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Global SITREP C4-22: Expectation of a Crescendo - Part II

French paratroopers make a combat jump into Estonia

UPDATE 27 June 2022: NATO announced today that the size of its Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) will increase in size eight-fold from 40,000 troops to 320,000 troops. This increase is unprecedented in the history of NATO and a direct response, albeit belated, to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

NATO SECGEN Jens Stoltenberg used diplomatic-speak in saying the eight-fold increase is due, in part, to NATO entering into "an era of strategic competition." Horsefeathers! It's brute force being called up to meet head on with the brute force and not-so-subtle sabre rattling of the Russian Federation. 

It is also not really surprising that this announcement was made today, just three days prior to the promised date (June 30th) of Russia's announced retaliation for the NATO "blockade" of its Kaliningrad enclave wedged in between Poland and Lithuania.

And Russia isn't the only strategic threat NATO is addressing with this expanding RRF as Communist China's threats to NATO and its partners in the WESTPAC region also are rapidly approaching critical mass. If any doubt arise concerning the prophetically important aspect involved one need only refer to Daniel 11:44. Yes, the world is that close, and getting closer with each passing day.

25 June 2022: Yesterday saw the SCOTUS render its decision to overturn an abomination that has plagued this nation for nearly 50 years. And we can make no mistake about it - this was a decision made by God Almighty, and we had a part in it in the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump to be President of the United States. No Democrat so elected would ever have made the reversal of Roe v. Wade a critical item on his/her agenda. In fact, neither Ronald W. Reagan nor the father-son tandem of George H.W. Bush or George W. Bush made a commitment to follow through on their campaign pledges to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Donald J. Trump made such a commitment and he followed through with it as the opportunity to nominate and seat truly conservative SCOTUS justices (Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett) was placed before him by our God. These three joined Justices Thomas and Alito, and therein lies the 5-4 decision victory for the sanctity of human life created in the image of God. Yes, God made the decision and He chose Donald J. Trump to effect its execution, even though the evil opposition was successful - at least and perhaps just temporarily - in removing him by illegal and unlawful means. Today and going forward, all churches who worship God can rejoice as one Church in Christ Jesus. 

This is a tangible reminder that our Sovereign God is in complete control; His Divine will has been done. As Christian Americans it will be our duty, fully armored by God, to maintain it by our votes in November, should we still be here to do so. Marana'tha!

24 June 2022: In yesterday's edition of Arutz Sheva's (7INN) briefs section was found a very interesting article by Rabbi Nachman Kahana. This article informed about the ancient Israelite practices following the Exodus from Egypt and how each breaking down of an encampment had four Levites chosen to carry the Holy Ark to the next encampment site. At this time the Holy Ark led Israel into the battles to secure the Promised Land. 

Going forward, and following the destruction of the Second Temple, it became customary to construct batei knesset (synagogues) according to the basic design of the interior of the previous Temples. According to rabbinic tradition (and opinion) the Aron HaKodesh housed Torah scrolls just as the first two Temples had the Holy of Holies (Kodesh Kedoshim) within which was the Holy Ark that contained the broken pieces of the first Tablets, the two whole replacement Tablets and a Torah scroll. To this day the Torah scrolls are contained in a symbolic Ark which is adorned "with esthetic and artistic accessories because they are sanctified entities and the closest objects Israel has today to the Temple (Bet Hamikdash) and the Holy Ark." 

IDF Major Ronen  Aharon is the commander at the HQ of the military rabbinate near Ramle, Israel. It is here that one will find hundreds of Torah scrolls, many donated to Israel's Ministry of Defense, that are being meticulously prepared for delivery IDF unit, from the northern border to the Sinai where the original Torah was received. This is being done in accordance with Israeli military law for every active and called-up reserve unit of the IDF. As in the image above, the highly revered Torah that each unit receives lead that unit into its deployment. As Rabbi Kahana makes clear, cost is no object in this endeavor. The IDF goes henceforth into battle led by hundreds of meticulous copies of the Holy Torah.

Israel Mapping Hezbollah's Military Sites

23 June 2022: With a hat-tip to our brother-in-Christ Chuck, Eschatology Today is pleased to present Part II of our "Expectation of a Crescendo" series SITREP. Additions to SITREP C4-22 will be added as we move forward or as they happen.

The information presented here can be found, and is free to all, at the website of the ALMA Research and Education Center. Consider a donation to the site if you are so led, as I have been. Mostly, I feel led due to the deterrence (and angst) the ALMA organization is causing and creating within the upper ranks of the terror organization. Much of that is due to simply the content published online and the effect it has been having. Especially the publishing of details about Hezbollah's military installations and sites in southern Lebanon

To be sure, much of this is very likely known to the intelligence services of the IDF, but there are likely aspects of the OSINT that have added to the overall intel picture the IDF possesses about Hezbollah's military sites. We've reported here many times over that the IDF's brass have stated abundantly that in the coming war Hezbollah will cease to exist. The prophecy of Joshua 13 would appear to foretell that coming reality in geographic detail.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Global SITREP C3-22: Expectation of a Crescendo

U.S. warship patrolling the Taiwan Strait

UPDATE 17 JUNE 2022: The Israel-Iran nuclear weapons crisis, as noted at the opening of this SITREP on 10 June, has finally reached (pun intended) critical mass in the MSM with the publication yesterday of an OpEd on THE HILL entitled: "Israel and Iran: Five Minutes to Armageddon." The linked opinion piece hits all of the critical points made on Eschatology Today for years now; it even validates one-hundred percent everything revealed publicly by Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu regarding the treasure trove of documentation seized by the Mossad from a clandestine warehouse in Tehran in 2018, as well as acknowledging that the JCPOA "nuclear deal" is dead. Yet it was the official IAEA admission about Iran's mastery of the nuclear fuel cycle to nuclear weapons capability that broke the proverbial camel's back. It is well worth your time to read the linked OpEd, even though the secular opinion piece totally botches the prophetic truth regarding Har Megiddo. Consider this update the follow-up to the opening of this Global SITREP C3-22 on 10 June.

UPDATE 16 JUNE 2022: In the WESTPAC - China has unilaterally declared the Taiwan Strait and Taiwanese territories to be sovereign to Communist China. The Taiwanese, the US, Japan, ROK, Australia and other Western Allies all reject the Communist claims. Putin of the Russian Federation supports China. 

Russia and China have recently held naval exercises simulating war against the Western Allies in the WESTPAC. When war erupts here it will be China/Russia versus the Western Allies. It will be a global and nuclear war.

13 JUNE 2022:Two more Iranian scientist working for the Iranian Air Force (IRIAF) and within the complex IRGC aerospace programs for military applications (satellites, drones, ballistic missiles) have become deceased under mysterious circumstances within hours of each other. These two additional deaths continue the unbroken string of assassinations of key individuals within the IRGC's military nuclear and weapons development programs. 

In Israel a Knesset vote is expected today that, if it fails, could lead to a new law instituting full Israeli sovereignty to Judea and Samaria. At present Israelis living in Judea and Samaria living in Area C have been under a legal construct which will expire on 30 June 2022. If the existing law were to expire Israeli citizens living here would have little or no legal protections or rights; they would find themselves within a legal limbo. Given the fractious nature of the current Knesset, if this existing law is not reinstituted a number of MKs have pledged to bring forward and vote on a law to institute full sovereignty to Judea and Samaria. The last attempt at reinstitution in the Knesset failed. Another failure could bring down the government and result in the full sovereignty law been implemented. One need not think very hard to know how the Arab-Islamic world would react.

Damaged runways: Damascus Int'l (click to enlarge)

11 JUNE 2022: It has been confirmed, at 04:00 Friday morning, 10JUN22, the Israeli Air Force struck and put completely out of operation both of the primary runways at Damascus International Airport. This breaking news would have been posted yesterday morning but it was initially suspected to be enemy disinformation due to its unprecedented nature. 

Confirmation of the airstrike came in the form of the above satellite photo reconnaissance imagery by ISI. The image was distributed globally yesterday morning, and the rapidity of its public release speaks to its importance. The reconnaissance image serves as outstanding real-time Battle Damage Assessment ((BDA) clearly indicates three high-precision ordnance impacts (yellow boxes) on the center-line of each runway that destroyed the entire width of both the northern and southern runway at each point of impact. Optical or laser guidance is used in such precision airstrikes. 

Yesterday the government (Foreign Ministry) of the Russian Federation also publicly condemned the State of Israel for the airstrike. That the Russian government has any leeway to cite "the norms of international law" is patently ludicrous given its genocidal operations in the Republic of Ukraine. 

10 JUNE 2022: The image above shows the exterior of the newly constructed cathedral of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Given the time in which we live, it can be said this is the cathedral of Gog of Magog. However, that aside what will be said here about it is that this cathedral is NOT dedicated to Christ's Victory, but to the military victories of the former Soviet Union and those hoped for by the current Russian Federation. In a very real sense the present day armed forces of Russia are the Federation's new. man-made theological construct of Russian Orthodox patriarch Cyril, Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu, and as such it is the central focus of the Orthodox state religion of the Russian Federation. This edifice is one highly mythological creation of the state and has zero to do with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is where genocide is worshipped and glorified for its own sake.

It was recently revealed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), but wholly ignored by virtually all media, that the Islamic Republic of Iran has exceeded the nuclear threshold in having mastered the entire nuclear fuel cycle and can indigenously manufacture its own stockpile of nuclear weapons. This abominable Iranian achievement lies on the doorstep of both the U.S. Biden Administration and the Israeli government of Naftali Bennet as they have done nothing significant to preempt it. The deaths and bombing of Iranian scientists and facilities were inconsequential even though they offered the hope of something better for the world at large as a counter to the apocalyptic plans of the Twelver clerics ruling in Tehran. Only immediate military action will suffice at this time and for a very short window of opportunity. However, there are signs that such military action is in advanced planning stages with execution having been practiced in large-scale exercises just last week by Israel, and the U.S. within the past couple of days. 

Monday, May 30, 2022

Global SITREP C2-22: The Kill Phase of the Great Reset

30 May 2022: We've covered a lot of Bible-based "last days" ground, so to speak, in recent Global SITREPs and all of it has been of critical import in understanding exactly where we are in this current season. 

This SITREP will offer a very good look, or as I commented in the comments section of the article we're going to look at, an EXSUM or real-world/real-time synopsis of the events foretold in The Apocalypse (Revelation of Jesus Christ. 

As you read the following linked article by Leo Hohmann you'll see virtually all of the details John on Patmos was presented, but in terms everyone of us can relate to either as in-progress or as headlines that will shortly be published by the MSM.

Secondly, follow the link embedded within the highlighted name: Yuval Noah Harari. The plans of these WEF people led by Schwab and his chief advisor are without question positively satanic. And, fair warning, this is meat and potatoes fare. Please allow plenty of time to digest it all. Dessert will be our soon Harpazo in the air with the Lord.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Global SITREP C1-22: Strikes in Syria Continue


Image capture: Masyaf, Syria 13MAY22

2nd Update Below 16 May 2022: Turning a watchman's gaze to Syria... again.

This past Friday the IAF repeatedly struck an underground bunker and tunnel complex is the vicinity of Masyaf, Hama Province, Syria. This facility struck was constructed after previous IAF strikes destroyed similar structures in this area.

These strike completely obliterated the newly constructed bunker and tunnel complex. Initial reports are of several dead and many wounded in the Friday strikes. The  nine dead and dozen wounded in the strikes are presumed to be Syrian, Iranian/IRGC and Iraqi Shi'a militia and Lebanese Hezbollah. A Pantsir air defense system and its crew which were targeting inbound IAF missiles and aircraft was also annihilated.

The assessment is that retaliation is a certainty. 

17 MAY 2022: The war alert level is higher than assessed previously.

In the past week intelligence collection has discovered that Iran has successfully transferred a number of Kh-55 Granat (Soumar) cruise missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon. These cruise missiles we've noted previously, were reverse engineered from their original nuclear-capable Russian design.

Hezbollah, or IRGC troops in Lebanon, can utilize these weapons to strike as Israel's off-shore oil and gas platforms or any other strategic target in Israel that would fit in their determined Order of Battle (OOB).

This intelligence discovery immediately preceded the series of strikes at the now eliminated underground facilities and tunnel complex around Masyaf, Hama Province in Syria last on 13 May. Locating the surviving Kh-55s is certainly a very high priority for the IDF. Additional strikes are a certainty, and one of which could ignite the expected fulfillment of the parallel Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 prophecies.

UPDATE 18 MAY 2022: Reports have begun to emerge that Russia fired an S-300 (NATO Name: SA-10 GRUMBLE) air defense missile at an IAF F16I Sufa strike aircraft during its attack on the underground bunker complex at Masyaf on 13 MAY.  

The SA-10 missed its intended target for one of two possible reasons. Either the Russian's radar lock-on was never achieved (indicating possible Syrian operation of the battery), or the F-16I Sufa's Electronic Warfare Counter-Measures (EWCM) sent the Russian missile off chasing phantom ghosts. The second reason seems the most plausible. 

The bottom line here is two-fold: The F-16I Sufa returned to base safely and the Russian S300/SA-10 Grumble battery at Hmeimim has finally fired upon Israeli aircraft striking Iranian targets in Syria in anger. A secondary outcome is also likely to present itself shortly, and that is Israel's practice of informing Russia in advance when its aircraft will strike Iranian targets in Syria will be abandoned thereby increasing the risks of a direct Israel-Russia military clash in Syrian skies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Global SITREP B10-22: The Prophecy of the Week of Millenniums

10 May 2022: This subject is new and the first time to be posted on Eschatology Today. After becoming aware of "The Prophecy of the Week of Millenniums" it was time for a deep dive to learn all there was to know about it. That's when I found the article (linked below) by Dr. David R. Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries. No where else have I found anything close to the in-depth study of Dr. Reagan's on this subject; it would have taken months for Eschatology Today to effect something approximating what you are about to read. The excitement that this study will generate is unlike any I experienced in the past 52 years of my life since accepting Jesus as my personal savior. Enjoy! And Marana'tha!

The Prophecy of the Week of Millenniums

The Millennial Day Theory

By Dr. David R. Reagan

Monday, April 25, 2022

Global SITREP B9-22: Disruptions and Restraint Prior to Revelation 6

25 April 2022: The topic has been in the news lately and if one is not aware then just say, "noting to see here," and just move along. If only it were so, but it's not because there is something to see here and none of it is just coincidence. Food processing plants, distribution and logistics centers and sustainment warehouses from sea to shining sea have spontaneously combusted to place further strains on an already stressed national supply chain. If these were just one or two incidents in suburban America separated by many miles of interstate highway, that would be one thing. But when dozens of such incidents occur in a short span of time its something else again.

And its more than just a trend of mishaps. It appears to be orchestrated arson on a national scale. And yet it's more than that still, it's occurring globally. A short list (no time in my day to compile a truly thorough listing) to include the global occurrences would exceed 50 in the past month or so, from Canada, through one-half of the lower 48, to Mexico, to the EU, the Middle East to Central Asia and then to Down Under. And you know what, none of this has come about as a result of a third or fourth world war. And no, this has nothing to do with Russia's insane invasion of Ukraine. This is a barely glimpse into the future of the end of the world at war that John the Revelator was told to record as the Lamb of God opened the seals of the scroll in The Revelation of Jesus Christ, chapter 6. Thankfully and by way of our blessed hope of the Harpazo, none of us will be here to endure it.

This brings us to the cadre of evil doers that Ray DiLorenzo wrote about yesterday in the cover story at truth-telling Canada Free Press, "Under Attack By Spectre--This Is No Drill."

"Anyone who is familiar with the James Bond franchise knows that Spectre is an international crime organization.  Like Spectre, the World Economic Forum (WEF) operates in the shadows, but working under the pretense that they are an organization devoted to preserving peace and saving the planet.  They are, in reality, a criminal cartel whose only interest is world conquest by enslavement and mass murder."

The cover story is worth he ten minutes of your time to read, and in so doing you'll be as up to speed on the current state of affairs of the murderous globalist cabal we've discussed here as the global oligarchy, the WEF, the Great Reset, and so on. DiLorenzo's giving them the Spectre moniker from the James Bond film series is also very apropos. Yet, the Restrainer is restraining their successes and limiting their advances until the Only God Knows appointed time... which we who watch know is very, very near indeed. 

The Second (Solomon's) Temple
Coming to Home...

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has profound implications, soon to be manifest, in the Middle East, in Syria especially, and in Iranian Twelver designs there directed at Israel, in the same vein as the IRGC has successfully down with Hezbollah in Lebanon. This situation will also prove o be very problematic for Russia (Ezekiel 38/39 is a great, big hint!). Iran's use of Syria as a vassal platform from which to strike at Israel is wholly risking every one of the billions of rubles Russia has invested in Syria, its warm water port at Tartus and sprawling air base at Hmeimim. Also, Russia's ever mounting problems in Ukraine (recalling that God is in complete control) has resulted in thousands of combat hardened Syrian soldiers being airlifted to support Russian combat operations in the Donbas, has left the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria very exposed and left Iran's IRGC and Shi'a proxy militias from Iraq, Afghanistan and even Pakistan in a dominant military position. This has created great instability and will surely result in the Syrian catastrophe prophecies by Jeremiah 49:23-27 and Isaiah 17. Damascus will be reduced to a heap of rubble and Syria itself will cease to be a nation in the near future.

There is also the view, based upon a slowly reviving national memory, in Israel of what the Arab Muslims did in Israel between 1948 and the Six Day war in 1967. An article posted yesterday at the Israpundit website does a very good job of presenting this view. Worth your time to read, which is why the embedded link has been included as part of this SITREP.  An excerpt from the sixdaywar dot org website sums up the Israeli memory of those days, and may be a hint as to why the Jordanian monarchy and leadership will be pursued by the IDF in the near future as were Midian, Sisera, Jabin, Oreb, Zeeb, Zebab and Zalmunna were pursued in ancient times by Israel's soldiers per Asaph in Psalm 83

In this conclusion we have Eschatology Today's continuing narrative of why Russia's invasion of Ukraine has profound prophetic implications and serves as a catalyst for the fulfillment of numerous prophetic dominoes soon the fall in sequence, like a flood.


Monday, April 18, 2022

Global SITREP B8-22: NATO Pushes East, Russia Pushes West, Arabs Push Israel, and Taiwan Braces: A Perfect Storm Brewing

(UPDATE BELOW) 12 April 2022: SITREP B8-22 will begin with data points that will flesh out with time. 

As a direct result of Russia's continuing barbaric aggression against Ukraine, its western neighbors, and particularly the recent bellicose verbal tirades against the United States in particular as leader of the North Atlantic cum Global Alliance, NATO is leaning significant numbers of its military forces forward all along the entirety of Russia's western flank. Image above.

In the north these forces are directly abutting the Union State's borders. In the center just west of Ukraine, the object of Russia's current war of aggression, and in the south against the Black Sea region, adjacent to Moldova, Transnistria and occupied southern Ukraine. In the heart of NATO-Europe are hundreds of thousands of the alliance's combat troops, backed by strategic, nuclear-armed aviation and naval forces. 

In the past 36 hours NATO's intelligence arm (i.e. the intelligence apparatuses of all alliance partners) alerted Russia's possible use of an as yet undetermined type of chemical weapon in the siege of Mariupol, Ukraine. Mariupol, to be clear, is the scene of wanton genocide that makes the genocide that occurred in Bucha and other northern Ukraine towns pale by comparison. As many as 20,000 corpses reportedly litter the streets, are under rubble and in bombed out buildings of the once beautiful and vibrant city. The US and UK are leading the investigation. 

Ukrainian reports say the Russians employed drones on Monday that dropped ordnance filled with a chemical substance that is not unlike those used in the war in Syria in recent years. Ukrainian forces report civilians and a few of their troops in the city are exhibiting signs of chemical poisoning and respiratory issues. According to the UK MoD, "all options are on the table" if the use of chemical weapons is verified, with sending NATO troops into combat being one of the options.

West to East Prevailing Winds Ukraine-Russia

Update 18 April 2022: There has been consistent talk, primarily from Western Globalists and their MSM warning about the potential for Russian use of nuclear weapons against Ukrainian forces who are largely in positions in the east against invading Russian forces moving westwards. 

Cutting through all of the propagandistic rubbish, this is Western Globalist nonsense. The reason why is that Vladimir Putin and his military are not idiots. Any use of nuclear weaponry against Ukraine would result in nuclear fallout blowing right back into the Russian military forces building-up in the east as well as into the Russian heartland as the above blow-up of a prevailing winds map clearly indicates. 

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