Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Has America's Playing Nuclear Patty-Cake With Egypt Been A Bad Idea?"

27 February 2011: It was just too hard to resist making the title of this report a parody of the Geico rhetorical question advertising campaign featuring actor Mike McGlone. So tell me, "has America's playing nuclear patty-cake with Egypt been a bad idea?" After reading this article you will know why it was a very bad idea.

Now that the restraining influence of President Hosni Mubarak is gone, it would appear to be a very bad idea. And the strong support former President Mubarak's government had previously received from most of the key nations involved in the Middle East for the past 30 years, primarily Israel and the United States, will now come into clearer into focus and scrutiny. You see, Hosni Mubarak was the key figure in keeping a previously clandestine Egyptian nuclear weapons program under tight controls; a nuclear weapons program manifest in the image seen above of the Argentina-built 22-megawatt reactor located in Egypt's Nile Delta town of Inshas.

It would seem that friendly regimes, long-standing allies, can have a clandestine nuclear weapons program because they've shown themselves capable of not behaving badly as in the case of the world's largest supporter on international Islamic terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In just a couple of days new information is going to be in published in the media which details certain facts about the Egyptian nuclear weapons program which is now, thanks to the amateurish and extremely ill-advised pressure from Obama and his friends in throwing Hosni Mubarak under the bus, clearly within the grasp of the Islamo-Nazi fundamentalists of Egypt's al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood).

The United States Intelligence Community (USIC) has just assessed, based upon direct knowledge of the Egyptian nuclear progam since the mid-1980s, that a nuclear weapons capability is well within the grasp of either the Egyptain armed forces or the Ikhwan in their ongoing power struggle in Egypt. The Ikhwan clearly have the upper-hand and the organizational edge in the struggle, and may well represent the coming "power of a cruel master, and a fierce king will rule over them" declared by the Lord Almighty in Isaiah 19:4. Of course, the Ikhwan covertly exist within the Egyptian armed forces, so the ultimate Egyptian power-broker could well be a combination of the two.

The USIC has revealed that Egypt has quietly acquired nuclear weapons technology and material from China, North Korea and Pakistan, in addition to biological and chemical weapons capabilities, and Hosni Mubarak was the key factor in ensuring that an Egyptian nuclear breakout would not occur. Otherwise the United States would have been all over Egypt as we have been for over a decade regarding the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The key controlling factor of Hosni Mubarak no longer exists. However, even during his tenure between 1990 and 2003 Egypt is known to have conducted 16 secret nuclear experiments under the command of Brigadier General Ahmed Nashet. In this same period Egypt acquired a Russian-made cyclotron for advanced uranium enrichment, and the Argentines designed the Inshas nuclear reactor to produce weapons-grade plutonium.

The bottom-line USIC assessments is that Egypt now has the resources to complete the production of nuclear warheads and a missile-borne delivery system of at least 1,000 kilometers (621 miles). How convenient! The distance between Cairo and Tel Aviv is less than half of that, and Cairo to Dimona is a mere stones throw. Worse, there's a common border between Egyptian Sinai and the Israeli Negev were smuggling is rampant.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Israel On Alert: Hizbullah Tunnel Strike From Lebanon

26 February 2010: TEL AVIV — Israel's military has been on alert for an imminent strike by Hizbullah.

Military sources said the intelligence community has been monitoring southern Lebanon for any evidence of Hizbullah construction of tunnels meant to penetrate Israel. They said the assessment was that Hizbullah was digging tunnels that could reach a military base or civilian community along the Israeli border with Lebanon.

"Hizbullah desperately wants to conduct an attack that would cause strategic harm to Israel and yet not leave any fingerprints that this was Hizbullah," a military source said.

The sources said the military has been preparing for several scenarios. In one, Palestinians trained by Hizbullah would emerge from a tunnel that reached Israel and kill as many as people as possible in an Israeli civilian community.

In another scenario, the Hizbullah tunnel would reach an Israeli military base. There, Hizbullah would conduct a nighttime abduction of several soldiers and bring them to Lebanon as hostages.

The military has also not ruled out that Palestinians trained by Hizbullah would capture and boobytrap an apartment building with hundreds of Israeli residents. In this scenario, the Palestinians would demand the release of thousands of their compatriots held by Israel.

Israel's military has asserted that Hizbullah expanded deployment in Shi'ite villages along the Lebanese border with Israel. The military asserted that Hizbullah has deployed a brigade with up to 5,000 fighters and trained to stage a ground assault on the Jewish state.

"We believe that any future war will involve a major ground operation by Hizbullah that will target our civilian communities," another military source said.

(This report courtesy

Iranium - The Movie

26 February 2011: Please find the time to watch this movie. Go HERE and click on the larger of the two "Play Film" links on the upper right-hand corner. Enter your email address and the entire film will play, even full-screen if you wish. This is a "must see" film.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Making Sense of Chaos

Update 14 February 2011: The Egyptian pro-demcoracy folks accepted the removal of President Hosni Mubarak with glee and revelry. The cheers had hardly subsided when one of the first acts of the new ruling Egyptian Supreme Council of military officers was to disolve the parliament, suspend the Egyptian constitution and impose marital law. Just what the pro-democracy demonstrators wanted, eh? And some think that Isaiah 19 is not a prophetic fulfillment in progress. Sigh.

Update: 11 February 2011: Caroline Glick has written an article published in today’s Jewish World Review entitledIdeologically-driven strategic ineptitude which picks-up where my article left off. Caroline’s article provides in-depth coverage of most the major issues (i.e. threats to world peace and U.S. national security) in which this administration’s blatant “ideologically motivated” incompetence and deliberate “strategic dementia” is leading the world down a path to an apocalypse which the Iranian Ayatollah and his sock puppet so fervently dream of. Indeed, all that will soon be left is for the Iranian’s to step in to fill the vacuum the Obama Administration is creating.

UPDATE 10 February 2011: The Egyptian military has now taken control of the country, and Hosni Mubarak is expected to announce his resignation shortly. While the MSM is quick to discuss how the Ihkwan Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) is the best organized opposition group in Egypt, they routinely fail to report that the Ikhwan are even better organized within the Egyptian military forces. Catch-22. And if Obama thought Mubarak was insubordinate to his dictates, just wait until the Egyptian generals tell Obama to go fly a kite. Of course, it goes without saying that the night is still young in Egypt this evening.

09 February 2011: Here is my straight-up take on what is occurring real-time in the real-world Middle East. It is these real-world events which will bring about the fulfillment of all the relevant Bible prophecies.

Unlike the Inept-in-Chief, his Ikhwan advisors and appointed incompetents in the U.S. State Department who have been attempting to micromanage the crisis in Egypt via remote control, there are other forces at work that have real boots on the ground in the former land of the Pharaohs.

When Obama & Company declared that the transition from Hosni Mubarak’s rule to whatever is supposed to come next had to begin “now” with Mubarak’s immediate resignation, they utterly failed to account for specific provisions of the Egyptian Constitution.

Not 24 hours later and still breathless from all of the overnight backpedalling, they realized the enormity of their sophomoric gaffe and then demanded that Mubarak sign all the documents necessary to transition the government to whatever it may be next and demand yet again the he get the heck out of Cairo “yesterday” Isn’t this the same kind of over-the-top, pompous American arrogance that Obama went on a world tour to apologize for? What is obvious here is that our king, The One, not only has no clothes on, but he has no alibi.

Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government, are you paying attention to this? Do you really want these people working as a “good offices” intermediary on the issues of Israeli sovereignty and “Palestinian” statehood? I should hope not. I should hope that Israel answers to a Higher Authority than the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Now, about those other forces. If you listen to the MSM they’re all gaga over the presence of Code Pink in Cairo’s Tahrir Square protests. Code Pink is a Leftist distraction involved on a Middle Eastern tour courtesy of the Ikhwan Travelling Three-Ring Circus.

The real boots on the ground are the Ikhwan’s “A-Teams,” the Takfir wal Hijra and HAMAS in Gaza. These Islamic purists, born and bred of the al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun, are killing Egyptian security forces in running gun battles in the Sinai, in the border town of Rafah and conducting hit-and-run military operations like the one last weekend near Al-Arish that took out a natural gas pipeline serving Israel and Jordan. Half of Israel’s electricity comes from that gas. This occurred in the same timeframe as Egypt’s receiving permission for a waiver of the Egyptian-Israel peace treaty to deploy a couple of combat brigades into the Sinai. Eventually the other real boots on the ground, the IDF, will have to do something to both contain HAMAS and the other Gaza terrorists and to maintain the increasing threat to its peace treaty with Egypt.

These are the real issues that need to be addressed to make sense of the current chaotic scenario unfolding in Egypt. Jordan and the Saudi’s are also threatened by these same forces. And Lebanon, now firmly in Iranian orbit and guarded by Hezbollah and IRGC regulars, is a time bomb whose detonation will occur much sooner than expected. It is in America’s utmost national security interest to have these issues dealt with resolutely by experienced professionals. Keeping our B-Team on the job is a recipe for an unprecedented disaster of the Biblical Isaiah 19 and beyond proportions.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's to Become of the Middle East!

13 February 2011: I inherently knew there would be a short yet inevitable time span before the proponents of the Eastern Leg-Islamic Antichrist (EL-IA) theorem would jump up once again to proclaim that the unrest stirring violently in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt, could be seen through the lens of their work.

Such proclamations were nonsense two years ago when they first appeared ("God's War on Terror", 2008 and "Islamic Antichrist", 2009 among other articles, periodicals and blogs) and they are nonsense now. This EL-IA theorem has been thoroughly debunked by many astute and learned Bible scholars, authors, and eschatologists.

So it is with some sadness that I read the following sentence (with my emphasis added) in a new article "What's to Become of Egypt" from brother Jack Kelley: "Like I said it’s still too early to determine the outcome of the current unrest in Egypt. But we can tell from Scripture that eventually Egypt will become part of the End Times Roman (Islamic) Empire, also being called the Caliphate."

What I can tell from reading such theorems is that there is a small minority of brethren who are more than willing to try to tell the rest of us their eschatological interpretations of the prophecies passed to Daniel by the angel Gabriel. Obviously the majority of us not only disagree with their views, but have our own Scripture-based objections to them. It is the Scripture-based objections which drives rebuttals such as this and others previously published by Dr. David Regan and more recently by Dr. Reagan, and by Bill Salus, Don Koenig, Jack Kinsella, just to name a few.

However, what I find most troublesome with Jack Kelley's new article is that he apparently won't dare to touch the prophecy of Isaiah 19 with the ongoing events in Egypt, but easily found his way to directly connect them to a thoroughly debunked newspaper exegesis that is tied directly to an errant interpretation of Daniel 2:26-46, Daniel 9:26 and Revelation 13:1-2. In fact, Jack cherry-picked and cited just four verses from Daniel 11:40-42 and Daniel 11:45 to conclude relative to the focus of this rebuttal, "To me this is confirmation that Egypt is not likely to play a major part in the Psalm 83 scenario..."

Remember, Jack Kelley went from "It's still to early to determine the outcome... But we can tell...," to "To me this is confirmation that..." This kind of eschatological commentary begs to be objected to, and that is precisely what I have done here with my comments and citations.

The prophecy of Isaiah 19 informs us that the unrest in Egypt is the direct result of God moving powerfully to bring certain events to occur, that His hand is passing over the former land of the Pharaohs which has set Egyptian against Egyptian, everyone against his own kin, neighbor against neighbor. A full-blown civil war in other words. During this civil war God will destroy by swallowing up the correct counsel or advice of the Egyptian leaders on the correct course of action they should take. We have seen this aspect of the prophecy manifest in the much reported no-other-option removal of the constitutional president of the country. Now the Egyptians will be given over by the LORD God "into the hand of a cruel master; and a fierce king shall rule over them." I have no doubt that this is prophetic Word will be manifest in the triumph of the Sunni Islamic terrorist fundamentalists of the al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) and their chief leader who is yet to emerge from the continuing chaotic situation.

These events are driven by the LORD God and are setting the stage for the final fulfillment of Psalm 83, and will also assist in the precipitator of or precursor to the related prophecies of the "inner ring" Arab Islamic war against Israel, a war they Arab Islamists will loose decisively and never recover from.