Sunday, June 4, 2017

Global SITREP C5-17: Making Sense of Current Events

President Donald J. Trump
4 June 2017: We, as the body of Christ on this earth, either believe God is in complete and total control, that His will is being done through the various birth pangs heralding the establishment of Christ's Millennial Kingdom - or we don't. There is no half-measure here, no room to be lukewarm, and no excuse to misunderstand current events when it all lies before us in the Lord's inerrant prophetic word.

Some of us are upset because President Trump did not announce his promised move of the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel when they expected it during his recent trip to the Middle East. One of us even stated that Trump is "chicken" to effect the embassy move; that Trump covered it up by using Globalist media via his announced withdrawal of the United States from Obama's Paris Global Climate Accord. 

Unfortunately, and to be very frank about such opinions, this view is not only well shortsighted of the mark, but it also evidences a very critical and crucial misunderstanding of current events in light of Bible prophecy. Bible prophecy does not comport with what we human beings want to see happen, it comports with the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent will of Almighty God. Period.

To make sense of these recent events one needs to understand President Trump and the Order Of Battle (OOB) his Administration is following in its continuing war against the Globalist machine. The Globalist machine is the precursor of the coming Beast Empire of the Antichrist. Refresh your memory with a review of July 2016's Global SITREP B10-16

Now, being refreshed and mindful of the fact that the November election was just an electoral victory, a single battle won, over the Globalist candidate (Hillary Clinton) look closer at the ongoing big picture. That big picture reveals that a real war against the Globalist machine has been engaged ever since the election was decided. This war, as all earthly wars do, has both secular and Spiritual attributes, and the great battles on both planes of existence still lie directly ahead in the passage of time as we understand and experience it

The LORD God prophetically declared there will be war in Heaven, when the archangel Michael and his angels will prevail over Satan and his fallen host and throw them down to the earth. This is an event which I believe will occur around the mid-point of the 70th Week. Eschatology Today readers are well versed in this due to the continuing discourse on the Great Sign of Revelation 12. If you've only read as far as Revelation 12:1-6, then continue on and read Revelation 12:7-12.

So too the ongoing war against the Globalists will turn south around a corner in the future. But that's a future the bride of Christ will not be here to witness, and what we need to understand here and now is the Trump Administration's Order Of Battle against the Globalists. 

What is the Trump Administration's OOB? Well, he's told the world repeatedly what they are and has, as of this date, already initiated several of them. In order they are: saying goodbye to the TTP, win the war against Islamism, move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Keystone XL, Judicial Appointments, replace Obamacare, end IRS and VA malfeasance, Tax Reform, rebuild America's infrastructure, and pull America out of the Global Warming charade. All of these specific orders of battle are against what the Globalists want to achieve. Each is a battle in its own right, many are inter-related or inter-dependent.

Look at the list above again. See what follows winning the fight against Islamism (both Sunni and Shi'a variants of jihad)? Yes, the fight to defeat Islamism has a priority position, and President Trump so stated this before the Sunni Muslim leaders in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This means creating the coalition I have recently begun referring to as The Ezekiel Summit. Refresh your memory here also if necessary. 

This specific, and second most important Order Of Battle requires two objectives be achieved: the defeat of the Islamic State and the reduction of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its agenda for a pan-Shi'a crescent of power from Tehran to Beirut. In order to achieve both of these a (where have you heard this before?) "Coalition of Nations" both Sunni Muslim and Western allies (think: "Ten Toes") is an indispensable necessity. Iron and miry clay, they work as allies, but do not cleave to one another. 

Those "Ten Toes" of Daniel 2 are, as some of you understand, "The Ezekiel Summit" manifest in the real-world we live in. These two objectives will result in the literal fulfillment of Isaiah 17 as well as Jeremiah 49:23-27 and 34-39. These fulfillment's are stage-setting for the final fulfillment of Psalm 83, Isaiah 11:12-14 and Ezekiel 28:24-26, and, ultimately, Ezekiel 38-39. These are the 'flood of prophetic fulfillment' I have discussed time and again which shall set the conditions that will exist in the very near future arrival and final fulfillment of the angel Gabriel's 70th Week prophecy to Daniel (Daniel 9:24-27).

Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem will occur upon its Divinely appointed time. That is the time God decides, not any American President or his administration. In the future, as we surely all must be aware of by now, all nations shall move their national representation to Jerusalem.


Sean Osborne said...

As SITREP C5-17 is read, and hopefully digested and understood, details of certain things written about within it will be presented in this comments section. For brevity and byte-space sake these details OR SPECIFICS were necessarily omitted from the SITREP.

jmoll106 said...

Unfortunately in this fast paced, instant world, patience has been practically ignored or at least a casualty in the desire to see things move along. :/
The reminders above are noteworthy for all of us.
I just read POTUS wants to get started with a 1 trillion dollar infrastructor bill. He is trying to keep His word.

Kenneth Moore said...

Very Good SITREP. I believe you are accurate.

Great Grany 5 said...


I woke up this morning and wanted to make sure everyone didn't ascend off and leave me here to buck the Antichrist all by myself and pleased to see everyone here now. Of course, there is always tonight but until then, let's get back to the facts of today and yes,
we are fully prepared to STAND and to continue doing so until we hear our name called or our shout out of here.

The best weapons we have for this "MOED" that we are all in at the present time, is knowing the times, seasons and Thus Saith the Lord. The next weapon is to pray effectively regarding the Times, Seasons and What Thus Saith the Lord God Almighty. By this time, surely everyone realizes, it was God directly enter 'cepting' our prayers prior to November 8th, 2016 and moving even the smallest details to bring about the defeat of one Hillary Rodham Clinton and causing to win by Donald J. Trump the Presidency of the USA.

Knowing that we are truly seated IN Christ Jesus at the right hand of God Almighty and being given the supreme authority and power that was manifested in Jesus Christ while he was on Earth, doesn't that begin to charge up all of our engines and renew our hearts tremendously? It has mine and no matter what or how much we might not be able to wrap our little finite minds around it because of all of our warts, snags, blemishes and putrid thinking, GOD ALMIGHTY is depending on all of us to do what Jesus Christ Anointed us, the Body of Christ to do!

You might ask, 'does she really realize what she is saying?' and to that I answer you in a very strong manner "You bet your boots I do and more importantly, God knows I do". And I mean every word of that statement. So to those who have no idea what I am speaking about, if there are any such, then get your Bible out and start searching for all of those promises and rev up your engines. We are about to make the Indy 500 look like a kids game.

GG5/SHALOM and go get 'em

hartdawg said...

Sean, I'm very well aware of the reasons why Trump didn't move the embassy yet. It sounds to me that you are just as irritated as I am with all of the bashing of trump going on because of this, as I said I am well aware of the reasons and I am having a hard time seeing while lot of these Christians just don't get it. I blame some of it on the media but to be totally honest that is still no excuse.

Sean Osborne said...


How strong are some of us in our faith if we bash the man God determined to be our leader at this specific point in time? That's what my first three paragraphs address. Some of these are well-known prophecy teachers.

As if they are modern-day versions of the 50 son of prophets we discussed here recently. They teach these last days prophecies for years, and then when they are in their final movement into fulfillment they can't see the proverbial trees for the forrest.

There is no excuse for this; it is most certainly not of the Spirit.

hartdawg said...

Absolutely, and I think we both know who a lot of these teachers are. When i said i partly blame the media, its because Christians with the Spirit should know better than to be deceived by the media, therefore that's no excuse.

Great Grany 5 said...

Sean and Hartdawg,

Funny,(not) that you both mentioned that because I was thinking the same thing a couple of weeks ago. And yes, Sean, I mean the Company of Prophets that could teach but not participate with the reality of the scene they just witnessed.

I know that the Jewish people who were really counting on the USA to establish their Embassy in Jerusalem this year but they also have to know that there are many details that have to evolve and I can understand it. But our own Prophetic Ministers above all should recognize the scene in front of them. Maybe they will have a "new day dawning" in the morning.


Lance M said...

Agreed.....if any candidate completed the list of campaign promises you cited, it would be hard to imagine them doing it in four years. Nevermind that every assignment is in totally different stages of fulfillment.....some take longer, some will be resolved quicker. Trump
Is a business person, and the only thing holding him back IMO is the govt bureaucracy...and more over, the powers and principalities of this world. We have the restrainer, and the globalists have the ruler of this world.....I like (love actually) our odds. I have been seriously contemplating our gathering up as I thought maybe this feast day, and thinking about the reality of it is sobering. In a moment, this world will have all obstacles removed. There will be no more middle ground, and the degradation will be swift. Anyway, good reminder....nothing is a surprise to our God.


Sean Osborne said...

Yes we do know who they are. However, I do not blame media, they're but a tool.

This I would chalk up to what may be the percieved need to remain relevant, or for sales and other profitable commercial enterprises, or perhaps just plain ego and/or a seat at the table of self-designated "prophecy experts."

Sean Osborne said...

This subject is not about a rebellion of any kind against a central authority upon the earth.

The bride of Christ has no such authority save for the Lord Himself in Heaven.

Unlike the Tribes of Israel, we are all one in the blood of the Lamb; we are bound together and grafted into a Holy congregation by the Holy Spirit.

This subject is about the proper hermeneutic in the interpretation of Scripture about these last days events and fulfillment.

TP said...

Good post Sean. One question: why do you see the throwing down of the dragon, satan and his demon horde of angels mid trib? Where do you get that when reading Rev 12: 11-12?

Second insight really is a question as well and please do not get me wrong, I agree with all that you state in this sitrep as it pertains to Trump having an order to his plan. Does a clarification need to be made as it pertains to the idea that God put him there for a time such as this and how his actions will contribute to prophecies being fulfilled, but not necessarily because of being spiritually correct, but just because of being placed by God as President to do a work? I don't want to call Trump a puppet, but I also don't know that he is a saint doing what needs to be done the way other kings have who do act by faith and not by sight because of a holy union with God the Father. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking this through is the saudi weapons deal, can you shed some light on that? Seems to me he is playing both sides yes? How does that fit into eventual prophetic fulfillment with the coalition of nations and all the verses you cited in this sitrep? Keep up the great work, thanks:)

Sean Osborne said...


First, there was a typo, now corrected, and which now reads "Revelation 12:7-12."

Aside from that, my reason for assigning a mid-70th Week time to this is due to the multiple references in Daniel and in The Revelation of Jesus Christ which state that Satan will operate on the earth for only 42 months. That's easily identifiable as being during the second half of the 70th Week, a/k/a the Megas Thlipsis.

The first 42 months and big time different from the second 42. I'll explain this fuller later on today when I have a little more time.

Sean Osborne said...


Read Zechariah 11:16-17. This is also seen in Revelation 13:3.

At about mid-70th Week there will likely be an assassination attempt against Antichrist. It will likely be a sniper bullet to the head, just above his left ear.

The whole world will think he's been killed, it will appear to be a fatal wound.

This is where Satan is cast out and down to earth by Archangel Michael, and Satan immediately reanimates him back to life. Antichrist will be blind in right eye and his right arm will be severely withered - this is what occurs to someone severely wounded in the left side of their cranium/ brain.

Now indwelt by Satan he will cause the Abomination of Desolation, and he will kill the Two Witnesses. I think we all know the rest of this future event.

TP said...

interesting insight Sean, I may have missed something, but where does it specifically say that he will be wounded just above the left ear so that his right side will be paralyzed? I obviously know the verses you cite and have read them many times, but I am trying to understand that connection you have made.

Also, to make sure I am on the same page. You are linking satan getting cast down to the mid trib event happening to antichrist and the very reason why antichrist comes back to life? I think that makes sense. However, how does that effect the idea that the rapture will have happened 42 months earlier? I have always thought since learning of the Revelation 12 sign that it all fits together that the dragon would be cast down and the church caught up at the same time. The reason is pretty easy, we flee the dragon just in time and we are in Heaven as he gets banished to earth. It makes more sense our accuser wouldn't have access to the very place we are given, at least that makes more sense to me. Doesn't a mid trib casting down violate that idea? If so, what makes that acceptable and where in scripture leads you to that conclusion? Or is it simply connecting the casting down to antichrist indwelling and coming to life? Thanks:)

Sean Osborne said...


In my response to your line of questioning above I wrote in explanation:

"Antichrist will be blind in right eye and his right arm will be severely withered - this is what occurs to someone severely wounded in the left side of their cranium/ brain."

I should have added... that physical result is what occurs to a human being who survives such an attack. In medical pathology this is known as sequelae, the plural Latin term meaning multiple subsequent consequences of a disease or wound. It is graphically represented in what is known as a cortical homunculus, a neurological map of the human brain. The parts which control the eye and arm/hand are adjacent to each other in the left and right side of the brain. The right side of the human brain controls the left side of the body, and vice versa. So, these sequelae to the left side head wound manifest as loss of right eyesight and right arm usage (paralysis, shriveling).

In this case, blindness in right eye and a shriveled, useless right arm are the result of the Antichrist's brain wound.

Link: Cortical homunculus

Antichrist will not be killed, but the world will believe he was killed (i.e. the world is under the strong delusion). Apparently there will be good quality video that goes viral through the corporate and social media of the attempt on his life and people will likely say after seeing it "no one survives that!"

Satan does not have the power to raise from the dead human beings who have died. But Satan (the dragon) will be able to empower and reanimate him by indwelling him to continue. Proof of this is found in Revelation 19:20 - "Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone."

Nora said...


I’d like to ask a question too. Partly, it’s about Daniel 12:11, “From the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be 1290 days.” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. This means that plus 30 days will be included and instead of 1260 days/42 months, the second half of the tribulation aka “the Great Tribulation” will be 1290 days/43 months long!

Revelation 12:6 says: “Then the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred and sixty days.”

I think we could all agree that the woman (Israel) will flee into the wilderness to a place prepared by God (within Jordan) at the middle of the tribulation, right after the abomination of desolation happened! So, the 1260 days mentioned in this verse is also referring to the second half of the tribulation period, “the Great Tribulation”.

I don’t know how to reconcile Daniel 12:11’s mention of a 1290 days long “Great Tribulation” with the 1260 days long “Great Tribulation” mentioned in Revelation 12:6! What am I missing?

Sean Osborne said...


There are actually three overlapping periods - 1260, 1290 and 1335 days.

The megas thlipsis lasts 1260 days.

After that there's 30 more days during which the sheep/goat judgment of Matthew 25 likely occurs.

Then the additional 45 days is likely to prepare and restore the earth for the inauguration of the Millennial Kingdom.

Hope this helps.

Nora said...

Yes, it does help, many thanks!