Saturday, November 30, 2019

Global SITREP D7-19: Missing Pieces (Jordan)

King Abdullah II, military staff and VIPs stand before a sand map
of the "Swords of Karama" exercise area opposite the Israeli border

UPDATE 30 November 2018:
 As KenB noted in the comments section, the Royal Jordanian Army, with King Abdullah present, engaged in a large military exercise on its border with Israel north of the Dead Sea. The full Report was found on the MEMRI website

In the now three days since the report was published it has been studied in greater detail. Of note is the fact that the Netanyahu announcement concerning the annexation to Israel of the whole of the Jordan Valley undoubtedly resulted in the Jordanians launching this exercise billed as being defensive in nature, but it was certainly much more than that against the "occupier of Palestine" and the "occupying entity." 

To the contrary, this was an unambiguous message to Israel of Jordanian belligerence for the obvious fact that an exercise of this scale is totally unnecessary to cause the destruction of the Allenby Bridge connecting Israel and Jordan. The Jordanians are not folling anyone. 

Also, the town of al-Karameh, site of the 1968 battle for which the exercise was named, lies north and 1 mile east of the Israeli border. This town was the northern edge of the simulated battlefield. The southern edge of the battlefield was the historical pilgrimage site where John the Baptist conducted the baptismal of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Allenby Bridge lies between these two points. 

18 November 2019: This is will be a sort of continuation of the 'Missing Pieces' topic of Global SITREP D3-19, with an emphasis on Jordan. Eschatology Today long ago established a direct link between the fulfillment of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 11:14 (NKJV) as quoted below. 

"But they shall fly down upon the shoulder of the Philistines toward the west;
Together they shall plunder the people of the East;
They shall lay their hand on Edom and Moab;

And the people of Ammon shall obey them."

We've been keen on watching for Indications and Warnings (I&W) that the current status quo peace accord between Israel and Jordan was in danger. On November 12, 2019 that specific I&W appeared in a MEMRI report that was based on the Jordan Today TV program hosted by Ms. Rana Hmouz.

The program began by celebrating the recent transfer back to Jordanian sovereignty the areas of Baquora and Ghumar. The land transferred, but the Israeli farmers will remain tilling the soil for a while longer. But then Ms. Hmouz got around to expressing the real intent of the program. It doesn't get any clearer than this message to the Jordanian people:

"But our joy is not complete. We have more demands. We want to see a similar decision that will let us trample the peace accord underfoot. We want to see a similar decision that will let us trample the gas and water agreements underfoot. We want to see a similar decision that will let us trample the entire Zionist entity underfoot. We don't want their representatives defiling our land...After Baqoura, we want to gouge out the eyes of the Zionists and their [Arab] supporters. After Ghumar, we want [our hearts] to overflow with joy when we annul the peace agreement in support of the blood of our martyrs and the Arab identity of Palestine."

What can be seen here is the convergence of purpose of the entire Psalm 83 confederacy, from Lebanon, to the Arab street in Judea and Samaria, to the terrorist factions in Gaza, and now including Jordan. By looking at Isaiah 11:14 the Jordanian regions of Edom and Moab appear to be the center of what will occur, their being militarily seized by the IDF simultaneously with the conquest of Gaza. The Jordanian region of the capital in Amman will be subdued into what appears at this point to be a type of vassal state to the greater Israel. 

Note in the map above that the northern part of the ancient land of Moab contains the future burial site of Gog and his military confederation's soldiers following their destruction according to Ezekiel 39:11-16. The prophetic new city of 'Hamonah' will be very near to or the same location as the present day city seen on the map as 'Dibon' (Dhiban). This SITREP will be expanded or followed up as new material is located.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Global SITREP D8-19: The Quickening

Trochka (NATO Name: SS-21 Scarab) Battlefield Ballistic Missile

UPDATED 22 November 2019: As stated previously on Eschatology Today, virtually all of the unfulfilled pre-70th week prophecies have one of more of their specific aspects observable in the news of the day. This have been true for many months now. What Eschatology Today makes note of now is that many of these prophetic aspects are occurring simultaneously and in a quickening of their occurrences. What had been months between their occurrence was reduced to weeks. in the latter part of 2019 the observation is of days between occurrences. The prophecy of our Lord in Matthew 24:6-8 is staring us all in the face. And as Luke 21:13 says, this is our "occasion for testimony."

The first three days of this work week saw events of prophetic significance. The Syrian's launched the battlefield ballistic missile seen in the image above at a civilian refugee center in Idlib causing massive casualties among most women and children. Surely this has application to Jeremiah 49:23 as it occured precisely in the location noted by the prophet. For illustrative purpose, in the clickable map above one can locate the town of Idlib. South of Idlib is Hamath (Hama), and to the north is Arphad close to the Turkish border.

Iranian missile attack on Israel
The day prior the Iranian launched ballitic missiles assessed now to have been four of the Fateh-110 type Short Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM), each with a 500kg (1,100 lb) high explosive warhead. These Iranian SRBMs were destined for impact in central Israel to cause mass casualties and unprecedented damage. However, Israel's Iron Dome ABM systems brought them down to eliminate that threat. The map above illustrates where the incoming missile alerts were heard in northern Isrel and the Golan. Israel then went on the offensive with the launch of 40 cruise missiles causing very significant damage to Syrian air defenses and the IRGC-Qods Force infrastructure they are intended to defend. Reports and online video indicates that Syria launched S-300s and about half of of them immediately crashed as the Israeli missiles destroyed their controlling emitter antennas. Here we're referencing in-progress or leading into aspects of both Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27.

The earlier rocket fire from the PIJ in Gaza must be seen as being an integral part of the overarching Iranian war offensive against Israel. We have shown recently how the coming IDF ground offensive is tied directly to opeerations against the regions of anceint Edom and Moab in western Jordan according to Isaiah 11:14, echoed by Ezekiel 28:24-26, both of which are integral to the 'big picture' presented by Asaph's Psalm 83.

Iranian protests against Twelver regime November 2019
In Iran itself the nation-wide and inceasingly violent revolt (image above) of the people against the regime (the king and princes) is straight out of Jeremiah 49:34-39. Notice ancient Elam region.The people have taken and destroyed police stations but not before looting their armories. They are well armed now, and have been pulling memebers of the hated Basij off their motorcycles and pummeling them to their deaths in city streets all across the country. Again, these things are taking place simultaneously, concurrently and even at this pace we haven't seen anything yet, but as I&W for what is to come, well, we already know that part in detail per prophetic Scripture.

Valley of Hamon Gog (Multitude of Gog)
In many SITREPs the scripture of Ezekiel 39:11-16 has been referenced concerning the burial location of the vast army Gog of Magog will lead against Israel. Just in case this location has not been identified clearly as being land in present day western Jordan, east of the Dead Sea, this map and its shaded red area illustrates precisely where the Valley of the Passengers, henceforth to be known as the Valley of Hamon Gog (Valley of the Multitude of Gog), exists now and in that near-future time.


Friday, November 15, 2019

Global SITREP D6:19: A Syrian Precedent With Overtones of Ezekiel's Prophecy

U.S. Forces Secure Oil Fields in Eastern Syria
6 November 2019: For several months we've heard about the U.S. forces in Syria east of the Euphrates River were being brought out, only to find out that they stayed, built several bases and were defending the Kurds. Then in October we learn again that out troops were coming home, only to find out days later they were redeploying into Iraq, and days later that even heavier U.S. forces were moving into eastern Syria to defend a whole lot of oil fields that our forces supporting the Syrian Kurdish Forces (SDF) had captured in destroying the ISIS caliphate east of the Euphrates River. 

President Trump correctly decided that fighting over that desert was not in America's interest; that's it's been fought over for thousands of years by the groups of people still fighting over it right now, so our troops were going to have no part in that forever conflict. So American forces were not going to defend the Kurds after three years of fighting side by side with them. Then, in a real stunner, President Trump announced, "...but we have the oil." And within hours of that announcement we learn that significant U.S. armored forces were rolling into Syria from Iraq to seize the vast oil fields that cover the desert all along the Iraqi border. 

Let me ask something that might be of critical interest to us. Doesn't this remind us of what Ezekiel 38 has prophesied about the vast Magog military confederation which will one day soon swoop down upon a wealthy and secure Israel "to take plunder and to take booty"?  

Has the U.S. just now become engaged in taking plunder and taking booty from Syria's eastern oil fields? And then look at Iraq and realize that this taking of oil plunder and booty is exactly what Iran has been doing in Iraq for months that has the entire population of Sunni and Shi'a Iraqis in open revolt against the Iranian Ayatollah and his military forces?

Yes, there's a whole lot of plundering and booty-taking going on in Syria and Iraq. This appears to be setting a precedent for the prophetic future in Israel we've been studying and drilling down on in Ezekiel 38/39 for years now. Plundering and the taking of booty is no longer some obscure Old Testament language any more, it's right here, right now in our faces, and even the United States of America is participating in it! 

This realization hit me today out of the clear blue like a ton of bricks. What do you all think; what do you have to say about sudden new reality?

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Global SITREP D5-19: Is the IDF Prepared to Plow Gaza?

IDF D9 Heavy Combat bulldozer

UPDATE 12 November 2019:
 The answer to the title question of this SITREP may well come in the coming hours. HAMAS and Islamic Jihad have launched another massive rocket barrage against the civilian population of Israel. Israel's Iron Dome defenses have intercepted rockets as far north as Tel Aviv. These are massive rocket barrages that target sectors of Israel as if a grid was being used for targeting purposes.

As this is being written the massive barrage continues with Red Alert sirens blaring in: Shokeda, Kfar Maimon and Tushia, Zimrat and Shuva, Nachal Oz, Sa'ad, Alumim, Be'eri,Beit HaGdi, Netivot, Eshbol, Zru'a, Yoshivia, Mabu'im, Pa'amei Tashaz, Klachim, Talmei Bilu, Tkuma and Havat Izra'am, Tkuma.
Current Red Alerts in Israel at 09:20 AM Israel time 12NOV19.
More to come...

3 November 2019: The focus has been to the north and east of Israel for most of the year because that's where the military action has been taking place, from Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Wherever the Iranian regime has reached out its bloody hands war has resulted. And as 2019 closes out it can be seen that many of those countries have had their fill of Iranian hegemony over their affairs. So much so that the population of Iraq, especially the Iraqi Shi'a, want the Iranians out of the country. Now even in Lebanon the Iranians and their proxy Hezbollah have created conditions under which revolt was the obvious recourse for the population, to the point where another civil war is possible.

Eschatology Today assesses that the rocket fire coming out of Gaza this weekend occurred due to a direct order to the PIJ from the IRGC-QF and MG Qassem Soleimani who needed something positive given the unrelenting unrest that been ongoing in Iraq and now Lebanon where his Quds Force and Iraqi Shi'a militias are supposed to reign supreme. Israel has expected the rocket fire to come from the north, so perhaps the PIJ action, for which HAMAS paid the price, was merely a diversion? We shall see.

In any event, HAMAS may have gotten the message when a squadron of the IDF's heavy combat D9 bulldozers (image above) suddenly appeared in enmass on the berms facing GAZA earlier this week. The message the D9's appearance conveys is that the IDF is well advanced preparations for a dynamic entry-in-force into Gaza. In other words, D9 bulldozers mean business. There is nothing in Gaza which can stop the D9's from erasing the current Gaza-Israel border. Israel knows this, and no so do the leaders of HAMAS and their other terrorists in the strip, and it's not as if they haven't been warned. And contrary to some Israeli media reports, this coming operation is not a dilemma for Israel, but one in which HAMAS sees itself in an existential threat.

Irregardless of that fact that the political factions in Israel have not been able to form a government, the threat of Iranian (and/or proxy) rocket attacks from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza should be a catalyst to set differences aside and form a coalition to meet the threat head-on. Surely Israel's leaders must be aware that they dodged a catastrophe had the family in the Sderot home not been in their shelter and been killed with the rocket making a direct hit on their home. Nearly 24 months of complete inaction in dealing conclusively with the terrorist threat in Gaza is wearing very thin on Israel's population. Israel's leadership, both Likud and Blue/White simply have to get their act together, less a messianic figure emerge to act decisively in their absence.

More to come, no doubt. Marana'tha!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Global SITREP D4-19: The Crisis That Isn't A Crisis

US Armor Moves into Syria for Oil Fields Defense
Update 3 November 2019: The decision by Presdient Trump has been to reverse the wholesale withdrawal of lightly armored American special forces from northern Syria. The reversal is the deployment into eastern Syria of a brigade or more of U.S. Army heavy armor and rapid mobility special forces armor that had previously been based in western Iraq. This armored force is for the defense of oil fields captured by the SDF and the US during the campaign that destroyed the territorial Caliphate of ISIS. 

U.S. High-Mobility Special Forces Armor moving into Syria
Some of the US armor is from the 30th ABCT of the South Carloina National Guard with their Abrams MBT, Bradley IFV and armored infantry troops. Other elements are U.S. Special Forces in the now familiar M-ATV SOCOM and the Armored Ground Mobility System (AGMS) which is a SOCOM-modified 6x6 Pandur APC (image above) used by Delta and the Stryker ICVs of 75th Ranger Regiment. This deployment was rapid as Iranian forces in Dier Ez-Zor Syria were seen to be preparing operations to seize the oil fields from Kurdish-Syrian SDF guarding them. The oil fields will remain in production providing revenue to the Kurds as well as funding US forces defending for the region.

US M-ATV SOCOM Force departs Syria for Iraq

21 October 2019: For two weeks Eschatology Today kept its keyboard idle while the rest of the world couldn't stand to wait to see what would come to pass and instead passed judgment from the instant the U.S. military withdrawal from northeastern Syria was announced by President Trump. And all of that judgment, including some from very prominent Christian leaders, was absolutely wrong. To his credit, Pastor Graham, reversed his earlier position to one of giving POTUS the benefit of the doubt. Smart move. 

In any case, it is Eschatology Today's view, as most should be well aware by now, that everything occurring in the present time is related one way or another to the ongoing fulfillment of prophecy. If you doubt it keep watching the news, it'll catch up with this SITREP in due course.

Prophetically, Syria is a house of cards, Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:34-39 make that very clear. And pulling the U.S. card out of the top tier of Syria will have the ultimate effective of destabilizing the entire house that is Syria today. Look forward and ask if Syria and Bashar al-Assad without a real problem in its northeastern corner would then find itself free to finally concentrate on the governornates of Idlib and Hama, leaving Iran, Hezbollah and proxies free to make moves against Israel. 

Remember, just before the announced U.S. withdrawal from Syria, Israel was in high alert status for Iranian missile strikes. That alert has by no means diminished, and intermittent strikes on the Iranian forces in the Dier Ez-Zor region continue to be struck by stealthy aircraft, keeping them off-balance.

And getting back to the U.S. forces that just left Syria, they are now in Iraq where they'll continue to hunt ISIS and be a northern hammer for the other American anvil that will remain in Syria at Al-Tanf. They will also defend Iraq from Iranian encroachment. These two forces can strangle any Iranian military moves towards Israel. 

This is almost certainly what SECSTATE Pompeo and Israeli PM Netanyahu discussed a day ago or so. Meanwhile in Jordan, as we were informed recently, King Abdullah II gave some very direct advice to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The King told her to stop with her interfering in affairs that were none of her concern. Good advice.