Sunday, December 5, 2021

Global SITREP F3-21: Zero Hour - Part II

Photo Credit: Photo by Majid Saeedi/Getty Images

 5 December 2021: The details surrounding Israel's success against the Twelver regime's nuclear progress in recent months was revealed last Thursday by The Jewish Chronicle dot com. 

Details can be found at TheJC website. In sum, the article reveals that a team of 1,000 Mossad analysts, technicians and many subject matter experts assisted greatly by 10 Iranian dissident scientists were responsible for the July 2020, April 2021 and June 2021 attacks on Iranian nuclear weapons facilities, chief among them the A1000 centrifuge hall at Natanz (image above). 

In the months since then Iran has restored those interrupted capabilities and now, as we've discussed recently, has embarked upon the path to breakout nuclear weapons capability by further enriching the 60% HEU to 90% weapons grade HEU. This is now apparent even to the Western nuclear negotiators in Vienna who on Friday suspended further talks with the Iranian delegation which has been playing them for fools while pushing hard to manufacture their nuclear weapons.

What is also clear is that prophecy found in Jeremiah 49:36 where the  prophet quotes the Lord saying "Against Elam (Iran) I will bring the four winds from the four corners of heaven..." Eschatology Today has long interpreted this phrase to indicate coalition warfare against the Iranian nuclear threat, and still ultimately hold to that interpretation. 

However, as TheJC article makes very clear Israel has embedded in Iran a very large and capable force which has been repeatedly assaulting Iranian nuclear activities for two years with more and greater assaults coming in 2022. In this Israel has surrounded Iran nuclear prize from within Iran itself; the Israeli and Iranian dissident cohort has struck from every direction on the compass.

The coming attack, either this month or next in 2022 will be a full-scale assault at the heart of Iran's nuclear program. With the Vienna talks halted, and as we've stated recently, their is nothing further to restrain finishing the job of denuclearizing the mullahs in Tehran. We've hinted at this for some time now and perhaps you'll recall past SITREP'S that spoke of the new IDF military doctrine known as Israel Victory. Well, Israel Victory has now come to Iran in a way few imagined. 

The Iranian regime is frightened, and to not expect them to lash out with their proxies in Syria, Hezbollah, HAMAS in Gaza and Judea and Samaria and even in Yemen simply makes no sense. They will lash out in a desperate attempt to salvage the Shi'a eschatology from certain oblivion. That lashing out will without question trigger the full-assault the IDF has been preparing for these past months, with or without allied military participation.

There will be updates to this SITREP, probably sooner rather than later.


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Global SITREP F2-21: COVID-19 as the Globalist Means to Their Objective

27 November 2021: This SITREP has been a long time coming. In fact the subject of COVID-19 as the Globalists Means to their end objective - a totalitarian global government - has been a work in progress for nearly all of the 21st century thus far. It began as an idea, a final solution, if you will, and now has become their vehicle to achieve their goal. That goal you will recognize as coming straight from The Apocalypse (Revelation) of Jesus Christ, chapter 13, verses 16-17.

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

With images being worth a thousand words, Here are three that if you read them closely will go a very long way in explaining both the title of this SITREP and how they invoke the above Divine prophecy from God, to Jesus to John on Patmos.

Irish Newspaper from 2011

Close up which can be enlarged.

However, as will now be presented, depopulation of planet Earth is not the Globalists evil goal. As stated, this is a decades-long project and their have been several phases from 2005 to the present.

Read each carefully, Note that we are just 3 phases or steps from the goal.

So, here we are in Phase 9 in the above graphic, which can also be enlarged for your further study. I believe the message has been received loud and clear, zero ambiguity. We're close, brothers and sisters, because I believe none of the bride of Christ we be subject to the forced implanting of biochips that will completely control what people ban by or sell, or even participate in what will soon be daily life routines unless they have "the mark the name of the beast or the number of his name."

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Global SITREP F1-21: The Next War Will Be The Psalm 83 Finale War

24 November 2021: For nearly a full twelve years Eschatology Today has been keyed to the the Psalm 83 war scenario as a paradigm shifting event. The major domino to fall in a series of rapid events on the proverbial Road to the Revelation of Jesus Christ, a/k/a the '70th Week of Years.'

The sum of this prophetic scenario is the combination of Psalm 83 and its parallel prophecies by Isaiah (11:12-14) and Ezekiel (28:24-26) as well as Isaiah 17 and Joshua 13:1-7. To these we also add Jeremiah 49:23-27 and Jeremiah 49:34-39. All of these should be read as being part of a whole prophetic narrative to be fulfilled prior to the '70th Week of Years' which we also know as the Thlipsis and Megas Thlipsis (Tribulation and Great Tribulation). These prophecies are kinetic warfare enabled by the technology of the 21st century. These are lightning-quick missile warfare.

There is a member of the Israeli Knesset from the Likud by the name of Nir Barkat. He spoke today at a conference held at Reichman University in Herzliya, Israel. Eschatology Today views statements he made there as being a very precise summation of the prophetic scenario about to be fulfilled in the near-term as has been discussed on this blog over the course of the past twelve years.

"In the next attack, with missiles coming from Lebanon, this will not be the Third Lebanon War, this will be the First Iran War. I think we are not properly assessing the threat coming from Iran that plans to act against us in six arenas: The Lebanese, the Gazan, the long-range missiles, the attempt to establish itself in Syria, Judea and Samaria and there is also a new threat from home - some residents of the State of Israel." 

MK Nir Barkat continued with, 

"The Iranian conventional threat requires us to rethink how we not only harm Lebanon when we are attacked by the Iranian proxy sitting in Lebanon, but how we harm Tehran. So that when the Iranians in Tehran want to order Hezbollah to open fire against Israel, their voice will tremble because they will know that they themselves would be harmed in Tehran - and they are no longer protected."
That's quite a summation from the former mayor of Jerusalem of ten years (2008-2018). In the view of Eschatology Today the above quotes are prescient and descriptive in an almost peculiar prophetic yet secular sense. That may be the net result of Barkat's in-depth knowledge of modern military tactics due to his six years of service as a former elite IDF paratrooper. Major Nir Barkat was wounded during combat operations in Lebanon, and knows of what he speaks. He may also be aware of the above Old Testament prophecies as well. Whatever the case, his words have a profound resonance.

As has been stated before, any one of Israel's strikes at Iranian or Hezbollah targets in Syria could be the one which begins the toppling of the precisely arranged prophetic dominoes. There was another IAF strike in Homs, Syria mere hours ago as this SITREP began being composed. There were casualties in the strike. Eyes on continued developments, updates as they occur.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Global SITREP G10-21: IDF Defense Ministry Compromise

US B-1B Lancer and IAF F-15I "Ra'am"

21 November 2021: In the past two days news in primarily Israeli media began to emerge of a potentially massive intelligence and security breach within the private residence of Israel's Defense Minister Benny Gantz. An apparent lack of background checking by the Shin Bet security service appears to have allowed a common criminal, Omri Goren Gorochovsky, a repeatedly jailed bank robber, to work as a domestic cleaner with complete access in the Gantz residence. 

Gorochovsky, according to Shin Bet, had contacted an Iranian cyber operation known as Black Shadow (a/k/a 'Moses Staff') with an offer of classified intelligence and the installation of malware into Gantz' home computer in exchange for cash payment. The contact with Black Shadow via Telegram occurred after Israeli media openly reported on the groups attempts to penetrate Israeli security in October. It is reported that until Gorochovsky's discovery by Israeli counter-intelligence his access and activities inside the Gantz private residence had been continuous since April 2019. Now it appears, as one might expect, a cover is being laid over the three years of Gorochovsky's spying activities, the full extent of which might not ever be revealed.

Considering all that has taken place in Israel, and in its relations with the US, and pending almost certain military action against the Iranian nuclear program as the above image attests, the incredible damage that have occurred in the revealing of classified planning for such a strike, the nations involved and details of the same are incalculable. It is also recalled that Gantz' personal cellphone was hacked by Iranian intelligence in 2019. Personal details (PII) on hundreds of IDF soldiers were released, IDF deployments including that of an entire combat brigade, have also been released, so there is no question that a massive security breach had taken place. If Gorochovsky's activities are not solely responsible for this security breach, then there are other well placed moles within Israel's defense establishment. We'll see how this develops if more revelations are forthcoming.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Global SITREP G9-21: Polemos and Akatastasia

Artistic Depiction of Jesus' Olivet Discourse

18 November 2021: In Jesus Olivet Discourse Jesus spoke these words: "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars..." The one Koine Greek word Matthew, Mark and Luke used for "wars" is polemos. Luke went further and combined polemos with akatastasia

Polemos means warfare, either literally as in kinetic warfare (WWI, WWII, Iraq War, etc.) or figurative warfare. The phrase Jesus spoke "wars and rumors of wars" of the often quoted Olivet Discourse has the meaning of both kinetic and figurative war. 

The readers of Eschatology Today should be, but perhaps are not completely familiar with the terms used here over the years which constitute figurative war. Information Warfare (IW) is figurative war. It is war of a different kind, a non-kinetic or physically destructive war. Cyber Warfare (CW) is another type of figurative warfare and can be both physically destructive as well as non-kinetic disruption of computer code. There are other types of figurative war, but you get the point. 

What is occurring of late on the Poland-Belarus border is a war, at the moment it is a type of figurative war which virtually no one here is likely to be familiar with. It's also abbreviated as IW, but this IW stands for Irregular Warfare. Irregular warfare is warfare waged against the things of value or worth in a given society. In this case Vladimir Putin is waging irregular warfare on the eastern border of the EU and NATO against the heart of axiological values that Western Civilization has with regard to human life.

As the 1945 website put it a couple of days ago, "Putin’s irregular warfare (IW) playbook aims to hit the West at the heart of our axiological fabric, where values and assumptions about the sanctity of human life clash head-on with the irreducible duty of the state to provide for border integrity and security." 

Get that? It is the exact same thing that is taking place on the U.S. southern border with Mexico. What Vladimir Putin has done on the Polish border is take a page of the Deep State/Globalist playbook in its ongoing takeover of our government. Refugees are the weapons in this type of irregular warfare.

Now, getting back to Luke's Gospel, another point that it even more important to make here is how Luke presented Jesus' words about the sign of "wars and rumors of wars." Luke, the good doctor, used the educated words polemos and akatastasia. Akatastasia (ak-atastah-see'ah) has the meanings of instability, states of disorder, disturbance, confusion, tumult. 

So, as anyone can see Luke's account of this phrase within Jesus' Olivet Discourse is the most accurate in describing the big picture of the world as we know it today as a sign of the nearness of His coming, of the nearness of the Harpazo. "Wars and rumors of wars" has garnered most of the eschatological headlines over the years and is the leading phrase in books on Bible prophecy, in common use in Christian circles and on this blog as well, but as a specific response to the apostles question, "And what be the sign of Your coming and the end of the age" Luke's gospel account is the most complete, the most accurate in the meaning of the words he used: "But when you hear of wars and instability, states of disorder, disturbances, confusions and tumult..." 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Global SITREP G8-21: The Crisis in Jerusalem

The former U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, Israel

14 November 2021: Around 5 AM this morning Eschatology Today received an Email notification from a Jewish source in Jerusalem, Israel. Briefly stated, the news is that the Biden Administration has been pressuring the Israeli government to "abandon Israel's sovereignty over the entire city of Jerusalem." To this end the Biden Administration, and Eschatology Today has been very unambiguous about who and what constitutes the "Biden Administration, plans to separate the former US Consulate General (18 Argon Street) in the city to serve as the U.S. Embassy to "Palestine." This effort has been in Israel's secular news within the past couple of days, most notably in The Jerusalem Post

On the surface this effort seeks to undo all that was accomplished by the Trump Administration in 2018 with the move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (14 David Flusser Street) in recognition of the 2017 U.S. declaration of Jerusalem as "the eternal and sacred capital" of the State of Israel. The functions of the consulate general were then merged into the U.S. Embassy to serve as a Palestinian Affairs Unit. Thus far the government of Israel has expressed vehement opposition to Biden-Blinken plan, and that is a good thing.

However, the godless Biden Administration and its State Department agenda to force Israel to renounce its sovereignty over Jerusalem is prophetically explosive to say the least. Zechariah 12 stands as the prophetically clear danger claxon to all concerned. But even more than that, Jeremiah 12 is indicative of the nearness of the coming deliverance of all Israel during the 70th Week of years. If you're not clear-minded about the prophecy of Jeremiah 12, now would be a very, very good time to refresh! Eschatology Today views this as a great sign for the end of the current dispensation and the brief dispensation which follows - the 7 literal years of the prophetic 70th Week of Israel. 

In whose name is Jerusalem? It is where the Lord God has placed His Name (2 Kings 21:4-7).

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Global SITREP G7-21: "I will turn thee back; put hooks into thy jaws"

The Poland-Belarus Border

10 November 2021: There have been dozens of attempts by refugees, almost certainly pushed by Belarusian forces, to breach the border throughout the day today. Additional provocations included Russia sending nuclear-capable Tu-22M3 (NATO Name: "Backfire-C") strategic bombers and MiG strike aircraft over Belarus. The flight of these aircraft clearly signaled an intent to strike deep into the European Union should hostilities erupt during this Russian manufactured crisis. 

9 November 2021: Poland has massed 12,000 of its troops on its eastern border with Belarus in anticipation of a deliberate armed escalation by Belarusian armed forces, backed by Russia. This crisis features at least 4,000 increasingly desperate migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa enduring sub-freezing conditions with little food or water in the forested area on the border. The migrants are being herded by the Belarussian armed forces from across the country to the common border crossing in the Grodno region. The clear objective of Belarus and Russia is to destabilize EU and NATO member nations in eastern and central Europe.

The migrants, mostly young males, entered Belarus by invitation. They may have been promised passage by the Belarusian government to travel further west into the European Union. The Belarusian tyrant, Aleksandr Lukashenko, quickly turned the migrant horde into international pawns in a power play against the European Union which enacted sanctions against Belarus over Lukashenko's fraudulent election and brutal crackdown of tens of thousands of Belarusian citizens who protested the staged election results.

Poland PM Morawiecki with Polish troops
at the Belarus border this morning

To be sure, this is an East vs West confrontation in Eastern Europe, pitting Belarus supported strongly as a sock-puppet state of the Russian Federation against the European Union and the NATO Alliance. Germany is calling upon EU member nations to fully support Poland, others are calling for invoking NATO Article V in defense of Poland's sovereignty. Migrants of this type has previously forced their way into Poland as well as fellow EU and NATO allies Lithuania and Latvia. Thus a "line in the sand" has been drawn by Poland to first defend itself from invasion and to defend the EU and NATO allies from invasion by illegal aliens.

Late yesterday came news of another migrant caravan containing women and children to exacerbate the border crisis further. These migrants are also being forced to the Polish border by armed Belarussian troops. 

This is a clear case of eastern block aggression against the western inter-related alliances, both EU and NATO. We'll watch developments closely as the title for this SITREP clearly suggests a potential relationship to events preceding the Ezekiel 38/39 fulfillment. It may also be the necessary impetus for the rapid emergence of an all-European Army for the defense of the new super state. At present, America is an unreliable ally. Also recall previous SITREPs where the ten horns are engaged in warfare with an unidentified enemy when an eleventh horn (Antichrist) suddenly rises among them according to the vision found in Daniel 7. Yes, watching this very closely indeed.


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