Monday, May 29, 2017

Global SITREP C3-17: The Harpazo

UPDATED (BELOW) 8 May 2017: I was researching something and came across what may be a very important article by Don Koenig (The Prophetic Years) with an included excerpt by the late Jack Kelley (GraceThruFaith). I could not wait to post this find much longer than I have, which as of right now is four hours.

The crux of this 2009 article is about how the Harpazo (Rapture) of the bride of Christ might well occur on a Pentecost Sunday. This struck me immediately as something I had not considered before, primarily because I'm one of those who always thought the Harpazo would occur on the Feast of Trumpets. After reading this article and Jack Kelley's excepts on the topic and knowing that the Revelation 12 sign occurs this September... well, the hair stood up on my forearms! Jesus was right, He will come for us when we least expect it, or at least when I had least expected it.

So, I immediately looked at Pentecost Sundays going forwards from this year to 2021. Here's what I found. Pentecost occurs this year on June 4th. In 2018 on May 20th. In 2019 of June 9th. in 2020 on May 31st, and in 2121 on May 23rd. This is keeping with no one knowing the day or the hour except the Father, so no one accuse me of date setting.

Here's some interesting points made to whet your appetite for doing some personal Berean research on this subject.  Pentecost always occurs 7 weeks following Resurrection Sunday (I do not call it Easter). So on the 8th Sunday every year following Resurrection Sunday Pentecost Sunday occurs. 

Pentecost occurs on the same day as the Festival of Weeks, Shavuot in Judaism, which is also known as the Festival of the Harvest. (If that's not a subtle hint, I don't know what one is.) The word Pentecost comes from the Greek Pentecostos, meaning 50. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit came down and the bride of Christ was created on the 50th day after Our Lord's Ascension. The anniversary of the start of the Six Day War on June 5, 1967 marks its 50th occurrence this year. It was during the Six Day War in 1967 in which Israel took control of all of Jerusalem. The day prior to this year's anniversary beginning on Monday, June 5 is the Pentecost Sunday noted above. Just something interesting to which I actually attach no significance, its just something interesting at this point.

Enoch of the Old Testament was born on the day that would become Pentecost. Enoch was Harpazoed into Heaven by God on his birthday. Pentecost occurs smack dab in the middle of the six other. It is the day that Moses received the Law on Mt. Sinai from God. Pretty significant day down through the ages, all things considered!  There is only one embedded link above and I urge everyone to check it out. Here also is the link to Jack Kelley's full May 2015 article as well:

Soon and Very Soon indeed!


Update 29 May 2017: The Scripture of 2 Kings 2, as looked at previously on Eschatology Today, is a unique and the first detailed look at the Harpazo of a living human being. We're now going to look at some of those details.

The Harpazo of the prophet Elijah is the subject this chapter. It begins in a place called Gilgal, which is the name of the location of the first permanent camp established by the Israelite's after they crossed the Jordan River (Joshua 4:19-5:12; 9:6 and 10:6). This is also the location where Israel observed the very first Passover after crossing the Jordan in what is today modern Israel. Gilgal is also the location where many of Israel's prophets lived (2 Kings 4:38) and this located is not too far north of Bethel (Beyth-'El - "house of God). The prophets who lived in Gilgal "went down" to Bethel. The word gilgal also means a circle, or a wheel, something which rolls away.

So, in the first two verses we see Elijah, accompanied by Elisha, were engaged in a short journey from Gilgal down to Bethel. Elijah actually had wanted Elisha to tarry, to wait in Gilgal, while he went on alone to Bethel, but Elisha would have none of that and insisted on accompanying Elijah, so they made the trip together. Verse three is where it gets really interesting. Here the "sons of prophets" come north from Bethel to meet Elisha on the road, and they tell him point blank, "Do you know that God will take away (Laqach) your master (Elijah) from you this day." Elisha responds, "Yes, I know, and you should be silent."

The word Laqach is the exact same Hebrew word as found in Genesis 5:24 which describes Enoch's being taken by God straightaway into Heaven. In this sense the word Laqach is clearly the Hebrew equivalent of Harpazo or Rapture, and why I capitalize it here. So this Scripture tells us that not only did most of the inhabitants of Bethel know beforehand that God was going to take Elijah into heaven that day, but so did Elijah and Elisha. 

But the journey is not over yet and again Elijah tells Elisha to tarry again, this time in Bethel while he continues on alone to Jericho. Again, Elisha will have none of that, so on they go together to Jericho. However, this time fifty of the sons of the prophets of Bethel go also, but stand off at some distance to observe Elijah and Elisha who soon arrive at the Jordan River. It is here that Elijah removes his mantle, the garment or cloak of a prophet, and in his last act of a miracle violently strikes the Jordan River with it and the waters part so the two of them can cross on dry ground to the east bank.

It is here on the eastern bank of the Jordan River that Elijah suddenly asks of Elisha what he can do for him before his Laqach takes place. Elisha asks for a double portion of the (Ruwach) Spirit within Elijah. And Elijah says, "That's a difficult thing you ask. But if you see me as I am taken, it will be so; but if you do not see me being taken then it will not recieve it. 

So, the two of them trek onward in private conversation on the eastern side of the Jordan River when suddenly a chariot of fire (a flaming vehicle) as a horse leaping (skipping like a swallow in flight) which split the two of them from the side of the other and immediately Elijah is Laqach into Heaven by a tornado-like storm. Elisha witnesses the Laqach of Elijah with his own eyes. Elisha declares the vehicle to be "the chariot of God prevails" (rekeb Yisra'el). 

And what does Elisha notice right away after ripping his own robe into two halves? Elijah's mantle, the cloak of a prophet, lies on the ground where second before his father had stood. And Elisha takes it up, going back to the Jordan River and in his first miraculous act he strikes the water violently with the cloak and it parts again so he can cross over to the west bank on dry ground. 

Then again on the way back Elisha is met by the fifty sons of prophets, and they prostrate themselves before him, yet they not do not believe Elijah was Laqach up to God in Heaven. These fifty sons of prophets demand to send out a search party to locate Elijah. Now these are the same fifty sons of prophets who had previously asked Elisha if he knew that God would take Elijah that same day; now they simply do not believe what they've seen from a distance at Jericho. So they beg Elisha to allow the fifty of them to search for Elijah; Elisha says to equivalent of, "Don't bother." Yet these fifty persist and pester and eventually Elisha relents and they are sent out to search. Three days later they return having found nothing, and Elisha says to them the modern equivalent of "See, I told you not to waste your time."

Elisha has clearly been given his request of a doubled portion of the Spirit (Ruwach) and he performs the second miracle of his young ministry as a prophet of God by healing the waters of the spring at Jericho.

What might the lessons here be for the bride of Christ as we know our Harpazo approaches? I'll not say, but ask that you each ask the Lord what lessons there are. Is there anything the Father will not give to those of His children who ask?


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Global SITREP C3-17: Stage-Setting for the pre-70th Week Flood of Prophetic Fulfillment

President Trump at the Western Wall

24 May 2017: CJTF-OIR has attempted to place an embargo on news coming out of its control zone in the al-Tanf/al-Walid border crossing Area of Responsibility (AoR). The last item reported by Kurdish NRT news about 48 hours ago was that Norwegian special forces had taken control of securing the Syrian side of the border. Aside from that there have also been several propaganda reports from dubious Russian sources (Sputnik and RT) which are worthless and will never be repeated here. 

The New York Times published a report yesterday dateline from Al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar, but not surprisingly it reads as if it were not an American news agency but that of a Globalist Corporate News Entity, and that's par for the course. 

More recent is a Gulf News report which appeared this morning (24 May) and was updated as this update is being composed. The Gulf News report confirms the original 21 May portion of this SITREP that a "battle is brewing between the US-backed forces and Iran-backed troops over who will control a strategic section of the 599km Syrian-Iraqi border."   And "But Iranian-backed Shiite militias such as the Iraqi Hashed Shaabi and the Lebanese Hezbollah were deployed on May 6 to grab territory south of Al Bukamal, which is important to Iran as it is the only land route to Syria, Lebanon and ultimately, the Mediterranean Sea." This region is the northern portion of the corridor discussed below. This linked report is worth the time to read for the details it contains, further corroborating what is reported below and in SITREP C2-17 Part V.

21 May 2017:When U.S. President Trump arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia he personally began the process of cementing the pre-70th Week 'last days' military alliance we know from Ezekiel 38:13 as "Sheba, Dedan the merchants of Tarshish and all their young lions."  And to make no mistake, this Arab-Western military alliance has as its current primary military foe the Islamic Republic of Iran. But there's more, much more to see here in terms of a prophetic flood of fulfillment (Dan. 9:26c) and the real-world scenario which is currently the driving force for that fulfillment.

The battle which has just begun in southern Syria at the al-Tanf/al-Walid border crossing between Syria and Iraq and within 50 miles of the Jordanian-Iraq border crossing at Trebil is one in which Iranian generals have ignored Russian generals advice to avoid. Therefore, Iran is the driving force behind this battle being engaged against the western allies (Combind Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve or CJTF-OIR) because it is imperative to maintain its strategic Tehran-to-Beirut corridor. This corridor is a direct overland route from Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus to Beirut, a corridor which the Iranian mullahs eventually wish to terminate in Jerusalem. 

The Iranian Dream - Overland Corridor from Tehran to Beirut
Having Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) controlled territory to the north (de-facto Kurdistan) and to the south at the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border region poses a very high risk tactical threat to the Iranian's military ability to maintain this corridor. Therefore, in the view of Eschatology Today, the current battle is the first or preliminary military engagement of the Jeremiah 49:34-39 prophecy, as well as what has been discussed in the preceding SITREP C2-17 Part V and its role in the impending fulfillment of Isaiah 17.  

The Iranian's see this military threat in terms of the executive order President Trump gave to U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), and thus to NATO, to encircle the Islamic State's remaining territory and de-facto capital at Raqqa, Syria in order to cut off all jihadists escape routes and to "annihilate" the Islamic State (the remaining remnant of Saddam Hussein's military) once and for all. The wrench in this plan of action is the IRGC-Hezbollah militia force now pressing its attack on the Operation Inherent Resolve base of operations at al-Tanf. 

Following the meetings with the leaders of "Sheba and Dedan" President Trump will stop in Israel, and then move on the the NATO and "Ezekiel Summit" in Brussels, Belgium next week. Without any doubt updates will result from these meetings and ongoing ground warfare.                                                               

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Global SITREP C2-17: The Syrian Situation Revisited Part V

USAF F-22 Raptor stealth fighter

UPDATED 20 May 2017:
  Confirmed. American strike aircraft (F-22 Raptors) struck a convoy of mixed Iranian IRGC-led militia from Iraq and Lebanese Hezbollah forces on Highway 2 as they approached the important Operation Inherent Resolve cross-border base at al-Tanf, Syria and Al-Walid, Iraq. Some media have incorrectly reported the convoy was pro-Assad Syrian military. However, audio and video reports from the region as well as intercepted communications from the convoy indicated the distinctive Iraqi Arabic dialect of the Shi'a Kataib Imam Ali militia who are led by IRGC officers.

The IRGC-led Iraqi militia and Hezbollah forces (both Shi'a) were warned repeatedly by US-led Coalition forces to halt their advance at the Zarqa-Al Shalighm crossroad. When the convoy passed this crossroad they were immediately struck by American aircraft. According to an IHS James report, "the coalition carried out an airstrike at the Zarka road junction 37 km from Al-Tanf, destroying four tanks, a ZSU-23-4 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, and 12 other military vehicles. It said the airstrike was carried out in co-ordination with the Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawrah (Revolution Commandos Army) rebel group."

Location of the Al-Tanf,Syria and/Al-Walid, Iraq border crossing

The US also informed Russia that its allies were not to cross the crossroad and enter into the previously established Al-Tanf de-confliction zone where Coalition military operations against Islamic State forces were in progress. According to multiple international reports, about 3,000 Hezbollah troops were pulled from their positions on the Lebanese-Syrian border to participate in a push to re-take eastern Syria to the Iraqi border. These troops are integrated into the larger force approaching al-Tanf which reportedly numbers close to 10,000 troops.

Both British and US special forces have been deployed at the Al-Tanf base of the Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra (Revolutionary Commandos Army) (RCA) and New Syrian Forces (NSF) since August 2016. The NSF are former Sunni members of the Syrian Arab Army's 30th Division who defected to anti-Assad opposition forces at the start of the civil war. The NSF were organized as a component of the Free Syrian Army by the US-led Coalition in October 2015.

17 May 2017: Looking forward a few days, we have President Trump leaving the country for a visit with Saudi Arabian leaders (Sheba and Dedan), then to Israel for a meeting with Netanyahu, a visit to the Western Wall of Temple Mount, a potential joint IS-Israel announcement stating that now is not the right time to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. The the itinerary takes President Trump to a NATO meeting that will be immediately followed by another "Ezekiel Summit" (see: Part III). In all of this, the walk-back on the embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is one of the more serious issues. This is because it could cause almost irreparable damage among Trump's Conservative-Evangelical political base at a time he can least afford to lose any support much less this core constituency. Nevertheless, the LORD's will is being done, and we can expect the unexpected to occur.

15 May 2017: The two nuclear-armed (US and Russia) opposing armed force coalitions in Syria now appear to be engaged in operations designed to seize and hold territory. This is conventional warfare as we have known it for millennia. The real danger here is the allies with each coalition could engage each other in combat, either deliberately or by accident and particularly in southern and western Syria. In the skies overhead a free-for-all dogfight could also occur between the two sides combat aircraft. And then there's the continuing Iranian-Hezbollah drive to seize the Syrian side of the Golan. This is all stage-setting for the major conflagration this series on the Syrian Situation has been highlighting according to Bible prophecy (Isaiah 17; Jeremiah 49:23-27).

Going further back, Eschatology Today noted years ago in its interpretation that the region of northwest Jordan, were many of the US-led coalition are based, equates to "The cities of Aroer" found in Isaiah 17:2. This entire region is to be abandoned from human habitation, either by radioactive fallout or chemical-biological warfare. Not much else could cause such wholesale desolation of human life - or military forces. This is tied to the "woe" which leads off the two verses of Isaiah 17:12-13, where the nations have rushed in like mighty waters, only to have God rebuke them all and they are forced to flee far away. Isaiah 17:14 tells us this (ballahah) dreadful event will occur between a single evening ('eth 'ereb) and daybreak (boqer) of the following day. Yet this is nothing new to those who've been studying Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 since the interpretation of these prophecies were brought to your attention on Eschatology Today.
 Golan Heights, Israel Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon border region

6 May 2017:
Here's how Eschatology Today assesses the current situation in Syria. 

Mortal men who stand as the current leadership of two nations which have a near-term God-breathed prophetic date with destiny (Russia and Iran per Jeremiah 49:34-39 and Ezekiel 38-39) have declared "safe zones" in a third nation, which also has a God-breathed prophetic date with destiny which culminates in the annihilation of its capital city and the remainder of the nation as a whole (Syria per Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27). 

The declaration of the "safe zones" was made in a fourth nation (Kazakhstan) which is almost certain to be part of the confederation of nations discussed in the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39. A fifth nation, which may or may not be part of that same confederation of nations, has declared itself as a guarantor of the "safe zones." 

What we have here in this current situation brothers and sisters are the declared words of mere men who neither know nor recognize our Father in Heaven versus the very Word of our eternal, all-knowing, omnipotent God. It's a no-brainer of a contest. A no brainer. And we are witnesses to this non contest. What will occur was declared by our God thousands of years ago in the aforementioned prophetic texts. If you know them, then you do in fact know the details of near future events. it is as simple as that.

This "safe zone" declaration was yesterday's news and was set to commence this morning in Syria. Today's news is that Russia included in these "safe zones" a "no fly" provision which ostensibly bans only US, Israel and other coalition allies aircraft from conduction combat missions in Syria. 

This Russian dictated no-fly provision has been rejected by the United States, our allies, and I strongly suspect, the State of Israel. What we now have here brothers and sisters is a ready-made flash-point inside Syria between the Western Allies, which includes Israel, and the likely members of the Ezekiel 38-39 military confederation. I think you all very well comprehend what this flash-point may lead to, and you know this simply because you have read Jeremiah 49:23-27 and Isaiah 17.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Breaking News Alert: President Trump's Greatest Political Blunder

🔺 19 May 2017: This alert is about a realization I had last evening; you won't find it in any media reporting, none that I am aware of anyway. And it doesn't really matter if any such reports of this nature exist, because this is something that appeared in my own thoughts seemingly from nowhere, out of the blue, literally.

Remember back to the 9th of October 2016 when presidential candidate Donald J. Trump was on-stage with candidate Hillary R. Clinton during the second of that series of debates? Millions upon millions around the planet saw it live and in living color. And what candidate Trump said directly to Hillary not only got her attention (her eyes widened noticeably), but also the attention all of those arrayed against Trump's candidacy no matter how improbable a Trump win seemed at that time; his statement had the effect of being a promise as well as a declaration of war against the former Clinton Administration first lady and United States Secretary of State.

"If I win, I am going to instruct my Attorney General to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. Because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. There has never been anything like it. And we are going to have a special prosecutor."
Then what happened within single-digit days of Trump's winning the election? He backed down. He showed no spine. He showed incredible weakness. He let Hillary, the DNC, the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, and any where else conceivable to a special prosecutor "to look into your situation" off the hook. What the President might have thought was a show of sheer magnanimity by the victor over the vanquished was, in fact, his greatest political blunder. It was a get out of jail free blunder that all of Trump's political enemies then seized upon and have ridden like an unbroken stallion trampling his Administration over and over and over again. 

Instead of Hillary, her allies and Obama Administration leftovers keeping their heads very low, perhaps even hiding under their desks deep in The Swamp, they have come out and used this epic blunder to seize the initiative in order to hobble the Trump Administration at every turn. From calls that the election was stolen, that it was interfered with by Russian agents in collusion with Trump campaign aides, to calls for Trump's impeachment, this one post-election epic blunder made all of this ongoing political charade and national insanity possible. 

To top this epic blunder off, President Trump referred to Hill and Bill as "good people" and "I don't want to hurt them." The truth is that nothing could be further from the truth about the Clinton's, from Arkansas to Emailgate.  The Donald promised to drain the Swamp, instead he fed himself to the resident crocodile.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Breaking News Alert 08-17: FBIDIR Comey Firing Stuns Washington Establishment

🔺 10 May 2017: The sudden "You're Fired!" directive from President Donald J. Trump to FBI Director James B. Comey, albeit long overdue, took the Washington D.C. establishment (i.e. the "Swamp") by total surprise. Their surprise was such that the Washington establishment has been literally stunned in such a way that fear and trepidation is now sweeping through their ranks like a wildfire. Draining the swamp may now have finally commenced with Comey's dismissal. And if anyone thought that this POTUS would go along to get along with the Washington elite establishment (i.e. the US branch of the global oligarchy) - think again. This is not a shot across their bow, this is a torpedo amidships and the battle that ensues will be something America has not seen since the mid-1860s.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Global SITREP C1-17: The Hand of God in Current Events

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy: The World's Most Powerful Rocket

2 May 2017: I see the hand of God in the above image, and this SITREP is to tell you why. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran, and now in a time of crisis, the Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea, have been doing their utmost to build rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads on a one-way flight to one or more targets roughly 10,000 to 12,000 miles away. These two nations have been engaged in this joint endeavor, respectively, for 32 and 33 years to date. More than three decades, and they still have not quite mastered the one-way long range ICBM.

On the other-hand, I look at a start up company - not a nation state mind you like Iran or North Korea - but a start up company we know as SpaceX. SpaceX was founded as a private commercial enterprise in 2002 whose goal it has been to revolutionize space technology. In just 15 years the SpaceX company has not only built rockets capable of lifting heavy loads into space, but it also lands the launch vehicle back on the same launch pad, even when that launch pad is nothing more than a large barge floating at sea.

SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket after its recovery landing on an ocean-going barge.

SpaceX has advanced to the point where, as seen in the image above, it is building the most powerful rocket in the world, the Falcon Heavy. Designed not to carry nuclear warheads, but far more peaceful missions like carrying human beings to the Moon and Mars, and beyond to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and back again. A mission to the moon is planned for next year.

This is where i see the hand of God technologically restraining diabolically evil nations bent on the wholesale mass destruction of fellow human beings, and at the same time allowing for the incredible progress that enable peaceful forays of His creation mankind into the solar system He created.

You see, the Holy Bible says nothing prohibitive about mankind and space exploration. AnswersinGenesisdotorg wrote about this. One of the key points in their article is that Psalm 8:3 declares the sun, moon and stars (planets, stars and galaxies) are the works of God's fingers, and a couple verses later (verse 6) this text says God made man to have dominion over the works of God's hands!

On the other hand the Bible says very specific, thou shall not things about cold-blooded murder.  Knowing the future from even before the beginning of time itself, God knows the evil that countries like Iran and North Korea intend, and with respect to Iran He spoke to the prophet Jeremiah about what He would do to prevent Iranian "arrows" from flying.

Yes, I see the hand of God in all these things. He is in total control.