Thursday, January 26, 2023

Global SITREP A3-23: The Za'am


The Vision of Daniel 8

26 January 2023: This SITREP is a timely and necessary update and continuation of what was posted in Global SITREP E4-18 just over five years ago. It regards the vision given to Daniel and the interpretation of the vision by the angel Gabriel in chapter 8 of the Book of Daniel. Current events warrant an update.

Two days ago reliable media reports noted that two Iranian Navy vessels made a port call to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Iranian port call, not coincidentally, comes after another stolen election, opposed most strenuously by the people, has just recently restored a leftist government in the South America nation. 

The IRIS frigate Dena and the forward naval operations base IRIS Makran are scheduled to depart Rio on 30 January for the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal is a nautical choke point the same as the Strait of Hormuz and the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb at the southern end of the Red Sea. The IRIS Makran no doubt has an embarked force of IRGC marines as well as suicide drones and several helicopters. 

Israel attacked a similar Iranian forward base ship, the IRIS Saviz, in 2021 as it was off the coast of Yemen. Another similar Iranian ship, the IRIS Lavan, serving as an IRGC forward base attacked a mocked-up replica of Israel's naval base at Eilat about three weeks ago with suicide drones. Missile attack against a mock-up of Israel Dimona nuclear complex also occurred in December 2022. Therefore, it is conceivable that these Iranian ship could pose a threat to not only the Panama Canal, but also to coastal targets in the southern United States. A direct and often promised Iranian retaliation for the U.S. military assassination of IRGC Quds Force commander MG Qasem Soleimani has yet to occurs. Ship with capabilities such as these, in proximity to US coastlines could attempt one or more retaliatory strikes. 

As noted in the E4-18, this is about prophetic continuity. Again, in Daniel 8:17 the angel Gabriel informs Daniel that he was to understand "for at the time of the end shall be the vision." In verse 19 Gabriel also informs these last days are viewed in heaven as za'am, which conveys the meaning of the the Divine frothing at the mouth with rage and indignation, having fury in displeasure of the sins being committed on earth. I've not seen at any time previously a better characterization of the true meaning of "in that day of the wrath of God" than what Gabriel imparts in Daniel 8:19. The phrase "righteous indignation" has a much greater connotation than considered before now.

There are other factors to consider in the current situation, not the least of which are strikes against the Iranian nuclear program. As with many other things, such strikes could kick-start the vision Daniel was given for our present time.

As an addendum: A pitched battle between the IDF special forces and Islamic Jihad terrorists occurred this morning in Jenin. Many terrorists were "neutralized" in a sustained firefight. Israel is anticipating rocket fire from Gaza, and IDF paratroopers are reinforcing positions in Judea and Samaria. Iron Dome units are on alert. If hostilities do erupt on a greater scale, the new government in Israel is promising that its "full force" will be brought to bear on the enemy. 

Watching for further developments.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Global SITREP A2-23: The Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine


Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine

15 January 2023: The subject of a new political entity to the east of the State of Israel has been floating around in whispers since 2020. It potential reality has been noted in several comments on Eschatology Today during the interim. Now, it appears to be nearing the point of becoming a reality. This plan was originally crafted in Saudi Arabia, it has been published and is the subject of secret negotiations. According to a news brief published by Arutz Sheva today, the plan has been quietly revised by Jordan, the PLO and HAMAS. The revisions, amazingly, are not seen as being detrimental to the State of Israel, as the above linked Op-Ed by David Singer attests. 

Eschatology Today will explore this plan further, but the bottom line is that the plan makes very clear that Jordan is Palestine. As subset to this are the agreed-to bylines highlighting that (1) Israel will not be divided into a "two-state solution within its sovereign borders, (2) Jerusalem will be the undivided capital city of Israel; (3) Amman will be the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine with Abdullah II as its reigning monarch, (4) Israel will control 90% of Judea and Samaria, and most importantly, provision will be made for the Temple Mount to be shared among the three "Abrahamic faiths."

Focusing on prophetic Scripture informs us that this plan has no chance of becoming a geo-political reality. Asaph's Psalm 83, Isaiah 11:14 and Ezekiel 28:24-26 all indicate a different intervening reality, the reality within the will of God and the coming Kingdom of the Lord on the Earth. Both the Isaiah and Ezekiel prophecies indicate the timing as well. Isaiah prophesied that this reality will occur after the Lord has brought Israel back from places around the world into the land for the second time

The full-scope of Prophetic Scripture

The first diaspora of Israel (607-586 BC) was returned to the land from the Babylonian captivity in 537 BC, and thus fulfilling the 70 years of captivity of Scripture. Ezra led the revival of Israel and the rebuilding of the Second Temple in its exact location on Temple Mount. The second diaspora occurred in the time of the Roman conquest during the 7 years from 67 to 73 AD, and continued for 1,875 years until 1948 AD fulfilling numerous prophecies in the process, most notably Ezekiel 36-37. 

Ezekiel 28 tells us the that prophecy will fulfill after the same second regathering of Israel as noted in Isaiah 11. Ezekiel adds that the restoration of Israel in the land will be to that which encompasses the permanent Abrahamic Land Covenant, expanded upon and passed to Isaac and Jacob (Israel). Deuteronomy 30:4-5 attests to this promise, and Joshua 1:4 provides the full scope of the land Israel will possess. If one believes in the inerrant Word of God, then one knows without any doubt that a Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine cannot exist on the same territory as Israel which God has returned His people to for the second and final time.


Thursday, December 29, 2022

Global SITREP A1-23: Zionist Israel


UPDATED 29 December 2022: We're starting the 2023 series of SITREPs three days early as this morning in Israel the new Likud-Religious Judaism government led by Bibi Netanyahu was sworn in. 

The leftist Globalist Oligarchy is none to pleased about it. As the swearing in ceremony was underway inside the Knesset building a hodgepodge of leftist groups stormed the building, only to be forcible pushed back by Israeli security forces to a distance of at least 300 meters. A photo of the leftists found online was instructive as to what groups were present. 

There were many rainbow flags of (leftist) LGBTQ, there were solid red-colored communist flags, there was even the flag of North Korea present. But this is just a tip of the iceberg that has immediately presented itself in stark opposition to this new government in Israel. The outgoing government of Yair Lapid made it clear they will do everything in their power to stand in opposition to a decidedly Zionist government in the State of Israel. The official organizations of the world such as the WEF, the UN, the current US government and a host of others are all sabre rattling as well. However, the will of God in these last days cannot be successfully opposed by any earthly power.

Jordan's king Abdullah II announced that Jordan is prepared for conflict if the status quo of the Temple Mount becomes altered. As we know from Scripture (Isaiah 11, Ezekiel 28 and Psalm 83, among others, there will be conflict and the prophetic Israel that emerges is one of the signs we've been watching for over the past decade plus number of years. Eschatology Today made clear in the very recent Global SITREP D10-22: The Emergent Religious Israel what can be expected. But, again, this is just the beginning, which shall be documented here in the coming days for as long as we are here. Suffice it to say, we have arrived at the prophetic time we have known was sure to arrive.

30 December 2022: Even before the ongoing and rather testy transition of Israel's government ministries has been completed, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been put on notice again. But this time the "Zionist entity" is truly the Zionist-led State of Israel and it's all about resolving the threat from the Iranian Twelver clerics.

The threat is existential from the new Israeli government's perspective. This existential threat will not be tolerated to continue unresolved as Israel's very existence and national security is at risk from Iranian nuclear weapons. It will be dealt with and by all accounts it will be dealt with promptly. Once again, Jeremiah 49:34-39 is the operative eschatological focus and due attention must once again be given to this passage and its meaning at present.

Not many have made note of the fact that this prophecy is now, and has been for some time, in a relatively quiet process of active fulfillment. How many are aware that the Lord's "four winds from the four corners of heaven" have scattered the Iranian people as outcasts from their country to other nations all over the globe? This is an undeniable fact and evokes Jeremiah 49:36. 

What Iranian citizen would not opt to flee the incredible persecution and outright genocide of the Twelver regime? So flee the country the Iranian citizens have; their numbers increase with each passing month in order to escape from regime's systematic rape, torture, summary executions and in many cases subsistence level living conditions. This has occurred most recently as Iran's currency, known as the Rial, has collapsed by a further one-third of its value since October. In exchange for one American dollar you will receive 430,000 Rial today. Tomorrow, probably not. Economic sanctions in effect for the past five years (2018-2022) are decimating Iran with no hope of relief as the 2015 JCPOA and the attempt to resuscitate it has ended in complete failure. It is dead, buried.

So, we should not doubt that a good portion of the IDF will soon be tasked to execute strikes on the nuclear elements of the Twelver regime and to the extent that Iran's vaunted missile forces will no longer have a capacity to raze Tel Aviv as the Ayatollah's IRGC recently claimed. In 2023 Iran's bleak future will become even more pronounced; its military will be largely neutered.

03 January 2023:  A brief recap of today's news. Itamar Ben-Gvir ascended the Temple Mount this morning. His wife, Ayala, followed suit a short time later. The Islamic world went ballistic with most referring to the event as an "invasion of the Al-Aqsa mosque. The loudest were the terror organization of Gaza, the PA in Judea and Samaria, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the UAE, Egypt and, not surprisingly, the Biden Administration as well as the US State Department. The UAE, representing a group of Islamic nations has made an appeal to the United Nation to take up the issue of the Temple Mount.

The opposition in Israel led by former-PM Yair Lapid also denounced Ben-Gvir's visit to Temple Mount. Lapid also interfered today in Israel's foreign relations with Turkey by making a phone call to that nations foreign minister.

As noted in comments section there was a massive IAF missile strike on Damascus International Airport on Sunday night. The strike targeted Hezbollah and other Iranian proxy forces there and did significant damage plus fatalities. An IRGC officer was assassinated outside of his home in Tehran, Iran. 

Updates as development warrant.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

The Magoi and the Birth of Jesus Messiah

The Eschatology Today tradition continues to bring this post forward.

24 December 2022 (Original Posting date 6 January 2010): The above image is an artistic rendering of the three Magoi (Magi). In fact, there had to have been quite an entourage who accompanied the Magoi, primarily because of the basic fact that no one makes a 1,000+ mile round trip journey across the desert east of the Jordan River, that between the Parthian Empire and Roman-occupied Israel west of the Jordan River without the supplies of a life-sustaining caravan and significant numbers of mounted cavalry for protection. The actual number of gentile visitors from the east was probably closer to 300 than just 3. It's also a minor miracle that the illegitimate Roman puppet King Herod did not think the appearance of this caravan from the east wasn't the advance guard of a Parthian invasion.

The importance of the whole story about the Magoi (Matthew 2:1-12) is quite likely unknown by most Christians. That's because we've not spent much time learning about it, even though it is Scripture, Old Testament (Numbers 24:14-25; Micah 5:2-5; Isaiah 60:2-6) and very specific prophetic Scripture at that.

Oh, we all know and have visualized one way or another the "We Three Kings" Christmas carol, and have seen Nativity scene imagery like the above for the sum of our lives, but that's not the half of it. There's more... so much more to the story.

The more I think about it, the more I am astounded by the fact that the gentile Magoi who came out of the Parthian (Persian) Empire and made this tremendous journey did so after fervently holding to the prophet Daniel's detailed prophecy (given by the angel Gabriel in Daniel 9:24-26) concerning the coming of the Messiah for over 600 years, and waited generation after generation for a very specific sign in the skies, and all the while knowing the precise number of days until the Messiah's birth because of the details given in the prophecy. They knew how to count Hebrew years, and exactly how many days each year had. They knew precisely when to look for the star.

And then once that sign appeared and the number of days had elapsed they rounded up the multiple parts of a large caravan and the water and provisions for the entire group's survival, plus the gifts for the object of their 500+ year devotion for what had to be a round trip of something well in excess of 1,900 miles across barren desert, mountains, marshes, rivers and wadis.... I stand here approximately two millennia and two decades later in complete awe just thinking about it.

The caravan was quite probably a round trip from Seleucia to Jerusalem and back, on foot and by beast of burden, of GENTILE believers coming from the Magoi's descendants of Nebuchadnezzar's Babylonian Empire, the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great's Empire, the Seleucid Empire to the Parthian Empire of the Roman Era.

That these GENTILES, these Magoi, had clung to and fervently believed in the exquisitely detailed God-breathed prophecy of Daniel concerning the coming birth of the Messiah for hundreds and hundreds of years, through all of the events, wars, and tumults that had occurred in this crossroads region of the known world, is without question the greatest account of the prophetic Word of God causing belief in the God of Israel among gentiles in history prior to the crucifixion, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Having been in those same Middle Eastern deserts, such a specifically purposeful journey undertaken 2,000 years ago is mind-boggling to this author. These gentiles from the regions and lands of Israel's captivity knew the details of, believed in, and all the while eagerly awaited the birth of the Messiah. And the Jews, for the most part, due to their disobedience and the spiritual blindness and deafness placed upon them by the Covenant of Moab, besides the Covenant of Horeb, (Deuteronomy 29) knew nothing of His coming; that He would literally be the God of their fathers born in the flesh of a man.

And here we are, knowing in detail that the days of time which are left until the advent of Daniel's 70th Week are all but palpable... just stand in awe and in praise of God. My brothers and sisters, just stand in awe and praise to be a living part of all this.


Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Global SITREP D10-22: The Emergent Religious Israel

UPDATED 20 December 2022: Within hours Israel's new government will be announced and Eschatology Today believes this will be an Israel that very few living today have ever seen before. Only those aged 75 or older might remember the religious fervor that accompanied Israel's founding. Now with several Religious Judaism parties holding sway within the Likud government of PM Bibi Netanyahu tremendous events stand before us, all of them noted in key prophetic verses of Old and New Testament Scripture.

One item that will manifest early on is the removal of the sign imaged above which forbids Jews from enter the Temple Mount. This is something that Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel's new National Security Minister will in all certainty will play a key role in. A new law, known until now as the "Ben-Gvir Law," will establish his position and add to his official portfolio a police ordinance whereby he alone will set and control what the Israeli police can and cannot do. 

As you may recall the Israeli police enforce the prohibition against Jews ascending to the Mount as well as Jews engaging in prayer on the Mount. NSM Ben Gvir is going to change that and he will soon ascend the Mount, as he's promised to do many times, and he will most likely pray once he's there. Ben-Gvir will be instrumental in opening up Temple Mount to all Jewish worshipers.

Most everyone can see where this is leading. Muslims will riot, and the Temple Mount will become the focus of the next crisis in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The battle for the Temple Mount will be joined and the history of the past 56 years will become footnotes in any books written about the current era. 

Update 23 December 2022: In concluding this SITREP, we'll build off and move forward from my comment posted at 2:31 PM yesterday regarding the new Israeli law. This new law is to be enacted prior to the passage of the 2023 budget of the new government of the State of Israel. This new law mandates the death penalty for those who commit acts of terrorism that are intent on harming the State of Israel and its Jewish people. As most of us can now clearly see with the new government in Israel the proverbial gloves have come off. 

More new laws are coming. One of them, a religious liberty law, will exempt religious Jews and business owners from exercising their Torah beliefs in refusing to provide services that are against those beliefs. This means that currently existent "anti-discrimination" laws that punish religious Jews for refusing to honor the desires of the LGBTQ community, and others, which are in direct conflict with the Hebrew Scriptures.

And finally the greatest of the new actions, and the one with very profound prophetic implications, is the inclusion in the Coalition agreement between Likud and the Religious parties is the "Sovereignty Plan." The Sovereignty Plan will bring full Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. This plan was first proposed by PM Bibi Netanyahu in September 2019. It implementation will fulfill the Zionist vision of "Israeli sovereignty over the birthplace of the Jewish people, Judea and Samaria." The election of the Likud/Religious Zionist coalition is seen as a mandate approved by the majority of Israel's voters, who have clearly made known their desire for full Israel sovereignty over the whole of Biblical Israel and no to a "Palestinian" state on the territory of Eretz Israel.

There no doubt that the sovereignty plan will be vehemently opposed, domestically and from abroad. It is very likely, in conjunction with what will occur on the Temple Mount, to be a catalyst for tremendous violence and a wholesale re-shaping of the map of the Eastern Mediterranean, to include Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and even the Sinai. This will bring about the so-called "one-state solution." All of this is one-hundred percent prophetic. In particular we'll cite Isaiah 11:12-14, and which goes hand-in-hand with Ezekiel 28:24-26, Joshua 13:1-7 and the Psalm 83 prophecy. This we have been discussing over the past 13 years (2009-2022) on Eschatology Today and are all very familiar with the subject matter.

The difference now is that we can see it coming to fulfillment through the newly elected government of Israel. The Church Age is quickly coming to a close and God's attention is moving toward Israel. The Harpazo of the Bride of Christ is more imminent than ever before, so now is the time to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who  will receive it for their names have been written into the Book of Life even before the foundation of the world.


Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Global SITREP D9-22: Coming Full Circle

The Coming Convergence: Coming Full Circle

7 December 2022: To begin this SITREP a link to a 2017 documentary concerning these last days will lead off. The Coming Convergence In this video those of you who've been here from the beginning might be taken aback by the scene which depicts Bible prophecy for the last days as a series of dominoes. That's the theme of a very early post here from March 7, 2009 that was titled Prophetic Dominoes. Let this video documentary play in full and we'll continue with this SITREP a little later this evening.

Gave the video documentary an extra 12 hours of viewing time before continuing this SITREP. It's a good eschatological synopsis of what Eschatology Today blog has been about for the past 13 years. It's it's fitting to have an eschatological review such as this because it saves lots of time from folks having to read the more than 670 posts in our archive to get that same info one video can present in about an hour and 30 minutes. I doubt the vast majority would even bother to do that, so, again, we're ahead of the game so to speak. This is good because Eschatology Today is absolutely convinced that we've come to the final straightaway sprint on The Prophetic Road to Revelation, that is, to the start of the 70th Week of Years, and the fact that we've never been closer to the instant of our Harpazo to be with the Lord for all eternity. Before we know it Jesus will commence opening the 7 Seals.

Do your loved ones, family and friends and even casual acquaintances a huge favor and provide then with a link or have a viewing of The Coming Convergence with them. Answer their inevitable questions; ask them if they'd like to receive Jesus our Messiah as their personal savior and in that instant establish a direct relationship with our Father, the Creator. Northing is greater than this as the only thing we have left in the dwindling remaining time is time. God is patient in that He does not want any to perish but that all come unto Him and salvation by the Blood of the Lamb.

Back on Earth, have you noticed that in Israel that the new government is struggling big-time to form itself for presentation to Israel's president? The secular part of the Likud is not making a whole lot of headway in getting the religious party's (United Torah Judaism in particular) to agree to coalition appointments, and laws and other matters of the State of Israel. Have you noticed that is Israel today, right now, there are distinctions being drawn between regular Israeli citizens and religious Israeli's? Religious Israel is suddenly, and by no means an accident or coincidental, rising faster than has ever before been seen in the past 74 years (75 years in May 2023) of modern Israel's young history! This is a huge development of monumental eschatological significance; we all should be well informed about this sea-change in Israel. 

For example, an Israeli media headline appeared this morning made a pointed reference to a "religious teen" who went missing yesterday in Be'er Sheva. The 14-year old youth was not noted as a missing Israeli teenager, but as one of the many, many openly religious Jewish teens in the country. In the US would a distinction be made to a missing Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Muslim and atheist teenager? No, it would just be a missing teen report or a photo on a milk carton. Israel is changing before our eyes. And, if Eschatology Today can be so bold, it must be noted that religious teens such as this will very probably become the 144,000 that The Apocalypse (Revelation) of Jesus Christ prophecies about in Chapter 7 at the beginning of thee 70th Week of Years who will be given the Seal of God upon their forehead prior to the wrath of the Lord being poured out upon the earth. 12,000 of each of Israel's 12 tribes will receive the Seal. They are the "all Israel" that Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write about in Romans 11:25-27.

Stay tuned, the strengthening, enlightening and encouragement in these difficult days is going to continue within this SITREP shortly, if our Harpazo does not occur first that is. Be Blessed and Marana'tha!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Global SITREP D8-22: Past, Present and Future

16 November 2022: We've seen the past, and we see the present and the Word of God instructs us about the future. And there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). 

Israel has a new government and what has been done will be done there once again. America will also soon be getting a new government. Last night President Donald Trump announced his intent to become an American president once again. Only God knows, but by His will what has been done will be done again.

In searching His word recently a prophecy was found that Eschatology Today has not previously seen or been aware of. What has been seen and has been written about on this blog is the prophecy of the sun not giving its light in conjunction with the moon being blood red, that it has a one-time and one-time only 70th Week of Years fulfillment. This prophecy is found in Revelation 6:12 when the Lord Jesus Christ opens the Sixth Seal.

But there is another prophecy that involves both the sun and the moon. This prophecy comes from Isaiah 30. Taking the entire chapter in context, this prophecy also appears to be one for fulfillment in this current generation and when all Israel is saved (i.e. in the time of the 144,000). In Isaiah 30:26 it is written:

Moreover the light of the moon will be as the light of the sun,
And the light of the sun will be sevenfold,
As the light of seven days,
In the day that the Lord binds up the bruise of His people
And heals the stroke of their wound.

Picture that in your mind's eye. The earth's moon as bright as the sun, not just reflecting the sun's brightness, but being as bright as the sun and only a quarter of a million miles away. And the cause for this is that the sun will become seven times brighter than normal, as brightness equivalent to an entire week's worth of the sun's brightness. 

Truly this is a prophetic sign and it appears at first reading to be one which occurs as part of the Lord's judgements during the Thlipsis. Perhaps Isaiah 30:26 is related to the Trumpet judgments of Revelation 8? And it must be noted that this prophecy is just the opposite of what Isaiah 13:10-13 tells us. So placing the prophetic fulfillment in an understandable last days timeline is a challenge; further study is needed for sure.

Until then we know that God controls all things, His will is being done, governments rise and fall as He determines, and we're headlong into the imminent Harpazo of the Bride of Christ with our eyes wide open, watching, praying and saying Marana'tha!

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