Saturday, February 26, 2011

Israel On Alert: Hizbullah Tunnel Strike From Lebanon

26 February 2010: TEL AVIV — Israel's military has been on alert for an imminent strike by Hizbullah.

Military sources said the intelligence community has been monitoring southern Lebanon for any evidence of Hizbullah construction of tunnels meant to penetrate Israel. They said the assessment was that Hizbullah was digging tunnels that could reach a military base or civilian community along the Israeli border with Lebanon.

"Hizbullah desperately wants to conduct an attack that would cause strategic harm to Israel and yet not leave any fingerprints that this was Hizbullah," a military source said.

The sources said the military has been preparing for several scenarios. In one, Palestinians trained by Hizbullah would emerge from a tunnel that reached Israel and kill as many as people as possible in an Israeli civilian community.

In another scenario, the Hizbullah tunnel would reach an Israeli military base. There, Hizbullah would conduct a nighttime abduction of several soldiers and bring them to Lebanon as hostages.

The military has also not ruled out that Palestinians trained by Hizbullah would capture and boobytrap an apartment building with hundreds of Israeli residents. In this scenario, the Palestinians would demand the release of thousands of their compatriots held by Israel.

Israel's military has asserted that Hizbullah expanded deployment in Shi'ite villages along the Lebanese border with Israel. The military asserted that Hizbullah has deployed a brigade with up to 5,000 fighters and trained to stage a ground assault on the Jewish state.

"We believe that any future war will involve a major ground operation by Hizbullah that will target our civilian communities," another military source said.

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Kevneto said...

Love you site, Sean. Visit here quite often. I would agree with you on your assessment. I believe that any future conflict in the Mid-east will start will Lebanon(Hezbollah)and the have Hamas/Palestinians join in shortly thereafter.

Also, it seems with all the uprisings within Muslim populations, these autocrats/dictators will soon need something to get their population's mind off of the current situation within their countries and distracted to something that could unite them. And what could do that very thing?

Why of course, an attack against Israel!

I am certainly no prophet, but it could get very ugly there, very quickly. Just my thoughts.

God bless you.

Sean Osborne said...

Hi ya k, thanks for commenting.

Hezbollah and HAMAS are both proxies of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Hezbollah directly because they are an integral part of the IRGC, and HAMAS as an adoptive part of the Sunni fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood.

A truly regional war could erupt on either front, or it could occur as the direct result of a terrorist strike on down town Tel Aviv. What is absolutely rock solid is that this war will occur and very soon.

Iran, and therefore Hezbollah, have become pro-active with respect to their apocalyptic agenda. That's what this tunnel thing is all about.

I'd like to see an Israeli preemptive strike, but also I'm not gonna hold my breath in anticipation. It will erupt soon regardless.

mark3210 said...

Not that any of us have a crystal ball, but how do you define "very soon"?
I feel like a major regional war has been close for a long time now.
Do you think such a war will happen this year?

Sean Osborne said...


I'm going to assess your question a little differently this time.

I think it is a relatively small matter of time before the unrest in the Islamic nations around Israel manifests itself in a determination to fulfill Psalm 83 literally.

2011 could well be the year this occurs.

Sean Osborne said...

Mark3210 wrote:

"I know Sean it's tough to pin you down to a prediction.

I don't know if I represent the majority opinion on this board but I was thinking such a war would very likely break out during Bush's term, and here we are in 2011.

Prophecy is a process. And processes take time to come into completion.

The Psalm 83 prophecy has been in the process of fulfillment since May 1948; so were coming up on the 63rd anniversay of the commencement of Asaph's prophetic word. That it will come to completion "very soon" is the best that can be said at this time.

"Crystal balls" are the rubbish of divination; a practice the Lord takes a very dim view of and no Christian should ever engage in.

We who are alive at this point in human history have the prophecies, the signs of His Word, and we have the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I'm not sure how Psalm 83 can find it ultimate fulfillment until Isaiah 19 plays out in Egypt.

The best thing about it... we are eyewitnesses to it all, and will be up to the Harpazo occuring.

Mark, if you'd like to read sometthing a little more specific, then the next blog entry might be something you'll enjoy reading. I'm going to write about a key passage in the Olivet Discourse that has everything to do with time.