Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Global SITREP C4-18: Are You Ready?

These things says He who is holy, He who is true, He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens. I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, [f]and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name." Revelation 3:7-8

"Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth." - Revelation 3:10

These words are a preview of the coming Harpazo of the bride of Christ. The next thing which John on Patmos saw as he recorded these things in sequence was a door standing open in heaven, and then he heard a voice like a trumpet speaking to him, saying... "Come up here..."

Once again, we should read Matthew 25:1-13. The door will be open, and then shut. On which side of the door will you be? Are you ready?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Global SITREP C3-18: Dara'a, Quneitra, the Israeli Golan and Damascus - Part II

AP Photo 16 JUL 18 of Bashar al-Assad "Victory" poster in Old Damascus
25 July 2018: This SITREP will serve as the continuation of SITREP B10-18 with Damascus as an additional point of eschatological focus. 

Contrary to what some prophecy teachers may be saying, as of this date Damascus, Syria has not yet seen the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1 come to pass. The above Associated Press photo, taken a week ago Monday in the old city section of Damascus, is the entrance to a "Palestinian Arts" souvenir shop. To the entrance door is attached Bashar al-Assad's "victory" poster. He, and his Russian and Iranian allies want the people of Damascus, and the whole of Syria, to believe the war has been won and Bashar al-Assad is personally victorious.

Nothing could be be further from the soon to be manifest prophetic truth of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27! The reality now is that Bashar al-Assad is essentially the titular vassal puppet king of Syria; his stature is maintained by Russian combat power, supported by Iranian Revolutionary Guards-Qods Force militia and Hezbollah of Lebanon. Syrian military forces are but a shell of what they were just 7 years ago. The Syrian Army's troops are mostly Hezbollah and Shi'a militia from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan under IRGC-QF General Qassem Soleimani's command. These troops man a front line in southern Syria from Dara'a, across the northern Golan to the slopes of Mount Hermon.

Another dose of reality was poured out on al-Assad, the Russians and Iranians a day ago when a Syrian attack jet moving at a very high velocity penetrated the 1974 Seperation of Forces Line B, and continued a little over a mile into Israel's airspace, when it was immediately shot down by a pair of the IDF's Patriot air defense missiles. The pilot of the Syrian SU-22 'Fitter' was killed; his body allegedly captured by Islamic State (IS) forces on the Syrian side of the southern Golan. 

Yarmouk River basin in tri-border region of Israel, Syria and Jordan.

Let's consider those IS forces in the triangle formed by the Israel, Syria and Jordanian border for a second. This is the Yarmouk River basin, and it is very rugged territory. Flushing IS forces out or killing them in place within this natural defensive redoubt will never be accomplished by any amount of Russian or Syrian airpower. Steep, sheer cliffs, deep ravines, near vertical inclines and destroyed bridges mark its entire length. Eschatology Today would speculate another crisis point will soon present itself when chemical weapons are used for the dislodging purpose by the Iranian militia commander. The Yarmouk River flows south and becomes the Jordan River. 

Soon, if not as soon as full "Syrian administrative control" is so to be restored over its part of the Golan, Israel will be free to begin a wholesale assault on the Iranian-led forces all along this frontier. The reason for this is as stated above and stands to be repeated for emphasis. Syrian administrative control in any part of Syria is a fantasy; it doesn't truly exist; it is an Iranian charade. It has been true for some time now that the Bashar al-Assad government has no real power and Syria as a country is a failed state. Also deserving of a repeat: Syria has no real, coherent army which it commands and controls as the rebel factions destroyed it some time ago. What was left fractionated, and any semblance of a cohesive force was due to the embedding of Iranian Shi'a proxies and Lebanese Hezbollah. These are the forces wearing Syrian uniforms in Quneitra and Dara'a running up to the Israeli and Jordanian borders. They are Iranian forces under Brigadier General Qassem Soleman's command.

Someone studying Isaiah 17, verse 3 in particular, might recognize that the proverbial stage is set for a very specific fulfilment: "The kingdom from Damascus, And the remnant of Syria."  

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Global SITREP C2-18: The Trump-Putin Summit

19 July 2019: If one ever wanted to see the Globalist elite in a full-fledged and completely unhinged tirade, all one had to do was observe their lap-dog media reaction to the Trump-Putin summit. The unhinging has been on full display 24/7 and continues to this very moment on a global scale. From their pronouncements of "low expectations" prior to the summit to the post-summit cries of "treason!" nothing could be more evident. One could get the overwhelming impression, and Eschatology Today did, that the Globalist elite want, more than anything, for a world war to erupt between the United States and the Russian Federation. However, all of the media reporting and the unhinged Globalist spokespersons tirades are pure nonsense. Absolute rubbish in fact.

An eminently more truthful assessment of what occurred in Helsinki, Finland can be found on Brietbart in a column written by Caroline Glick: Trump Was The Big Winner At Helsinki Summit. Read Caroline's thoughts for yourselves, knowing full-well that they are a very conservative albeit secular point-of-view and something most folks will find agreeable. 

More will be written on this, but the executive summary view of this blog is that what occurred in Helsinki was known to the LORD from the beginning and it changes nothing regarding what Scripture foretells. In fact, as we will soon see, it enhances the certainty of prophetic fulfillment on the scale we have been discussing here over the past ten years.

First and foremost is consideration of the Russian presence in Syria. Nevermind the Iranian and Hezbollah presence for a moment, it is a wholesale Russian military retreat from Syria which stands on the precipice of literal fulfillment. Isaiah 17:12-13 guarantees it will happen. So, one either belives what the LORD has foretold through His prophets, or one does not. It's that simple.  

Those prophecy teachers opining that Ezekiel 38/39 will come to fulfillment by being launched from Syria are engaging in a very significant interpretive error. They fail to consider fully why Gog himself and his military coalition of allies would seek to take a great spoil in a military conquest of Israel.  

Wouldn't the loss of the billions and billions of capital expenditures Russia has invested in Syria, not to mention the unrecoverable millions in military hardware sold to the current regime, and their prophesied total loss be enough of an incentive for such thoughts to arise in his evil mind once Israel is safe, living in security and fearing no external threats whatsoever? Remember, not on ly Damascus to become a heap of ruins, but Syria itself as a nation will cease to exist as well. Same is true for Iran; it has poured billions into Syria (and Lebanese Hezbollah) and will be left with nothing to show for it. The sanctions and loss of oil revenues will bite, and bite hard.

Taking a step back, we can now see clearly how the Obama Administration, with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, made the current Russian-Iranian situation in Syria possible. Beyond the notion that the LORD works in mysterious ways, there are some things which need to be highlighted in retrospection. 

In 2009, Hillary approached Vladimir Putin and Russia with that now infamous and quite ridiculous plastic red toy "reset button." That toy reset nothing and emboldened Russia to believe that it could - without consequences - commence a military conquest of Ukrainian Crimea and southeastern Ukraine itself. Obama did absolutely nothing of substance to oppose this blatant military aggression. In fact by his actions he set the conditions for it to take place. Then barely three years later Obama doubled down on his unilateral surrender to Putin in telling Mevedev that after his election he'd have even more flexibility to surrender American military deterence thus enabling greater Russian military adventures - just like the one Putin began in Syria in 2015. 

These are the reasons why the Globalist elites reacted to the Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit they way they did. Trump stands as a strong American president, one who can literally look down into Putin's eyes with an accompanying firm handshake, and let him know that war is possible, but we would much rather see the Russian leader change course to avert such an obvious potential catastrophe. Bible prophecy tells us very point blank that it's the catastrophe which Putin and Russia will shortly opt for.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Global SITREP C1-18: How Much Longer?

6 July 2018: Most of you regular readers are probably well aware of Eschatology Today's position on where we are on the timeline to the 70th Week; that this postion is based upon Psalm 90:10 (NKJV); and that this verse refers to a final generation, a generation that is living today in Israel. 

"The days of our lives are seventy years;
And if by reason of strength they are eighty years,
Yet their boast is only labor and sorrow;
For it is soon cut off, and we fly away."

The oldest individual of this final generation, born in May 1948, this year turned 70 years old. Yes, Israel just celebrated its 70th year of existence. And there are just ten years, by reason of strength, remaining to complete the full 80 years. All of these years, those past, at present and in the near future, are without question prophetic years. We witness prophecy being fulfilled or in the active process of fulfillment on a virtual daily basis.

I recently ran across a recent blog post by our brother-in-Christ Don Koenig that also expresses his belief that the timeline is indeed very short, having entered the final ten years. Don is the owner and of ThePropheticYears website, and one I have been aware of and link to on our mainpage for about the last ten years. Don authored and posted very recently recent a most excellent blog post that I found essential to be linked here for your reading pleasure.

Final decade before the seven year tribulation probably has already begun

 We all know that Jesus will come for His bride prior to the start of the 70th Week. Please read Don's thoughtful reasoning on why that blessed day of the Harpazo is closer than many realize. There is no reason for anyone to be unaware of the season in which we live today.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Global SITREP B5-18: Gaza

17 May 2018: This approximately 3-minute long MEMRI video should be everything Israel requires to know fully that there is only one solution to the problem facing the nation. 

These other one dozen plus MEMRI video's are also well known to the government in Jerusalem, as well as the governments in Washington, Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Athens, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, et cetera, et cetera. Name the country and the government of that country knows full well that HAMAS can never be negotiated with into accepting Israel and comitting to live in peace beside her. 

Isaiah 11:14 foretells of the day coming very soon when Israel will have a day of reckoning with these jihadists in Gaza and the others plotting in Jordan.

Minor skirmishing with airstrikes and tank fire against HAMAS targets continues through 22 May 2018. Additional updating of this SITREP will occur when the IDF moves enmasse against the terrorists in Gaza as Isaiah's prophecy foretells.

IDF Merkava tanks maneuvering for assault on HAMAS and Islamic Jihad.

29 May 2018:
Early this morning HAMAS attacked the towns of southern Israel with a barrage of at least 30 rockets or mortar shells, possibly more. PM Netanyahu tweeted that "dozens" of rounds had been fired. Israeli media are reporting both types of ordnance as being fired from Gaza. There are no known casualties in Israel; at least none have been reported as of 6 AM EDT.  

PM Netanyahu promptly convened the Security Cabinet in an extraordinary session, thereafter promising that the IDF "will respond with great force" and that "Israel will exact a heavy price" in response to the rocket fire intended to harm Israel.  The IAF is currently striking targets in central Gaza as this update is being posted. The comments section below will contain any critical updates which occur today.

UPDATE 15 July 2018: We've all read the reports, so we all know that the 29 May update above remains the current situation 45 days later and the fulfillment of Isaiah 11:14 is closer now than it was at the end of May 2018.  Do not be surprised if the literal fulfillment commences within the next few days.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Global SITREP B10-18: Dara'a, Quneitra and the Israeli Golan

Liwa Zulfikar - Iraqi Shi'a militia under IRGC command in Syria
UPDATE  11 July 2018: A final warning given to Tehran via Moscow.

10 July 2018: Pay attention to the now bold red text in the 4 July update below. Any Syrian, Hezbollah or IRGC-led military forces crossing the eastern Line Bravo into the DMZ will trigger the IDF into the large-scale operation described. Israel again yesterday directly warned against such movement. Nevertheless, the enemy has begun firing into the Quneitra area. The rest will soon be prophetic fulfillment in real-time.

4 July 2018: Eschatology Today is fairly well convinced that the Syrian-Hezbollah-IRGC Dara'a offensive on Dara'a (ancient Edrei) with Russian air support was suddenly ordered into a "quick halt" by Russian generals at Khmeimim Air Base. That order came from further up the chain of command in Moscow because Russian leadership learned that an Israel counter-offensive was with hours of being launched into Syria. Indeed, at about that same time, and as if to press home the point, the Dara'a joint-Syrian-Iranian weapons and ammo depot was attacked and largely destroyed.

Despite the military halt in Dara'a, Russia doubled down with Israel on the critical Iranian/Hezbollah issue. This morning Russian FM Sergei Lavrov declared that a total Iranian withdrawal from Syria was "completely unrealistic." Lavrov issued his double-down knowing full well that Israel had recently attacked and drove back Iranian militia attempting to cross into Syria from Iraq. What part of that message did Mr. Lavrov fail to comprehend? 

Clearly, for Israel, the Russians should save their breath as the issue of Iranian military forces remaining in Syria is non-negotiable. How they leave is the only option on the table: either willingly or by being destroyed in-place. For its part, Iran will ignore the Israeli red line, as it sees continuing the offensive through Dara'a and into Jordan itself as a means to outflank the IDF on the Golan. The rest is largely predictable.

With respect to the Golan, and Quneitra, the above map provides a key visual aid. The thin purpule-colored strip of land is the U.N. Disengagement Of Forces (UNDOF) zone that has existed since it was negotiated in 1973. Notice Quneitra (indicated by the red-colored oval) lies on the western side of this no-mans land. It is nigh impossible for Syrian, Hezbollah and IRGC-QF militias to enter any part of the UNDOF zone, or even appear to be about to enter it, without triggering an IDF offensive operation to push the enemy forces back another 30 to 35km away from the Israeli border. A 30-35km push would mean the entire right-hand side of this image becoming an Israeli military conquest within a couple days time.

2 July 2018: When these SITREPs are posted they always contain enough information, enough keywords, for the true Christian reader to eagerly seek out more information from the Word of God. This has been true from day one of Eschatology Today and its secondary objective of getting the reader to seek out the truth directly for themselves. Sad to report, this is not happening with this SITREP; if it were the comments section would have been flooded by this morning with questions or requests for clarifications regarding prophetic content within the first paragraphs of SITREP B10-18, if not the title itself.

Eschatology Today will now illustrate because this is a "teaching moment." We find in the Book of Numbers 21:33-35 that during Israel's arrival in the Promised Land, that Israel turned up (went north) to Bashan and then fought and won the Battle of Edrei. With whose help did Israel prevail in those ancient battles? Is the IDF not similarly empowered by THWH God today? 

Here's an eye-opener: Edrei is the modern city of Dara'a. We must understand Bashan is all of the land of this part of southern Syria, from the border of Gilead in the south to Mount Hermon on the north, and from the Jordan River valley east to the city of Salkhad (Salchah). And Israel possessed this land. See the map below with a thin black outline across southern Syria. 

Those who have read Eschatology Today all these many years are very well aware of the frequent mention of Joshua 13 as a prophetic chapter for this modern era. Joshua 13 goes hand-in-hand with Psalm 83, Isaiah 17 and the other pre-70th Week war prophecies. Once again, the prophetic importance of Joshua 13 cannot be understated, yet from far too many prophecy teachers little to nothing is ever mentioned. Now read Joshua 13:29-31 to know what lies in the near future for these same places where battles rage at the moment. Know that today Israel's mighty army stands at the ready on the Golan Heights against the approaching armies of Syria, Lebanese Hezbollah and their Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force overlords. Once again the Word of God presented the past as the prologue for future events. Very near future events.

All the land of Bashan, the kingdom of King Og.
Eschatology Today - Out front where we belong.

29 June 2018: Israel Defense Forces crossed overland into Syria last night on a humanitarian mission to provide many tons of tents, food, water, medicine and clothing to Syrian civilian war refugees pushed up against the Israeli Golan and Jordanian borders. Several tractor trailers loaded with the supplies and forklifts where escorted by heavily-armed IDF troopers through no-mans-land security fences where the humanitarian relief was transferred to waiting Syrian civilian trucks which delivered it all directly to the make-shift refugee camp nearest to the Israeli border. 

There are an estimated total of 125,000 civilian refugees pressed into this no-mans-land in the tri-border region, and whose ranks are swelling at a high rate due to indiscriminate and unrelenting Syrian and Russian Air Force bombings in and around Dera'a. The three best hospitals in Dera'a were bombed into forced closeure. War crimes and crimes against humanity are normal fare here as in other parts of Syria. Direct Israeli military intervention is only a matter of time now.

28 June 2018: This SITREP will focus on the newest and most dangerous flashpoint in the Syrian war: Dara'a, Quneitra and the Israeli Golan. Considerable fresh OSINT is being assessed along with material that has aged for at least five years regarding Iraqi Shi'a militias operating in Syria for iranian strategic interests. These militia, under IRGC-QF command, have added Syrian Shi'a militia to their ranks. Thus Syrian militia is also under the command of IRGC-QF General Qassem Soleimani and the iranian Ayatollah. The in-progress OSINT assessment is pointing to these militia joining the battle underway in southern Syria within the U.S., Israel and Jordan deconfliction zone.

The prophetic importance, besides the obvious regarding Syria, can also be attached directly to Psalm 83:8.  

Assyria also has joined with them;
They have helped the children of Lot.

Eschatology Today has for many years held the interpretation of this verse to point directly at troops from Iraq. These iraqi Shi'a militia have recently completed campaigns in that part of Iraq and Syria where the ancient Assyrians once had uncontested rule. There are now on Israel's northern doorstep.