Monday, May 14, 2012

Latter Days Prophecy Being Fulfilled: Say Hello to "Sheba and Dedan"

Update 15 May 2012: New details are emerging from the 32nd GCC Summit. What is taking place is actually the creation of a federation among the Gulf Arab countries, modeled more or less on the European Union but with the Sunni Islamic model of the United Arab Emirates. It will most realistically be brought into existence as a federation of tribal monarchies founded upon the "creed of Islam."

This "Federation of Arab States of the Arabian Peninsula," for lack of an offical name, is being born with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1 Trillion and 35% of the world's proven oil reserves. It is being armed primarily by the United States with over $60 billion in military sales to the Saudi Arabians alone. Even tiny Bahrain has acquired over $1.5 billion of new US warfighting hardware in the past ten years. Efforts are underway to also include Yemen within this federation which would give this new Arab peninsular superstate a total population of more than 85.5 million people and make it a dominant power in the region, even over the Islamic Republic of Iran.

14 May 2012: The 1979 fundamentalist Shi'a revolution in Iran which resulted in the establishment of the Persian Twelver-Hojjatieh regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The subsequent 33 years of that rule has brought the Middle East to the precipice of a truly horrific war. 

Unbeknown to some the Iranian revolution was followed by an economic alliance among the Sunni Gulf Arab states that we know as the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC. The GCC, established in May 1981 is composed of seven Sunni Arab states:Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. 

Until very recent Iranian subversion and destabilization activities that began in 2011 and which centered upon the few Shi'a who live in these majority Sunni Arab states, the GCC concerned itself with economic and commercial and financial issues in common among themselves. The reaction of the GCC governments was to create a rapid reaction military force composed of military units from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE to put down Iranian-fomented revolution within Bahrain.

This has led to the morphing of the GCC nations into a militarily confederated bloc of nations known as the Peninsula Shield Force to defend themselves against Iranian aggression which in turn is based upon Shi'a Twelver apocalyptic eschatology.

Christians should take note of the emergence of this new military alliance in the Middle East and recognize it for what it very probably represents - the real world emergence of what Ezekiel prophesied would exist in the latter days. Ezekiel 38:13 tells us, "Sheba, Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish, and all their young lions will say to you, ‘Have you come to take plunder? Have you gathered your army to take booty, to carry away silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods, to take great plunder?’”’

Yes, in these latter days I believe we are eyewitnesses to and should recognize the emergence of GCC as a type of NATO for the Arabian Peninsula, just as Ezekiel said they would be, and in close association with the Western nations (Europe and the Americas) prior to the start of the 70th Week, and whom Ezekiel referred to as "the merchants of Tarshish, and all their young lions (European powers and former European colonies in the Americas)."

Friday, May 11, 2012

Krauthammer: Echoes of '67: Israel Unites

11 May 2012: JewishWorldReview published an article today by Charles Krauthammer which is, I believe, absolutely spot on accurate. In a nutshell: Israel's leadership has made the critical decision to completely unify the government prior to embarking on an absolutely essential and existential preemptive military strike upon the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear weapons program. While Krauthammer's article can be accessed at the link, here is a most-informative excerpt from the heart of the article.

"May ’67 was Israel’s most fearful, desperate month. The country was surrounded and alone. Previous great-power guarantees proved worthless. A plan to test the blockade with a Western flotilla failed for lack of participants. Time was running out. Forced into mass mobilization in order to protect against invasion — and with a military consisting overwhelmingly of civilian reservists — life ground to a halt. The country was dying.

On June 5, Israel launched a preemptive strike on the Egyptian air force, then proceeded to lightning victories on three fronts. The Six-Day War is legend, but less remembered is that, four days earlier, the nationalist opposition (Mena­chem Begin’s Likud precursor) was for the first time ever brought into the government, creating an emergency national-unity coalition.

Everyone understood why. You do not undertake a supremely risky preemptive war without the full participation of a broad coalition representing a national consensus.

Forty-five years later, in the middle of the night of May 7-8, 2012, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shocked his country by bringing the main opposition party, Kadima, into a national unity government. Shocking because just hours earlier, the Knesset was expediting a bill to call early elections in September.

Why did the high-flying Netanyahu call off elections he was sure to win?
Because for Israelis today, it is May ’67. The dread is not quite as acute: The mood is not despair, just foreboding. Time is running out, but not quite as fast. War is not four days away, but it looms. Israelis today face the greatest threat to their existence — nuclear weapons in the hands of apocalyptic mullahs publicly pledged to Israel’s annihilation — since May ’67. The world is again telling Israelis to do nothing as it looks for a way out. But if such a way is not found — as in ’67 — Israelis know that they will once again have to defend themselves, by themselves.

Such a fateful decision demands a national consensus. By creating the largest coalition in nearly three decades, Netanyahu is establishing the political premise for a preemptive strike, should it come to that. The new government commands an astonishing 94 Knesset seats out of 120, described by one Israeli columnist as a “hundred tons of solid concrete.”"

Eager Lion 12

11 May 2012: In approximately 72 hours a major exercise code-name "Eager Lion 2012" involving more than 12,000 troops from 19 nations will kick-off in the Jordanian desert. The bulk of the land, airborne, marine and special forces troops deployed in Jordan hail from the United States of America.

According to U.S CENTCOM, "The focus of Eager Lion is to strengthen military-to-military relationships of participating partner nations through a joint, whole-of-government, multinational approach, integrating all instruments of national power to meet current and future complex national security challenges."

Previous years have seen similar joint US-Jordanian exercises, however the scope of this year's exercise is unprecedented. Only the United States, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have officially announced the participation of their troops in this exercise, with the other 16 Arab and western participants choosing to not  specifically identify themselves.

Given the current deteriorating situation in Jordan's northern neighbor  Syrian reaction to this exercise is possible given its proximity to their common border. A terrible miscalculation by Syria's al-Assad regime is within the realm of possibility given the stress that nation's virtual civil war has created and as compounded with rampant rumors of foreign intervention. Command of the troops in 'Eager Lion 2012" rests jointly with Major General Kenneth Tovo, commander of U.S. Special Operations Command-Central Command and Jordan's Brigadier General. Mohammed Jeridad who is the director of Jordan’s Training and Doctrine Command.

We'll have to watch this one closely.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE - America's Last Chance

Introducing the newly released DVD:"Behold A Pale Horse"America’s Last Chance
A documentary film by Chuck and Anita Untersee