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Global SITREP B4-17: Is Jordan Nearing a Breaking Point?

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
UPDATE 31 March 2017: King Abdullah II of Jordan will travel to Washington, DC next week for a visit that is scheduled to start on Wednesday, 5 April. The meeting between President Trump and King Abdullah will occur on the heels of a meeting between President Trump and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi on Monday or Tuesday.

King Abdullah, as noted now multiple times here, is standing firm on the position that peace is not possible without the creation of a "Palestinian" state. Thus, the Muslim Arab side of this problem intends to impose its version of a two-state solution in any re-start of negotiations. 

With this being a pre-condition for peace, what purpose would there be for further "negotiation" between Israel, the PA and the other Arab states? This pre-condition has been rejected by the Arab side every time Israel has offered it. It was rejected by the Arabs in 1948, under the guise of the United Nations Partition Plan. when they opted for a war of extermination against Israel instead of peace. 

The rest and the end result is well known through Bible prophecy.

25 March 2017: Since the inception of the Eschatology Today blog there have been many posts regarding the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its fate or role according to Bible prophecy. Some of the more recent and important of these posts were SITREP B10-13 (December 2013, final Update March 2014), SITREP C12-14 (June-July 2014) and SITREP D7-15 (September-October 2015). 

With the current principle threats coming from Lebanon, Syria and Iran, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is quite often overlooked even though its role is central to the pre-70th Week Psalm 83 prophecy; the final destination of the Magog military confederation of Ezekiel 38/39, and Israel's place of refuge during the Megas Thlipsis or final 42 months of the angel Gabriel's prophetic 70th Week (Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 11:41). This SITREP is intended to keep Jordan and its hair-trigger status as the final engagements of the Psalm 83 prophecy draw ever closer to fulfillment.

On Tuesday of this past week the prolific and very secular Jewish writer Caroline Glick published on her blog a very important reminder of why in our eschatological studies we cannot ever take a break from keeping a watchful eye on Jordan. Caroline Glick's "The Real Face of Jordan" provides us with a very current reminder of the abject hatred about which Asaph was inspired to prophecy 3,000 years ago, and that  today continues to reside in greater numbers than ever before just east of the Jordan River. Jordan's indigenous population has been buttressed by the influx of a million Sunni Arab war refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Our focus in recent years has been on the potential for Islamic State and other Salafist jihadi forces in Jordan to over take King Abdullah II's rule in Jordan, or even of the potential for King Abdullah to side with his fellow Sunni brethren in suddenly abrogating the 1994 peace treaty with Israel following some currently unforeseen near future crisis with Israel. King Abdullah II has made such statements himself as noted in one or more of the above referenced SITREPs.

The harsh reality of the current situation as revealed in "The Real Face of Jordan" provides us with a history lesson encapsulated within the past 20 years (13 March 1997-12 March 2017). This is a lesson which was manifest in a Jordanian army corporal named Ahmed Daqamseh who turned in an instant from a supposed defender of the innocent to a mass murderer of teenage Israeli schoolgirls on a day trip to the inappropriately named "Island of Peace." The truth of the matter is that Corporal Daqamseh is a Muslim who'd done what Muslim's are called to do by their religion - murder Jews in cold blood. 

Four years after the massacre Daqamseh's own mother went on public record about being proud of her son's murdering innocent Jewish girls; that his actions were heroic and pleasing to the god of Islam. Right here we can see  the underlying prophetic basis for Psalm 83. Olam ebah, or ancient hatred, of Arab for Jew.

Caroline Glick reminds us with her report that the lesson to be learned was not so much about the carnage wrought by Daqamseh, but the hero status levied upon him by both the people and government parliamentarians of Jordan. On his release from prison the remorseless Ahmed Daqamseh received a hero's welcome upon returning to his home in Ibdir, a village in northern Jordan. He described Israeli's to a reporter covering this gala event as "human garbage" who will be "burned or buried" by the current generation of Arabs or the next, but it will happen he said.

Daqamseh is correct in that a conflagration between Israel and Jordan will occur, sooner rather than later. However, that conflagration will not be turning out the way Daqamseh, his Jordanian countrymen and their Syrian and Iraqi (Asshur : Psalm 83:8) guests envision it. The prophet (chozeh : 2 Chronicles 29:30) Asaph was joined by both Isaiah 11:14 and Ezekiel 28:24-26 in pronouncing the God-breathed fate of the people and lands east of the Jordan River; land which according to Ezekiel 39:11 will soon become the sovereign territory of the State of Israel.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Breaking News Alert 07-17: Wars and Rumors Thereof

🔺 20 March 2017: Two particularly hot items need to be reported as breaking news this morning.

Golan Reference Map
1. Yesterday Israel commenced a general call-up of its military reserve forces. The deteriorating situation around Gaza and Iranian-Hezbollah encroachment upon the Syrian side of the Golan are long-established red-lines that require a powerful military response. Recall that Israel's defense establishment declared some months ago that the next war started by HAMAS or Hezbollah would be the last.

2. The potential for a Korean War II to erupt in the very near future, if not preemptive strikes aimed at regime change in North Korea, are a very real possibility. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Global SITREP B3-17: Northern Front Action

Israel's Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile System
Updated 18 March 2017: An IAF strike deep into Syrian territory on the morning of 17 March resulted in Syria launching a salvo of three ballistic missiles directed against Israel. This would constitute an unprecedented escalation of belligerence on the Northern Front by Syria. It may well be that Iran ordered the missiles to be fired at Israel.

24 hours later the media reporting that Syria fired anti-aircraft missiles appears to be correct. However, the use of Israel's Arrow ABM System against Syrian anti-aircraft missiles makes no sense at all. The use of the Arrow ABM System against incoming Syrian ballistic missiles made no sense yesterday, but in light of what actually transpired very early on Friday morning makes sense in that the Arrow ABM operators believed they saw a trio of ballistic missile launches.

Syrian 5N62 "Square Pair" Radar System
The image above is of the 5N62 target engagement radar system that is directly associated with the Syrian S-200VE 'Vega' air defense system imported from Russia. This system otherwise known in the West and Israel as the SA-5b Gammon SAM system. 

It was reported in Arab social media yesterday, and video footage was part of that report, that the fuselage of a destroyed SA-5b Gammon missile landed in a residential area near Idlib, Jordan. Two others reportedly fell in rural Israel where IDF troops have been searching for their remains. The above radar would without a doubt have been used to guide the SA-5b missile in the direction of IAF aircraft which at the time of the firing would have been well within Israeli territory and well out the the SA-5's range. So why fire them?

SA-5b Gammon Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM)
The map below illustrates at least part of the why factor.

Suspect flight path of the IAF Strike at T4 (Tiyas Air Base)
The line which begins over the eastern Mediterraneans Sea and enters Lebanon north of Tyre is the assessed flight path of the IAF strike mission aircraft "package". The package then used the Lebanon mountains as cover from Syrian radar to the east. North of Baalbek the package then turned northeast and made a full afterburner runs towards the T4 Air Base (Tiyas) which was being used to stage High-Value Target weapons for deliver to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The package then fired stand-off missiles to destroy all of the HVTs on their air order of battle (AOOB). The package then turned southwest and exited the target area towards northwestern Jordan and Israeli air space.

Here's where a pair of key assessments have to be made which have not yet been seen in any OSINT reporting. 

1.) The inbound leg of this strike mission was invisible to the highly capable Russian radar at Hmeimim Air Base near Latakia, Syria. It was invisible to IRGC-QF radar operators in Syria. It was invisible to Syrian air defense systems. Only Lebanese Air Force detected the IAF package, but they soon lost contact with it. Hezbollah did not see this package either, and it appears to have flown right up the Bekaa Valley in the heart of Hezbollahland, Lebanon. What is one to make of this? Four new words in the Israel Air Force vocabulary: F-35 'Adir' Stealth Fighter. I assure you, these four words are now also prominent in the Russian, Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah military vocabulary also.

2.) No Russian, Iranian, Syrian or Hezbollah enemy had any clue this package was where it was at any point during this deep strike mission against very High-Value Targets (HVTs) at the T4 Air Base. In fact, they had no idea what had occurred following massive explosions at T4 until long after the IAF package had made its way safely back into Israeli airspace. Only then, and likely due to extreme rage powered by extreme red-faced embarrassment over the destruction of the HVTs, was the order given to blindly fire the longest-range capable missiles of Syria's air defenses, the rapidly aging SA-5 Gammon, towards Israeli territory to the southwest. One of the SA-5s was shot down by the Israeli Arrow ABM system as a potential ballistic threat; the other two were clearly out of fuel and descending and were not engaged.

As a result of this action on the Northern Front it seems obvious that Russian President Vladimir Putin could have paid much closer and more serious attention to what Israeli PM Netanyahu had told him during their recent meeting. This additional serious attentiveness would have made the summoning of Israel's ambassador to Russia unnecessary for the purpose "clarifications." That Israel will strike at the time and in the place of its choosing any shipment of arms from Syria or Iran to Hezbollah is beyond question. If I were Netanyahu I would have instructed my ambassador in Moscow to simply ignore the summoning. No clarifications were necessary.

This action is just the latest chapter of the unresolved war between Israel and Syria dating back to 1973. It will not be the last action, but it is certainly the most significant action as it comes with a strong potential for renewed hostilities.

There is also an ever bigger picture to be mindful of with U.S. and allied boots on the ground now operating in Syria. These are forces which Syria's puppet president has declared to be invaders of Syria's sovereignty. The bigger picture also revolves ultimately around the prophet Jeremiah's words in verses 23-24 of the 49th chapter. A much larger clash lies directly ahead, and it is one which results in the fulfillment of verses 25-27. Note also that the region of southern Syria (Bashan), and northwestern Jordan (cities of Aroer) where the shot down SA-5 crash landed, is integral to the prophecy of Isaiah 17 as seen in verse 2.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Global SITREP B2-17: Where's the "Little Horn"?

2 June 2017: Speaking of a little horn, guess who Hillary Clinton is now blaming her loss in last year's election for President of the United States on? (A world-class science fiction author couldn't dream this up!) If you said Macedonia, you are absolutely correct! How utterly bizarre or proof positive of a heaven sent strong delusion this is.

9 March 2017:You may remember the above image, it's from the recent interpretive look at the text of Daniel 7 which was titled SITREP E7-16: The Little Horn. You may also recall there was a closely associated interpretive look at Daniel 2 in conjunction with the text of Daniel 7 which was simply titled Ten Toes

So, in the wake of these to posts on Eschatology Today has anyone wondered about exactly where within modern Europe the prophetic "Little Horn" might arise? It has to happen because the prophetic Word of God is inerrant. Therefore this study, to this blog author at least, begged the question: Where in Europe has a new nation emerged in recent memory?

A possible potential answer is staring the whole world in the face. The nations of the former Yugoslavia. These nations were, under different names nearly two thousand years ago, all very integral to the Roman Empire. And one of them stands apart from the rest because its name is the same now as it was back then: the little and predominantly Greek nation of the Former Yugoslav Republic (or FYR) of Macedonia. However, today the people are not known as Greeks, but rather as a distinct Macedonian people who predominantly speak Macedonian, a language intimately related to the Bulgarian and northern Greek Slavonic languages.

Macedonia, as most folks know from reading this blog, is inextricably associated with Bible prophecy. Most often referenced as Grecia, and represented prophetically as the "male goat" in Daniel 8, Macedonia was a leading force in ancient Greece; it was the origin of both Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire as foretold to Daniel by the angel Gabriel a couple hundred years in advance. Macedonia also played a role in the origin of the forerunner of the coming Antichrist, Antiochus IV Epiphanes. And then Macedonia fell into obscurity, completely eclipsed by Rome and nearly 2000 years of history, only to reemerge on the modern map of southeastern Europe in 1991. 

Macedonia is a place worth watching, as just noted, and there is something of note to mention that has come from this watching.  Everyone should know the name of George Soros, the far left billionaire whose never ending meddling in the internal and political affairs of nations of the West knows no bounds. Well, Mr. Soros has been meddling very, very deeply in Macedonian internal affairs. 

Nowhere in the ongoing struggle between globalism and nationalism in the West is it more pronounced than it is in Macedonia, and Soros is 100% responsible for it. Soros is funding corruption in Macedonia on a truly epic scale, and has (pardon the pun) locked horns with another influence seeking and propagandizing force in this region: President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, a Soros arch-enemy.   Use the above embedded link to investigate the details. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Global SITREP B1-17: Jeremiah 49:34-39 Meets OSINT Head-On

Iranian Static Rocket Display
UPDATE 7 March 2017: The Global SITREP B1-17 update comes to us directly from an article by Heshmat Alavi entitled "Iran in Crisis." Alavi's article was published on Sunday, 5 March 2017 by AmericanThinkerdotCom. Combined with the original post of 26 February it was impressed upon this author to change to change the subtitle to Jeremiah 49:34-39 Meets OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Head-On. The details within these OSINT reports, which I first read with a sense of complete astonishment, mesh in near perfect harmony with how the Holy Spirit led in the interpretation of Jeremiah's prophecy on this blog seven years ago.

I'll read anything by Heshmat Alavi simply because he is a tier one expert on anything to do with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East. He is a prolific writer, with articles appearing in all of the major Open Source outlets, from Forbes, to GatestoneInstitutedotOrg to FrontPageMagazine to TheTowerdotOrg. His articles focus on any topic causing crises for the Shi'a Hojjatieh mullahs ruling Iran to the inner mechanisms of its armed forces. But what caught my eye in this article was that it contained spot-on open source confirmation of the Eschatology Today interpretation of the Jeremiah 49:34-39 prophecy. 

First off, this article discuses the city of Ahvaz in southwestern Iran. For those who don't know, Ahvaz lies in the heart of what used to be the ancient land of Elam, the core geographic fixture in Jeremiah's prophecy. Ancient Elam today is known politically as Khuzestan, and Khuzestan is overwhelmingly populated by ethnic Arabs instead of Persians. 

It seems that the mullahs in Tehran, the IRGC in particular, have for many decades been embarked on a program of desertification in this region. These desertification policies have resulted in an ever increasing catastrophic environmental disaster, one in which studied projections indicate will result in 80 percent of Iran becoming desert not unlike Saudi Arabia's famous and largely uninhabited desert. The Iranians, as did Iraq's Saddam Hussein before them, are draining the marshlands and natural underground aquifers northeast of the disputed Shatt-al-Arab and Arvand Rud basin at the confluence of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers.** 

Ahvaz, capital city of Khuzestan Province, ancient Elam

(NOTE**At a minimum, this activity might be considered as preparatory for the prophecies found in Revelation 9:14 (Sixth Trumpet-World War) and Revelation 16:12 (Sixth Bowl-Har Megiddo/Armageddon) in the drying out of the region for the passage of the armies of the kings of the East.)

So disastrous are these policies at present that the 14 to 15 million people currently living in the region of ancient Elam are being left to the mercies of monster dust and salt storms, several of which have occurred in recent months, and the people not happy about it at all. The result has been massive anti-government protests in the streets and calls for the people to rise up in revolt against the mullah's in Tehran. Short of that, the people currently living in ancient Elam will be forced to migrate to more habitable locales. Sound familiar?

Another familiar sounding crisis Alavi writes about in this article is the one where Iran finds itself with enemies coming at it from every direction as it did at the recent Munich Security Conference. To quote the author, "This resembles a vast international coalition against Tehran, inflicting yet another blow to the mullahs" ..."strategic interests."  An international coalition of nations which views Iran as the preeminent state sponsor of terrorism in the world, the Middle East and the unrelenting carnage in Syria in particular.

Iran also faces crises in its relationships with nations some see as her allies per the Ezekiel 38/39 prophetic scenario, namely Russia and Turkey. Turkey in particular is calling for Iran's "Persian nationalism" to be stopped in its tracks; that its sectarian (Shi'a) warfare against the Sunni Muslim Gulf States, and plan to turn Syria and Iraq into compliant Shi'a dominated states must be halted. And for Russia, its goals in Syria do not mesh at all with what Tehran has in as its agenda.

And then there are the national elections to be held this coming May. Ayatollah Khamenei is in ailing health and is seeking to secure the presidency for a loyalist by the name of Ibrahim Reisi instead of the current president Hassan Rouhani. A hand-picked Reisi being installed as president may cause upheavals not seen since the national riots of 2009.  In short all of these crises may come to a head with political instability as a cherry on top. They also present pretty clear indications that Jeremiah's God-breathed prophecy is, as all Bible prophecy is, right on target.

26 February 2017: Back in mid-September of 2010 Eschatology Today was the first Bible prophecy blog to commence publishing a fairly detailed exegesis on Jeremiah 49:34-39, entitled "Will a Coalition of Nations Move Against Iran (Yes, They Will!!)". The above link is for reference to the original post and its 2011 and 2012 updates. There is also the most recent in the series which was published in August 2016 as "Global SITREP C8-16: Iran Crossing The Rubicon." SITREP C8-16 also included four additional SITREPs in the same series: B5:14, B4:15, B5-15 and C8:15.

This SITREP has become necessary as the latest in the series due to new raw intelligence data which also relates directly to the following prophecies: Isaiah 17, Jeremiah 49:23-27, Psalm 83 and Joshua 13. The most noteworthy aspect from an intelligence perspective is the absolute omission of any of the various names for Iran in Bible prophecy, such as Paras or Elam, in these prophecies. Given current events in southwest Asia such an omission might appear as being in error. However, as with the rest of the Bible, Bible prophecy is inerrant; no mistake has been made nor given the source of Bible prophecy was an error ever possible. Some other unmentioned and internal centrifugal force is clearly at play. That's where the new intel may have revealed with some specificity what those forces are.

In a nutshell, it's the Iranian-led war in Syria acting as the causation for these centrifugal force issues, However, that's just a headline, a macro view which misses the essential details of the effect of the Iranian-led war within Syria, and Lebanon. That centrifugal effect is a fracturing within the Shi'a sect of Islam between Persian and Arab Shi'a, and even Pakistani Shi'a, brought in to fight for the Ayatollah and the Iranian commander, General Qassem Soleimani. 

The astounding thing about this intel is that it comes from within Lebanon, from Beirut, and it was published just this morning in the Lebanese media organization that resulted from the Hezbollah assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on 14 February 2005. That media is known as Ya Libnan  (Oh Lebanon)." The link is well worth reading for however long is remains an active URL on the internet, but I will provide an exsum of its content below, for the record.

Ya Libnan is the voice of the resistance against Iranian Shi'a domination which came with the establishment of Hezbollah by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Qods Force (QF) in 1982. Hezbollah was established as the most-forward deployed unit of the IRGC-QF in 1982. Ya Libnan is running a virtual gauntlet of Iranian retaliation with the publication of the article today as it speaks only on the periphery of the very serious issues that exist between the IRGC-QF and Hezbollah. 

The focus of the article is about how the Arab Shi'a militia (from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan) see themselves as merely "cannon fodder" for the Ayatollah and IRGC-QF commander Soleimani. This mindset is due to something I myself have experienced directly, and it is summed up with two words: Persian arrogance. Persian arrogance is by its very nature extreme and unrelentiing. It is quintessential political micromanagement, and by definition it is the kind of political micromanagement that loses wars instead of winning them. It's as if the Ayatollah were Cyrus the Great re-born. This arrogance is causing friction to the point of open resentment within the Iranian-led forces engaged in the current war. 

Left to its own devices, this kind of centrifugal force could lead to an unprecedented schism within Shi'a sect of Islam, the center of which is in Iran. It could, and likely will lead to an Iranian defeat in Syria and Lebanon. That would leave Hezbollah alone to face Israel on the northern front as both Joshua 13 and Psalm 83 indicate. It could lead to the destruction of the Syrian state as Isaiah 17 indicates, and it could lead to Iran facing an international coalition of nations by itself and stripped of the strategic depth afforded to it by Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. It could well be the reason Iran appears as a second-rate power in the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39.

Another, aspect is that from its inception as the most forward deployed Iranian military force Hezbollah had been designed for confrontation against Israel. Yet the war in Syria is literally consuming Hezbollah like some flesh-eating bacteria. This has left Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah to issue insane attempts at face-saving such as rocket strikes against Haifa's ammonia chemical plant and the Dimona nuclear complex in southern Israel. Truth is, the Arab Shi'a know as well as the rest of the world that Nasrallah is just another of the Ayatollah's sock puppets. Iran would risk everything to cut Nasrallah and Hezbollah loose on Israel. I've not yet found a direct reference to this in any of the Bible's prophetic passages; Isaiah 17 maybe, but, again, there's no mention of Iran in that at all relative to the literal text.

Known ranges of Iranian ballistic missiles
The above image relates directly to Jeremiah 49:34-39. Eschatology Today was also the first Bible prophecy blog to reference the fact that the crown jewel of the Iranian nuclear program lies within the territory of ancient Elam. Yet, in looking at the prophecy deeper there's only the widely publicized subjective assumption that it has anything to do with Iranian rockets fitted with nuclear warheads. It is a fact that none of Iran's strategic rocket forces have tested and proven such a capability. Neither has its partner in nuclear crime, North Korea, for that matter. It is mostly the presumption of long range missiles delivering nuclear warheads that drives the Bible prophecy blogosphere and conference circuit narrative that Jeremiah 49:34-39 is about such a potential.

However, what the prophecy does say is not that the nuclear program will be destroyed, but that God will break the bow, which is the foremost of Iran's might. The bow is a metaphor for the technology to launch a projectile - be it a low-tech arrow or a high-tech modern-day missile or rocket. Simple question: What good is even one nuclear weapon if you cannot deliver to the intended target? Simple answer: The nuclear weapon is worthless and actually poses a greater threat to the territory and the population of Iran than to any of its enemies. Who knows what safety mechanisms Iran may or may not have included on a clandestinely manufactured nuclear weapon? Or its nuclear fissile production facilities? A Stuxnet-like attack can do as much or more to move people like refugees from radioactive fallout zone than a conventional military attack. Cases in point: Chernobyl and Fukushima, and neither of them were caused by a cyber attack..

So, Jeremiah is telling us point blank that from the Lord's perspective it is the bow that is the foremost of Iran's might, not their potential for nuclear warheads. The Lord is certainly aware of the potential illustrated by the image above and what it would mean to Israel's longevity. In simple words: Not gonna happen. The bow that Iran possesses will be destroyed. No bows, now arrows get launched.

And then there's the metaphor phrase "I will bring the four winds from the four corners of heaven" to scatter the people of this country to all of the other countries of the earth. What does this metaphor mean? Jeremiah's contemporaries Ezekiel and Daniel also used this phrase, as did Jesus in His Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24:31) and John on Patmos in Revelation 7. 

The metaphorical meaning is generally with respect to the whole earth, and also with respect to an extraordinary or devastating event. Ezekiel used it with great effect concerning the valley of dry bones and the restoration of modern Israel after the Holocaust of WWII. Daniel used it with respect to the stirring up of the Mediterranean Sea region in which the world empires of his vision would hold ultimate power until the next one overtook it, all the way to Rome, and the present day.  And finally, Revelation 7 uses the same metaphor with respect to the angel who holds back four other angels from harming the earth during the 70th Week until the 144,000 of Israel have been given the seal of the living God on their foreheads. In this context the metaphor has everything to do with Divine judgment on a global scale, not unlike the Flood of Noah's day. 

Given what Iran has done and wants to do, it is Divine judgment that Jeremiah's use of this metaphor is most likely intended. That judgment scatters Iranian people to nations all over the planet; that judgment looks and sounds a lot like a military regime change is coming to Tehran, probably just before the 70th Week if not during it.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Breaking News Alert 06-17: Evidence of 'Deep State' Insurrection

🔺 5 March 2017: Once again the Breaking News of this weekend, which began actually on Thursday, 2 March when Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially recused himself from participation in any investigation of the 2016 Election Campaign, very clearly illustrates how far ahead (9 weeks to be exact) of all media headlines Eschatology Today was on the first day of this year: Breaking News Alert 01:17.

I would strongly advise folks to read the linked BNA 1-17 as a refresher, and also recall what was stated in the fourth paragraph:
"Obama's scorched earth policy against incoming President Donald J. Trump belies the notion that he will gracefully return to civilian life and instead fully intends to lead an underground insurgency against the new American administration. Expect more unAmerican assaults from this outgoing regime."
The operative phrase in the above is "underground insurgency." There is no difference between "Underground insurgency" and the phrase the Trump Administration is now using to describe the source of the insurgency, the "Deep State." The "Deep State" is the insurgency against the Trump Administration led by former president Barack Hussein Obama, and his key advisers or operatives, such as Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch.

We are now learning of the illegal wiretaps against the Trump Campaign in Trump Tower, the first wiretap was applied for in July 2016 in the FISA court and was rejected by the court. A second attempt in October 2016 may have gotten through, and even so would be illegal as it targeted U.S. citizens. More importantly, the criminal actions taken by the Obama Administration now appear to have included wiretapping of Senate offices in the U.S. Capitol Building. Such actions make the Watergate scandal appear ghostly pale in comparison.

The FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) prescribes for requesting judicial authorization (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court or FISC) for the physical search and electronic collection efforts against persons involved in espionage or international terrorism against the United States by or on the behalf of a foreign power. The FISC has eleven judges as its members. There is also a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review which will likely become a key player in the ensuing investigation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusal of himself from any investigation played right into the hands of the Obama insurrectionists. He did nothing wrong that required any recusal, and his move which appears to have been a surprise to President Trump, severely handicaps the Justice department as there is no deputy Attorney General, Trump nominee Rod J. Rosenstein has not yet been confirmed by the Senate. 

That the confirmation process has been delayed and obstructed as it has been by Democrat members of the Senate for the past several weeks provides clear evidence of a grand conspiracy against the Trump Administration, not to mention within the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and other key departments and agencies of the Executive Branch of our government. All of this has been designed to either bring the Trump Administration down or to so hamper it that the normal functions of government fail miserably.

Our President and his entire administration are desperately in need of our prayers and support. The insurrection, i.e. civil war, will almost certainly take a toll that none of us can imagine at present.