Monday, March 20, 2017

Breaking News Alert 07-17: Wars and Rumors Thereof

🔺 20 March 2017: Two particularly hot items need to be reported as breaking news this morning.

Golan Reference Map
1. Yesterday Israel commenced a general call-up of its military reserve forces. The deteriorating situation around Gaza and Iranian-Hezbollah encroachment upon the Syrian side of the Golan are long-established red-lines that require a powerful military response. Recall that Israel's defense establishment declared some months ago that the next war started by HAMAS or Hezbollah would be the last.

2. The potential for a Korean War II to erupt in the very near future, if not preemptive strikes aimed at regime change in North Korea, are a very real possibility. 


Chuck B. said...

Sean, it's probably no coincidence that these provocations of war are initiating on the slopes of Mt. Hermon, the gate of hell that Our Lord said would not prevail against His Church.

Sean Osborne said...


Indeed, and it's also no coincidence that the current situation in Lebanon is the impetus for the literal fulfillment of Joshua 13 in the very near future.

Chuck B. said...


Great Grany 5 said...


Everyone to their battle stations seems to be overwhelmingly real sound advice. What was said yesterday about the terrible price Israel will have to pay for the rest of the Days of the End is just too much to bare.

Thank you for keeping us updated and alert.


Sean Osborne said...

Yes my sister, the winds of war have been blowing at gale force since Friday. And yesterday Israel struck again just in case Friday's message was not fully understood. Battle stations indeed!

hartdawg said...

Will you be adding more details on these 2 items?

Sean Osborne said...

No, the details will most likely emerge in due course, perhaps in their own SITREPs one of these days.

The purpose of BNA 07-17 is just to inform on the two hottest buttons out there right now.

mark3210 said...

Worth noting that today is the first time in history that Senate votes were cast against a nominee for Ambassador to Israel (46 of them in fact).

The mask is completely off the Democrats now!

Sean Osborne said...

Also worth noting is the new law in Israel which bans entry into the country for anyone found trashing talking or supporting economic boycott of Israel.

It's about time!

Kenneth Moore said...

As for North Korea.

quoted. "Ultimately, the political climate is changing in the world, and tensions are high between the United States and North Korea.
Even if North Korea makes such a decision as to strike against the United States, the United States and its allies seem unconcerned the militant conflict will greatly affect the country.
What are your thoughts?"

Sean Osborne said...


Recall that POTUS Trump said "not gonna happen" regarding a North Korean ICBM attack on the US.

He meant what he said, literally.

North Korea conducted a (widely unreported by most media) ballistic missile launch two days ago (22 March 2017).

That ballistic missile lifted off its launch pad and flew perhaps 20 feet vertically when it suddenly erupted into a gigantic fireball.

We have the technology. 'Nuff said.

Sean Osborne said...

War on the Korean peninsula would have the potential to bring tremendous damage to the South, even if just in terms of conventional artillery.

However, that would effectively mark the begining of the end for North Korea as a political entity.

Nora said...

I've read about some interesting developments in the news like Syria threatening Israel with Scud missiles next time Israel attacks “The report warned that Syria has over 800 Scud missiles and that Syria would not issue any warnings before the missile strikes because Israel does not warn before it hits.” ( ) In another news item Mr. Pence stated that the US will not allow Iran to have the nuclear bomb (at the AIPAC Conference).

Sean Osborne said...

Yes, Syria has threatened this retaliation every time (so many times that an accurate count is not possible) the IAF has struck a Hezbollah convoy inside Syria.

It's an empty threat because Scuds need to be rolled out to firing positions, then fueled up (a very hazardous operation) and programmed with the target coordinates... this takes a lot of time... time during which Israel can detect launch preps and pre-emptively strike the exposed Scuds in one of several available methods.

Nora said...


Thanks for the explanation! Reading things like that without such a knowledge (in military stuff)fooled me into thinking that this means a serious threat. People who don't have that knowledge are mislead by articles like that, very annoying.