Friday, August 31, 2012

Israel's Technological Breakthrough: Nanofiltration + Solar Energy = Abundant Water

Posting this report exactly as I received it today via Email. I am absolutely not surprised that there's zero media coverage of this breakthrough simply because good news from Israel is the last thing the global corporate media will publish. Great news from Israel as this information imparts has to be suppressed as much as possible less the agenda of de-legitimizing of the State of Israel in some manner be harmed.

Nevertheless, God's will is being done and His prophetic word is coming to pass.

Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a release on August 9, 2012, "Freshwater from the sun," detailing a new development in nanotechnology paired with the use of solar energy that could help solve water shortages in under-developed and under-resourced regions including Africa. The research was undertaken at the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research at Ben Gurion University of the Negev and central Arava R&D.

Ynet News covered the subject as did The Algemeiner, writing:

The new innovation uses solar energy panels to power the pumps of a desalination unit that generates clean water for crops. More importantly, the technology utilizes unique nanofiltration membranes that enable farmers to decide which minerals should be retained from the water to feed various types of crops, a method which requires much less energy.

According to experts, water is going to be an increasingly scarce resource. Bloomberg quotes Dow Chemical Chief Executive Officer Andrew Liveris saying "Water right now is a strain on this planet more than carbon. We mismanage water terribly. It's going to be a big issue."

Even so, few in the media have seen fit to report on Israel's breakthrough technology. A Google News search for "Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research" turned up only five mentions -- and none of them in a mainstream media outlet.

Though criticism of Israel is ubiquitous in the media, including on the front pages of America's leading newspapers, when it comes to good news about Israel… Where's the coverage?
This report immediately brought to mind the following prophetic chapter from Isaiah. Some folks are fond of saying "It doesn't get any better than this!" On the contrary, it does get better than this for God has said so.

Isaiah 35 (NKJV)

The Future Glory of Zion

The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad for them,
And the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose;
It shall blossom abundantly and rejoice,
Even with joy and singing.
The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it,
The excellence of Carmel and Sharon.
They shall see the glory of the Lord,
The excellency of our God.

Strengthen the weak hands,
And make firm the feeble knees.
Say to those who are fearful-hearted,
“Be strong, do not fear!
Behold, your God will come with vengeance,
With the recompense of God;
He will come and save you.”

Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,
And the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.
Then the lame shall leap like a deer,
And the tongue of the dumb sing.
For waters shall burst forth in the wilderness,
And streams in the desert.
The parched ground shall become a pool,
And the thirsty land springs of water;
In the habitation of jackals, where each lay,
There shall be grass with reeds and rushes.

A highway shall be there, and a road,
And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness.
The unclean shall not pass over it,
But it shall be for others.
Whoever walks the road, although a fool,
Shall not go astray.
No lion shall be there,
Nor shall any ravenous beast go up on it;
It shall not be found there.
But the redeemed shall walk there,
And the ransomed of the Lord shall return,
And come to Zion with singing,
With everlasting joy on their heads.
They shall obtain joy and gladness,
And sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Timing of Iran Strike

22 August 2012:  I would assess that a decision by Israeli PM Netanyahu to launch a preemptive strike against the Iranian nuclear weapons program before the US election on November 6, 2012 will boil down to the final two 7-day optimum windows of low observability: 13-19 September and 11-18 October 2012.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Extinction of Islam

IMPORTANT UPDATE 24 August 2012:  It's "official" yours truly has been banned from making any further comments to "Joel Richardson's" blog items.  This banning came as a result of my attempt to post on "Joel's" (his real name is Richard) blog the same basic information I had posted to this Eschatology Today blog three years ago.  That information comes directly from "Mr. Richardson's" beloved Quran, Sura 18 ("The Cave"), verses 83-99 which inform the reader that the land of Magog (from whence comes Gog of Magog) is north of the Caucasus Mountains, i.e. modern-day Russia.  Here then is my truth-be-told, ban-inducing comment which "Joel Richardson's" readers, followers, supporters and acolytes dare not be informed of lest their erstwhile mentor be revealed to be the eisegetical prevaricator that he is.

"Anyone who thinks that Gog of Magog will be the “Islamic Antichrist” is committing the grave error of eisegesis.

Now, mind you, I care not one iota what the Quran says, but any Muslim will tell you that Sura 18 Al-Kahf (The Cave) presents a story of the person of Alexander III of Macedon (Alexander the Great).

The Quran’s Sura 18 story relates how Alexander pushed his empire to the west and saw the sun set. Then Alexander pushed his empire to the east and saw the sun rise. Then Alexander pushed his empire to the north, to the Caucasus Mountains and beyond, where was found the people of Gog-Magog.

The Quran (Edit: borrowing heavily from Ezekiel 38/39) tells you in plain text that Gog of Magog lies NORTH OF THE CAUCASUS.

Richard, I suggest you read your beloved Quranic source, Sura 18:83-99 to see what Muslims believe regarding Gog and Magog; how Alexander built a wall to keep the Magogians (“the corrupters of the earth”) out of the lands that lie to the south. (Edit: i.e. out of Asia Minor/Turkey and the rest of the Middle East to the south)

Interestingly enough, Alexander’s encounter with the Magog peoples (the Scythians) north of the Caucasus is also noted by Falvius Josephus. The Wars of the Jews, VII, vii.

Seems you have some re-calibrating to do, doesn’t it?

Indeed, not only would a recalibration of the entire Islamic Antichrist theory be in order, but a wholesale flushing of it would be more appropriate. The islamic Antichrist theory is rubbish and it has been exposed as such for the second time since 10 September 2009. Game over Richard.  

20 August 2012: One of the looniest ideas I have ever come across is the idea that the results of an agenda-driven secular survey can trump the Word of God.  Yes, the idea that the sheer demographics of Islam will reign supreme over the State of Israel is laughable at best, so it should come as no surprise dear readers that once again "Joel Richardson" is the source of this ill-timed good humor.  The problem is that he really believes it, he really, really fears it, and he's doing his best, along with, to make the Bride of Christ fear it.

The attempt this time to to say that Muslim demographics trumps the Word of God, that Muslim demographics assure an islamic victory, which assures an islamic antichrist, which assures an islamic world conquering empire... yada, yada, yada. If I were to do a parody of this latest idea it would have to be titled "The Muslims Are Coming, The Muslims Are Coming!" Yes, indeed, "Emergency, everybody to get from street" is what we're being told in so many words, and like I've said, when compared to God's Word, this is almost roll-on-the-floor laughable.

If you've not read it yet, the Gary Stearman article linked below provides all the Scripture references required to clearly see the loon factor of such ridiculous fear mongering. Islam is soon to become extinct. If that article should prove insufficient, then perhaps the Biblical account of 2 Kings 19 and 2 Chronicles 32 regarding the hand of God dispatching 185,000 Assyrian soldiers while they slept might provide the proper perspective. Or perhaps we should more appropriately consider the repeated miracles in the wars Israel has fought over the past six decades against this Arab Islamist enemy as a forerunner of what will occur in the near future, bearing in mind that the archangel Michael will personally rise to Israel's defense (see Daniel 10:21 and 12:1). Yes, the snake oil salesmen would have you believe the false god of Islam prevails over Michael and his angels; that Michael and his angels win in Heaven but loose on earth; that Israel wins every battle against Islam except for Isaiah 17, Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38/39.

You know it and I know it, this is latest idea is pure contrary to the Word of God nonsense.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Daniel 7: The Key Prophecy Confirming a Roman Antichrist

INTRODUCTION: Daniel 7 contains the inerrant, prophetic account of world history from 553 BC to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Remember this year, its importance will be made clear shortly. Within this exceptional chapter of the Holy Bible can be found the eschatological truth that the Roman Empire was the last of the world empires of ancient times and it will again be in existence as the final world empire at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Daniel 7, among other prophetic passages, is a key chapter of the Bible which puts the lie to all of the theories of an Islamic Antichrist or of a final Islamic world empire under him. Daniel 7 is the cipher key that unlocks the other prophetic chapters of Daniel as well as the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

LESSON: The first words of Daniel 7 inform us that his God-breathed vision came in the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon. That would equate to the year 553 BC when the reigning king of Babylon, Nabonidus made his eldest son, Balshazzar, his co-regent in Babylon. Nabonidus then departed with most of the Babylonian army for Tem̢ in the deep western recesses of the Babylonian Empire to build a temple of worship to a moon god he called Ehulhul and whose symbol was an eclipse of the moon Рthe crescent moon. The full Old Testament-based historical account can be found at

Daniel then informs from his vision that he wrote down the head, or chief words (re’sh millah) derived from the vision, and which in English is expressed as the “main facts.” Therefore, Daniel 7 is a prophecy based upon both historical and future facts direct from God that had been sealed until these last days!

The text begins with Daniel explaining that he saw the “four winds of heaven stirring up the Great Sea.” This is a metaphor meaning that God would throughout history of the “times of the Gentiles” bring forth (giyach: stir up) great nations from among them. These great gentile nations are the four great beasts which rise from the sea of gentile nations, each one different from the one which follows.

The first of these beast empires is the metaphorical winged lion representing the Babylonian Empire. With 553 BC firmly given as the year of this prophecy, the end of the Babylonian Empire is a mere 14 years into the future when the Medo-Persian king Cyrus the Great would take the whole of Babylon in 539 BC with a surprise attack on the lightly defended Babylon as referenced in paragraph two above.
The second beast empire is the metaphorical bear with three ribs in its mouth representing the Medo-Persian empire. Note that Babylon is the key city in both of these empires. Cyrus needed only to secure the capitol of Babylon to take the whole of the Babylonian Empire which was inclusive of the entire Middle East, from ancient Elam north through Assyria and south to Egypt and what we know today as the western half of Saudi Arabia. Cyrus took one city with a minor military skirmish over the course of a single day in order to secure an entire empire.

The third beast empire is that of Macedon-Greece led by Alexander the Great which has been metaphorically presented as a leopard with four wings and four heads and to which complete dominion over the previous two beast empires was given. The 22-year old Alexander the Great’s conquest of the Persian Empire began in 334 BC with the Battle of Granicus in which 25,000 Macedonians and 14,600 Greeks, Thracians and Illyrians commanded by Macedonian officers overwhelmed and equally sized army of Persians (20,000) and Greeks (20,000) who had defected to Persia after the defeat of Philip II at Chaeronea four years earlier in 338 BC.

This action was followed the by the great Battles of Gordium and Issus followed by the sieges of Tyre and Gaza on the Mediterranean coast, all of which resulted in triumphant victories by Alexander’s army. After this the whole of Egypt out rightly surrendered to Alexander in 331 BC. Receiving major reinforcements from Europe at Tyre on the Lebanese coast, Alexander then set out for Babylon.
After securing all the lands between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in Mesopotamia, it was on the plain of Gaugamela near modern-day Irbil, Iraq that the army of Alexander found the main Medo-Persian army of Darius on October 1, 331 BC. Darius had command of a great Asiatic army that was composed of Medes, Persians, Bactrians, Sogdians, Indians, defected Greeks, and even Albanians from the Caucasus. According to ancient historians Darius’ army numbered over one million men in battle array. A single charge of Alexander’s cavalry resulted in Darius forces fleeing the battlefield and in Alexander's conquering of Babylon, the Persian imperial capital at Susa (the former Elamite capitol) and the burning of the Persian capital at Perseopolis. Alexander the Great was proclaimed king of Asia within a couple of months of the Battle of Gaugamela. Alexander continued his march to the east conquering Bactria, Sogdia and Indian Punjab as far as the Indus River by 326 BC. To this day the Macedonian-Greek (original Javanites) and other European bloodlines run in the veins of the populations of these Asian nations - from the Dardanelles to the Middle East to India as far as the Indus River due to the fact that Alexander’s army intermarried with the local female population. All totaled these children numbered approximately 40,000 at the conclusion of Alexander's campaign.

The wings and heads of the leopard, itself a metaphor for the speed of Alexander's Asian conquests, are also metaphorical representations of the division of Alexander’s Empire among his four primary Macedonian generals (diadochi) after Alexander’s death at Nebuchadnezzar’s palace in Babylon on June 10, 323 BC. To this point we have covered 230 years real-world history and three empires in just the first six verses of Daniel 7.

Now we come to verse 7 for a look at the fourth and final beast of Daniel’s God-breathed vision. There is no other gentile empire of importance on this earth mentioned by God after the four-fold division of Alexander’s Empire except for that of the Roman Empire. The final beast empire is an empire which has mutated over the past 2,000-some odd years only to re-emerge in the very last days as a 10-nation confederacy among whom the single metaphorical horn of the Antichrist is to rise up. But first we look at Rome’s rise.

Rome began its rise as a republic, eventually becoming a world empire by over-running Greek colonies on the Italian mainland and Sicily in 272 BC. A few decades later Rome humiliated the fore-runner of the Antichrist who attempted to invade Egypt in 168 BC. The result was the Roman consul threatening war which sent to self-proclaimed god Antiochus IV Epiphanes of the Seleucid Empire fleeing northward to commit the fore-runner of the future 70th Week ‘Abomination of Desolation’ at the Temple in Jerusalem. Rome had largely culminated its rise to world domination by 149 BC with the conquest of the whole of Greece at the Battle of Corinth. Within the next 16 years the entirety of the Mediterranean Sea comes under total Roman control (133 BC) when Pergamum is taken whole by the will of its king Attalus. In 64/63 BC Rome took all of Aram-Syria and ancient Israel. This in sum is the context of Daniel 7 verse 7 wherein Rome was prophesied to devour, break into pieces and trample underfoot all the nations it conquered. To this point the vision prophecy of Daniel has been fulfilled to the exact detail which the “re’sh millah” expressed them.

It is of paramount eschatological importance to note at verse 8 that there is no end to the Roman Empire from God’s expressed viewpoint to Daniel in the vision until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. There are no subsequent world empires to the end of the current age not of just gentiles, but of all mankind. There is a “fast-forward” to the last days between the very last sentence of verse 7 and the beginning of verse 8 which launches directly into a detailing of the rise of the Antichrist from within the fourth beast empire and the return of Jesus Christ as the “Son of Man” at the end of the 70th Week! There is also no doubt to whom and what the angel Gabriel was referring in Daniel 9:26b.

Here, brothers and sisters, is the point at which the eisegetical and thoroughly shoe-horned last-days Islamic Antichrist/Islamic Empire theory was euthanized by God Himself 2,545 years ago (553 BC to 2012 AD). That theory was null and void long before any of our greatest grandparents were even born. Therefore its relevance to today amounts to what exactly? Exactly zero!

From verse 8 the perspective of God speaks to the rise of the Roman Antichrist, the return of Jesus to the Earth, the killing of the Antichrist and the destruction of his physical body and the eternal burning of its black soul in the eternal flames.

At verse 15 begins the interpretation of Daniel’s vision by what is obviously an angelic being in the service of God. It is with this exegesis that I pray you will gain a solid understanding of both history and the coming future events, even though at some unknown point the Bride of Christ will be snatched away from this earth to a secure place for the duration of the final 7 years of history as we have known it.