April chlorine/sarin attack in Douma. Russia/Syria cite "safety concerns" as the reason access was been denied. This is an utterly false concern as there are video and still images of Russian and Syrain military personnel without chemwar masks or clothing crawling all over the attack site less than 48 hours after it occurred. This denial of access to Douma also puts the lie to claims by Russia that no chemical warfare attack occurred in Douma.

Images taken yesterday show Syrian civilians walking around the site without any protective apparel. It is much more likely that Russian/Syrian chemical santizing teams are still searching for and eliminating any persistent chemical traces from the site, turning over every brick or cenment rubble. The site will probably be declared "safe" later today which would be ten full days after the attack. Accordingly, the OPCW team will find a fully sanitized site when they are finally allowed access to it.

Iran continues a build-up of its forces in Syria and its proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon in preparation for a promised retaliation for the IAF airstrike on an Iranian military facility at the T4 Air Base. At the same time there are conflicting Syrian goverment reports of new air strikes occurring this morning at Sharyat and Dumayr Air Bases. Syria earlier this morning claimed shooting down several incoming missiles; now they say it was all just a false alarm. Remember, in March Israel decimated Syrian air defenses around Damascus, so any reports of fending off air strikes are mere propaganda.

14 April 2018: The US, UK and French joint strike against Syrian WMD sites occurred last evening. As the strike was ongoing it was realized that waiting for the media was unnecessary as the Syria WMD targets which were struck were clearly identified in an Eschatology Today post prior to the  start of the Global SITREP series. Not four years ago as noted below, but even earlier in a very specific post of October 2012: Syria Crisis: Threat of WMD War Remains Very Real

I suspect that most folks have completely forgotten about these posts, so I would therefore strongly suggest a re-reading of the above linked post, which also contains a link to an even earlier post that dates to May 2010. These posts detail the background of what we're seeing in media reporting today. There are also critical items which will NOT be reported in media today, even in the aftermath of last night's strikes. The strikes of last night validate entirely the information these posts contain, and which came direct from a Syrian defector, Major General Sillu. 

The noted locations also pose a grave danger to Israel due to their close proximity to the border of Lebanon. That proximity belies the near certain clandestine transfer of these WMD in small quantities over time into Lebanon for Hezbollah's use in the coming war prophesied by Isaiah 17. You should also take careful note of the 2003 testimony of then-Undersecretary of State John Bolton; that testimony was blocked by an already politicized CIA.

Jobar neighborhood, Damascus, Syria
13 April 2018: Wars and rumors of wars. In a matter of days the U.S. is preparing to take on direct negotiations with North Korea, to get it to denuclearize itself. How many recognize this negotiation comes against the also current backdrop of the U.S. taking on Russia in a direct military confrontation over Syria's use of WMD against its own people. A confrontation which could go to tactical nuclear weapons usage pretty quickly. The message in all of this to Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang is pretty stark. 

This also comes at a time when the already powerful American warfighting capabilities are being upgraded to the tune of $1.7 Trillion dollars through September 2019. A military force more powerful than anything the world has ever seen. Sound familiar? It should as Eschatology Today has discussed this on occasion and in detail over the past four years, beginning with Global SITREP C3-14: The Current Global Military Situation. Hindsight is always 20/20, but what was posted here fours years ago wasn't hindsight, it was forward thinking and projection based upon what the Bible says about a final world empire, the fourth beast of Daniel 7:7. If you will notice the numbers cited in SITREP C3-14, then note also the numbers being cited here are $100 Billion more per year for the next two years, and more than double those four year old figures over the next two years. Staggering, even considering the projections made in 2014.

Another development that must be acknowledged is the bellicose throw-down that has developed between Israel and Russia. Russia telling Israel within the last 24 hours to stand down over striking Iranian military infrastructure building in Syria, and Israel basically repeating to the Russian's the American response to Nazi forces in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII: "Nuts!" This is very interesting, Russia defending Iranian military adventurism in Syria. It's just reeks of prophetic tones found in Ezekiel 38:7 (NKJV), which says "Prepare yourself and be ready, you and all your companies that are gathered about you; and be a guard for them."  Be a guard for them. Check. Russia is definitively attempting to guard Iranian military forces from an Israeli military onslaught. But that's all it is, an attempt to guard given Israel's response.

Meanwhile, America is not going it alone against Russia. France and the U.K. are pressing ahead with a joint response with the U.S. to the Syrian chlorine-sarin WMD attack in Douma last Saturday evening. British PM Theresa May received unanimous support from her "war council" cabinet to proceed with warning orders given to Her Majesty's ships off the southern coast of Cyprus. Media attention may wane, but the armada of ships enroute are not slowing down; "trouble on the sea" is coming.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Global SITREP A10-18: Syria - Part IV

Russian and Syrian airstrikes in Eastern Ghouta section of Damascus
Update 12 April 2018: This will be the final update for this SITREP. Part V of this series will soon follow. This final entry for Part IV is explosive (no pun intended) to say the least.

As of now, the timing for the highly anticipated US/Allied strike on the al-Assad regime in response its most recent chemical weapons attack is completely ambiguous. POTUS Donald J. Trump is quoted today saying the strike(s) "...could be soon or not so soon at all." 

FACT: There is no question whatsoever that the Syrian regime conducted a chemical weapons attack on Douma at 7:45 PM on the evening of 7 April. Two Mi-8 Hip choppers which had departed Dumayr Air Base at 7:15 PM, dropped multiple yellowed-colored WMD gas canisters (a/k/a 'barrel bombs') that killed more than 40 and injured more than 500 women and children. These were the exact same type and configuration of Syrian chemical warfare munitions used in the attacks on Khan al-Assal in Ausgust 2017 and at Aleppo in November and December 2016. 

Any denials of this are Russian disinformation. Period. There is also a videographic record of Russian personnel wearing military fatigues being at the specific building in Douma which was attacked during the day of 8/9 April.

Yesterday - everybody and his brother in the Middle East and beyond believed the strike(s) were in-bound and hot; enemy forces in Syria scrambled around like disturbed ants trying to get away from the what they were convinced were obvious American targets. 

Today - it's as if POTUS Trump were saying, 'let them scamble, the more they do so, the less time they have to kill more civilians and threaten Israel.Let's keep them off balance, a sense of normalcy will return, and then, boom." Let this be a lesson in the tactics of POTUS Trump. No one will out guess him; he has taken the reins of controlling the situation on the ground in Syria.

Meanwhile a great fleet of immense power made up of American and allied fighting ships are moving at top speed across the Atlantic, through the Straits of Gibraltar and eastwards across the Mediterranean Sea. The Russian naval forces that had been dockside at Tartus Naval Base have all fled the port, save for one Kilo-class submarine.  

Nevertheless, the God-breathed prophetic words of Jeremiah 49:23-27 and Isaiah 17 remain unchanged. They foretell of a day very soon to arrive in Syria that are not dependent on any external impetus or power or lack thereof. The Lord's Word abides.

10 April 2018: There's a lot of smoke, mirrors and disinformation floating around in all media avenues. All of them. And for the longest time Eschatology Today has advised, nay, warned directly, to be wary of information you cannot independently confirm one way or the other.  That's what we have going on right now. And folks ask: "What do you believe is going to happen," as if it has not been spelled out in detail here for many months now. 

So, the response is the same as it ever was because nothing in the prophetic Word of God has changed one iota. Bible prophecy - ALL OF THEM RELEVANT TO THIS POINT IN TIME - regarding Syria and the greater Middle East and the world-at-large is/are in the active process of being fulfilled before our eyes. Watch it happen; praise God that you are so priviledged to be an eyewitness to the fulfillment of His prophetic word, and then pray to our Father in Heaven and end your prayer with Marana'tha!

For clarity's sake, in Syria, many references have been made to Eastern Ghouta. This is actually one part of a region surrounding Damascus city on its eastern and southern sides. Within the eastern sector is the Douma district Just south of Douma (also Duma) in the countryside is  al-Bahariyah, a village 12 miles east of the center of Damascus City. This is where the horrendous chemical warfare attack launched by Bashar al-Assad on his own people occurred this past weekend. The result of this attack is that the U.S., U.K. and France have been moving towards a joint strike to punish Al-Assad. This strike could occur at any moment. And then things could change drastically in Syria. We shall see.

16 March 2018: Putting this forward about 6 hours early because events could overtake another update done later tomorrow. The war rhetoric is as high as Eschatology Today has ever seen it over the past three or four decades. For example, on the White House website remarks by Lt.Gen H.R. McMaster were made today at the U.S. Holocuast Museum were published. The remarks by LTG McMaster began by noting that this date is the seventh anniversay of the start of the Syrian Civil War and the 25th anniversary of the U.S. Holocaust museum. Odd combination of anniversaries at first glance, but maybe not when seen in the larger context.

Syria continues to boil on the brink of a US-Russia military clash; the entire western alliance is strongly condemning Russia for its use of Novichok WMD agents, the most deadly agents of their kind on the planet, to murder one of its former spies, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, on British soil; hints that a similar attack in New York City is possible; the Israeli military hinting that hostilities could erupt around Gaza at any time in the next couple of weeks, and unconfirmed reports that President Trump has suddenly withdrawn the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan his administration has been pursuing for the past several months for any further consideration. It's as if an imminent war could preempt any peaceful resolution, and the powers that be will pick up the pieces that remain after the conflict has been decided or resolved on way or another.

LTG McMaster pointedly noted that Syria today is the scene of "some of the worse atrocities known to man," and went on to say how the U.S. is documenting all of the atrocities being committed by Syria and its allies (Russia, Iran and Hezbollah); how Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons threatens to undo all of the progress made since the end of the First World War regarding the use of WMD, and how Syria, Russia and Iran are all equal to blame for these atrocities. LTG McMaster then specifically stated that the United States, as well as Israel, will not allow Iran to secure a military foothold in Syria. 

Short of a U.S. Congressional declaration of war, these statements by an American three-star general are tantamount to the Trump Administration toeing the line in preparation to request Congress to so declare such a war, stating that now is the time to act before events spiral completely out of control. The only remaining question is when the action will begin. We know it will occur, Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 are the prophetic proofs. So is Jeremiah 49:34-39.  Sounds like a flood coming.  

13 March 2018: Things have been in a sort of holding pattern, for lack of a better phrase, for the past two weeks. The US and Russia have been trading threats, especially in the UNSC, over the likelihood of US/Allied strikes against Syrian targets. US Ambassador Nikki Haley saying the US would strike if the UN fails to act in Ghouta, Damascus where the regime has been using unrestrained chemical warfare in a civilian area in an attempt to drive out rebel forces - all the while a U.N. mandated ceasefire in Ghouta has been ignored by the al-Assad regime. 

On the other-hand the Russians are threatening "serious consequences" if the strikes occur, promising "retaliatory measures" against American military forces if our strikes endanger Russian forces in Syria. The Russian response belies the fact the Syrian chemical weapons and their delivery systems are co-located where Russian forces are based in Syria. Sppecifically the Russian's are saying they will strike back if the US strikes Damascus. In effect, Russia has deliberately made their troops human shields to protect Syria's chemical weapons from American/Allied air strikes. 

These are "tomorrow's headlines" I believe, even though the Russian propaganda is as thick as molasses. Russia will accuse the U.S. of staging chemical strikes in Damascus in order to strike Syrian regime forces. Of course nothing of the sort will occur; instead the Syria government will use chemcial weapons in Ghouta and the U.S. will make good on Ambassador Nikki Haley's warning in the UN Security Council today - Syrian sites will get hit.  

We'll see what we wake up to tomorrow morning or the next day. 

2 March 2018: Continuing where we left off in SITREP A5-18 ten days ago, the massacre of approximately 400,000 civilians trapped in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta continues unabated. Russian and Syrian aircraft continue pounding this urban suburb into rubble, nearly 700 innocents have been killed with several thousand wounded in the past couple of weeks. 

A humanitarian crisis here is unquestioned with zero food or medicine entering the area. This is occurring as the lame United Nations makes hollow calls for war crimes to be levied on those causing this horror (Russia and Syria). These war crimes and crimes against humanity clearly includes the use of chlorine gas chemical weapons. 

And once again, just a couple hours ago, President Trump warned both Russia and the al-Assad government directly. To Syria the U.S. President said, "the United States will not tolerate the atrocities of the Assad regime." This warning also puts Russia and Vladimir Putin on notice that the scale of U.S. punative strikes against Syria last year - or worse - will occur if an immediate cessation of hostile actions does not occur. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Global SITREP B2-18: Saudi Arabia Claims Israel Has A Right To Exist

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud
2 April 2018: In an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic published just a couple of hours ago, 32-year old crown prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud (a/k/a MbS), the de facto ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was asked "whether he believed the Jewish people have a right to a nation-state in at least part of their ancestral homeland," his response was, "I believe that each people, anywhere, has a right to live in their peaceful nation. I believe the Palestinians and the Israelis have the right to have their own land."

Eschatology Today paid close attention to what MbS said and, primarily, the manner in which he said it. The syntax used was a deliberate choice of carefully positioned words.  I believe that the first sentence of MbS statement qualifies his second sentence. The crown prince is talking about any nation-state of people being able to live peacefully within their nation. 

As we are all very well aware from prophetic Scripture (Psalm 83) and from the 70-year history of Israel's existence as a nation-state, Israel living in peace within their nation-state has never been something HAMAS, the PLO and other terrorist organizations and many people within the so-called "Palestinian" community will agree with. It has not been something that Lebanon and that nation's power-broker Iranian-led Hezbollah, or Syria, have agreed with either for the past 70 years. All of these call regularly for Israel's destruction.

So, what the crown prince is saying is that IF the Palestinians want to live peacefully in their own nation-state, then they must agree to allow Israel to do the same. And vice versa. This is very likely an unintentional give-away of the peace agreement that is being negotiated quietly between the United States, Israel and the Saudi-led GCC. Put another way, as you might expect of Eschatology Today, this is likely an unintended give-away of the peace agreement that "Sheba, Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish and all their young lions" (Ezekiel 38:13 NKJV) are quietly negotiating sub rosa, as Mr. Goldberg adeptly noted.

In another sense, The Atlantic interview and article also provides a timely benchmark for the progress continually noted in these SITREPS regarding the anti-Iranian (Jeremiah 49:34-39) alliance taking shape very rapidly and especially in the early few months of this year.  In this Middle East, the Middle East of 2017-2018, it is as if the so-called 'red lines' are meant to be crossed. And crossed they must be for that is what Bible prophecy tells us. Crossing red lines means usually war, the same kinds of prophetic wars we have been told by our Savior Jesus Christ must take place. The end is not yet, but we're certainly, inexorably, getting there.