Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Global SITREP B8-18: Iran

UPDATE 19 June 2018: About 48 hours ago Israel sent the strongest possible message to Iran and Russia when IAF strike aircraft struck and devastated an Iraqi Shi'a militia convoy that had just crossed into Syria from Iraq at Al-Qaim.

The Israeli airstrike on the Kata'ib Hezbollah militia, under the direct command of IRGC-QF General Qassem Soleimani, was originally attributed to the U.S.-led CJTF-OIR. Casualties are reportedly well beyond the numbers currently reported in corporate media.

The seriousness of this strike lies in the fact that the IAF flew a minimum 1,200 miles round trip to take out the Iranian-led militia convoy. Kata'ib Hezbollah has previously vowed to attack both U.S. and Israeli forces. Israel has now repeatedly struck Iranian military in Syria multiple times over several months without a serious response.

5 June 2018: Virtually all talk and attention in recent days is about U.S. President Donald Trump's scheduled summit meeting with North Korean (DPRK) dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore six days from today. The meeting will focus on the de-nuclearization of North Korea or it will be over before it begins. So far so good according to everything coming from the White House.

However, the really important issue above and beyond North Korean de-nuclearization is the de-nuclearization of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Remember, both the USA and Israel have declared nuclear policies that Iran will not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Remember also what occurred as President Trump first meet with the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping - American cruise missiles were striking targets in Bashar al-Assad's Syria due to his regime's use of WMD against his civilian population. This is important for us to remember. It certainly made an impression upon Xi Jinping.

The threat of American military action against North Korean nuclear sites is still an option should the US-DPRK summit go south. Now imagine the effect on Kim Jong Un should the US and our allies launch preemptive strikes on Iranian nuclear infrastructure either just prior to or during the summit. The precident has been set, so it's not out of the question. The message remains the same, and that is de-nuclearization, or else. 

This is not to say this is what will happen, but there is a very strong possibility it could happen now that Iran has announced its intent to the IAEA of the United Nations to begin anew enrichment of uranium hexaflouride to levels suitable for weapons grade fuel. Remember President Trump's warning to Iran of one month ago of there being "very severe consequence" should their nuclear program processes be restarted. The American president was explicit in his warning to the mullahs: "You can mark it down. If they restart their nuclear program they will have bigger problems than they've ever had before." These are not idle words. If they were hard currency you could take them to the bank.

Iran already has very significant problems with Israel in Syria. Iran also has very significant problems in Iraq with that nation pulling itself out from under regional Iranian hegemony. Ditto for Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries, as well as Yemen where the Houthi's that Iran has supported are decidedly on the losing end of that war. And then there are the very significant problems that face the Iranian clerical regime within Iran itself. If real news were to come out of Iran it would show how the revolution against the regime is very much alive and rapidly gaining in strength and even expanding. Three weeks ago the southern city of Kazeroun looked very much like  a counterpart in Syria - a war zone in other words. The revolution in Iran is also nationwide.

If one were to take stock of all these things one would realize that they very much resemble what Jeremiah 49:34-39 has foretold. The clerical regime in Iran is being confronted by external military enemies; by extremely harsh economic sanctions, and internally by its own people all at the same time. This is a trifecta recipe of disaster for the Iranian regime. One would have to be Spiritually blind not to see what is coming; what has been foretold is now plain as day. 

Update 10 June 2018: The two fearsome-looking weapons seen above have been in the news since March of this year when they were declared combat ready in OSINT reporting. This is an Indication and Warning (I&W). It could also be an After Action Report (AAR). 

The weapon is known as the Rafael SPICE 1000. SPICE is shorthand for Smart, Precise Impact, Cost Effective. The SPICE 1000 is a satellite and/or electro-optically guided stand-off weapon that will be, or has already been, carried on Israel's newly acquired F-35I Adir strike aircaft. SPICE 1000 is also carried externally on the F-15I Ra'am and F-16I Barak/Sufa (image above) strike aircraft of the IAF. 

Carried and deployed from within the internal weapons bay of the F-35I Adir the enemy targets belonging to Iran or Syria would never know what had hit and destroyed them. Such has been the case in Syria recently when unknown aircraft and weapons created havoc in northern and central Syria primarily against Iranian targets. 

Hence, the strong potential for this SITREP update being an AAR instead of an I&W report. And yes, the enemy never saw this package of 1,000 lbs of boom coming.  Not only is the F-35I a stealth aircraft, but it could easily have flown its strike mission against Iranian targets in Syria from a position in the Eastern Mediterranean off the Lebanese or Cypriot coastlines. Surprise! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Global SITREP B9-18: The Kings

"the kings"
15 June 2018: Our brother Nick posed a question to me via email the other day about the kings mentioned in the Book of Daniel. his question was in an Email because - for whatever reason - Nick simply couldn't get online to pose his question as a comment in the last SITREP. And I thought my plan of action of sending an Email back to Nick with my answer would be a simple thing to do; I thought my understanding of Daniel that has developed over many years is fairly solid, so writing an Email response would be not issue at all. 

Well, I'm here to tell you no sir and no ma'am, that plan of action was simply not going to happen. Firstly, every time I tried the words never got to be more than four or five and the train of thought would fizzle. Dead stop. Try again. Same thing. Forty-five minutes later I fully understood because the LORD let me know very clearly that my response had to be done here, in this manner. There was something important I had to learn anew and pass along to others who read here. 

Have you ever had the thought or wondered why God sent the angel Gabriel to provide the prophet Daniel the specific information that we read in Daniel chapters 10 and 11? I've never read an expose that speks to this question by any biblical eschatologist. Why was it important for Daniel, and, by extension, all of us, to learn about the kings of the north and south in chapter 10? What more important lesson could there be within all of the dialog foretelling a couple hundred years in advance specific details regarding two of the four empires that came out of Alexander the Great's Empire (i.e. the third beast empire)? This is directly related to Daniel 8:21-22, but we'll get to that shortly. So, for us this is ancient history; fulfilled prophecy, right? Or is it? Could it be a two-fold prophecy?

The two empires I'm talking about are the Greek Seleucid in southwest Asia, and the Ptolemaic Empire centered in Egypt and the Levant. The king of the north and the king of the south. Long story short, over hundreds of years and several successor kings of these two empires and umpteen battles between them, it finally came to pass that the king of the south emerged victorious over the king of the north. But not by his power did the king of the south be victorious over the king of the north. 

God sent another empire, another "king" to subdue the king of the north. The new king was Rome, the fourth (and final) beast empire which put an end to the king of the north's plan to conquer the Ptolemite throne in Egypt. I've written of this part before on Eschatology Today, but not in this manner. The king of the north was Antiochus IV Epiphanes, and his encounter in northern Egypt with a Roman consul who drew a line on that sandy beach and informed the precursor of the coming Antichrist, if you cross this line you will be at war with the Roman Republic. Antiochus thought wisely and turned his army north, marching them to Jerusalem where the precursor of the coming "Abomination of Desolation" took place in the Second Temple in 167 BC. A hudred years later, circa 64 BC, Rome would complete the conquest of the Seleucid Empire, and thereby all of what had been the third beast empire because part of the fourth beast empire just as God had revealed to Daniel back in Daniel 2:36-45. 

The Daniel 2 prophecy is expounded upon in Daniel 7, but with an over 2,000 years twist. The fourth beast which consumes the third beast, which had consumed the first and second beast, is now send as a ten-horned beast. But Rome isn't to be a ten-horned beast until the time of Israel's 70th Week. In Daniel 7:7 we have it in plain text, absolutely unambiguously i would add, that ancient Rome, which was never a ten-headed beast, is the same as the fourth beast of the 70th Week. This beast will control territory in Europe and well as in southwestern Asia, exactly as ancient Rome did. Two feet representing two land masses, with five toes on each foot. those five toes are the ten horns. And (Daniel 7:8 and 7:24) the eleventh, the little horn, which rises up among the ten is Antichrist.

Hopefully, I haven't lost anyone yet and you're following this eschatological trail of bread crumbs. Like the Revelation of Jesus Christ the Book of Daniel bouces forward and backward in time as we understand it. So we come to Daniel 8 and Daniel 8 has a great deal to do with what follows in Daniel 10 and 11. Now we're launched back to Daniel 8:21-22. Greece, which we know all four horns, which stood up in place of Alexander's Empire, are conquered by Rome. And read verse 23: "And in the later time of their kingdom..." Here again is a 2,000+ year leap forward in time to the present era, to the era of Israel's 70th Week as detailed by the angel Gabriel in the subsequent chapter, Daniel 9.

Now moving along, Daniel 10 gets really, really interesting. It should be fresh in your mind, yet recall that Gabriel has just given Daniel the 70 Weeks prophecy that we read in Daniel 9:24-27. Yet in Daniel 10:10-21 we see the same over-arching prophecy tied-in directly with various angelic beings which are manifested as prices or kings over a couple of specific nations of interest: Greece and Persia. These angelic beings are engaged in fighting each other as well as manifesting in the events that directly affect these nations and their futures. There is also an incredible, little mentioned note here regarding what had been previously written in what gabriel refers to as "the Scripture of Truth" and which this angel intends to reveal to Daniel for the specific purpose of fulfilling what was stated in verse 14: "I have come to make you understand what will happen your your people (the Jews) in the latter days, for the vision refers to many days yet to come." 

The Bible, especially the Old Testament in which the Book of Daniel is a key part, has not yet been written as the time this meeting between Gabriel and Daniel takes place, i.e. the third year of Cyrus, king of Persia. So the "Scripture of Truth" Gabriel is referring to must be some Heavenly tome of the things that will be; an angelic book of God-breathed prophecy.

Daniel 11 begins with the warring kings of the north and south. This time is the first year of Darius the Mede which turns the clock back to Daniel 5:30 and the aftermath of the "writing on the wall." So Daniel 11 begins by recapping a foretelling of future events which we've also seen in Daniel 8:21-22, and the wars between the Seleucid Greeks (kings of the north) of Babylonia and the Ptolemaic Greeks of Egypt (kings of the south). At verse 20 the text begins speaking specifically about Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the forerunner of the coming Antichrist. At Daniel 11:30 we see Antiochus IV Epiphanes being turned back by Rome (western ships of Kittim that sailed from Cyprus). Again, this was fulfilled in 168-67 BC. And the blasphemous actions at verses 30-31 are an exact foreshadowing of the mid-70th Week 'Abomination of Desolation."

Suddenly as verse 36 the narrative Gabriel is giving to Daniel jumps forward in time, from discussing the forerunner of the future Antichrist, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, and his battles against Greeks in Egypt, to the actual man who will be the coming Antichrist. An intantaneous forward leap of approximately, 2,100 years into the future, our present era, this generation. Instantly, we see in this prophetic Scripture that the king of the north and the king of the south are no longer fighting each other as they did for all of the 3rd and 2nd centuries before Christ- they are suddenly allies standing against the Western Antichrist of the 70th Week.

And it is here that some error has been made. In earilier eschatological works various writers had erroneously assigned the 'king of the north' nomenclature upon the coming Antichrist. Nowhere is the made more clear than in Daniel 11:40 where both a future king of the north and a future king of the south will together attack the Western Antichrist, and whom we know for certain is directly associated with both Greece and Rome, and a kingdom which begins wth ten horns, or kings of nations, among whom he was the eleventh to rise up among them and pluck a certain three of those ten out by the roots for himself. Those ten horns (kings) are represented in the image at the top.

In Daniel 11:40-43, as a direct result of the Western Antichrist being attacked by a king of the north (probably Russia) and a king of the south (North African nations), a great war erupts in the Middle East. This could very well be a world war as well, as we can see in Daniel 11:44 the king of the north and those from the east cause Antichrist to go on an even greater warfighting campaign. This I believe is the lead in to the final battle of Har Megiddo and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Global SITREP B7-18: Eschatology Today Ahead of the Curve

U.S. F-22 Raptors over Syria

26 May 2018: This entry is to note how far ahead of global corporate media are the readers of this blog. As of this morning, and with respect to certain events that have taken place in the ongoing war in Syria (Isaiah 17 and Jeremish 49:23-27), the lead-time has been measured at 3 months and 9 days.

In Global SITREP A8-18, in the section dated 16 Frebruary 2018, the "Battle of al-Tabiyeh" near Dier-Ez-Zor which took place on 7 February is noted with some detail.

Just yesterday, Friday, 25 May 2018, the globalist media kigpin, a/k/a The New York Times, finally got around to reporting on this same battle.  There is considerable detail in the Times' version of the battle. 

However, the reason for this delay is simple, to alert the world to the probability of an impending clash of the same forces (i.e. Russians and Americans) that engaged at Dier-Ez-Zor. The difference is this time the battle will occur in the region we know from Isaiah 17 as the "cities of Aroer," that is, southern Syria and northwestern Jordan, from Israa, Deraa and As-Suwayda in Syria to Irbid, al-Mafraaq and Jerash in Jordan. All of this region is adjacent to Israel's Golan.

The importance here is obvious:

1. The entire region is a US, Israel and Jordanian controlled deconfliction zone agreed to between the U.S. amd Russia back in 2017.
2. The agreement includes a ceasefire among the locally warring parties, with Syrian government and Iranian military proxies to the north, and US-Jordanian trained and equipped rebel forces within the region.
3. This area has been a focus for Iranian forces as it is an obvious path to flanking Israel's forces deployed on the Golan. It is also the air corridor used by Iran for reconnaissance/attack drones like the one shot down by the IDF which sparked a fierce battle won by Israel.

For these reasons this past Friday the US warned both Russia and Syria plus its allies that any attack by their forces into this region will by met with "firm and appropriate measures" by US and allied military forces (i.e. Israel and Jordan). This would put US, Israeli and Jordanian forces in direct conflict with Russian, Syrian and Iranian forces. 

Looking Further Ahead

For his part, Israeli PM Netanyahu also just reiterated that the Israeli-Iran/Hezbollah conflict is not over, nor will it be as long as Iranian forces and the Shi'a proxies, like Hezbollah, remain in Syria. Israel is also targeting Iranian weapons manufacturing in Lebanon. This Israeli operation is more than sporadic attacks on Iranian targets in Syria and Lebanon; it is now a full-fledged campaign to drive Iran and its proxies out of Syria and to engage in a process of neutralizing Hezbollah's significant military capabilities in Lebanon. This campaign in part also dovetails with the strategic US campaign against Iranian nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

Update 31 May 2018: With Bashar al-Assad officially declaring there are no Iranian military forces in Syria, only advisors, the door has swung open for Israel to engage Hezbollah and IRGC-led Shi'a militias that have massed in southern Syria. We all know this powder keg could blow at any moment.

Update 4 June 2018: Of course neither Syria, Iran nor Hezbollah is fooling anyone by putting Syrian uniforms on Hezbollah or other Iranian proxy forces in Syria near Israel's northern border. And it is hoped that Israel is not being naive regarding the double and triple game Russia is playing against them in Syria. The Russians cannot be trusted, period. 

Additionally, the amount of Russian-generated disinformation being propagated over the past few weeks is simply staggering. When it comes to Information Warfare (IW), Russia has taken it to a whole new level, one which required the Israeli government to issue strongly worded denials as a counter-action to the Russian (and Iranian) disinformation that global media lapped up like starving dogs. Nevertheless, folks in Israel and in the West consummed the disinformation their media presented as fact and are now fully disinformed about what is occurring in this war zone. Events will have to overtake them for the truth to be revealed.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Global SITREP B5-18: Gaza

17 May 2018: This approximately 3-minute long MEMRI video should be everything Israel requires to know fully that there is only one solution to the problem facing the nation. 

These other one dozen plus MEMRI video's are also well known to the government in Jerusalem, as well as the governments in Washington, Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Athens, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, et cetera, et cetera. Name the country and the government of that country knows full well that HAMAS can never be negotiated with into accepting Israel and comitting to live in peace beside her. 

Isaiah 11:14 foretells of the day coming very soon when Israel will have a day of reckoning with these jihadists in Gaza and the others plotting in Jordan.

Minor skirmishing with airstrikes and tank fire against HAMAS targets continues through 22 May 2018. Additional updating of this SITREP will occur when the IDF moves enmasse against the terrorists in Gaza as Isaiah's prophecy foretells.

IDF Merkava tanks maneuvering for assault on HAMAS and Islamic Jihad.

UPDATE 29 May 2018:
Early this morning HAMAS attacked the towns of southern Israel with a barrage of at least 30 rockets or mortar shells, possibly more. PM Netanyahu tweeted that "dozens" of rounds had been fired. Israeli media are reporting both types of ordnance as being fired from Gaza. There are no known casualties in Israel; at least none have been reported as of 6 AM EDT.  

PM Netanyahu promptly convened the Security Cabinet in an extraordinary session, thereafter promising that the IDF "will respond with great force" and that "Israel will exact a heavy price" in response to the rocket fire intended to harm Israel.  The IAF is currently striking targets in central Gaza as this update is being posted. The comments section below will contain any critical updates which occur today.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Global SITREP B6-18: Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

U.S. Ambassador with image of prophetic Jerusalem
23 May 2018: Islamists like having their way in almost every conceivable venue. However, when it comes to imagery of currently non-existent realities, not so much. 

This is especially true when it comes to U.S. Ambassador David Friedman who had his smiling visage captured while standing next to a large modern-day portrait of the City of Jerusalem. This Jerusalem does not yet exist because it illustrates the Temple Mount minus the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque. This image was enough for one of Mahmoud Abbas' innermost circle to refer to our Ambassador as a "terrorist settler."

Take a closer look by clicking on the image above. You'll notice that while the two aforementioned structures are absent, the very and imminently prophetic Third Temple is very much present in the very center (heart) of the portrait. 

This is not a new image. There have been dozens of these produced over the years. Eschatology Today published one of them back in January 2014 at the head of a post entitled "All These Things Be Fulfilled." What is new at this time is that the U.S. Ambassador, fresh from his newly opened U.S. Embassy residence in Jerusalem, has had his smiling image taken standing next to one. 

Every picture is worth a thousand words, but this image is speaking volumes, especially with the United States Government representative to Israel appearing as he does with it. Altogether this image conveys official U.S. Government sanction to the portrait and what it depicts. Some will call this inflammatory. Eschatology Today will call it eminently prophetic as this image will shortly become the fact-of-the-matter for the Jerusalem and Temple Mount skyline.

How would it become the fact-of-the-matter reality as prophesied in God's Word? It is the assessment of Eschatology Today that Iran is the unspoken key. Iran's military presence in Syria is the key to a lot of unfolding prophetic fulfillment. If Iran were not in Syria, Israel would have no over-riding interest in Syria and no reason to conduct preemptive strikes anywhere on Syrian territory. 

However, the current military fact is that as long as Iran is in Syria, then Israel MUST continue to launch heavy preemptive strikes on all of its military assets and personnel. There is no other option for Israel. And any one of the coming strikes could be the ignition point for the warfighting that would eventually reach Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Global SITREP B4-18: Flood Warning

Image from Syrian media showing flames following an attack
on Iranian (IRGC) missle site near al-Kiswa, south of Damascus.

(UPDATE BELOW) 8 May 2018:
With multiple sources indicating an imminent Iranian missile attack against Israel being launched from Syria, it was not difficult to project that Israel would launch one or more preemptive strikes. Accordngly, the first of what may become several strikes - depending on the IDF's post-strike Battle Damage Assessments (BDA) - occurred just before 4 PM EDT this afternoon at the large IRGC base at al-Kiswa. The IAF struck this same IRGC base on 2 December 2017.

The targets of todays strike were Iranian missiles and their launchers. The IAFs air-to-ground missiles clearly hit their targets as seen in the Syrian media image at the top. Once again the Israeli Air Force operated with impunity against military targets in Syria, presumably under protection of Russian air defense systems located at Khmeimim Air Base to the northwest. Below is a satellite reconnaissance image of the Al-Kiswa IRGC base taken in May of last year.

As expected the sound of crickets can be heard coming from official Israeli government and IDF spokespersons office. In Damascus the sound of massive explosions were heard; the reddish glow of fires in the night sky coming from the direction of the Al-Kiswa base located just 7.4 miles to the south were seen. Should Iranian missiles from any part of Syria or Lebanon be lauched in retaliation, Israel has previously promised a severe response will result, probably larger than the destruction of the Syrian air defense system a couple months ago.

UPDATE 10 May 2018: The Eschatology Today analysis of the full-scale war that erupted early this morning on the Golan border between Israel and Syria, when Iranian forces launched a rocket attack on IDF positions is as follows. 

This is ongoing proof that all can see that the Ezekiel 38/39 war was NOT next, and was NEVER going to be next, in the series of prophetic fulfillments that will lead to the start of Gabriel's 70th Week prophecy concerning Israel's future. The issue has been settled conclusively. 

What is occurring today reinforces the fact that God makes no mistakes; men do, and lots of them. Consider: the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, was in the capital city of prophetic Magog and standing next to President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin (Gog of Magog), during a celebratory parade just a handful of hours before this war was commenced in earnest by Persia, one of Magog's allies. PM Netanyahu almost certainly conveyed to Mr. Gog a promise of what would come down on his allies should they strike against Israel. Less than 24-hours later, that has become a promise kept.

The IAF is engaged this morning is massive air strikes on bases around Damascus which house and receive the weapons Iran is using. The damaged that has been done particularly to Iranian assets has been categorized as extremely severe. One might anticipate a no-fly zone being declared and enforced by the Israel, with the possibility of Iranian and Syrian cargo aircraft carrying war materiel contraband cargo being shot down by patrolling IAF aircraft. Further current battle damage assessments will be forthcoming.

Make no mistake, this war which is currently limited to within Syrian borders is certain to escalate; they key provisions within Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 stand to be both the end game for those prophecies as well as the starting point for several others: Joshua 13:1-7, Psalm 83, Isaiah 11:12-14, Ezekiel 28:24-26. Therefore, we can reasonably expect Gaza and Arab unrest in Judea and Samaria to go well beyond any previous intifada.

UPDATE 11 MAY 2018: The Israel vs Iran war in Syria war was engaged for less than 24 hours ... so, for the time being, it's over.  It's over for now because according to the IDF's BDA there are no more worthwhile Iranian military targets to strike. Who shoots at a militarily insignificant pick-up truck with a $100,000 missile? Nobody. 

There are still IRGC-QF troops and proxy forces in Syria, but their foremost weapons were broken within within a very short period of time. That's a primary military objective - break the enemy's weapons so that he can no longer fight. A total of 70 IRGC-QF targets were engaged with 60 air-to-ground missiles from IAF strike aircraft, and 10 surface-to-surface artillery missiles. 70 weapons fired, 70 targets destroyed. Mission accomplished. 

It matters not one iota what the weapons used were by either side, this was a one-sided fight because the LORD God and the archangel Michael are standing watch over Israel, Daniel 12:1. If the bride of Christ needs a sign pointing to its soon harpazo to be with the Lord, it is the gadowl sar Michael standing watch over Israel. Why did state-of-the-art Iranian missiles fail? Michael is present. How did Israel's arrows strike each and every Iranian and Syrian target precisely to ensure iits total destruction. Michael is present.

Have the iranian Twelver clerics learned any lesson from this engagement? Will they now withdraw their disarmed forces out of Syria? No, they haven't, and no they won't. Their supreme arrogance, lofted chins and raised heads are swimming in the decepetion of a coming al-Mahdi figure if they can just create the right amount of chaos to hasten his arrival. Yeah, and Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny too. Iranian troops will remain in Syria, they will try to re-arm themselves, but it matters not, because Michael is present and the sure prophetic written Word of God will happen as it is written.  


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Global SITREP B3-18: The War Against Iran Escalates; JCPOA Nuclear Deal is Toast

Massive fireball 
(UPDATED Below) 30 April 2018: It was a very bad day for the Islamic Republic of Iran, and if it's any consolation to the Ayatollah, much worse days are yet to come. 

The image above is of the fireball that erupted following a preemptive strike on what had been known as the Syria Arab Army's 47th Brigade base located 7 miles south of Hama in northwestern Syria. The base, which had been occupied by an IRGC militia of Pakistani Shi'a known as Liya Zaynabiyoun, is adjacent to the village of Ma'arin al-Jabal. The "had been" is due to the size of the first and second order detonations; it is unlikely much remains of this base. 

This base itself has been noted by some as a bunker complex. On the contrary, the three massive above ground structures were perfect for housing and/or assembling fairly large ballistic missiles. The largest of the structures, seen in satellite images captured earlier this year, was well over 400 feet in length and 300 feet in width, two relatively smaller structures measured approximately 300 feet in length and 75 feet in width. Eight ancillary buildings were adjacent to the larger ones and could not have escaped the primary and secondary blasts intact.

Accordingly, use of a bunker buster bomb does not fit the above-ground nature of this facility. However, Israel's version of the US Mk-82 laser guided bomb, known as the MP-500 (Massive Penetrator 500 lbs) could have been the weapon of choice to level this facility and leave a gigantic smoking hole in its place.

The main blast registered as a 2.6 Richter scale event on regional seimosgraphs. According to many reports the blast and dozens of simultaneous secondary ordnance detonations killed or wounded a very large number of the Pakistani Shi'a militiamen who apparently had duty safeguarding two hundred Iranian ballistic missiles destined for delivery to Lebanese Hezbollah. That delivery has obviously been cancelled. Additional strikes are reported to have occurred at bases near Aleppo, but they do not even remotely compare to what happened at Ma'arin al-Jabal at 10:30 PM Sunday night.

Then came Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's equally massive nuclear bombshell regarding the Iranian nuclear weapons program. To be short and sweet on this issue, this intelligence coup makes preemptive strikes on the Iranian nuclear weapons sites more likely than not. The nonsensical JCPOA that Obama and Kerry masterminded is now just so much burnt toast. We'll find out how burnt it is in about 12 days time.

It also must be noted that the Israeli human intelligence collection operation which secured the hundreds of thousands of documents and digital data is unlike anything any nation has achieved in modern history. A close second intelligence coup might be the Polish engineer during WWII who memorized the Nazi "Enigma" cryptographic machine's impossibly complex inner workings so that allied engineers could reporoduce it in England. However, even the Enigma machine pales in comparison the the details exposed by the Israeli operation.

And as US President Trump prepares to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Eschatology Today would be completely remiss to not note one important detail revealed by PM Netanyahu. The Iranian warhead design appears to be virtually identical to the primary core that Kim Jong Un was photographed standing next to not too long ago. As has long been maintained here, the North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs have been conjoined twins for decades.

UPDATE 1 May 2018: If you've not yet seen the entirety of PM Netanyahu's presentation on the Islamic Republic of Iran's "Project Amad," please make the effort to do so as what I am adding as an update will bring all of his revealed information full-circle and bring full understanding on why Iran has been dead set on the development nuclear weapons.

The Iranian development of nuclear weapons has always been 100% about Shi'a Islamic eschatology. In fact the name of their effort, which PM Netanyahu revealed as "Project Amad" is actually over-anglicized from the Farsi language, and should be "Project Amahd." "Project Amahd" itself is actually Farsi shorthand for its true name, "Project al-Mahdi." Many of you are now likely having light bulb illuminating in your minds because you are aware that the al-Madi is central to much the Islamic creed. For Shi'a Islami, the al-Mahdi is ground zero for all of their eschatological belief.

The focus here will not be on the man who is this Shi'a messianic figure, but what his adherents, known as Hojjatieh and Twelvers, believe. For them the al-Mahdi is the foundation of everything they believe. And what they believe is the utility of nuclear weapons in quickly achieving their end-state objective in hastening hthe al-Mahdi's reappearance once they possess such weapons. Israel knows this, and the U.S. Government ever since the Clinton Administration has known this. Now we all know this.

A few brief points on what the Shi'a believe, and are acting on. The Iranian Shi'a Twelvers, who are 85% of Shi'a Islam, all believe that the Sunni Muslims will make war on the al-Mahdi. So iran has been at war with Sunni Islam for some time due to this belief. 

The ranian Shi'a Twelvers also believe - and this explains perfectly why Iran is so invested in the Syrian Civil War - that a great war must occur in Syria until the country is completely destroyed. A similar rationale exists for the country of Iraq. The Shi'a Twelvers, such as former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his clique of clerics,  believe that provoking nuclear war with Israel or America will hasten al-Mahdi's reappearance; such chaos is critical to this end. If the Islamic Republic of Iran acquires nuclear weapons, such as the five weapons PM Netanyahu cited, they will use them.

Now you should should have full understanding on why the U.S. and Israel, and a precious few other nations, particularly Saudi-led GCC, see the imperative necessity of preempting Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons even if it means launching strikes into Iran.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Global SITREP B2-18: Ideas on the Ongoing Prophetic Flood

(UPDATES BELOW) 17 April 2018: As mentioned in the previous SITREP a lot of information has been posted on Eschatology Today that deals with a flood of prophetic fulfillment. 

This 'prophetic flood" theme is taken directly from the angel Gabriel informing the prophet Daniel about the seventy weeks prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27). This is a prophecy which we all should be very familiar with as it is one of the most critical set of prophetic verses regarding "last days" eschatology. 

Gabriel informed Daniel that three distinct periods of time would transpire in the future for Israel as part of a total of 70 weeks. These periods of time are related as being weeks of years, with each of them constituting a period of seven literal years of 360 days each within each week. The first period was for 7 weeks (7 x 7 = 49 years); the second period was for 62 weeks (7 x 62 = 434 years). These two periods combined total 69 of the 70 weeks. In essense the conclusion of 62nd week is simultaneously also the conclusion of the 69th week.

In the plain text language of Daniel 9:26 Gabriel explains that after the 62nd/69th week three key events would transpire: 

(1) Jesus Messiah would be cut-off for our sake, which was and remains for the salvation of all mankind. This occurred circa 33 AD. 
(2) The people of the prince to come would destroy Jerusalem and the 2nd Temple on the Mount. This was Rome, the fourth beast empire in its first iteration, and from its people would rise the coming Antichrist. This event of Jerusalem and the Temple's destruction occurred in 70 AD.
(3) The end thereof this period, the pre-70th Week period, also known as the Church Age or the present dispensation, shall be with a flood. This is the flood of prophetic fulfillment that has long been a central theme of Eschatology Today.

There is a fourth event which follows these first three, and that is the 70th Week itself, the final seven years of human rule over the earth. The 70th Week commences with the Antichrist confirming of a peace treaty among many nations; this is a treatly which is clearly centered upon Israel, Jerusalem and the coming 3rd Temple on the Mount.

So, what we're concerned with now is the flood of prophetic fulfillment. All of these prophecies are either in a process of coming to their final fulfillment or are about to be fulfilled. The Psalm 83 prophecy has been in a process of fulfillment since 1948, and is about to observe a 70th anniversary, which coincides exactly with Israel's 70th anniversary year as an extant nation. Also, to Psalm 83 it is also necessary to link Joshua 13 as it regards the immediate future of Lebanon.

There are also the twin Syria prophecies of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 which, as we all know, are as hot as they could possibly be at the present time. There is also the Jeremiah 49:34-39 prophecy concerning Iran, which will likely tie-in directly at some point to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38/39 just prior to the commencement of the 70th Week.

What I would propose that we give due and specific consideration to is that the Syria prophecies are a critically important aspect of the flood; their ongoing active fulfillment serving as the catalyst for the ultimate fulfillment of all these pre-70th Week prophecies. 

It is in Syria where chemical warfare WMD has been introduced to the battlefield on a scale not seen on this earth in over 100 years. This is a proverbial WMD genie that will not be put back into the bottle, and will very probably lead to the utilization of even more destructive WMD. 

Chemical warfare WMD usage by the Syrians has the world's major nuclear powers in a threatening loggerhead situation, a full-blown stand-off against each other. The use of chemical warfare WMD, according to how Eschatology Today interprets Isaiah 17:11 as "in the day of grief (chalah) and incurable ('anash) pain (keh-av)," will come to be used soon against Israel. In Isaiah 17 we also see the result of this being tied directly to the ruination of Damascus and the the nation of Syria as a whole.

Moreover, the use of WMD also spreads to what is today northwestern Jordan; noted as the forsaken "cities of Aroer." It should come as no surprise that there are thousands of US and allied troops in this region of Jordan, and it is where many would fall back to if the order to depart Syrian territory comes to fruition as we have been told recently. 

It is also very important to include Zechariah 9:1-8 in any eschatological discussion of the above listed prophecies and their fulfillments. This prophetic chapter touches on aspects of each of them. It is, more or less, a general overview of all of them.

UPDATE 25 April 2018: This update is intended to make folks think. A lot. Cast aside preconcieved notions about how and when the prophetic flood will runs its course; if one knows where to look one might see that the course has always been determined and is discussed within the prophecies themselves.

For example, Jeremiah 49:35 where the LORD of hosts says, "Behold, I will break the bow of Elam, the foremost of their might." This has always been interpreted to refer to Iran's preeminent weapon of modern warfare - the ballistic missile. Here's the thing: Iranian missiles are not just in Iran, they have also been deployed to Syria, to Lebanon and even to Yemen.  

The Houthi's of Yemen have fired off dozens of Iranian missiles, but not one has yet to actually hit its intended target. Most have been shot out of the sky, others left to fall harmlessly in desert expanses. Just an interesting observation I suppose.

In Iran itself, and in Lebanon with Hezbollah, the missiles have a more menacing impact upon Israel, and to a lesser extent US bases in the region and also the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Yet we are left with the refrain of the LORD of hosts (i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as The Existent ONE, and His innumerable army of angelic beings) is going to break (shabar) as in a violent act of wrecking, crushing, destruction into many pieces of this weapon of war. The question is, is this applicable just to the thousands of missiles in Iran which pose a direct threat to Israel, or does this shabar also include the throusands in Lebanon as well?

Final Update 2 May 2018: One final item to add to Global SITREP B2-18. Back in February, within SITREP A8-18 Regional Warfare and Global SITREP A5-18: Syria - Part III, readers were introduced to the Russian mercenary corporation known as ChVK Wagner. A rather large component of this Russian mercenary group was annihilated by CJTF-OIR at the battle of al-Tabiyeh in Dier Ez-Zor.

A late April OSINT report by the Conflict Intelligence Team, based upon British and French news reports, revealed an interesting detail about where ChVK Wagner has deployed its mercenrary troops that has a direct linkage to Ezekiel 38/39 as well as Daniel 11. 

One of the Magog allies in Ezekiel's prophecy is Kuwsh. The nation of Kuwsh are are black men descended from Ham who have lived in Africa, south of Egypt for millennia. Also, in Daniel 11:40 this same ally is found "at the time of the end" in league with the "king of the north," but here he is identified as the "king of the south."

ChVK Wagner troops, allegedly serving as "instructors," have been deployed into the war-torn Central African Republic (CAR) and the Sudan. A quick look at any map of Africa locates the Central African Republic on the southwestern border of Sudan... a/k/a Kuwsh.