Saturday, March 25, 2017

Global SITREP B4-17: Is Jordan Nearing a Breaking Point?

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
UPDATE 31 March 2017: King Abdullah II of Jordan will travel to Washington, DC next week for a visit that is scheduled to start on Wednesday, 5 April. The meeting between President Trump and King Abdullah will occur on the heels of a meeting between President Trump and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi on Monday or Tuesday.

King Abdullah, as noted now multiple times here, is standing firm on the position that peace is not possible without the creation of a "Palestinian" state. Thus, the Muslim Arab side of this problem intends to impose its version of a two-state solution in any re-start of negotiations. 

With this being a pre-condition for peace, what purpose would there be for further "negotiation" between Israel, the PA and the other Arab states? This pre-condition has been rejected by the Arab side every time Israel has offered it. It was rejected by the Arabs in 1948, under the guise of the United Nations Partition Plan. when they opted for a war of extermination against Israel instead of peace. 

The rest and the end result is well known through Bible prophecy.

25 March 2017: Since the inception of the Eschatology Today blog there have been many posts regarding the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its fate or role according to Bible prophecy. Some of the more recent and important of these posts were SITREP B10-13 (December 2013, final Update March 2014), SITREP C12-14 (June-July 2014) and SITREP D7-15 (September-October 2015). 

With the current principle threats coming from Lebanon, Syria and Iran, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is quite often overlooked even though its role is central to the pre-70th Week Psalm 83 prophecy; the final destination of the Magog military confederation of Ezekiel 38/39, and Israel's place of refuge during the Megas Thlipsis or final 42 months of the angel Gabriel's prophetic 70th Week (Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 11:41). This SITREP is intended to keep Jordan and its hair-trigger status as the final engagements of the Psalm 83 prophecy draw ever closer to fulfillment.

On Tuesday of this past week the prolific and very secular Jewish writer Caroline Glick published on her blog a very important reminder of why in our eschatological studies we cannot ever take a break from keeping a watchful eye on Jordan. Caroline Glick's "The Real Face of Jordan" provides us with a very current reminder of the abject hatred about which Asaph was inspired to prophecy 3,000 years ago, and that  today continues to reside in greater numbers than ever before just east of the Jordan River. Jordan's indigenous population has been buttressed by the influx of a million Sunni Arab war refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Our focus in recent years has been on the potential for Islamic State and other Salafist jihadi forces in Jordan to over take King Abdullah II's rule in Jordan, or even of the potential for King Abdullah to side with his fellow Sunni brethren in suddenly abrogating the 1994 peace treaty with Israel following some currently unforeseen near future crisis with Israel. King Abdullah II has made such statements himself as noted in one or more of the above referenced SITREPs.

The harsh reality of the current situation as revealed in "The Real Face of Jordan" provides us with a history lesson encapsulated within the past 20 years (13 March 1997-12 March 2017). This is a lesson which was manifest in a Jordanian army corporal named Ahmed Daqamseh who turned in an instant from a supposed defender of the innocent to a mass murderer of teenage Israeli schoolgirls on a day trip to the inappropriately named "Island of Peace." The truth of the matter is that Corporal Daqamseh is a Muslim who'd done what Muslim's are called to do by their religion - murder Jews in cold blood. 

Four years after the massacre Daqamseh's own mother went on public record about being proud of her son's murdering innocent Jewish girls; that his actions were heroic and pleasing to the god of Islam. Right here we can see  the underlying prophetic basis for Psalm 83. Olam ebah, or ancient hatred, of Arab for Jew.

Caroline Glick reminds us with her report that the lesson to be learned was not so much about the carnage wrought by Daqamseh, but the hero status levied upon him by both the people and government parliamentarians of Jordan. On his release from prison the remorseless Ahmed Daqamseh received a hero's welcome upon returning to his home in Ibdir, a village in northern Jordan. He described Israeli's to a reporter covering this gala event as "human garbage" who will be "burned or buried" by the current generation of Arabs or the next, but it will happen he said.

Daqamseh is correct in that a conflagration between Israel and Jordan will occur, sooner rather than later. However, that conflagration will not be turning out the way Daqamseh, his Jordanian countrymen and their Syrian and Iraqi (Asshur : Psalm 83:8) guests envision it. The prophet (chozeh : 2 Chronicles 29:30) Asaph was joined by both Isaiah 11:14 and Ezekiel 28:24-26 in pronouncing the God-breathed fate of the people and lands east of the Jordan River; land which according to Ezekiel 39:11 will soon become the sovereign territory of the State of Israel.



Randall B said...

Completely Agree that Jordan is "a" if not "the" key to the unleashing of the PS 83 conflagration.

Seems that all the rest of those surrounding nations (Ezek 28) that scorn Israel are ready and awaiting.

The Lord promises that Israel will then be able to live in "Betach" afterwards (for a spell until Ezek 38).

hartdawg said...

I have been watching for Jordan to turn against Israel, and for Egypt to as well, for about 8 years. I don't know what will cause it to happen, I just know that it'll happen. I also know that many people have dismissed psalm 83 as being yet future because they think that Jordan is at peace so it can't be future. I studied scriptures so I know psalm 83 is coming and that Jordan will turn against Israel. This post once again confirmed that.

Nora said...

I might be wrong but right now I could only imagine the coming (prophetic) middle-eastern wars- including the final psalm 83 war between Israel and her neighbors- as a chain reaction starting with a confrontation (probably the next one) of Israel with one of her neighbors. Probably Israel’s next confrontation with Syria will start it, Israel destroying their defense systems (as Mr. Lieberman warned) could trigger this major war which Jordan, Lebanon and even Egypt will join against Israel. Damascus’ destruction could be another giant trigger. I can also see this big chain reaction of wars end in Iran, with the fulfillment of the prophecy against Elam. After that a “peaceful” (probably short) time period will come and then the Ezekiel 38/39 battle happens. The Russians (who are still in Syria and they are continuing to “expand” at the middle-east) are the only player I can’t place in the picture yet concerning this chain reaction of prophetic wars (except of Ezekiel 38/39).

Sean Osborne said...

I'm of the opinion that Egypt has played out its full role in Psalm 83, and as of 2010 has been in the midst of a process of fulfillment known as Isaiah 19.

I believe HAMAS in Gaza and the IS terrortists of Wilayat Sinai will fulfill the final act of Psalm 83 that some have ascribed to Egypt.

hartdawg said...

That actually makes more sense too me

Sean Osborne said...

:) I knew it would.

Randall B said...

Bill Salus even published an email from Dr F as testimony that the Hagrites of PS 83 refer to Egyptians ....

Even though, if I am not mistaken, someone tried to 'splain it to Bill pretty clearly....

Sean Osborne said...

I have long disagreed with Bill Salus interpretation that Asshur is modern Syria. Modern Syria was and remains true to the Biblical definition of Aram Damascus. Asshur was and is true to the Biblical definition of modern Iraq, specifically the "Sunni Triangle" of the Iraqi Sunni heartland, the birthplace of Al Qaeda in Iraq 13 years ago which became the Islamic State.

I obviously also disagree with Hagrites being Egypt.

More later...

hartdawg said...

Didn't Egypt predate Hagar? So how could the hagarites possibly be Egypt?

hartdawg said...

Also, isn't asshur one of the areas founded by nimrod, which was later absorbed into the Babylonian kingdom with the capital in modern day Iraq?

Sean Osborne said...

Since the Book of Genesis refers to Hagar and being an Egyptian, it stands to unassailable reason that Egypt predated Hagar's birth, and therefore she could not possibly be the matriarch of Egyptians, but the Matriarch of Hagarenes and Ishmaelites.

Sean Osborne said...

Genesis 10:8-11 provides the answer with respect to Nimrod.

Ashur (Assur) was the second son of Shem, grandson of Noah.

Nimrod was the son of Cush, grandson of Ham, great-grandson of Noah.

The naming of the city Assur, honored Assur the man, and predated the rise of the country called Assyria and its people. Assur (the city) was founded on the east bank of the Tigris River.

This is the region of modern day Iraq (the Sunni Trianle) I have written about extensively in my disagreement with Salus' identification of it in Psalm 83:8 as Syria.

What Salus did here in his book Isralestine is known as "shoe-horning." He shoe-horned the modern country of Syria into ancient Assur circa 1000 BC in order to fit it to the interpretive narrative he was publishing in that book.

hartdawg said...

Ok. I got my genealogy mixed up. With respect to Egypt, it's extremely simple and straightforward. Isn't it?

Sean Osborne said...

Very much so, which makes the convolution by Salus and Dr. F on this particular issue very difficult to comprehend.

Kenneth Moore said...

Thank you Sean and all for the updates on eschatology and Bible genealogy.
Without a doubt Israel and surrounding nations of 10 will be in total conflict.
It's coming fast, just wonder what event will be the match that lights the fire!

hartdawg said...

Do you think that Jordan might play nice right up to the final fulfillment of Psalm 83, meaning that they'll still have a peace agreement at the time they come against Israel? Also, who is Dr F?

Sean Osborne said...

For the Jordanian people (Muslims) and the million each Syrian and Iraqi refugees (Muslims) the peace treaty with Israel is an impossibility because Israel occupies Muslim lands. Add to this the Olam ebah Ezekiel spoke of and the treaty looks more like an anomaly than a true reality. An irrelevancy. A hudna of sorts. In a very real sense the treaty is Islamic cause to overthrow the Hashemite monarchy of Abdullah II.

Dr. F is Dr. Fructhenbaum.

Kenneth Moore said...

I had not read about hudna before.
This was interesting read by Denis MacEoin. written over 8 years ago but maybe still relevant.

Great Grany 5 said...

I am reading and thinking all of this over very carefully but what you are sharing, Sean, is what I have been taught for many, many years. So much is happening now that were mysteries yet unexplained back in the 40's and 50's but then 1967 happened and I will never forget the drama of visually seeing the Israel Defense Forces winning the battle that was brought to them by the hostile Arab nations and Jordon was one of the chief enemies. Then when the Jewish nation took back the city of Jerusalem and were shown weeping at the Western Wall, our elation and emotions were unheard of in our little northern Missouri farm community. The only ones in our community that didn't understand what was going on were the unsaved but it didn't take long to show them the fulfillment of God's Word and real revival broke out.

Yes, time is running out and what is waiting in the hiding places of history to come is also pretty scary. But God is doing a New Thing and HE is in control, but the drama you all are voicing now is exciting and invigorating, to say the least.

Shoe horning, exactly!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

This SITREP report re: the hidden true face of Jordan and her real hatred of Israel and the Jewish people, is prophetically proving very fast to be right on target !!:

Just breaking news: "Jordan king tells Arab summit no peace in region without Palestinian state". (At

Good timing Sean..... May we be watchfull for further unfolding signs by our King, Messiah Jesus.....



Sean Osborne said...


Not knowing which way events will actually turn in the near future, I covered the two most likely scenarios in the fourth paragraph of the SITREP.

What I see from Abdullah's statement at the Arab Summit is a consistency with what he's said before, and that highlights the central role Jordan will play in the final fulfillment of Psalm 83.

Once again I want to emphasize Asaph's inspired words in Psalm 83, verses 9 through 12:

Deal with them as with Midian,
As with Sisera,
As with Jabin at the Brook Kishon,
Who perished at En Dor,
Who became as refuse on the earth.

Make their nobles like Oreb and like Zeeb,
Yes, all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna,
Who said, “Let us take for ourselves
The pastures of God for a possession.”

I strongly suspect that the names, tribes and places noted above will all be specific features in the coming fulfillment. I have researched each previously and all these specifically resolve to places in the West Bank or east of the Jordan River.

No wonder Israel will end up with so much of what is today Jordanian territory.

hartdawg said...

Sean, personally, I ALWAYS find such reviews refreshing. In fact, I was just thinking about this last night as I was listening to another brother teach on the rapture. I been studying the pre-70th week rapture for so many years that I know all the points by heart, and yet somehow I still just love listening and hearing about it. So these reviews that are posted are always a pleasure to read. Know what I mean? Hope you can relate

hartdawg said...

Hey, I been meaning to ask you about something regarding the aftermath of psalm 83. It has been assumed and taught, (Perhaps correctly) that the temple would be rebuilt in the aftermath of Gog/magog. Could it be possible that the dome of the rock could be destroyed during the psalm 83 war and the construction of the temple begins after psalm 83, earlier than previously thought, and is it possible that the bride might be here to see that? Just thinking about it

Sean Osborne said...


Well done brother!

While I'm not sure how you arrived at this conclusion, and it seems you're not completely sure of it either, it is nicely filling a gap I had decided to fill with the next SITREP.

I attempted to lead to this conclusion with Scripture-laced comments which had been posted here, but were deleted because they failed to stimulate or generate or lead to the kind of thoughts you have obviously been seriously considering.

Again, no matter how you got there, you did get there, The Holy Spirit speaks the same thing to us all, but perhaps not in the same exact manner. So nevertheless - well done!