Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Breaking News Alert 08-17: FBIDIR Comey Firing Stuns Washington Establishment

🔺 10 May 2017: The sudden "You're Fired!" directive from President Donald J. Trump to FBI Director James B. Comey, albeit long overdue, took the Washington D.C. establishment (i.e. the "Swamp") by total surprise. Their surprise was such that the Washington establishment has been literally stunned in such a way that fear and trepidation is now sweeping through their ranks like a wildfire. Draining the swamp may now have finally commenced with Comey's dismissal. And if anyone thought that this POTUS would go along to get along with the Washington elite establishment (i.e. the US branch of the global oligarchy) - think again. This is not a shot across their bow, this is a torpedo amidships and the battle that ensues will be something America has not seen since the mid-1860s.


Jeremy Lobb said...

Hi Sean

No truer words could have been spoken!

We only get CNN, Skynews and RT here in SA for international news and our own is as just as biased against President Trump. All we see now are the attacks against him by the left wing liberal media. It is very negative and by all accounts President Trump is close to being impeached.

Please give us some accurate input.


Sean Osborne said...


The absolute best current American political analysis and forecasting in existence is found HERE

What you will get from Rush Limbaugh is details on what I have been saying since last summer, (and before that for several years now) - which is that the political war in the US is between the DC Establishment (the Globalists) and true red, white and blue-blooded American people (Patriots, Nationalists, Sovereign Constitution-loving Americans).

Happy Reading!

mark3210 said...


Perhaps what I was most struck by about this story was how Comey was so arrogant he thought his firing was a "prank" when he first learned of it on TV.

The globalists are so disconnected and detached from the rest of us - it is like they live in an alternate reality!

Lance M said...

Can he break up the ninth circuit now??? Globalist, activist judges have done more to aid in the transformation of this country than even politicians IMO.
However, there is being readied a great trumpet that will be sounded, and the ultimate Judge will take center stage. The old adage "careful what you wish for" comes to mind. The globalists are about to get their wish....a world free from the restraint of truth.


hartdawg said...

Weren't the democrats calling for comeys removal a year ago? What changed with them?

Sean Osborne said...

What changed was that Hillary lost (had she won Comey would have been fired, no doubt).

But because Trump won he is their ultimate villain and they oppose anything and everything he does no matter what it might be.

All of this is proof positive that the DNC has become completely unhinged from reality; they lost power across the board (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) and are completely incapable of dealing with this reality.

Off the deep end without a floatation device and unable to swim, they will grab wildly at anything to keep from drowning.

mark3210 said...


I think the best way to answer your question is that if the Dems really wanted Comey fired, Obama would've done so before he left office.

The Dems were merely using Comey as a fall guy to explain away Hillary's loss.

They never actually wanted Comey fired, because he was always on their team, not ours.

The minute Comey actually was fired, he reverted back to the hero who rightfully cleared Hillary Clinton (as he was for most of the campaign) and was just about to find the "smoking gun" to remove Trump from office if only given a bit more time.

hartdawg said...

Im hearing all kinds of rumors that trump is going to be impeached. Probably just that, rumors

Sean Osborne said...


Check the link in my comment reply to Jeri above. (btw... Jeri lives in the Republic of South Africa).