Friday, July 10, 2020

Global SITREP C1-20: Rumors of War Part V

Israel Knows Iran's Nuclear Secrets
10 July 2020: The lead item in 'Rumors of War Part IV' concerned what was initially believed to be sabotage at Iranian nuclear weapons and delivery systems facilities. Now Eschatology Today knows enough to fill in some of the blanks.

In the past two weeks (26 June to today) there has been a total of six major attacks on the the Iranian Twelver regime's nuclear and related ballistic missile delivery systems sites. These attacks have been a mix consisting of sabotage by an Iranian 5th column who are anti-regime military members self-identified as "Homeland Cheetah's," state-of-the-art cyber warfare and airstrikes. The cyber and air attacks are strongly believed to be attributable to the ever-increasing reach and lethality of  Israel's military forces, specifically its cyber warfare and F-35I Adir stealth strike aircraft. Of course it goes without saying that Israel officially neither confirms or denies any role in these attacks (wink, wink).

However, analysis of these strikes provides abundant evidence that their occurrence involved the significant resources and capabilities of a nation state. The sheer precision of the strikes strongly indicates they were guided in good measure by the treasure trove of intelligence taken from the Tehran vault penetrated by Israel's clandestine operatives which PM Bibi Netanyahu revealed to the world not so long ago (image above).

Destroyed Natanz centrifuge production site ICAC
For example, an attack on the Natanz nuclear site (ICAC) all but obliterated, perhaps permanently, the production of Iran's newest IR-9 nuclear centrifuges which would provide Iran the capability enrich uranium at 50 times that which the IR-1 centrifuges permitted under the JCPOA "Obama nuclear agreement." With operational IR-9 centrifuges Iran would have had enough weapons grade fissile material for a live warhead within few weeks (less than 8, but more than four). Still, this attack retards Iran's ongoing uranium enrichment program by a mere two years according to Western subject matter experts.

The initial 26 June attack on the highly classified and simply massive Parchin nuclear and ballistic missile complexes caused extensive destruction to large sections. In fact, entire facilities were instantly turned into dust and debris. The other four attacks hit targets in Tehran, Kahrizak, Ahvaz and Shiraz that Iran claimed were for civilian purposes and were in residential areas of the cities struck. We can attribute this Iranian Twelver claim to equate to a tacit admission of using civilian infrastructure in the furtherance of its nuclear weapons programs. Put another way, Israel knows Iran's nuclear secrets so much so that they can't even hide them in plain sight. Again, the precision of the strikes prevented any collateral (i.e. civilian) loss of life.

These attacks are not over by any measure. The most recent in the series occurred about 36 hours ago. Thus far Iran has yet to respond to them in any meaningful way. That may be because they cannot respond to them. It appears that the Lord is fulfilling the prophecy he gave to Jeremiah many thousands of years ago: He has sent a sword against this evil regime which will not relent until the regime has been totally consumed.

Update 16:30 EDT: Just got word of another massive explosion which occurred yesterday in west Tehran. This initial report claims the blast occurred at 4 AM local time at an IRGC missile storage facility. A second report just received has two additional explosions occurring in Garmdareh and Quds. These two are also reportedly "strategic sites." Waiting on confirmation of these potential attacks.

Updates as they occur.