Sunday, March 5, 2017

Breaking News Alert 06-17: Evidence of 'Deep State' Insurrection

🔺 5 March 2017: Once again the Breaking News of this weekend, which began actually on Thursday, 2 March when Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially recused himself from participation in any investigation of the 2016 Election Campaign, very clearly illustrates how far ahead (9 weeks to be exact) of all media headlines Eschatology Today was on the first day of this year: Breaking News Alert 01:17.

I would strongly advise folks to read the linked BNA 1-17 as a refresher, and also recall what was stated in the fourth paragraph:
"Obama's scorched earth policy against incoming President Donald J. Trump belies the notion that he will gracefully return to civilian life and instead fully intends to lead an underground insurgency against the new American administration. Expect more unAmerican assaults from this outgoing regime."
The operative phrase in the above is "underground insurgency." There is no difference between "Underground insurgency" and the phrase the Trump Administration is now using to describe the source of the insurgency, the "Deep State." The "Deep State" is the insurgency against the Trump Administration led by former president Barack Hussein Obama, and his key advisers or operatives, such as Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch.

We are now learning of the illegal wiretaps against the Trump Campaign in Trump Tower, the first wiretap was applied for in July 2016 in the FISA court and was rejected by the court. A second attempt in October 2016 may have gotten through, and even so would be illegal as it targeted U.S. citizens. More importantly, the criminal actions taken by the Obama Administration now appear to have included wiretapping of Senate offices in the U.S. Capitol Building. Such actions make the Watergate scandal appear ghostly pale in comparison.

The FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) prescribes for requesting judicial authorization (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court or FISC) for the physical search and electronic collection efforts against persons involved in espionage or international terrorism against the United States by or on the behalf of a foreign power. The FISC has eleven judges as its members. There is also a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review which will likely become a key player in the ensuing investigation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusal of himself from any investigation played right into the hands of the Obama insurrectionists. He did nothing wrong that required any recusal, and his move which appears to have been a surprise to President Trump, severely handicaps the Justice department as there is no deputy Attorney General, Trump nominee Rod J. Rosenstein has not yet been confirmed by the Senate. 

That the confirmation process has been delayed and obstructed as it has been by Democrat members of the Senate for the past several weeks provides clear evidence of a grand conspiracy against the Trump Administration, not to mention within the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and other key departments and agencies of the Executive Branch of our government. All of this has been designed to either bring the Trump Administration down or to so hamper it that the normal functions of government fail miserably.

Our President and his entire administration are desperately in need of our prayers and support. The insurrection, i.e. civil war, will almost certainly take a toll that none of us can imagine at present.


Sean Osborne said...

This is also the most recent in-our-face evidence of the Globalists versus Nationalists conflict that I've been talking about since before the November 2016 election.

hartdawg said...

If a weakened or reduced America does not fit into bible prophecy then this will fail.

Sean Osborne said...

This goes back several months, mid-summer 2016 to be precise. Andrew McCarthy was writing articles about the wiretapping for nearl 8 months before the NY Times wrote their front page article about it in January 2017. Thing is, NOBODY PAID ATTENTION to those media reports.

So... Trump sends out a tweet this past Saturdayorning saying what's been in media reports for months and media/democrats go ballistic calling President Trump crazy and a liar; that he's "Hitler."

This will have no effect, Trump will double down and roll forward like an Abrams tank.

mark3210 said...


It seems to me that the globalists / media / democrats have been going ballistic on Trump and his supporters since June 16, 2015 (the day he entered the race).

I don't think those on our side even pay attention to their outrage anymore - we've become numb to it!

Lance M said...

Eph 6:12.....and it will only accelerate from here on out.


Sean Osborne said...

Not many see this as a manifestation of spiritual good (righteousness) versus spiritual evil (spirit of antichrist) warfare. (Revelation 12). The earthly manifestation is in terms of nationalists/patriots versus globalists, but that's how I boil it down.

The Archangel Michael must be preparing for war.

mark3210 said...


As the deep state crimes against the Trump campaign become more exposed by the day, it is more and more amazing to me that Trump was able to overcome all of this and win anyway!

Only though the grace of God was his victory possible!

Might be time to add an update to this thread to bump it back to the top of the page.

Sean Osborne said...


I'm waiting on indictments and testimony under oath before posting an update to this item.