Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Psalm 83 Revealing: Coincidence or Providence?

UPDATE 31 March 2010: I read Jack Kinsella's latest article earlier today and it really struck a spiritually resonant chord. The spiritually resonant chord aspect is that I have not heretofore considered that the Harpazo of the Bride of Christ could actually be a part of the Lord's judgment upon the United States for our abandonment of Israel. I have always believed that the Harpazo would have a devastating effect on the United States, but that devastation never rang a bell with me with respect to Divine judgment. The Harpazo has always been an imminent, signless event tied to a certain season of the Fig Tree. That season is undoubtedly upon us. Maranatha.

Please read Jack Kinsella's Brits Abandon 'Special Relationship' with America

25 March 2010: Isralestine author Bill Salus' blog Prophecy Newstand has a new must read article "The Psalm 83 Revealing: Coincidence of Providence." You'll also find a link to both of Bill's blogs in the 'Favorite Links' list to the right. In this new blog article Bill Salus references the 2006 Hezbollah-Israel war as an on-going, real-time reminder from the Lord that the literal fulfillment of the Psalm 83 prophecy in the very near future is an imminent probability.

As readers of the Northeast Intelligence Network website, the NEIN Blog and this Eschatology Today blog are by now well aware, I absolutely agree with Bill Salus' brilliant, in-depth exegesis on this subject. The same Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) dwells within and speaks the same prophetic truths to all of us.

On 9 February 2007, just six months after the end of the 2006 war, I wrote a short article on the NEIN website entitled "Lebanon, Syria & Israel: The Coming War." In that article I detailed the previously unthinkable attack upon an Israel Defense Forces armored unit by the Lebanese Army at the outset of the war. At the moment of the Lebanese Army attack upon the IDF armored unit all Israeli units were on Israel's side of the Blue Line, which is to say that the IDF had not crossed into Lebanese territory but was conducting necessary operations on sovereign Israeli territory. The Lebanese Army commander had been expressly assured by the IDF commander that he had no intention of crossing the border. Yet the impotent and virtually useless Lebanese Army lay in waiting, fully prepared to ambush the IDF armored unit which had no choice but to clear Hezbollah-placed landmines on Israel's soil. This war began as a cleverly designed trap, an ambush, a kidnapping. The government and military of Lebanon were full participants in it.

Media reports ever since have made reference to that 2006 war as the Hezbollah-Israel war, yet the war was also fought directly between the Lebanese Army and the IDF. Moreover, I have subsequently been convinced that the Lebanese Army acted as a force multiplier for the Iranian and Syrian equipped Hezbollah forces. I knew three years ago that what we had just been witness to was a preview of the coming Psalm 83 war prophecied by Aspah over 3,000 year ago. I concluded my article saying, "There is war coming to this border region, a very big war is coming. Iran and Syria with their terrorist proxies are spoiling for a very big war. I see no other tactical explanation which makes an iota of sense."

There is a very high probability that Psalm 83 war is about to erupt and we will yet again be witness to the literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Sadly, this will be a war in which America under the Obama Administration will abandon and betray our long-time Israeli ally. In a few hours I will be posting additional details on the specific intelligence items we have collected which forecast such a betrayal.


The full range of current events in this region is viewed as a whole by this author as constituting severe indications and warnings that the Psalm 83 war is an imminent probability. Whether the spark is a clash on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, or another missile-borne provocation coming from Hezbollah or HAMAS on Damascus’ or Tehran’s directive is probably immaterial because this next war will be a war that includes all of Israel’s enemies coming against her simultaneously, from without and from within. And unlike all the previous wars between Israel and its neighboring Muslim Arab enemies of the past 60 years, in this war it appears very likely that America will betray its Israeli ally and side with the Arabs. This is the unfortunate and entirely avoidable situation we are in at this time, a situation which until very recently has been festering quietly in small newspaper snippets buried deep in the back pages of newspapers. Yet nothing is more important to America’s future well-being than what this nation does in this war. For when it comes to modern day Israel the blessing or curse promised by the God of Abraham in Genesis 12:3 is in full effect.

Make no mistake, what is presently occurring between the State of Israel and the United States of America is quite different that what is being described in the global lame-stream media as constituting a “rift” or a “crisis,” or as being “strained” or even as “heightened tensions.” No, what is occurring now is nothing less than the execution of a long-planned, intricately manipulated betrayal of Israel by the godless Western elite, the "Global Oligarchy," as orchestrated through the socialist regime currently occupying the White House.

Over the past year Northeast Intelligence Network Director Doug Hagmann had a series of conversations with a former highly-placed U.S. intelligence official which were reported in a series of articles on this website between December 2008 and March 2009. All of these articles contain information vital to the future of the nation, particularly if the pace of events in the Middle East allows us to reach the November 2010 mid-term election and rectify and impending Divine judgment and disaster on America. The first was “US Intelligence Official About Israel: This is just the beginning” which was followed by the second installment titled “The Coming War.” The phrase we were advised by that intelligence officer to keep in keen focus was “malicious intelligence” and which was to be viewed as integral with the actions of our own government in withdrawing our long-standing support of Israel.

The details I found most disturbing, and have kept front and center in my mind since their publication last March, were contained in Doug’s article entitled “The US Abandonment of Israel.” The detailed statements from the former intelligence officer are imperative reading in light of the events and news reports of the past week primarily due to their stunning, off-the-chart accuracy. In expounding upon a statement that something worse than mere American abandonment of its alliance with Israel would be forthcoming the intelligence officer added that the Obama Administration would provide more financial and military support to Israel’s enemies and would undercut Israel’s defensive efforts while simultaneously “pushing Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation.” In the past two weeks this is exactly, precisely what the Obama Administration has done to Israel. There is every indication these efforts will continue unabated and inevitably increase over time.

It cannot be possibly be any clearer at this juncture, the administration of Barack Hussein Obama has a clearly defined pro-Muslim anti-Israel agenda and only “We the People” stand between it and a future no voting American parent wants for his or her children or grandchildren. Moreover, no American wants to stand before God and give account on why he or she failed to bless Israel in her greatest time of need.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bibi Netanyahu Tells The Truth

9 March 2010: Todays Jerusalem Post reports on the Pastor John Hagee-chaired Christians United for Israel meeting held Monday night at the Jerusalem Convention Center. Here is the critically most important thing PM Netanyahu said at the meeting. I seriously doubt, although I would love to be incorrect, that the lamestream media in the US, including FoxNews will report this:
“Time after time, through thick and thin, you have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our state. Today that friendship is more important than ever, because Israel faces unprecedented challenges to its security. There is no greater threat to mankind than a radical Islamic regime gaining nuclear weapons. If Iran develops nuclear weapons, the world would never be the same. Remember that for the tyrants in Iran, Israel is only the little Satan. Their real target is America."
This has been absolutely true since day one of the current Iranian regime. In visual form the above statement was first made with this image several years ago. Notice carefully which orb is broken first in the image above. The United States of America's current president has as his primary concern a dead-on-arrival socialist healthcare plan. Obviously, somewhere down near the bottom of his priorities list is this very real threat.