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Global SITREP B2-24: Unprecedented Events Taking Place


BREAKING 13 July 2024: About 40 minutes ago a sniper attempted to assassinate President Trump at a MAGA Rally in Butler, PA. The image above is a screen capture of the Secret Service detail extracting President Trump from the stage area. Chaotic situation, details will become clearer as time passes.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Global SITREP B1-24: The Psalm 83 War

Expandable Map of Lebanon, N. Israel, W. Syria

12 June 2024: Eschatology Today has so noted of late the incremental escalations in the war in the North between Israel and the host of enemies in both Lebanon and Syria it's necessary at this time to lean forward with the 2024 B-series of SITREPS in anticipation of full-scale warfare erupting. 

The Gaza War (a/k/a 'Swords of Iron') is nearing its finale as far as HAMAS and the PIJ in Gaza are concerned. Israel has achieved full operational control of the Philadelphi Corridor along the Gaza-Egypt border, the Rafah Crossing and is passing through the city of Rafah itself enroute to the Mediterranean Sea. Whatever the manpower level of remaining terrorist formations may actually be, their finite days are numbered and few if any will survive to fight another day. Eschatology Today will note developments in Gaza and with Egypt, but our intensive gaze is now focused to the Northern Front.

It is also necessary at this juncture to reinforce what has been noted here from the start of this current war - that it is the Psalm 83 War as prophesied as a lyrical song by the musical chozeh (prophet, seer) Asaph 3,000 years ago. Eschatology Today also reiterates that there are many who do not see this war as the Psalm 83 War. We believe this is due to the fact that in their interpretation all of Asaph's named enemies would come at Israel at once. 

However, a in more careful exegesis of Psalm 83 they should have noted that the Psalmist did not expressly say such would be the case. Asaph named the enemies, that they were of one accord, had taken crafty counsel together and conspired against the people of Israel, "to cut them off from being a nation: that the name of Israel be remembered no more." The difference here is that God is in full control, the Restrainer has always very active. It must be noted that at no time in Israel's history of the past 76 years did all of Israel's enemies come against Israel at the same time, in complete unison of an action to destroy Israel. Not in 1948, 1967, 1973 and not since. And not even at the present time. Eschatology has attempted to get the reader aware of this fact by asking folks to read up on the history of Israel's wars, particularly the Six Day War of 1967.

And furthermore, a more careful and thorough exegesis of Psalm 83 should have noted that in verses 9 through 12 the "deal with them as with Midian, Sisera, Jabin," as well as with the nobles and princes, were not concurrent; each of these individuals was dispatched at differing intervals of time, in differing locales and in differing episodes of warfare. Thus is the fact of the matter now, and why Psalm 83 is a currently transpiring prophecy coming to a final fulfillment in the days, weeks, or months ahead.

Marana'tha and in the interim, and without any doubt there is more to come!

Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars

Update 12 June 2024: The rapid replay video above was captured by the SOHO (A spacecraft which observes our sun 24/7/365) LASCO C3 observatory. The time lapse is from 05:30 on 11 June to 03:42 on 12 June 2024. The arrow pointer directs the eye to a large comet where it first appears on its approach to impact the sun on its far side. The resulting blast of solar material into space is nothing short of epic. A nearly 360-degree ejecta halo around the sun is the result of the impact. Thank God the solar material ejecta was directed away from the Earth.

Update 25 June 2024: "Time is running out" to address Iran's quest for nuclear weapons capability, said DM Gallant recently to U.S. SECDEF Austin. The above image was posted recently due to I&W that suggested a series of strategic strikes were possible next month. The US-Israel strategic working group on Iran's nuke program is scheduled to convene again in mid-July.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Global SITREP A10-24: The End of HAMAS and The War in the North Part V

The Theater of Prophetic War

UPDATED 30 May 2024: Eschatology Today may be the first to note that the current war launched against Israel by the Islamic jihadists of HAMAS in Gaza on October 7, 2023, and then joined by the Islamic jihadists in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Yemen has fully transitioned from a war of localized tactical engagements to a war of theater-wide strategic engagements. This transition brings us to the doorstep of the over-arching prophetic scenario discussed here for more than the past decade. The deployment and use of strategic strike weapons such as 1,000 miles plus drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles is the defining character of the strategic change to this war. As such great and fearful changes lie ahead as detailed by the inspired prophets of ancient Israel.

UPDATE 03 June 2024: Fires in northern Israel today started by Hezbollah rockets and incendiary drone attacks. 

Most of us will recall that incendiaries were sent over the border from Gaza into Israel prior to HAMAS' invasion and massacre of Israelis on October 7, 2023. Those incendiary devices sparked dozens of fires in southern Israel. 

How long will Israel wait before the Hezbollah menace is neutralized? The IDF is well aware that Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies have been practicing repeating what HAMAS did, but this time in northern Israel. The clock is ticking.


Friday, May 10, 2024

Global SITREP A9-24: The End of HAMAS and The War in the North Part IV

10 May 2024: Israel will do what Israel must do. Eliminating the primary jihadist threat of HAMAS and its Islamic Jihad allies in Gaza is the first priority of what must be done. The IDF will expand its military operations far beyond the eastern section of Rafah and in so doing annihilate the remaining for or so "battalions" of the terrorists in southern Gaza over the coming days or even weeks. The thing is that despite all pressures and intimidations thrown at Israel by the leftist Biden Administration and Globalist allies, the IDF is now fully engaged in the battle in southern Gaza and will in the coming weeks remain engaged in the search and destroy mission of terrorist arsenals (i.e. continuous demilitarization) hidden underground throughout Gaza. This time, finally, "Never Again" actually means "Never Again." Then the IDF will move against the terrorists in the north and will do so according the Scripture that results in a finality of Israel living peacefully, secure within the borders and none outside making them afraid... at least for a short while when the country will recover from these wars.

We make special note of the fact that signs in the sun, moon and stars are occurring now and throughout this year - as we've discussed previously. We've attained the level of technological development (increased knowledge) that would have made observation of these phenomena with the human eye impossible in the past. Wars and rumors of war, even of the nuclear variety, continue unabated. Global tectonics are driving seismic activity to higher levels that before. Global pestilences, plagues, famines are a constant concern as well. As the Lord said, fear not, these things must take place, and then the end will come. Marana'tha!

Monday, April 22, 2024

Global SITREP A8-24: The War in the North Part III

US Army M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles in Syria

UPDATED 22 April 2024/14 Nisan 5784: We begin SITREP A8-24 and Part III of this series on Erev Pesach ('Eve of Passover') by noting once again that nothing was resolved in the recent strike/counter-strike between Israel and the Twelver regime currently in power in Iran. 

On the surface the demand upon Israel's War Cabinet led by PM Bibi Netanyahu government to defer from escalation of the war primarily lies with the Biden Administration and certain European countries. To these demands Netanyahu's coalition war cabinet reluctantly agreed to abide, despite calls from the powerful Religious Zionist faction in the Knesset to strike the Twelver Regime's military assets far more decisively than what took place. And in Gaza, Israel's supposed allies (I use the term loosely) have so manipulated that aspect of the war that had they not done so HAMAS and its terrorist Gazan allies would have ceased to exist months ago.

However, the true fact of the matter is that Almighty God had no such appointment for this past week, or in weeks now passed for such decisive moments in this war, meaning that the process of fulfillment for a host of prophetic texts appointed times continues on the path He has determined from ancient times. 

Again, on the surface there is zero indication that the Shi'a Twelver's have abandoned their apocalyptic eschatological beliefs, and on Israel's part the determination to prevail over all of the surrounding enemies remains as strong as ever. In sum this indicates that West Asia (i.e. Middle East) remains on the precipice of tremendous conflict, the result of which we know so very clearly through Scripture. Put another way, the current status quo is most obviously unsustainable, even in the short-term and particularly for Eretz Israel which is still reeling from the greatest and bloodiest tragedy since the founding of the State of Israel almost 76 years ago, not to mention the dozens of Israeli civilians still held hostage by the jihadists who remain in Gaza.

UPDATE 3 MAY 2024: The IAF says it struck a Hezbollah base south of Damascus International Airport late yesterday, but Syria claims the base was that of its own army and eight Syrian soldiers were casualties in the strike. The IAF continues daily strikes on Hezbollah in southern Lebanon as Hezbollah, or their allies, fire rockets into Israel also on a daily basis. The IDF intercepted and destroyed three rockets yesterday. The final IDF Gaza offensive in Rafah and and movement into Lebanon remain imminent as has ben discussed here. 

The War in the North, much further north in Ukraine, is dangerously close to becoming a Russia vs NATO war. French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated his comments of earlier this year in an interview with The Economist of not ruling out the deployment of the French Army into Ukraine. In the UK Cameron says they have no issue with Ukraine using long-range rockets to target sites deep within Russia.

President Macron listed two primary criteria for such a deployment of his army: 1) Russian troops break through the contiguous Ukrainian defensive lines in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts or open new fronts in the Kharkiv and Sumy oblasts of eastern Ukraine, and 2) the Ukrainian government in Kyiv requests their intervention. This month will be critical for Ukraine as Russia presses its offensive while the Ukrainian forces are at the moment greatly out-gunned and short on manpower while waiting on the billions of dollars in game-changing U.S. approved weaponry and supplies to arrive on the front lines. 

Additionally, the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) claims that Russia has been using banned chemical weapons in its assaults on hardened Ukrainian defenses. These claims are confirmed the Ukraine's general staff. This comes at the same time as the Geneva Convention claims Russia is in blatant violation and committing the war crime of executing Ukrainian troops who make clear attempts to surrender. It is clear that the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin has abandoned its earlier claims of its invasion of Ukraine was a "Special Military Operation" and now openly declares that the war in Ukraine is "total war." We have here a clear and present danger of a NATO-Russia clash that could quickly morph into a World War III in Europe.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Global SITREP A7-24: The War in the North Part II

12 April 2024: The cyber-sky is full of media and supposed insider flak at present regarding the who, what, when and how the Twelver Regime might attempt to strike in retaliation for Israel's strike on the IRGC-QF headquarters destruction of eleven days ago. And this doesn't even account for a highly probable Israeli response, a potential American retaliation against Iran and the massive amount of international hand-wringing over the entire possible if not probable rumors of war scenarios. 

Most of the guesswork in the MSM citing anonymous official sources has, obviously, missed the mark thus far, they predicted before then end of Ramadan. The Wall Street Journal, citing a source claiming to have been briefed by the Twelver Regime itself, is the latest to put forward a timeline: within 24-48 hours of daybreak today.

Eschatology Today's current assessment of the entire gamut of known unknowns is what will be, will be. However, a direct mass attack into Israel by any or all of Iran's proxies, including Iran itself, could easily result in a massive Israeli strike against the Twelver Regime inside of Iran, as well as in Lebanon and Syria. Might this be a pending fulfillment of Jeremiah 49:24-27 and 34-39, followed closely by Isaiah 17, Joshua 13:1-7  and ultimately the final act of Psalm 83? We're about to find out the details of these prophetic appointment of the Lord.

F-35I Adir (Mighty One)

UPDATE 19 April 2024:

Isfahan, Iran. Limited Israeli Strike early morning 19 April 2024. This site was selected from the IDF's Order of Battle targets list due to its central location in Iran and its high value tactical air base.


Monday, April 1, 2024

Global SITREP A6-24: The War in the North

Iranian Consulate After the IAF Strikes on 1 April 2024

UPDATED 1 April 2024: It has taken several hours to piece together what occurred in Damascus around 5 PM Israel time today. As can be seen in the image above Israeli F-35I Adir strike aircraft have given a preview of what Damascus itself will look like in the near future according to Isaiah 17 - "a ruinous heap."

According to the preponderance of media sources a pair if IAF F-35I Adir's struck the complex of buildings surrounding the Iranian Embassy in Damascus. Specifically, the consular annex and the Iranian Ambassadors residence were leveled. Multiple fatalities, reportedly numbering 7 individuals, resulted from the strike, chief among them was Brigadier General Mohammed Reza Zahedi, a senior official of the IRGC-Quds Force, his deputy, Brigadier General Mohammed Hajrahimi and Hussain Amir Allah the IRGC Chief of Staff in Syria and Lebanon. The precision airstrike was directed at what the Iranian's believed was a clandestine meeting between the IRGC-QF and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) chiefs. The assessed death toll indicates that other terrorist leaders may have also been in attendance, as well as at least two other Iranian officers. Iran's foreign ministry immediately responded that their response to Israel will be "harsh." 

This strike is indicative that the IDF's directive of last week to expand the war northward has gone into its first phase of execution. It is crystal clear that this was a decapitation strike directed against Iran's senior commanders; it's what a military force would be expected to do at the commencement of major hostilities. Israeli strike aircraft were robustly striking Hezbollah targets in Lebanon and HAMAS, PIJ targets in Gaza. In all of this the IDF has maintained is customary silence with most of the media reporting being attributed to "Israeli officials" leaking data to the New York Times that Israel was responsible for the strikes. Arab media also carried similar reports. The aspect of the strike being a pair of F-35I Adirs may be assessed to Syrian air defenses inability to target for intercept these stealth aircraft in any meaningful manner.

According to Israeli and Western intelligence sources the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, its co-located consulate and annex building were the grand central station of thee IRGC-QF, weapons transfers to Hezbollah, HAMAS, PIJ and even into Judea and Samaria prior to October 7 and to the present. Some will recall that in the past five months Eschatology Today revealed that the Iranian Twelvers stated they were withdrawing all of the senior military "advisors" from Syria following Israel's assassination of Major General Razi Mousavi on Christmas Day 2023, and the strike in Damascus on 20 January 2024 which killed five high-ranking IRGC-QF officers, including a pair of deputy intelligence officers, Sadegh Omidzadeh and Hajj Gholam. The one thing Iran is more prolific in other than terrorism and outright warfare against Israel is lying through their Twelver teeth.

Yesterday morning well-known IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari announced that the IRGC-QF was responsible for the drone attack on the Israeli naval base in Eilat which was launched from Iraq and overflew Jordan's airspace. Iraqi and Jordanian proxy terrorists in the service of the IRGC-QF are part of an anticipated "harsh" Iranian response in the coming days. The Hezbollah Brigades, a/k/a Kata'ib Hezbollah, of Iraq are promising the introduction of 12,000 Jordanians to attack into Israel. Relations between Israel and Jordan have soured considerably since October 7, 2023.

Finally, Iran is reported to have directed its overseas IRGC-QF operatives (terrorist sleeper cells) to strike Israel's diplomatic compounds in the Middle East, Europe and especially in the United States. Ayatollah Khamenei has promised a bloodbath and said that Iran holds the United States specifically responsible as Israel's military and financial enabler. This is where the Biden Administration's open border policy in the southwestern states could turn into a disaster in an election year. Any sleeper cell terrorists who wanted to get in have probably been in the US for many, many months. Some government agencies have been issuing warnings in this vein of late. 

Watching continues...

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