Sunday, May 21, 2017

Global SITREP C3-17: Stage-Setting for the pre-70th Week Flood of Prophetic Fulfillment

President Trump at the Western Wall

24 May 2017: CJTF-OIR has attempted to place an embargo on news coming out of its control zone in the al-Tanf/al-Walid border crossing Area of Responsibility (AoR). The last item reported by Kurdish NRT news about 48 hours ago was that Norwegian special forces had taken control of securing the Syrian side of the border. Aside from that there have also been several propaganda reports from dubious Russian sources (Sputnik and RT) which are worthless and will never be repeated here. 

The New York Times published a report yesterday dateline from Al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar, but not surprisingly it reads as if it were not an American news agency but that of a Globalist Corporate News Entity, and that's par for the course. 

More recent is a Gulf News report which appeared this morning (24 May) and was updated as this update is being composed. The Gulf News report confirms the original 21 May portion of this SITREP that a "battle is brewing between the US-backed forces and Iran-backed troops over who will control a strategic section of the 599km Syrian-Iraqi border."   And "But Iranian-backed Shiite militias such as the Iraqi Hashed Shaabi and the Lebanese Hezbollah were deployed on May 6 to grab territory south of Al Bukamal, which is important to Iran as it is the only land route to Syria, Lebanon and ultimately, the Mediterranean Sea." This region is the northern portion of the corridor discussed below. This linked report is worth the time to read for the details it contains, further corroborating what is reported below and in SITREP C2-17 Part V.

21 May 2017:When U.S. President Trump arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia he personally began the process of cementing the pre-70th Week 'last days' military alliance we know from Ezekiel 38:13 as "Sheba, Dedan the merchants of Tarshish and all their young lions."  And to make no mistake, this Arab-Western military alliance has as its current primary military foe the Islamic Republic of Iran. But there's more, much more to see here in terms of a prophetic flood of fulfillment (Dan. 9:26c) and the real-world scenario which is currently the driving force for that fulfillment.

The battle which has just begun in southern Syria at the al-Tanf/al-Walid border crossing between Syria and Iraq and within 50 miles of the Jordanian-Iraq border crossing at Trebil is one in which Iranian generals have ignored Russian generals advice to avoid. Therefore, Iran is the driving force behind this battle being engaged against the western allies (Combind Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve or CJTF-OIR) because it is imperative to maintain its strategic Tehran-to-Beirut corridor. This corridor is a direct overland route from Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus to Beirut, a corridor which the Iranian mullahs eventually wish to terminate in Jerusalem. 

The Iranian Dream - Overland Corridor from Tehran to Beirut
Having Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) controlled territory to the north (de-facto Kurdistan) and to the south at the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border region poses a very high risk tactical threat to the Iranian's military ability to maintain this corridor. Therefore, in the view of Eschatology Today, the current battle is the first or preliminary military engagement of the Jeremiah 49:34-39 prophecy, as well as what has been discussed in the preceding SITREP C2-17 Part V and its role in the impending fulfillment of Isaiah 17.  

The Iranian's see this military threat in terms of the executive order President Trump gave to U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), and thus to NATO, to encircle the Islamic State's remaining territory and de-facto capital at Raqqa, Syria in order to cut off all jihadists escape routes and to "annihilate" the Islamic State (the remaining remnant of Saddam Hussein's military) once and for all. The wrench in this plan of action is the IRGC-Hezbollah militia force now pressing its attack on the Operation Inherent Resolve base of operations at al-Tanf. 

Following the meetings with the leaders of "Sheba and Dedan" President Trump will stop in Israel, and then move on the the NATO and "Ezekiel Summit" in Brussels, Belgium next week. Without any doubt updates will result from these meetings and ongoing ground warfare.                                                               


Sean Osborne said...

President Trump's just concluded speech to the leaders of 55 Muslim nations was a request for virtual united declaration of war against the Iran, it's Shi'a proxy Hezbollah.

This SITREP was posted about 1 hour before Trump made his request to "Sheba, Dedan."

Sean Osborne said...

Side Issue: North Korea's last ballistic missile test launch prior to yesterday's test launch has conclusively proven two key technological milestones as fact:

1) North Korea has perfected its capability to manufacture warhead atmospheric re-entry vehicles.

2) North Korea has proven that it can deliver a large nuclear warhead to a target 3000 miles away.

Repercussions from this should be swift since North Korea can now directly target all of its neighbors and the U.S. territory of Guam with nuclear attack.

Lance M said...

Sounds like we are getting ready for Gen 7:11...."the foundations of the deep were broken up, and the windows of Heaven were opened. Not a moment too soon IMHO.


hartdawg said...

Hey Sean, i have long ago quit endorsing jd farag and his prophecy updates. I used to share them and post them every week but when he started saying prophecys have a shelf life and other stupid stuff i quit sharing them and only watch every couple of months to see if he got back on track. That said, I caught today's update. I'd really like to know your thoughts on this if you get a chance. What he said about trump really made since but false teaching can sound so logical. I'm confused and would really appreciate your thoughts and help.

Sean Osborne said...


Same here wrt JD Farag's current take on eschatology and his resultant teaching. I no longer follow as closely as I once did.

That said, I will check his current message and let you know my thoughts.

Sean Osborne said...


I heard enough to say that JD Farag has in today's prophecy update basically repeated and concurred with what I've written here in this SITREP C3-17, the previous SITREP C2-17 and the others I cited regarding Iran, plus the most recent Brealing News Alert.

Sean Osborne said...


I believe Pastor JD Farag described in his update the potential for 'accelerated' prophetic fulfillment.

That's pretty close to the phrase I like to use, a "flood of prophetic fulfillment," which is to occur prior to and in preparation for the 70th Week.

I base my eschatological belief in this upon a sum of literal interpretation of the time line in Psalm 90:10 and the angel Gabriel's prophetic conclusion of Daniel 9:26c.

What I think has occurred here is that current events lend themselves to inescapable conclusions regarding the end of the present dispensation. JD Farag's method and my own method arrived here from different avenues of interpretation.

Sean Osborne said...

It is my supposition that if Jared Kushner and Ivanka were Israeli citizens, politically they would be Labor instead of Likud.

This is the problem they bring in advising father-in-law/father President Trump on matters relating to Israel.

The effect this has in distancing President Trump from his Conservative American base grows more obvious with each passing week.

The next 24-hours will tell us much.

Great Grany 5 said...


Just a short note because I get too upset doing more. My starting impression of Jared Kushner was pretty mellow because the author was so impressed with the subject. But that didn't last very long and it has nothing to do with journalist reporting or other human thoughts. My knee jerk responses to him is very guarded and I find myself seeking God's intervention with the relationship between DJT vs JK. More like a huge hedge of protection if DJT is to fulfill all that YAHWEH has detailed to transpire.

That's it and now back to trying to regain what the Locust Worm has eaten out of my health.


Sean Osborne said...

Seven years ago now, back in the original Eschatology Today post of 15 September 2010 Jeremiah 49: Will a Coalition of Nations Move Against Iran? (Yes, They Will!!) was posted.

That post was begun as an interpretive work in-progress. It was a post whose title has never been changed over the past seven years and it remained unique to Eschatology Today interpretation of Jeremiah 49:34-39. Many Bible prophecy expositors at that time and since did not think the post was an accurate interpretation of those verses of Scripture.

This interpretation was reinforced in two updates in 2011 and 2012. In the now 5-year old 2012 update IDF Chief of Staff Gen. Benny Gantz made public the existence of such a coalition of nations who would act militarily to prevent Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

However, the Lord's appointments enclosed within His prophetic word only come to fulfillment at the precise moment in time for which they were intended. We all know the history of the past five years and the disaster of the Obama "Iran deal" which is apparent in what North Korea has demonstrated, particularly at the present time, with their nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles.

Now, in the midst of President Trumps speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia yesterday (21MAY17) to the Arab Islamic American Summit, President Trump said to those Sunni Arab leaders, "Our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism and providing our children a hopeful future that does honor to God." He then singled out Iran, saying "But no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists all three—safe harbor, financial backing, and the social standing needed for recruitment. It is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. I am speaking of course of Iran."

The obvious thing to us should be that this call was a secular echo of the prophecies of Jeremiah 49:34-39, which is clearly tied directly to the civil war in Syria (Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27), and well as the civil war in Yemen. Behind them all Trump found Iran as the root cause, without saying a single word or even hinting at the Biblical prophecies as expected.

This is also in keeping with the Eschatology Today view that Bible prophecy is fulfilled through the decisions of men and the actions they take, and which God foretold through His prophets thousands of years ago due to His eternal omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience.

This time I don't believe the passage of another five or seven years will occur before these prophecies are finally fulfilled.

Rhonda said...

Sean and Hartdawg,
The last line of your comment Sean, "This time I don't believe the passage of another five or seven years will occur before these prophecies are finally fulfilled," is the same idea that Pastor JD was saying when he said the current events that are happening have a "shelf life." All he meant by "shelf life" was that the countries in Syria such as Russia, Iran, US and whoever else, will not be there forever so it stands
to reason this is the time for the bible prophecies about these regions to come to
fulfillment soon just as you stated above. Pastor JD is not only a brother in Christ, he is a fellow watchman. I understand that you may not agree with everything he says but you have blown up this whole shelf life matter to be a big problem and it isn't. You are saying the same thing. Let's remember to keep lifting up our fellow watchmen and speak in love knowing that our redemption is drawing so close:)

mark3210 said...


I do wonder sometimes why Ivanka and Jared seem to have so much pull with their father, especially in light of reports that Jared is one of the people leaking to left wing media outlets.

hartdawg said...

Rhonda, my main issues with jd are 2 fold
1) although I love his passion and his seriousness in taking his call to warn people, he has become somewhat of a sensationalist with an "this is it" message. And although he doesn't set dates, he does seem to dance around it too much. He comes close to crying wolf.
2) he quit teaching that psalm 83 is a future prophecy to be fulfilled which is problematic because psaln 83 is the Catalyst for future prophecies
There is a third problem, although he doesn't openly say this I get the feeling that he thinks the Covenant that will be confirm is the Oslo Accords. In the King James it says he will confirm the Covenant the being the definite article. Other places referred to it as the Holy Covenant so it is more than likely that the Covenant he will confirm is the Mosaic Covenant.
Sean, if I am off on any of this please correct me

Sean Osborne said...


JD Farag's statement about the LORD's prophetic word having a "shelf life" is a big issue because it is one of his own making. It is his terminology and no one here has misunderstood his meaning in the way he used it.

He has a history of making great pronoucements of many things, from date-setting the Harpazo to specific prophecies. When his pronouncements fail to become manifest he's been known to take a low profile for a spell.

Not to long ago he cast aspersions on us brethren for our Western interpretations, citing himself and others of Arab or Eastern origin as somehow being superior in understanding Biblical text.

That's the Holy Spirit's purpose, not an ethnic trait!
When he ceases with this kind of nonsense I'll take a different view.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

Well, Messiah Jesus and His team, (including us !), are certainly putting all the liberal church movement to shame, with its denial of the end times red carpet prophetic forfillment focused on the redemption of the Father's first born Israel, and Gentile and Greek born again belivers being grafted into the new covenant tree ! 😅

Its morning here near the ends of the earth, in the far southern nations, and it seems that twitter postings of fox news is the quickest updates here of President Trump's words and movements in his groundbreaking visit to Israel, Sheba, and Rome, as Sean you are commenting on the shifting strategic prophetic picture. Three major conclusions are forming to my mind:

1 / The new coalition that Trump is forming, with Israel in support in the wings, is now clearly a USA, lead - Sheba - Saudi led Sunni arab nations force against the Shia Iran axis, thus her allies Alawite - Syrian, Hizbollah - lebanese, Houthi - Yemen. The Obama era (error !) apleasement of Iran and co is now clearly in the rubbish bin of history....

Thus the thinking is that the Jeremiah 49 forfillments are central and absolutely connected to the Isaiah 17 forfillment. (Significant question is still which of these 2 will G-d unfold to completiont first ?). All your various SITREP's have indicated that some form of new coalition of forces would form against Ilam - Iran and her axis partners......

(But given the arab Saudi whahabist-salafist Islamic fermentation of sunni terrorist movements aganist the western nations and Israel over this past generation of years, this is surely quite ironic in some ways, to say the least....).

The rest of the prophetic picture, as your SITREP's are developing, is fitting in more clearly now: The new Ezekial partnerhip - the European, Turkish caliphate, etc formation.

2 / Iran's shia proxy, Hizbollah has made a major strategic blunder by thinking she could attack and push back USA aligned forces at that critical border crossing in that special zone of USA arab coalition interest, despite her partner Russia warning her of the foolishness of such an attack. Was it the blind arrogance of the Hizbollah bulls, or did Messiah Jesus simply "blind" them as part of His strategic prophetic move....😉

3 / I still share the view that Iran has been, and will react to all this development, by trying to speed up her nuclear weapon capability and massive missile stores in Iran and Lebanon, and increasingly inside Syria, with obviously her evil partner North Korea's nuclear/missile technological advancements in league too. (Surely Sean , Iran - "Ilam's bow" is her missile/nuclear threat capabilities.... ?).

Roll on the prophetic redcarpet - pre 70th week flood, but continueing prayers for the nation of Israel as Satan's final desperate attack plans are going to blindside her badly, with the rising Anti-christ and his forces waiting in the shadows......😓

Maranantha Messiah Jesus !.


Rhonda said...

Thank you Sean and hartdawg for kindly explaining your differences with Pastor JD. I appreciate and learn from this website as well as his. Things are really speeding up.

hartdawg said...

Hey sean, I'm not a fan of Amir from behold isreal, but today he didn't update and he really put things in a good perspective and made sense of a lot of stuff I don't recommend him but I do recommend this particular update he basically said the same thing you've been saying.

Sean Osborne said...


It is very good to see that others are finally coming to understand and to repeat a great deal of that which written through the leading of the Holy Spirit on this blog over the past seven years. Praise God!

Chuck B. said...

I did check out the 5/22 message from Amir and agree with the common sense view and step-back stance to look at the big picture. This was further confirmed when it led me to a short commentary by Gary Stearman from 5/19 on watchful waiting. Gary's message was based on Isaiah 40:31 regarding those who wait upon the Lord. I can now confirm that this IS my favorite Bible verse. With all the acrimony going on within the Church about Rapture timing and media frenzy in general, it made me realize that we shouldn't be worried right now about when the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17/Jeremiah 49 events will occur or what will come out of Trump's Mideast trip. Our focus should be on patient watching and waiting on our Blessed Hope, renewing our strength with sound scripture study and knowledge. Can I get an 'Amen' on that?

Chuck B.

Sean Osborne said...


And all should note that the update regarding President Trump's stop in Jerusalem only merited a photo of him at the Western Wall.

This is due to the fact that nothing of major significance occurred while Trump was in Jerusalem. Not one mention of the embassy move.

This trip was for Coalition building for the coming war as previously discussed.

jmoll106 said...

Our hope is in Christ alone, whether He comes for us or we go to Him. Today or sometime in the future. We shall not be moved.

Great Grany 5 said...

Sean & Hartdawg

I have repeated returned to the original post that Sean first posted in 2010 and then subsequent updates and today I was just enjoying the comments related to them when I came to this one and boy, did it ever ring loud and clear. Enjoy the refreshing comment by our one and only Hartdawg

"hartdawg said...
i find this somewhat confusing. i seems to me both mark and sean present very plausible senerios and they both answer my question as to how psalm 83 can come about since saudi currently needs isreal. 1 question remains: where does the u.s. fit into all this? cuz as of now i DONT foresee america doing a single thing militarily against iran while under the obama regime.
September 17, 2010 at 6:28 PM"

And now for the unveiling of God's Wonderous leading that we are EYEWitnesses of today. The USA had to have a man in the WH that would bow his knees to Almighty God and be a willing vessel used by YAHWAH to bring about the now flowing Over Flow of the fulfilling prophecies of Old. Just the beginning folks and it is far from the end of what we will see very rapidly from this point on.

I keep remembering that old passage that I have heard from early childhood and I repeat here to see if anyone else remembers it: Mt. 13: "11 He replied, “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. 12 Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. 13 This is why I speak to them in parables “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.
14 In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: “‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding;you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.
15 For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their heartsand turn, and I would heal them."

So many times TV evangelist love to tie that all into giving money but Jesus was definitely speaking of Kingdom building and not vast bank accounts and world based Mansions. I know that most of the well known matriarchs of the Bible were wealthy but that is all in God's description as far as I am concerned. Not wanting to disrupt our focal point but to point out that if we See and Hear and Tell the real Gospel truth, God's Kingdom becomes the only thing that matters to us. Keep focused and stay healthy, both physically and Spiritually.


Sean Osborne said...


I have always interpreted Gabriel's "covenant among many" to be directly related to the kind found in Joshua 9.

This will not be a Divine or Holy Covenant, but an unholy treaty, a 7-year confederation, alliance or league of nations which is confirmed by Antichrist at the start of the 70th Week.

Miriam said...

Hello everyone, I was just catching up on the blog and reading through this interesting thread, and wanted to add some comments about Jared Kushner. In other media, I have seen far more pointed expressions of concern than what has been expressed here. I have even seen a couple of cases where less well informed people have theorized that he is the man of sin who is to come, waiting in the wings.

Many of us are not from the NY metro area and may not be aware of his background from local news. Jared's father relatively recently spent 2 years in jail. He was convicted of illegal campaign contributions and witness tampering. The witness tampering involved trying to entrap his sister's husband, who was involved in their real estate firm's financial administration, into having relations with a prostitute which he then intended to use as leverage to get him to change or withhold his testimony. His sister's husband turned the prostitute down and the whole thing ultimately blew wide open. Great family, huh?

Jared's wife, on the other hand, does seem to have a truly great family. In psalm 27, the psalmist wrote that "when my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will adopt me." It appears that our President has taken his son in law under his wing, very possibly in fulfillment of this scripture.

This strikes me as an example of what fatherhood should represent, on the part of our President. Of course it is always possible that Trump will receive bad advice from people around him, including Ivanka and Kushner, however the concept that he is somehow going to be led around and controlled by the two of them strikes me as implausible at best. And even if our president makes some mistakes (as he surely will, because he is human), as long as his heart is turned towards God, our God is able to correct them and compensate for them. We can support this by praying for wisdom and discernment for our elected officials, and that their actions come into harmony with God's purposes.

Sean Osborne said...

Nora wrote:

"Is it possible that when the confirmation of this treaty by the AC happens, that’s when the “Revived Roman Empire” reaches its final form?"


No, it is not possible. The Bible clearly teaches on this in Daniel 2, and again in Daniel 7 with extra detail, in such a manner that there is absolutely no ambiguity on the subject. This was also posted here four months ago in the article entitled TEN TOES and in the comments section of which we went around and around about it.

Please read these Scriptures for yourself. They will tell you Antichrist, the little horn, arises among the already established ten kings (ten horns), plucks three of them out by their roots and takes their domains for himself.

Secondly, I do not know what person whose opinion you may have read, and i will not allow that opinion to confuse anyone reading here by allowing it to be posted, but he/she is absolutely incorrect. The Harpazo is not directly connected to any other event; it will just happen when God the Father determines so.

Beyond this, just because the Harpazo occurs does not means that wrath commences immediately. That is absolutely divergent from what God has said in The Revelation of Jesus Christ, and which has also been discussed here before. Briefly to repeat, the Harpazo happens in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 is where no other being except for our Triumphant Messiah is found worthy to open the seven seals on the scroll much less even to look upon the scroll. Chapter 6 described the contents of the scroll as each seal up to number 6 is broken by Christ. Then in Revelation 7 everything stops. The 144,000 must have seals placed upon their foreheads before any of the now opened 6 judgments can occur on the earth.

This is proof from God's Word that the Harpazo is NOT immediately followed by judgment. Notice also that it is not God who brings these judgments, but Christ only, which confirms what the apostle John wrote in Chapter 5 verse 22-23 in directly quoting our Lord Jesus Christ:

"For the Father judges no one, but has committed all judgment to the Son, that all should honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him."

The Bible interprets the Bible.

jmoll106 said...

President Trump tweeted he prayed for wisdom as he touched the western wall. I agree with you and pray God gives him wisdom.I also pray for the jewish people, there is a relationship with God through Jesus where the Holy Spirit will reside without walls.

Sean Osborne said...

A few comment were deleted so the discussion can return to the subject of this SITREP. This comment will also be deleted soon.

Anonymous said...


Wow ! - that was quick.....: Iran's reaction has started against in a big way against this new USA (Tarshish Uk and her young lions) - Sheba - sunni coalition movement:

Just off the press - Reuters reporting that Iran is to build a 3rd underground missle production - development complex.....

See the 3rd point on my comment in this SITREP thread.

Rob ).

Great Grany 5 said...


What is going on here? I know that I saw a very current posting by you just a couple of hours ago that related back to 2016 because I went there and was reading and now it isn't available here. Was I seeing things are what? Took us back to the discussion about the events that were taking place with the Prophet Elijah being taken and the company of prophets that were there when Elijah and Elisha were in the process of the Taking Away!

Please don't tell me that I was seeing things. PLEASE!


Great Grany 5 said...


You commented "President Trump tweeted he prayed for wisdom as he touched the Western Wall" and now I would like to add that my prayers are for our President Trump to receive God's Wisdom and the gifts of Revelation and discernment. What I have read today on the vast knowledge base of the electronic intelligence age, it will take a complete gifting by the Holy Spirit for all of us to navigate the crock infested waters and highways of the world we now live in.

But the lids are now being taken off of some very major political developments that will bound to have very serious repercussions for all of us but especially in the lightening speed of Bible prophecy coming closer to fulfillment. It would be very easy to be distracted but we cannot allow that to happen. One very important point I want to make is very simple, straight forward and no being silly: We all know that God heard our nation's prayers before November 8, 2016 and he answered all of us. 2 Chronicles 7 says it all, so will not post it here but we all need to ask ourself, when God answered and DJTrump was elected President of the USA, wouldn't you all say without hesitation that God is in Control, DJT is being led by the Holy Spirit and our greatest need and purpose right now is to keep our prayers lifted up just as God's holy word tells us and pray for all of our Leaders and people in positions of authority. Who is more powerful, the press, social media or God Almighty? I will take God Almighty anytime, for any reason and be very thankful in so doing.


Sean Osborne said...


You're right, the SITREP from 2016 was pushed forward from a year ago due to what happened at NATO HQ this past week when POTUS gave his speech. Apparently it was not as important to our dear readers as I thought it might be.

So, that spot-on predictive SITREP is now archived back at its "home" date of 24 June 2016.

jmoll106 said...

Sean and GG5,
I was wondering what happened too. I thought I was seeing things.

GG5, Yes!, God is in control. He is our strength and portion forever. Now may we allow the Holy Spirit to tune our instruments to the key of HEAVEN.

Anonymous said...

(On the contrary Sean. We could re-read that 2016 SITREP you re-posted with great interest, as it lets us look back along the prophetic red carpet to see how the various "sign posts" are lineing up - then and now. Post brexit it now appears that the European political elite is doggedly determined to force Europe to remain a "community" at all and any costs, thus the reinforcement of its miltary position integrated within Nato, and her key role with Rome - Vatican in the prophetic events just ahead of us....

And on another note, I was most encouraged to re-read Miriam's testimony pieces in the commentary too. Like her biblical names sake, our Miriam has many things she wants to say out loud in this public blog forum, but its wonderfull she has listened to Messiah Jesus, just as Martha of Bethany had to learn too...😉 Shall we not forget, that our Jewish brothers and sisters need to hear the Word, and see in us, the good news of Messiah Jesus from Gentile and Jewish Messiah Jesus believers for their need of salvation too.... 😅



jmoll106 said...

Apparently the U.S. backed coalition admitted it had conducted strikes near Al-Mayadin on May 25 and 26 and it must have been very effective. Damascus is putting out fake news of civilian deaths or at least that's how I read it.

Sean Osborne said...


That SITREP still exists, nothing has happened to it. As always it is still active as every post over the last 9 years is still active and receiving comments. So folks can (could) still read it and comment as they can all postings to this blog.

Sean Osborne said...

That's what I've been working to find details on. More coming...

jmoll106 said...

I will admit to being on a heightened sense of seeing, hearing and watching the past 24hrs since reading the comments about Elijah and our approaching birthday.

jmoll106 said...

Also, is there anything to the U.S. sending a third aircraft carrier to the pacific.

Sean Osborne said...

Yup. From what I gather the NIMITZ CSG is enroute.