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Global SITREP C8-17: Behold, Prophetic Fulfillment Abounds!

Jesus' Olivet Discourse
22 July 2017: Does the above image look familiar?  It should, as it is a repeat from Global SITREP B1-15. And so is the message that SITREP contained. If need be, re-familiarize yourself with it.

It appears that many of us are always looking for fresh or brand new signs regarding the season we are in. Yet the signs are the exact same indications and warnings that they have always been, and this is because because Jesus spoke of them as they relate specifically to our time and this generation in particular. This is the time He spoke of; who can doubt that it is? 

I would say that any one individual who doubts this is ignoring the Holy Spirit, and that individual, the one who is not looking up; the one who is not watching intently, will almost certainly be taken by surprise when the Harpazo of the bride of Christ occurs imminently. 

As mentioned in the comment I made this morning in the previous SITREP, who can deny that the prophecy of Zechariah 12 is not in a process of imminent fulfillment? The fact is there are quite literally dozens upon dozens of God-breathed prophecies in the process of a literal, imminent fulfillment at the present. This fact constitutes the greatest indication and warning of all. Again, who can deny it?

Are we not witnesses to the imminent occurrence of Israel's 70th year since the literal fulfillment of Isaiah 66:8 in May of 1948? Read the entire chapter. Who among us would fail to respond to the question the LORD God asked through Isaiah in verse 9: 

"Shall I bring to the time of birth, and not cause delivery? Shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb?"
Is there anyone living in the United States of America reading this who is unaware of the birth of which the LORD God is speaking? 

A month from now, on 21 August, there will be a total solar eclipse. Even the secular media is making a big deal about this astronomical event when the 70-mile wide path of totality (image above) will cross and evenly bisect 14 of the the lower 48 states of our Union from the west coast to the east coast in the middle of the day. They say that within the path of totality observers on the ground will see the stars come out during what normally would be broad daylight (10:15 AM in Oregon to 2:50 PM in South Carolina). The lucky folks in this path of totality will have an opportunity to see Virgo and the positions of the key elements of the Revelation 12 sign which will come to its own completion one month later in September as Jupiter exits from the "womb" of Virgo the virgin. 

If you ask me, I will tell you there is not one whit nor one iota of coincidence in any of this. All of it was purposed by the LORD God from before time began, and we're the generation lucky enough to bear witness to these events, these utterly rampant signs and indications of the coming of His Kingdom. Marana'tha! 

Addendum: The above statement is neither new or unique, as it was stated in greater detail on Eschatology Today three and one-half years ago in an article entitled "All These Things Fulfilled - Part III - The End."  If it gets quiet here from time to time, that's because pretty much everything that needs to be said has been said and remains as active URL content on Eschatology Today.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Global SITREP C7-17: The Syrian Situation Revisited, Part VIII

The military Situation in Syria, 7 July 2017. These are current and true front lines of the Trump-Putin agreement. Click on the map for greater detail. Less than 24 hours later Syrian and Hezbollah forces launched a major assault upon rebel-held As-Suweida.

The former line beyond which enemy forces of Iran and Hezbollah were not to advance southwards.

Update 14 July 2017:  Now it gets a whole lot more interesting, prophetically speaking! Eschatology Today has learned that Russia wants its CSTO allies, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in particular, to deploy their military forces into Syria in support of Russian military objectives.

As most of you are aware from previous Eschatology Today reports, the view here is that the prophecy of Ezekiel 38/39 reflects modern-day geo-political realities. This interpretation holds that the Central Asian nations (former republics of the Soviet Union) constitute the bulk of the nations identified in Ezekiel's prophecy which also participate in the near future doomed-to-failure attempt to invade and conquer Israel for the spoils of war.

Here these nations are now with Russia putting the prophetic hooks in their jaws in drawing them into a middle eastern war which itself is like a derailed locomotive disaster about to happen at the next bend in the tracks. Looking up with eyes wide open, brother sand sisters!

11 July 2017: The US-Russian agreement for a partial ceasefire in southwestern Syria along the Israeli-Jordanian borders went into effect two and one-half hours ago. (See new 7JUL17 map at top) This is not a formalized, written and signed document for a cessation of hostilities, but a verbal agreement made between the US and Russian leadership during their sidebar meeting at the G20 conference in Hamburg, Germany. It is the most recent ceasefire in a long series of failed ceasefires brokered by the US and Russia in Syria. 

The closest thing to any detail of what is in the agreement is that all opposing forces must maintain their current positions; they are essentially to be frozen in place. Reportedly, according to the Russian side, the cessation is to be policed by Russian MPs. There are no US forces on the ground in southwestern Syria east of Al-Tanf or Raqqa. In Syrian government media there has been no mention of the cessation of hostilities.

Israel, Jordan and the US have long been monitoring southern Syria with the most advanced, high-tech surveillance systems on any international border in the world. Since the surrveillance system made by Raytheon went active there has never been a succesdful infiltration of Jordanian territory. The system monitors troop movement deep inside Syrian territory. Any infiltration attempt receives a warning. If the warning is ignored the infiltrators are summarily exterminated.

7 July 2017: The unexpected has happened. The expected 30-minute meeting of presidents Trump and Putin at the G20 became an unexpected meeting of two and a quarter hours. The unexpected happened again when the announcement of a negotiated ceasefire in Syria to commence Sunday was made public by SECSTATE Tillerson right after the US and Russian presidential meeting concluded. 

Details on what is within the ceasefire agreement should be forthcoming. However, initial reporting seems to confirm that Iranian militias, including Hezbollah, must withdraw at least 30 miles from the Israeli and Jordanian borders as related in the 3 July update below. Also, combat operations against IS will continue. How Iran and Turkey will respond to this agreement is unknown, but Iran is likely going to be furious at being jilted by their Russian ally.

And there's the rub. No ceasefire of Russian involvement in Syria has ever been worth the paper it wasn't written on. This fact is also primarily superceded by what Isaiah and Jeremiah wrote more than two and one half millennia ago. How the truce collapses is not as important as how Bible prophecy guarantees that it will fail.

VBIED terror attack in Damascus on 2 July 2017. Image by AFP from Times of Israel. This image is proof that Damascus is not yet destroyed as some prophecy teachers are prematurely teaching.

3 July 2017:
Part VIII of this SITREP series on the war in Syria begins by focusing on a rather critical circumstance. This circumstance is present, as seen in the map above, from Israel's Golan Heights adjoining Lebanon, south to Quneitra and on down to and along all of the 235-mile long Syrian-Jordanian border. Under a joint US-Jordan-Russia agreement no military forces other than Syrian government's own forces are permitted to be any nearer than 30 miles of the border as indicated by the red line. This agreement exists despite the fact that the Syrian armed forces are under the de facto control of IRGC-Qods Force commander, Brig. Gen Qassem Soleimani, and therefore, Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei. Also in accordance with this agreement only token Syrian government forces would be present at border crossings. This 'closed' foreign military region clearly includes the city of Dara'a.

The truly critical and problematic circumstance detail is that the IRGC-led Hezbollah and Iranian proxy militias are present within this established foreign military no-go zone. They have made no effort to withdraw, and actually have continues their advance. Keeping these Iranian-led forces away from the Israeli and Jordanian borders was the key objective of the tri-party agreement in order to forestall an escalation of the warfighting to include Israel and Jordan in defense of their borders from Iranian military encroachment. 

As of this point in time, particularly in the pro-regime offensive against rebels in and around Dara'a (ostensibly under the control of the Multinational Operations Center (MOC) in Amman) and just outside of Quneitra, the agreement has become an objective failure posing a clear and present danger for unpredictable consequences. These unpredictable consequences, which we have been expecting per Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27, could quickly become tomorrow's headlines. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Global SITREP C6-17: The 3rd Trilateral Summit of the New Mediterranean Alliance

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades last week, in Thessaloniki, at the third trilateral summit, signed joint statements for the continued strengthening of relations. YWN image.
Updated 3 July 2017: Without moving Global SITREP A6-16: A New Mediterranean Alliance forward by 16 months, consider this to be a continuation of that SITREP. An important re-fresh is always a good thing, especially this new geo-strategic alliance in the eastern Mediterranean in terms of Bible prophecy. To put it another way, these are quite likely three of the full number of ten toes we're looking for in last days prophetic fulfillment. They bridge the left and right foot of the image seen in Daniel 2. The importance of this cannot be understated; it is no accident this alliance has emerged within the past 17 months.

There are several OSINT sources for this update, but I have deliberately chosen the one published by Yeshiva World News last Sunday. The  published story is the text of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's statement following the third trilateral summit held by Israel, Greece and Cyprus in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the bottom of the linked YWN webpage is a video. Take in PM Netanyahu's words. Think about what Paul wrote 2000 years ago in 2 Thessalonians 2. No, this alliance is not any accident of happenstance. It is prophetic.

Elite IDF 'Egoz' commando training in Cyprus, June 2017.
Eschatology Today held back for some time, a week longer than Israeli media, in posting a report on this unique and now completed event. For us this is an early glimpse at how near-term prophecy-related events could and may very well occur. 

Two weeks ago approximately 400 IDF special forces soldiers from the elite Egoz unit, the elite Yahalom combat engineers and Oketz canine unit trained during the day and at night with approximately 100 of their Cypriot allies in Cyprus' Troodos Mountains and Paphos Forest. The elite IDF special forces troops which were selected to deploy for this exercise were not told in advance where their training would take place; they boarded IAF military transports in Israel and landed on Cyprus. 

Elite 'Egoz' special forces soldiers during a mission brief in Cyprus.

This exercise simulated a deep infiltration behind enemy lines. In military terms this kind of an operation is known as Enroute Mission Planning and Rehearsal Simulation (EMPRS). Once these boots hit the ground, multiple 'enemy' positions were assaulted, both above and below ground. The simulation mimicked probable future operations against Hezbollah in Lebanon, or in Syria. This exercise undoubtedly enhanced and advanced the combat effectiveness and capabilities of the participating special forces units. Movement within the exercise 'box' was accomplished via ten IAF Blackhawk special operations helicopters and several C-130 'Shimshon' Super Hercules transport aircraft. The exercise will pay great dividends when these units are called upon to execute their real-world mission. This is the boots on the ground aspect of the handshake photo at the top of this SITREP.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Global SITREP C5-17: The Syrian Situation Revisited Part VII

Marjan Oil Field rig 
30 June 2017: Last entry for Part VII. Warfare for control of Quneitra resulted again in the Syrian Army deliberately sending mortar rounds into Israel. No one can be that far off in getting their mortar fire on-target. The IAF response was to immediately obliterate the Syrian mortar position.

Also, within the past 24-hours Russian propaganda media has reported that rebel forces in Daraa plan to use chemical weapons in a manner so as to blame it on the Al-Assad regime and in so doing cause retaliatory US/French air strikes on the regime. This report is an I&W that the Al-Assad regime, backed by Russia and Iran, is likely behind any such event should it actually occur in the stalemated Daraa warzone.

28 June 2017: It turns out that we caught the Syrians red-handed making Sarin at one of the Al -Sha'irat Air Base shelters not destroyed in the Tomahawk attack of two months ago. It looks as if the mixed of precursor chemicals has stopped and Syria has, for the moment at least, backed down. 

Last night, 27 June, the White House issued a warning to Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime which is identical to the expectation published here (highlighted below) one week ago. The Associated Press published and then updated the White House warning early this morning. 

The warning is based on received, actionable and highly critical intelligence that al-Assad's military was detected preparing precursor chemicals "for a possible sarin gas attack in either the east (or) south of the country." So highly critical, urgent and actionable was the received intelligence that the normal American inter-governmental channels for issuing a direct warning to the Syrian government were bypassed. The warning was direct in stating that both Bashar al-Assad and his military forces would pay a "heavy price" if the chemical attack were to occur.

There is nowhere more south in Syria than the under siege city of Dara'a, and the east of the country is hotly contested by the U.S.-led CJTF-OIR forces against approaching Iranian/Hezbollah and Syrian columns as reported here in the previous parts of this SITREP.

26 June 2017: All eyes on the Golan Heights. A major flare-up could occur here at any moment's notice. Since Saturday the IAF has destroyed a Syrian heavy machine gun bunker and two Syrian Main Battle Tanks, both costing Syrian soldiers their lives.  

20 June 2017: Two noteworthy items. First, Saudi coastal security forces caught a team of IRGC-QF terrorists red-handed in the midst of an operation to blow up several Marjan Oil Field rigs. The Saudi's apprehended one IRGC terrorist team in their explosives-laden watercraft while two other teams managed to escape back into Iranian waters. Such an attack, even though it was thwarted, is an act of war, and serves to illustrate the nearness of Jeremiah 49:34-39 to its literal fulfillment.

Second, as noted earlier in comments, Russia is seriously outgunned by the US in the ongoing showdown in Syria. Also noted in the previous SITREP was the recent forward deployment into Syria of just two U.S. HIMARS rocket artillery system vehicles. Russian squawking about this deployment of two HIMARS 6x6 vehicles illustrates how sensitive they are to their mere presence.

However, two HIMARS vehicles do not constitute an overwhelming offensive juggernaut. So why the Russian angst? Note Russia's recent ultimatum to strike U.S. air or ground assets which located west of the Euphrates River. This is precisely where the HIMARS have been deployed. So, would Russia actually launch strikes against the HIMARS to show their resolve to counter the U.S. build up and make good on their threat? If this is Putin and his generals plan they had better reconsider and recalculate their risk assessment.

For the sake of argument, let's say Russia takes them out. In the U.S. counter-strike we would in a matter of minutes, certainly within an hour's time, take out all of their expensive big boy toys toys at Hmeimim Air Base. The embarked airwing of the USS G.H.W. Bush is a mere 5 minutes away from reaching out and touching those Russian toys, even while in port Haifa, and in a manner that would leave none of them operational. Without their vaunted S300 and S400 air defense systems and an operable runway at Hmeimim Air Base the Russian mission in Syria would effectively be eliminated. Mission incomplete, mission fail. The point is that Russia is severely outgunned in Syria.

Putin feeling froggy? Think he might jump? Not if he's as smart as he thinks he is. President Trump and his senior Pentagon military planners are calling Putin's bluff. Nevertheless, miscalculations do happen and Bible prophecy indicates there may well be a near-term miscalculation in Syria.

F/A-18 Super Hornets
The Eschatology Today predicted event written about in Part V of this series has now occurred and the also predicted new phase of the war in Syria is now a fact. It took almost exactly 30 days for the prediction within the 15 May update of that SITREP to occur in the real-world:

15 May 2017: The two nuclear-armed (US and Russia) opposing armed force coalitions in Syria now appear to be engaged in operations designed to seize and hold territory. This is conventional warfare as we have known it for millennia. The real danger here is the allies with each coalition could engage each other in combat, either deliberately or by accident and particularly in southern and western Syria. In the skies overhead a free-for-all dogfight could also occur between the two sides combat aircraft. And then there's the continuing Iranian-Hezbollah drive to seize the Syrian side of the Golan. This is all stage-setting for the major conflagration this series on the Syrian Situation has been highlighting according to Bible prophecy (Isaiah 17; Jeremiah 49:23-27)

If one were to continue to read the paragraph following the above from that same update and then look at the situation that is now developing just to the north of the "cities of Aroer" of northwestern Jordan, that is, around Dara'a, Syria, and as reinforced in the recent 18 June update in Part VI of this series, one might be able to see how these events are eminently predictable through the literal interpretation of the plain text wording of Isaiah's and Jeremiah's prophetic texts:

I would speculate (actually, I expect) that the Dara'a campaign appears to be falling into an Aleppo-like grind where the Syrian regime's offensive makes no headway resulting in the use of chemical weapons by the al-Assad regime in an attempt to break the stalemate. We all should understand what will result if this does occur as Dara'a lies just 9 miles from the Jordanian border.

So, with this as the lead-in to Part VII of this series, we can hopefully have a better understanding of how these prophecies will come to their literal fulfillment. What is Bible prophecy if not God telling us well in advance what will happen in the future due to the decisions made by the opposing sides in these last days "wars and rumors of wars." 

The critical thing is, these are no longer a hazy or distant future fulfillment of prophetic texts, but fulfillment that we can see occurring now, coming with as little advance notice as a Biblical month of 30 days. We're talking in this series on Syria about literal prophetic fulfillment before it happens, not as occurs from far too many preachers pulpits where the discussion is after the fact. This is utilizing the fulfillment of Bible prophecy as testimony to the inerrant nature of the LORD God's prophetic word. If this is not a here and now witnessing tool, then none exist. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Does Revelation 12 Point to a Specific Day in the Near Future?

The sky on the morning of 23 September 2017
Clear artistic rendering of the top image
UPDATED 27 June 2017: A big hat-tip to Jeff for finding and bringing this update to our attention. The importance of this sign has been reinforced by a prophecy that Micah wrote about 150 years before the Babylonian conquest, or roughly 2,600 years ago. Micah's prophecy is a jaw dropper.

Let's get straightaway to the point. We all know by now the details of the text of Revelation 12, that this prophetic sign will occur in the heavens above us on 23 September of this year.  The prophecy of Micah 5:2-4 is our focus here, and verse 3 in particular: (bold lettering mine for emphasis)

"Therefore He shall give them up Until the time that she who is in labor has given birthThen the remnant of His brethren Shall return to the children of Israel."

"Until the time that she who is in labor has given birth." In the Revelation 12 sign it is Virgo that is in labor, and she gives birth on 23 September 2017. The Revelation 12 sign specifically points to and specifies what we know prophetically about the sequence of events in these last days; and Micah tells us when! Micah says here point-blank that the change from the dispensation of the Age of Grace to the focus being returned to Israel per the 70th Week prophecy given by the angel Gabriel, as well as what Paul wrote in Romans 11, is about to occur!!

2 March 2017: In my last comment prior to this update, I mentioned I was focused on the specifics of this God-given prophecy; that because of the fact that it is The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ nothing can be added to or taken away from it.  That was several hours ago at this point.  I now understand the 'big picture' of what the prophecy of Revelation 12 is about. As you will see in the embedded links of this update, Eschatology Today has already touched upon most of the aspects of this 'big picture' view.

I believe the signs of Revelation 12 are literally two-fold. Notice the gap of time between verses 5 and 6 of Revelation 12 are separated by about two thousand years of literal time as we know it. So while this chapter of The Revelation of Jesus Christ is parenthetical to the book as a whole, but this chapter itself is presented in a sequential order.  

First-fold: this prophetic sign (many scholars agree) appeared on 11 September 3 BC.  It literally foretold by three or so years in advance the earthly virgin birth of our Lord. It was the sign that the Persian Magoi had been waiting on and were actively looking for according to what Daniel had taught them hundreds of years previous to that time. It was the sign they followed westwards into Roman-occupied Judea. When the Magoi saw the sign they immediately set out having the requisite amount time necessary to make that long journey from Persia, arriving in Judea in time to inadvertently alert the Roman puppet governor to the birth of the newborn 'King of the Jews,' and then to locate and arrive at the manger of our Messiah King to present their gifts. Satan was there also, as we know, because the Roman-puppet governor, being duly informed, ordered the slaying of all newly born male children in his realm. We know all of this from the Gospels.

Second-fold: The signs of Revelation 12 will appear again on 23 September 2017. It now foretells of what is to occur during the very near future of the 70th Week. It is a sign, among all of the other signs which our Lord has given us (Olivet Discourse), which alerts all watchmen to the season we are in. In this second-fold part of the prophecy, the woman is not Mary mother of Christ, but rather it is Israel, the bride of God, the remnant thereof, that God will supernaturally hide from the Beast (Antichrist, Satan-incarnate) in a location to the east of the River Jordan during the final 1,260 days (42 months) of the 70th Week. The twelve stars around her head signify the twelve tribes of remnant Israel, and which we also know will constitute the 144,000 Jewish evangelists who will preach the Gospel in saving the souls of millions of the Saints of the 70th Week. So this sign, this year, announces the fast approach of the 70th Week and the pre-70th Week Harpazo of the bride of Christ who will be found worthy to escape the horrific events of those final seven years. 

Notice that the appearance of Satan in both aspects of this prophecy are how he appears ultimately as the Beast, the Antichrist, the little horn who rises up among ten horns who are the modern-day heir of ancient Rome. Satan, who will indwell Antichrist the man, or Satan-incarnate, is pictured in this prophecy in his final Beast form of having seven heads and 10 horns. This must occur in very close proximity to the Harpazo. Virtually all expositors of prophecy that I will pay attention to agree that the bride of Christ is caught up into Heaven in the blink of an eye with Christ, as Satan and his fallen angels cast out of Heaven permanently as the war in Heaven against the Archangel Michael and his faithful angels is lost. Would our Lord remove us from this earth to take us into a Heaven that is experiencing a final war between good and evil? No, I think we arrive there as heaven is rejoicing in verse 12.

We do not know they day or hour, but we know that the coming of the Groom for His bride is close; really, really close!

25 February 2017: It has been just over three years since this item was posted here. I have brought this discussion forward from December 2013 because at this point during these last days the astronomical events described in Revelation 12:1-2 will occur in just over 6 months time. I am reminded at this time of the sermon that Peter gave to the crowd on the Day of Pentecost. Peter's sermon leaned heavily on the God-breathed words of the prophet Joel  as recorded for us in Acts 2:14-39. As commanded by our Lord, we watch therefore for all of the signs which He has foretold to us.

Revelation 12:1-2 (NKJV)

"Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth."

The video down below provides an excellent introduction to this topic.  The referenced celestial event in these two verses appears to correlate to this event coming to literal fulfillment beginning on the morning of Saturday, 23 September 2017.  That said, I must make one thing absolutely crystal clear. This has nothing whatsoever to do with "astrology." Period. This is a study of Revelation 12:1-2 and the purposes of the heavenly bodies which the Lord Himself has assigned to them, specifically per Genesis 1:14, which says:

"Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years..."

I have just begun to study all of the elements involved in this celestial occurrence, having previous looked at just portions of this subject, yet I do believe it is something that occurs at an appointed time as the text of Revelation 12:1-2 clearly tells us. That this particular celestial alignment occurs in conjunction with the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) on 21-22 September 2017 is special to say the least. 

The year 2017 has long figured prominently in my eschatological studies, it is the year that will mark the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of Israel. It is less than four years into the future from today.  It fits perfectly within the number of years discussed in Psalm 90:10, and leads me to conclude that this final generation is indeed one of "strength."  I am of the belief that this celestial event marks the start of a flood of prophetic fulfillment (2017-2020) which leads directly to the commencement of the 70th Week and not it's midpoint as discussed in the video presentation. In no manner whatsoever does this date set the Harpazo, but it does inform one and all just how truly imminent the Harpazo is.

On Saturday, 23 September 2017 the moon rises above the horizon at 9:17 AM. It will be broad daylight if it is not a cloudy day, yet to an earthbound observer the moon will appear as seen in the image above on the third day following the New Moon of 20 September. Therefore, the woman referenced in Revelation 12:1 would appear to be standing on top of the approximately 12% of the moon illuminated on that particular day, the first day of the week following the Sabbath Day. As the angel Gabriel informed Daniel, knowledge in these 'last days' has increased to the point that we can see this celestial event in advance through the technology that has been developed. .

Enjoy the video presentation

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Global SITREP C4-17: The Syrian Situation Revisited Part VI

Iranian Routes to the Mediterranean Sea. Image: The New Yorker 09JUN17

Update 18 June 2017:
It seems disinformation has clouded the tactical picture in southern Syria. The 13 June update last week (directly below) regarding the conquest of Dara'a by Syrian and Hezbollah forces was premature and overly optimistic. What had been thought to be reliable OSINT turns out to have been pro-regime news reported as fact by Western media sources.

In fact, Dara'a has not been conquered despite the Syrian Army and Hezbollah's best efforts to take the city behind a significant weeks-long bombardment which included the use of napalm barrel bombs. For all intents and purposes the city of Dara'a has been blasted into rubble, large structures appear to be mere shells of their former selves. 

Dara'a on 07JUN17. Image MEMO/Anadolu Agency)

I would speculate (actually, I expect) that the Dara'a campaign appears to be falling into an Aleppo-like grind where the the Syrian regime's offensive makes no headway resulting in the use of chemical weapons by the al-Assad regime in an attempt to break the stalemate. We all should understand what will result if this does occur as Dara'a lies just 9 miles from the Jordanian border.

Further west, at the Al-Tanf/Al-Walid border crossing, US-led CJTF-OIR forces have pushed forward approximately 45 miles northeast to the desert village of al-Zakf to establish a second base camp. Some patrols have reportedly been operating up to 60 miles north of the Jordanian-Iraqi-Syrian border triangle. On the Iraqi side of the border the Al-Walid crossing was fully secured this past week from Islamic State units by U.S. and Iraqi Army forces, permitting the deeper penetration into Islamic State, and blunting the Syria-Hezbollah advance into this region. 


The CJTF-OIR forward push was augmented this week with the arrival of at least two U.S.  M142 HIMARS, a highly accurate HIgh Mobility Artillery Rocket System riding on the back of a 6x6 all-terrain vehicle which deployed into Al-Tanf. The introduction of the HIMARS has caused great consternation for the Russians, as well as the Iranians. It places Syrian-Hezbollah and other Iranian-militia troops at risk of devastating strikes should they make further moves into the CJTF-OIR Area of Responsibility (AoR) in southern Syria. HIMARS enables CJTF-OIR forces to reach out and touch the enemy up to 180 miles away.

13 June 2017:  The situation along Syria's southern border has seen dramatic change in the past 24 hours. The city of Dara'a just north of the Jordanian border is now under the control of the Syrian 4th Division and Hezbollah. Syrian anti-regime fighters have reportedly retreated south into Jordan or east towards the CJTF-OIR base at the Al-Tanf/Al-Walid border crossing defended by US, UK, NATO and Jordanian SpecOps troops and air power.

Most other information of the past 48 hours about southern Syria is either disinformation or pure propaganda coming from Russian, Syrian, Iranian or their proxies. Further update coming...

11 June 2017: This past Tuesday, 6 June, coalition aircraft attacked a second convoy of Iranian, Hezbollah and Syrian armored vehicles and troops threatening the CJTF-OIR base at Al-Tanf. The convoy was stopped dead in its tracks, most of it destroyed. It is this region shaded gray in the above map and in detail in the below map where the Syrian war appears most likely, as has been started here previously, to be where a great clash continues to be on a steady simmer. 

On Friday, 9 June, as reported by The New Yorker, Iran-supported Shi'a militias reached the Syrian border from inside Iraq, and this is somewhat reflected in the above map. But the map has to be looked at closely. As you can see the primary route passes through Iraqi Kurdistan or Syrian Kurdistan. This hardly provides Iran clear passage from Iran to Lebanon, yet that is precisely what most media has been claiming, rather prematurely I might add. Iran does not control the major highways from its border to Lebanon.

The current eastern Syria war zone. ISW Graphic.

30 May 2017:
Today, as reported by TASS, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the not-so-veiled threat of a possible Russian-US military confrontation in eastern Syria. This is the potential confrontation Eschatology Today has been warning about in this series of Syrian Situation SITREPs. Lavrov accused the US-led coalition of directly infringing on Syrian sovereignty and said
"these issues need to be settled, which is what our military is currently engaged in. 

The Iranian's are buoyed by this open Russian support for the combat operations their forces are engaged in eastern Syria and in northwestern Iraq (Hashd al-Sha'abi Shi'a militia), and now it appears they are seeking to directly engage in combat against the forces of the US-led CJTF-OIR and NATO which joined the Coalition effort recently. Iran informed Russia yesterday during a meeting in Moscow it is ready to double the size of the force it currently has deployed in Syria. The Hashd al-Sha'abi militia is rapidly becoming known as the Iranian Hezbollah of Iraq. This Shi'a Iraqi militia, under direct orders form the IRGC in Tehran will almost certainly now invade eastern Syria. 

The US has been dropping leaflets specifically instructing the Iranian militias and Hezbollah to withdraw their forces from the Syrian border regions on the Golan and Israeli frontier, and from all along the Jordanian border as well as the Iraqi border. The warning states that any movement of these Iranian forces towards CJTF-OIR Coalition and/or NATO forces will be viewed as hostile movements and attacked accordingly. The Iranian directed confrontation with US CJTF-OIR allies, the Kurdish/Arab Syrian Democratic Forces, as well as the New Free Syrian Army is now only a matter of time. The literal fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 will be the result of this imminent warfare. 

28 May 2017: Al Mayadin (a/k/a Al-Mayadeen) is a small town in eastern Syria's Euphrates River valley. It lies closer to the Iraqi border town of Al-Qaim than it does to the Islamic State's de facto capital of Ar-Raqqa. Just to the north lies Dier ez Zor (a/k/a Dayr az Zawr), one of the focal points in the war against Islamic State. 

CJTF-OIR coalition aircraft are claimed to have stuck Islamic State assets in Al Mayadin on Wednesday, 24 May. Other organizations say the airstrike was by the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF). Almost immediately the Syrian regime, their allies in Russia and Iran, and alleged moderate Arab media (Aljazeera) and left-of-center US media (CBS, et. al.) began whining about fourteen alleged civilian deaths as a result of the strike which they blame on the US-led Coalition. 

This is rather telling as all of these media are utterly silent when it comes to civilian deaths due to Russian and Syrian military airstrikes since Russia's intervention in September 2015. Russian airstrikes have been conducted since that time with what various observing groups have said is a "reckless disregard for human life" in Syria. A conservative estimate of civilian death due to Russian airstrikes would be in the neighborhood 5,000 men, women and children. A liberal assessment would be double that number.

Due to the fact that all of Syria and much or Iraq are active war zones, any number of civilian deaths are unavoidable no matter whose bombs are falling. However, attributing those deaths falsely or using them for political expedience is just as abhorrent as the pure evil intent and ethnic genocide being perpetrated by the Syrian regime and their Russian and Iranian allies. The fact is that airstrikes and artillery barrages in this region, both Syrian Regime and their allies and CJTF-OIR are occurring every day, often overlapping one another. Accurate accounting of who, what when is very probably near impossible for any one or group of organizations due to the intensity of the warfare.

The truly big news for this SITREP is that NATO announced that it had joined the US-led CJTF-OIR operations against Islamic State as the strike on Al-Mayadin was being heralded in the media on May 25th. Also the ground war around Raqqa and elsewhere in eastern Syria is entering what may be a final phase that will result in its liberation from and the annihilation of Islamic State forces. We need to prepare ourselves for a series of really horrific news reports when these areas long under IS control are liberated. The depravity of the Islamic State is as bad or worse than anything that's occurred thus far in either Iraq or Syria since 2003.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Significant Issues With Bill Salus' 'Gap Theory'

Depiction of the Seven Seals Scroll of Revelation 5:1

16 June 2017:
 Is there something in the water? One has to wonder when a growing number of prophecy teachers slide into teaching things which the Holy Spirit immediately recoils from as being inconsistent with the discernment He has always provided. The bottom line here is that, and this is said in the brotherly love of Christ Jesus: such teaching is man-made and is not of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, in prayerful dealing with this issue I was led by the Spirit to 1 Peter 4: 7-11.

The issue at the head here is that our brother Bill Salus has been teaching things which are contrary to the above linked passage from Peter, and contrary, in my view, to Revelation 22:18-19. 

A recent advertisement heralded across the web by Bill Salus "Revealed Tonight on National TV - The Nation Discovers What The Bible Reveals is the True Content of the False Covenant Between Israel and the Harlot of Mystery Babylon." The program was a pre-recorded discussion between Gary Stearman and Bill Salus on Gary's half-hour Prophecy Watchers program. 

In all actuality the program is a discussion on Bill's beliefs (i.e. "I believe") in which the unstated details require the reader to purchase Bill's most recent book in order to read about them. We are asked up front to accept as fact that what is stated by Bill is correct exegesis, even though he acknowledges that our likely reaction to the theory he puts forward is a rather lengthy stretch from proper hermeneutic of the various prophecies discussed. The YouTube version of half-hour program is linked above.

Readers who've long been visiting Eschatology Today know there are two types of prophetic interpretation and they are diametrically opposed to each other. The two types are (1) proper exegesis, which solidly rests upon careful, objective study as well as one or more gifts of the Holy Spirit for discernment, and (2) eisegesis, which is based on a very subjective personal reading of the prophetic text in which the author intends to lead the reader into the conclusion, or interpretation he has drawn. We know well the result of when the infallible Holy Spirit leads, and when the fallible man leads. The former is proper hermeneutic exegesis in communion with Scripture and the latter is personal eisegesis.

Three key points of what Salus teaches in this video are as follows. 

A) Bill Salus is teaching that there is an undetermined amount of additional time between the Harpazo of the bride of Christ and the start of the 70th Week (i.e. the confirming of the covenant among many by the Antichrist per Daniel 9:27). This is Salus' so-called 'Gap Theory' which theorizes an additional dispensation of time between the current Church Age and Israel's 70th Week.

B) Bill Salus is teaching that Jesus opens the first five of the Seven Seals prior to the start of the 70th Week; that the four horsemen of the apocalypse, (i.e Divine judgment), are loosed upon the world prior to the start of the 70th Week. This teaching also includes opening of the Fifth Seal which martyrs who have died for their faith in Christ Jesus prior to the advent of the 70th Week. This teaching destroys the integrity of the 70 Weeks prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27.

C) Bill Salus is teaching that it is the Harlot of Revelation 17 and the rider of the fourth pale horse, ridden by Death and followed by Hades (Sheol), are "the many" who Israel makes a covenant with that is confirmed by the Antichrist for 7 years.

These three are primary points and are directly linked to other points, as mentioned before, which are not discussed at length in the video, and do require a monetary remittance in order to learn of them in the newest Bill Salus' book. I strongly disagree with our brethren having to pay for that which God has ostensibly revealed to us through Bill Salus' theory because it is an eisegesis until proven to be hermeneutic exegesis.

Here, in a nutshell - because this is a blog and not a book - is the problem with this teaching. Right from the start this teaching grossly violates the integrity of the God-breathed 70 Weeks prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27). I'm going to concentrate on this issue for the moment. 

The violation is that prior to the sequential string of Jesus' judgments on the earth (Seals, Trumpets, Bowls per Revelation 6, 8, 11 and 16) during the of 70th Week, according to Salus, our Lord Jesus cuts loose the Antichrist who immediately goes out conquering an to conquer; the red horse whose release triggers a world war; the black horse which is rampant monetary inflation and/or price gouging from the scarcity of commodities due to of global warfare and the interruption of global trade and commerce; and, finally the pale horse ridden by Death and followed by Hades, which are the results of the global war, starvation and death that consumes a quarter of the earth.

Why is this a problem? It is a problem because these are Jesus judgments occurring prior to the 70th Week. How did the angel Gabriel explain to Daniel what the specific purpose of the 70 Weeks was? Daniel 9:24. So how can there be judgment prior to the 70th Week. 69 weeks were completed, and leaves but one week, the 70th to fulfill the purpose of 70 Weeks, not 70 Weeks plus a year, or two years, three, four or more. 70 Weeks. This is how Bill Salus' current eisegesis attempts to destroy the God-breathed sanctity of the 70th Week. it is a horrendous thing to do in my opinion.

So here, according to Bill Salus, are 5 of 7 Seal Judgments occurring outside of and prior to the 70th Week. Then the Lamb of God opens the 6th and 7th Seals within the 70th Week. Continuity here, anyone? No, there is no continuity here. There is no integrity. Five seals of judgment upon the earth opened by the Lamb of God prior to, and two within along with the remainder of sequential Trumpet and Bowl judgments which occur uninterrupted. 

Then we have the problem of the 5th Seal occurring after the Rapture and prior to the 70th Week according to Bill Salus theory. In this aspect of his gap theory the Harpazo, {a/k/a the Rapture, and also known in Hebrew as the Laqach, i.e. the LORD God's taking of Enoch and Elijah} of the dead and living Bride of Christ has occurred. The physically dead in Christ have been raised to life in their new, immortal bodies and those alive on the earth were changed to their immortal bodies in the twinkling of an eye. In a microsecond of time all of the saints are now with Christ forever more. But wait... here prior to the 70th Week there's suddenly another group of martyred souls under the altar who've been murdered, martyred, for the word of God and their testimony. 

How can this be? The dead in Christ were raised to incorruptible bodies just prior to this point in the future, so who has murdered these redeemed Christian brethren enmasse because they've preached the word of God as their testimony? The cannot be the 144,000 as they've not yet been selected from the 12 tribes of Israel, nor can they be those 70th Week saints who are martyred for Christ during the 70th Week. So, who are these saints? Bill Salus has no answer for this equally critical flaw in his gap theory. Get that? A flawed theory. Since when does the Holy Spirit reveal flawed prophetic theories or interpretations to men? Simple answer brothers and sisters: He doesn't reveal flawed anything; His word and testimony are inerrant.

Another item. The 70th Week comes in two halves. 1,260 days each, for a total of precisely 2,520 days, which we are also told by Bible prophecy will be shortened in order that the 70th Week does not become a 7-year long extinction level event for human life on the earth. And by the way, there is a gap, two gaps in fact, but they both occur after the 70th Week has taken place. Gabriel also informed Daniel (Daniel 12:11-12) there would be an additional gap of 30 days (one additional month) followed by another gap of 15 more days, for a total gap of 45 days following the 70th Week. So, there's a 45-day gap at the end of the 70th Week according to the angel Gabriel. 
Here's something else that I find to be a problem with Salus' gap theory. He says the first five seals are opened before the 70th Week begins. Where in the God-breathed text of Revelation 5 or 6 is this stated with the certitude of Salus' assertion?
In Revelation 5 (read this carefully!) the scroll is seen by John in the right hand of God. This scroll is written on both sides of its surface. This means the entire scroll is one continuous document which is sealed with seven (also obviously visible to John) seals along its outer leading edge (see the image above).
The Lamb of God takes this sealed scroll from the right hand of God the Father who is seated on His throne. The 24 elders - who are redeemed men - then fall down in worship. 
Jesus the Lamb of God was worthy to look at, recieve and open the seven seals on the scroll upon His ascension into Heaven. 
John sees each Seal being opened by the Lamb, and as each of the first four Seals is opened each of the four living creatures tells John in sequence, "Come and see." And immediately John sees a vision of what is within the text of that Seal.  
The 5th and 6th Seals are revealed straight away to John, and they are, as the first four are, FUTURE EVENTS which take place during the 70th Week and NOT PRIOR TO IT! 
Also, there is Revelation 7:1-3 where all of the aforementioned Seals are held from occurring until AFTER the 144,000 of all Israel have had the Seal of God placed upon their forehead. 
This completes my refutation of Bill Salus' "gap theory."

Thinking cap time. As the prophet Isaiah wrote, "Come now, and let us reason together." Would not Gabriel have given Daniel detailed prophetic instruction from the LORD God of any gap of time (days, weeks, months or years)  to exist after the Harpazo but prior to the 70th Week? Would the angel Gabriel have withheld this kind of detail when such exquisite detail about the week and its immediate 45-day day aftermath were given?  And why, oh why, did the Holy Spirit speaking through Paul in II Thessalonians 2:3 not mention even a single word about a gap of time containing five Seal Judgments of the Lord Jesus Christ along with a Great Apostasy and full revealing of Antichrist in his own time? 

If you are like me, and many other of our brethren, the believing in and teaching of this kind of eschatology is very problematic, and we have strong objections to it. Aside of the above stated issues, my objection is centered first and foremost upon the sum of this erroneous teaching, taken from Revelation 5, 6, 7 and 17, and it is contrary to the warning given in Revelation 22:18-19. I do not intend to belabor this issue further, and would prefer to dust off my sandals and move forward in my own labors,. I prefer to allow the reader to determine what they will about this.