Saturday, April 1, 2017

Global SITREP B5-17: The Coming Jerusalem Temple

UPDATE 3 April 2017: During a ceremony at Hatzor Air Base in Israel yesterday, PM Bibi Netanyahu led an array of Israeli civilian defense, military officers and other dignitaries in announcing the operational deployment of the joint U.S.-Israel developed David's Sling Defense System. Among the many Bibi quotes being reported in the media I find the Prime Minister's initial statement to be key with respect to this SITREP covering the Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 prophecies: "Whoever seeks to hit us will be hit. Whoever threatens our existence places himself in existential danger.” 

The fully operational David's Sling is aptly named. In 1 Samuel 17 is told the epic encounter between the 9 foot 6 inch tall Philistine giant, Golyath of Gath, and his equally epic weaponry against the youthful son of Jesse named David. And David stunned Golyath with a single stone flung from his sling. David then stood upon the unconscious giant and removed Golyath's head with Golyath's own sword. The David's Sling state-of-the-art weapon is a hunt-to-kill missile known as the Stunner. The Stunner missile is designed to race toward the target and destroy it though the sheer power of impact, just like the stone from young David's sling.

David went forward into battle against an armed enemy which both sides saw for him as having zero chance of victory. But young David went forth knowing in faith that the living God of Israel would deliver the enemy into his hand, and it was so. 

For the purposes of the enemy nations named in Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83, and as discussed here in previous blog posts, the prophetic past as prologue template which follows the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 fully applies to the building of the coming third Temple. That template is found in 1 Kings 5:3-5.

"You know how my father David could not build a house for the name of the Lord his God because of the wars which were fought against him on every side, until the Lord put his foes under the soles of his feet. But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side; there is neither adversary nor evil occurrence. And behold, I propose to build a house for the name of the Lord my God, as the Lord spoke to my father David, saying, “Your son, whom I will set on your throne in your place, he shall build the house for My name.”"
The aftermath of the final fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 there will be no enemy on any of Israel's borders, not one on any side. The past as prologue.

1 April 2017: In the previous SITREP B4-17 the case was made that the final fulfillment of Psalm 83 does appear to be quite imminent as evidenced by the statements made by King Abdullah II of Jordan. While Psalm 83 has been a prophecy long in a process of fulfillment, another pair of prophecies, found in Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27, have in the last 6 years also begun their own parallel process towards total fulfillment along with Psalm 83. 

As stated many times during the course of the now 9-year blog, I happen to hold to the eschatological view that these pre-70th Week fulfillment's happen in rapid sequence, like a prophetic flood, and like a series of prophetic dominoes to fall in their proper sequence. I believe Isaiah and Jeremiah's prophecies are the domino which will topple the Psalm 83 domino over. This SITREP will look at the sum total of what Eschatology Today consistently refers to as the "big picture" painted by the fulfillment of these prophecies. 

That is to say, specifically per Isaiah 17:1-3, that the destruction of Damascus and the nation-state we know as Syria, plus the damage which is done to Israel as seen in Isaiah 17:4-6, will lead the named enemies in Psalm 83:6-8 to believe their golden opportunity to Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more” has finally arrived. They will execute this action as Muslims waging jihad in full submission to their god and in his name.

This will be a unique phase to the Psalm 83 war in that there will almost certainly be no external intervention by other nations on behalf of the Islamic nations or on the behalf of Israel. Why and how can I arrive at this conclusion? Because i believe the Lord has declared it will be so through His prophets. 

Make a key note of what I am going to say here, it is that important to understand. In the ongoing war in Syria, a truly internationalized civil war if there ever was one, there are the intervening gentile military forces of Russia, Iran and its Lebanese Shi'a proxy Hezbollah, plus Iranian Shi'a mercenary forces from Iraq and Afghanistan on the side of the government and army in Damascus. On the other side there are the gentile forces of 61 nations, plus the EU and Arab League, which are led by the United States of America. This coalition of nations is known as Operation Inherent Resolve (clickable image below).

The Nations within the Operation Inherent Resolve Coalition
The palm wreath is a symbol of honor; the scimitars indicate the dual nature of the coalition-the defeat of ISIL and the restoration of stability to the area.  The three stars indicate the command and are colored gold for excellence.  Buff and flag blue denote the land, sea and air components of the military.

Both of the groups of forces operating in Syria are opposed to and engaged in destroying the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Sunni Muslim). They are also on opposite sides with respect to the Alawite (Branch of Shi'a Islam) government in Damascus. 

This is where we turn our attention to the Lord's prophetic word in Isaiah 17:12-13 (NKJV with my emphasis added) which describes a result of what is going to shortly take place in the course of the Isaiah 17 prophetic fulfillment:

Woe to the multitude of many people
Who make a noise like the roar of the seas,
And to the rushing of nations
That make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!
The nations will rush like the rushing of many waters;
But God will rebuke them and they will flee far away,
And be chased like the chaff of the mountains before the wind,
Like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.

All of these gentile nations on both sides of the conflict in Syria are going to make a tumult which the prophet describes as the roaring and rushing of the seas. The seas of this planet being in such a state are normally an immovable and overwhelming force of nature. Yet in this God will rebuke them all and they will flee far away. Now you have to think about this, consider it carefully. What kind of a rebuke does the LORD God bring down on these gentile nations that they would all turn tail and immediately flee far away? I guarantee you that I would not want to be the object of such a rebuke where the better part of 100 gentile nations are forced from the battlefield that is Syria! 

Nevertheless, what the LORD God (YHWH) declares through Isaiah is exactly what will happen: both the Russian-led coalition and the U.S.-led coalition will be shattered by the coming rebuke from God. This means that His sovereign will will be manifest, not the will of these two groups of gentile nations fighting over control of this land, but God's will shall rule that day and is what will take place. Now some will say this sounds like 'Divine intervention,' and they would be right, it will be Divine intervention in the course of events in Syria, and in Israel, in the fulfillment of Isaiah 17. Scripture leaves no doubt about it.

That brings us to Psalm 83. All of the other gentile nations, except for Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, Gaza and Sinai will have fled the battlefield of the MidEast, and these nations, which Asaph clearly identified, are left to execute their attempt at making Psalm 83:4 come true. But as we know their hate-filled conspiracy against God and His people Israel has no chance of success. In fact exactly the opposite will occur and Israel will emerge victorious, and perhaps three, or four or five times its current territorial size. The greater Israel will include Lebanon (Joshua 13), control over much of Syria, all of western Jordan, Judea and Samaria, Gaza and probably all of the Sinai.

Yet this is not the greatest part of what occurs as a result of the sequential fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83. The greatest part of result of this has been foretold by Asaph in Psalm 83:16-18 (NKJV with my emphasis added):

Fill their faces with shame,That they may seek Your name, O Lord.Let them be confounded and dismayed forever;Yes, let them be put to shame and perish,That they may know that You, whose name alone is the Lord,Are the Most High over all the earth.
This prophetic passage described the end of Islam, the conversion of a great number of Muslims from submission to their god allah to the God of Israel. The end result of these prophetic wars is that Muslims will seek the name of YHWH. They will be confounded and dismayed that allah was powerless, a false god, and their devotion to that false god will abruptly come to an end; Islam, which is specifically submission to allah, will perish. Muslims will come to know that YHWH God is truly "the existing One;" that He is the El-yōn' meaning Most High over all of the earth.

And this bring us finally to the pair of clickable images at the top. Those images are taken from a modern reproduction of a 1924 publication by the Muslim Orphanage Printing Press, Jerusalem, which was run by the Muslim Supreme Council (the Waqf) in Jerusalem.  An identical 1925 reproduction is available through a online .pdf file (link) if anyone is interested.

Whether or not the current edifices (Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque) are destroyed during the fulfillment of Psalm 83 is beside the point made above about Muslims finally recognizing YHWH God, the God of Israel. Given that the generation of Muslims which wrote that the identity of the site of the Dome of the Rock with the site of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute, how likely would it be that any YHWH worshiping former Muslim would object to a new Temple standing on this same site for the purposes of worshiping "the existing One; the El-yōn'?  None I would say, or at least not enough to make a difference in objection. In fact, I would tend to think those former Muslims which are now YHWH devotees would even assist their Jewish cousins in any manner possible to construct it as quickly as possible.  


Sean Osborne said...

One of the key elements of Eschatology Today has always been to not dictate prophetic interpretation, but to allow serious students to pray in the Spirit about what is written here, to search the Scriptures as a Berean, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead them to the Truth of the matter as posted here.

In this case, it was found necessary to not lead any longer; that method was simply not working as intended. Instead it was found necessary to just elucidate what the view is on the "big picture" for both the bride of Christ, and for those who will become the saints of the 70th Week.

hartdawg said...

Hey Sean, I want to tell you how I came to the conclusion that the temple will be rebuilt after Psalm 83. I believe that the 2 witnesses will appear on the scene on the first day of the 70th week and that they will be preaching in the temple therefore the temple must be completed by the start of the 70th week and furthermore the 70th week I believe starts very shortly after the battle of Gog and Magog so it would stand to reason to me that the temple would be built prior to the Battle of Gog and Magog. Does that make sense or am I mistaken?

Sean Osborne said...


You're spot-on correct in my view. And if you recall, as hinted within this SITREP this is not the first time this exact dame topic has been covered here, so we are repeating ourselves, but on this subject, as also said before, it's all very, very much worth repeating.

I'll have more a little later this evening.

hartdawg said...

Looking forward to it, however, I don't currently stand too strongly on my view,but at this point it makes the most sense.

Sean Osborne said...


Remember this? It from seven years ago... December 2009

When Will The Third Temple Be Built

hartdawg said...

No, not till I just reread it. The only thing that I question is this, I believe that the church will be here for the temple and psalm 83. I hold that very loosely tho and don't like to set timelines for the harpazo, except that it's pre70th week. By the way, notice in 2 Thessalonians and revelation it's called the temple of God? It's not an abomination as some claim.

Miriam said...

I must say that this whole report was extremely interesting and presented things that had not even really entered my mind. I do struggle, though, with the concept of a multitude of muslims recognizing that Jehovah is God, in the aftermath of a psalm 83-type event.

One of the scriptures I have always treasured is the one in Jeremiah that proclaims "you will look for Me and find Me when you look for Me with all your heart."

We know from Paul in the book of Romans that the truth of who Jehovah is (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is being hidden in part from most of the Jews until the fullness of the Gentiles has been saved, after which all of Israel (which I understand to mean the believing Jews, rather than the whole body of Jews, believers and unbelievers who are referred to in the scriptures as Jacob) will be saved.

However that does not apply to the gentile followers of islam. If they are seeking God after a psalm 83 type catastrophe, in the present age of Grace, it would seem that Jesus would be revealed to their hearts.

I am struggling to understand how all of that would fit together.

Sean Osborne said...

You mentioned the apostate nature of the structure as something you had been taught, and Nathan of L&L Ministries also commented in support of that teaching.

I simply disagree with that teaching because of the Scriptures which speak to its being "the temple of God" (2 Thess 2:4). Jesus called the location with this coming temple where the AoD occurs as "standing in the Holy Place." (Matt. 24:15)

Also Rev. 11:1-2, Daniel 11:31 (how can something which is allegedly apostate be profaned?),

These and a dozen or more other verses of Scripture evidence the opposite of anything apostate in Judaism's worship of YHWH according to the law in the 3rd Temple.

Sean Osborne said...


Are you struggling with Asaph's Spirit-inspired and inerrant prophetic word per Psalm 83:16-18?

As with all Bible prophecy, so too will this prophecy come to pass exactly as it has been written.

Would you say that former Muslims will NOT be among those people identified in Revelation 7:9-17?

Miriam said...

Part of what I find to be challenging is how all the "moving parts" of prophecy will come together if the islamic world in the form it has been since its beginning ceases to exist as such. And what the implications of that would be going forward, for example, for the Gog/Magog invasion (although I pray for that and would be overjoyed if it happened). As has been discussed here, many of the nations in the Gog/Magog confederacy are part of today's islamic world, and I had the mental picture that their anger at having been defeated in the Psalm 83 fulfillment and the ancient hatred you noted before would be a major part of their motivation. If they had been born again of the Spirit of the Living God, that would not seem to lend itself towards invading Israel with the objective of stealing a great spoil from it, so that God completely wipes out most of the invading army.

hartdawg said...

Hey Sean, just real quickly, the post that you linked here in the comments section should probably be posted in the main post, or better yet, reposted with more updates. Just my opinion. Gotta get back to work, please pray for me as this week and the next will be very busy and stressful.

Great Grany 5 said...


Great posting and I am so enjoying all of the digging deeper you have caused me to begin again. I love it and then I just read your comment back to Miriam, and I had to go back and read that beautiful passage one more time. All of us former Goyim (of all Nations) were there at one time until the Holy Spirit wooed all of us into the Arms of Jesus Christ. Can anyone really imagine the hugeness of God Almighty when he truly said "For God so loved the WHOLE WORLD, that HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON for everyone ever to be born on this earth. Oh my, that just melts my heart and suddenly I realize that even the most wicked unsaved person has a soul that God Almighty loves very dearly.

Can anyone ever become so high minded that we can not share HIS love instead of the vileness that has taken over our nation and the world? My prayers are pretty simple in this regard and I hope I have enough time left here in this nation that I love so very dearly, to be aware and open to showing love and tenderness instead of allowing myself to take part in their hate parade.

I know this isn't about the topic of your wonderful posting but I had to share it or burst like a balloon.


Sean Osborne said...


Again, Ezekiel 38/39 has nothing at all to do with the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 or Psalm 83-Ezekiel 28:24-26-Isaiah 11:12-14.

Ezekiel 38/39 is removed from this because of the gap during which Israel will recover from the war against the 'inner ring' enemies, and because it is a very ancient special prophecy which even preceded Ezekiel's writing it down.

Also, Israel will not have any fear of any nation within the Magog Confederation. They will be enjoying peace and security in 'greater Israel.'

This is removed from the Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 scenario by at least 3 or more years.

So no more Ezekiel 38/39 here... comments will focus on this near-term prophetic scenario or not get posted.
Focus, please.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

Just wanted to run this by you with respect to the 3rd temple as it relates to the church-rapture of the church.

Jesus, in the beginning of His ministry went to the temple and kicked out the moneychangers and in Matt 21:12-13 Jesus called the temple "God’s" 2 times. In the end of His ministry Luke 13:35, Jesus, 2 times (in one verse) called temple “behold YOUR house is left unto YOU desolate”. Later, through Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 3:16 Paul writes “ye are the temple of God”. However, of the 3rd temple in 2Thes 2:4 God clearly says "temple of God". There for, I don't think God is going to call 3rd temple and we-the body (temple) indwelt by the Holy Spirit at the same time, I think something has to change. That being the rapture, and a different dispensation to follow.

Ben from Sacramento.

Sean Osborne said...


You are clearly speaking here in the Spirit, and what you've said is clearly in the context of Psalm 83:16-18. Thank you!

jmoll106 said...

Hey Sean, when I read Bibi's statement it reminded me of a weapon Israel is known to have called a Scalar Electromagnetic weapon. With so many rockets pointing at them I would imagine his statement isn't a bluff.
Have you heard anything on this that would give them such confidence?

Sean Osborne said...


Excellent comment with which to stir the discussion deeper! GreatGrany5 (GG5) is probably doing Spirit-filled back-flips at the presented opportunity to dig even deeper, LOL!

A note I want to make with respect to your comment, and this is something I've been considering that possibly no one else has considered thus far.

There was a 37-year and 70-day overlap from when the Spirit-filled bride of Christ church began on Pentecost Sunday, 24 May 33 AD and the Roman destruction of the 2nd Temple on Saturday, 2 August 70 AD, in the literal fulfillment of Daniel 9:26b.

Both the original Spirit-filled Church and the Jewish Temple were co-existent during this very finite period of time. In other words, the 2nd Temple was existent at the beginning 37 years of the Dispensation of Grace.

So why couldn't there be an unknown amount of time overlapping between the physical construction of the 3rd Temple and the Harpazo of the Spirit-filled bride of Christ church in the aftermath of the Psalm 83 fulfillment?

Sean Osborne said...


I'll just say that would shock me to learn that Israel did not possess directed energy weapons.

Anonymous said...

Sean, I guess my question would be; after the temple is built, how long would temple institute, Sanhedrin want to wait before dedication? Probably not too long. Given that God calls it His temple, He would accept the dedication.

The temple and the church did co-exist for 37 years and 70 days, however temple,at that point (after Jesus' death) was just a building.
On a side note, 70 days well......ok I guess, 70 days plus 37 more years after that? :( :( :( I wanna go Home Sean ;) lol

I always have this thought in the back of my mind when it comes to Jesus' generation statement in Olivate discource. The generation that saw Jesus' birth, saw the destruction of the temple.

I really, with all of my heart n soul believe we're at the tail end of this.

Maybe today!
Ben from Sacramento

Sean Osborne said...


Bingo! Nicely done! The generation which saw Jesus birth also saw His crucifixion, death, resurrection, ascension, and the destruction of the 2nd Temple of God.

We are without any doubt on the tail end of this!

Nora said...

“Sean, I guess my question would be; after the temple is built, how long would temple institute, Sanhedrin want to wait before dedication? Probably not too long. Given that God calls it His temple, He would accept the dedication.”

That’s an interesting question to ponder. I wonder too, if there will be a time period with the Temple and the Church being in co-existence on Earth, how much time that would be? I guess only the Lord knows that but just like Ben I hope so too that the Church won't be here for long. Do we still agree that the first sign of the End Times was the re-birth of the state of Israel and the last possible date for the Second Coming is 2028? I still hope that these dates for the “last generation” are correct.

Sean Osborne said...

A couple of notes i want to add.

Several times now in various blog posts and/or comments I have likened the demise of Islam and its false god to the demise of Ba'al in ancient times. Worship of Ba'al was a satanic deception and so is submission to allah. Both were destroyed by fire.

Past as prologue.

No discussion of the prophetic 3rd Temple can be complete without also paying special attention to the Two Witnesses (their exceptional ministry occurs during the first 42 months of the 70th Week), and the 144,000 evangelists of Israel who also preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally.

About those 144,000. Revelation 7 says they come, 12,000 each from all 12 tribes of Israel.
But it does not say they are all in Israel when they are authenticated by the angel which places the seal (GK: sphragis) of the living God upon their foreheads and which also occurs at the start of the first 42 months of the 70th Week. (See also Revelation 9:4 and Revelation 14:1) As seen in these verses, the sphragis is a literal inscription of the Name of God that is placed upon their foreheads. They are without question redeemed in the Blood of the Lamb who will stand with them on Mount Zion, Jerusalem. These 144,000 sing a very unique song, a cantillation, of praise.

I think there is no doubt that these 144,000 are the "all Israel shall be saved" that Paul discusses in Romans 11. God pours out His Spirit and they accept Christ as Messiah. They are then authenticated by the seal upon their foreheads.

So, in these very last days there will be different groups of Jews just as in Jesus' day there were Sadducee's and Pharisee's and even Essene's.

It is also my belief that these 144,000 have been born and now walk this earth.

Sean Osborne said...

The 3rd Temple upon completion will be dedicated as quickly as the ashes of a two-year old red heifer can be prepared for the cleansing/purification ritual under the ancient law.

From time to time I post on the discovery of a red heifer. The most recent may have already been sacrificed and her ashes prepared and placed in safe keeping for that day which is coming.

jmoll106 said...

The completion of this prophecy appears to happen like the sudden breaking of a shoe lace.

On a side note to Ben, can you imagine a 5 year old hearing his parents reading the paper and hearing about the signing of the Balfour Declaration on 2 Nov. 1917.That's a long wait.Maybe the child's name was Simeon.;)
I'm with you and glad were at the tail end.

Is 17:14Then behold, at eventide, trouble!
And before the morning, he is no more.

Tommy said...

Given the response that would have occurred if someone other than President Trump were holding the office of Commander in Chief would you, or do you Sean think that the last election may have had some divine intervention given the fact that most experts and media had the outcome predetermined?

Sean Osborne said...


Not Divine intervention, but rather the express manifestation of the sovereign will of the LORD God, that is why Donald J. Trump was elected.

See the SITREP published on 9 November 2016.