Sunday, July 24, 2016

Global SITREP B10-16: Making America Great Means Blessing Israel

FINAL UPDATE 24 July 2016: The final update to SITREP B10-16 is a call to all of my fellow American's to make an effort to go and see, without delay, the major motion picture currently showing in theaters all across the country, HILLARY'S AMERICA: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  If you cannot see the movie prior to the upcoming election, then by all means, purchase a copy of the book and read it. The message contained in this highly educational movie or the book will bring home visually everything that is written below in this SITREP.  I saw the movie at matinee yesterday afternoon and immediately afterwards went out to locate and purchase the book.

The educational bonus of this movie is the critical history lesson which begins in an accurate recounting of events in pre-Civil War America, the division of the former Democratic-Republican Party which ultimately resulted in the establishment of the anti-slavery Republican Party and the pro-slavery Democratic Party. This political division on the fate of slavery in in the United States was a baseline which resulted in the Civil War between the anti-slavery Republican North and the pro-slavery Democrat South. After the civil war and into the recent history of post-World War II America to the presidency of our 36th President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Democratic Party stood against the civil rights of African-Americans until he 'flipped the script" with slight of political hand in 1964-65 and the charade known to this day as his "Great Society." 

As for Hillary and where she came from and what she is all about? Suffice it to say that as I watched this movie I began to see a stunning and strikingly accurate parallel between Hillary Clinton and the great harlot of Revelation 17 who is seen in a vision given to John the Revelator sitting on a scarlet beast having seven heads and ten horns. I'll leave this as it is, not wanting to be a spoiler. See it for yourself and determine if my characterization is correct.

7 July 2016: Given the events of this week an update of this SITREP simply had to happen. It was inevitable, just like a few other things in the near future that we are all very well aware of. So, here's the updated SITREP B10-16, complete with a new and essential banner image at the top and below. 

If the power of the Global Oligarchy now in control of the key institutions of the United States Government was not on full and open display this week - then it never has been and never will be. This fact is in everybody's face, in your grille, so to speak. The firestorm that erupted and continues unabated over DIRFBI Comey's announcement Tuesday morning is prima facie evidence in support of my statements in this SITREP. 

To recap, DIRFBI Comey checked every box, he itemized every indictable, felony criminal act committed by former SECSTATE Hillary Clinton in putting our National Security at risk, and per the Director thoroughly and completely compromised that security in the process, that for him to say that no charges would be recommended to U.S. Attorney General Lynch is the most unconscionable reversal of logic and law that I've ever witnessed in my lifetime. Everything else pales in comparison - Watergate, Whitewater, Bimbo eruptions, Bill Clinton's impeachment that wasn't an impeachment, Benghazi and the unprecedented purge of U.S. military officers of flag rank, you name it. This flip even out does what the "meaning of is is."

However, that all said, there is a new element in the conflict between the Globalists and the Nationalists. The new element, as I think most of us are now aware or soon will be, is that open war has erupted between the two sides, and it's a war which will inevitably involve the world at-large. Rhetoric is one thing, but what's coming will go far beyond words and the "sticks and stones" adage.

The elites saw this day coming. Back in 2011 during a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations former U.S. SECSTATE Zbigniew Brezinski and current adviser to President Obama said, "It used to be so much easier to control a million people than to kill them, but today it is infinitely easier to kill them than it is to control them." Simply put, this means we all have some "skin" in the game, doesn't it. And that makes the outcome of the election in November 2016 more critical than any previous election in U.S. history.  And getting back to ol' Zbig for a second, who makes such a statement rationalizing the wholesale genocide of a million innocent people for the sake of political control over the remainder? The Global Oligarchy does, that's who! Sssshhhh, nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Bill and Hillary - Globalist Elites
8 May 2016: Have you noticed - a sea change is in progress. This sea change is occurring in the midst of very serious political conflict in America pitting the Globalist elites against American nationalists. The globalist elites are making full utilization of the extreme left who are prone to acts of violence; these are the revolutionaries many believe faded into history with the collapse of Communism in Russia a quarter century ago (1991). 

The truth is these leftist revolutionaries didn't fade away, but established themselves in all levels our academia, from elementary grade school to university post graduate. Their educational product, the students, have been nurtured, conditioned and otherwise indoctrinated in world socialist ideology disguised as a liberal education during this entire time. 

These students were emboldened into kinetic action by the current administration, and its leftist wanna-be candidates, Clinton and Sanders. Their existence has been manifest recently in the Occupy, BLM and wherever a social crisis presented itself, with even greater numbers mobilized for GOP rallies in very recent weeks. They are prepared for even larger and more violent actions from here to November. Their ultimate goal is not electoral political success but political revolution towards completing the fundamental transformation of America. They have no intention of allowing the past 8 years to fade into history.

I believe this sea change, which I base upon informed situational awareness and personally define as an all-encompassing re-transformation of the America that for 8 years has been in retreat and decline under world-socialist, pro-Islam Obama, to an America on the march towards restoration and global leadership under an alliance of Conservatives, Evangelical Christians and Nationalists, is becoming increasingly evident even before it gets into full swing over the next couple of months, erupting into planned violence at coming political events and other targets of opportunity. 

The first manifest indicator of this sea change was presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's sudden abandonment this week of his neutrality stance regarding negotiations in Israel's conflict with its Muslim Islamist neighbors. On 2 May 'The Donald' made clear that his policy as U.S. President will be fully pro-Israel; to support Israel's continued and expanded construction of settlements and and infrastructure in Judea and Samaria. The left's violent opposition to this will likely eclipse anything seen thus far. 

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's first presidential-like foreign policy speech following the Indiana primary ballot victory focused upon Israel. His first major interview on U.S. foreign relations during a Trump Administration (DailyMail, UK and The Algemeiner) was focused upon Israel. Donald Trump is clearly under no illusion that truces between the Islamists and Israel have any value, now or in the future, especially when history shows they are followed just days or weeks later by more missile and mortar fire into Israel. He is under no illusion that the leftist revolutionaries and the Islamists are political bedfellows.

Donald Trump's 'Israel adviser' was appointed last month; he is an Orthodox Jew from Teaneck, New Jersey named Jason Greenblatt. Jason Greenblatt, who studied in a Judean yeshiva, is a real estate lawyer who has been in Trump's employment for the past 20 years.  Trump's senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, was formerly a key aide to Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN).

I think it's really this simple. It occurs to me in reading all manner of related material lately that Trump's Israel adviser and his Evangelical advisers probably have impressed upon him that to "Make America Great" again America must bless Israel. It's an irrevocable promise from God written in Genesis 12:3. And the predictable coming violence against this is as old and from the same adversarial source as detailed in the Biblical texts from Genesis through The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

As for the other aspects of the sea change such as Obama Care, the Iran Nuclear Debacle, Russia, China, Global Trade and the soon-to-be Mexican-funded border wall, there is every indication that Trump, the presumptive next American president, will execute decisive action in these areas. He will need our support, he will have the support of the all-volunteer U.S. Armed Forces.

All of this, obviously, is time dependent, and that's something we likely don't have a whole lot of these days. Nevertheless, this is dependent on the United States getting to the November presidential election; a Trump inauguration in January 2017 and on a world war not erupting in the interim, or a civil war being forced upon that part of our nation seeking a return to Constitutional governance. 

May God Bless America, Again.


hartdawg said...

I sincerely hope that trump's pro-Isreal rhetoric is not just rhetoric. I heard many accusation against trump that he's not really pro-israel. I guess we'll see. By the way, I'm sure you seen me say this before, but I'll say it again, you can't get rid of israel, ISRAEL IS FOREVER!!! To israels enemies I say this, go ahead and try something, I dare you!

jmoll106 said...

Sean, reading this article today was a ray of sunshine, more so because I believe from you it is informed and not based on hype. You made my day.
Blessings to you!

Sean Osborne said...


With respect to the accusations against Donald Trump that he is not really pro-Israel... who was making those accusations? No doubt the accusers were Trump's political opponents in this primary season, GOP and Democrat and leftist Jews like those at Ha'aretz, but I'd like to know who the accusers are as individuals to make a political judgment call on why these accusations were made.

I mean, how could it be possible for a business magnate like Donald Trump keep a very pro-Israel Orthodox Jew on his corporate payroll as his primary real estate lawyer for 20 years and remain secretly anti-Israel? Is this man not well known for removing employees he has issues with simply by saying "you're fired!" 20 continuous years is a long time to stay employed with Trump; 20 years are a virtual professional career in their own right.

Israel's most widely read Hebrew language newspaper, Israel HaYom, (owned by self-made billionaire 28 times over and global casino magnate Sheldon Adelson) has published glowing editorials about Trump. Sheldon Adelson, who is of Ukrainian Jewish ancestry, and is a die-hard Republican who lives in Las Vegas, has funded GOP candidates with well over 90 million dollars in just the past four years; and now he's on big-time with Trump. You don't pull the wool over a man like Sheldon Adelson's eyes.

Also, Israeli polls prior to Tuesday's Indiana victory pegged Trump as the favorite GOP candidate; and heavily side in his favor over Hillary Clinton in the November election.

hartdawg said...

Sean, thank you for the clarification, I really appreciate it. So many lies these days, know that I mean? I admit that I'd have rather had cruz, but I'll take trump over HELLary any day. One thing that is really disturbing to me is that there are many cruz supporters who refuse to vote because their candidate didn't get the nomination. I'm seeing that all over Facebook and on christian sites and blogs. Have you been seeing that too? I'm hoping that you haven't and that it's just a very small faction. Anyway, thanks for the clarification

Miriam said...

I have had the sense from relatively early on that the situation that has developed with Trump is in response to prayer by the many faithful people in our nation. In fact God may have prepared him, giving him adult children who can run his businesses and a large personal fortune for exactly such a time as this. In regards to Cruz, I will just say that I am now convinced based on a number of things that he was not what he tried to appear to be. What came to me some time ago were our Lord's words from Matthew: 21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. 22 Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’

If you have a different view of the situation, please know that I respect you and don't want to stir up controversy, because our peace, love and unity of spirit are so important. I am not infallible and leave the judgment of all of this to God.

Trump is certainly an imperfect person with rough edges and a checkered past. There is nothing new under the sun, that is the kind of person that God has often used to accomplish his purposes. Some examples that come to my mind are Rahab, the gentile prostitute who was pivotal in the conquest of Jericho, Ruth, the Moabite priestess, and David, who was an adulterer and a murderer, but whom God called a man after His own heart, and for whom the eternal throne that Jesus will occupy in Jerusalem is named. All of these people were used by God and were also in the direct lineage of Jesus. God is glorified when He does this, and it becomes easier for people to recognize that something unusual/outside the normal laws of nature and society is taking place. It also reassures and encourages other imperfect, unsaved people that they are not too unworthy to reach out to God. Above all, I am sure that God's priority is to reach as many people as possible before the Harpazo.

I don't know if you all agree, but in watching Trump I have had the impression on a number of occasions that he himself been surprised by what has happened and is continuing to happen. If the phenomenon that is occurring is truly from God, then it will succeed, bear fruit and no strategy or weapon that people or our spiritual enemy formulates will be able to stop it. What has come to my mind in that regard is this scripture from Acts 5: "So in the present case, I say to you, stay away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or action is of men, it will be overthrown; 39 but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them; or else you may even be found fighting against God.”

In regards to Israel, if God can cause a donkey (note, I did not say ass:-) to speak and bless Israel, He can certainly use Trump. Three of Donald Trump's young grandchildren are being raised to be orthodox Jews by his daughter Ivanka, who converted to orthodox Judaism before her marriage, and who keeps a kosher home. Also, in regards to the wall concept, think about it - what other country in the modern era has built a wall for border security? My son who is very interested in Israel-related issues and has more time to look into them than I do, has told me that Netanyahu's expectation that Trump is going to be elected and things are about to change has contributed to his recent announcement that the Golan Heights is now officially part of Israel and is "off the table" in any future negotiations.

Sorry for the long post but this has been on my heart for some time. May God bless all of us and our nation and pour out the Spirit of Truth, bringing many souls to Himself before coming for His bride!

Sean Osborne said...

There are still some brethren who bitterly refuse to acknowledge the fact that Donald Trump has fairly won this political contest over the other candidates, a good number of whom profess Christ as Lord and savior, and he did this by winning the Evangelical/Born Again Christian vote by wide margins in all state primaries except for Cruz' home state of Texas.

Our brethren also have not yet come around in this election to acknowledge that God is in complete control; that ultimately the determination of who will be the next American president is one He alone decided long ago.

If Donald Trump is truly within the Lord's will to be the next American president then there is nothing else to be said, there is nothing to fear, and we must praise God for the choice He has made. He knows more than all of us combined ever will know.

This political contest was very rough by any standard; that's just politics. I vividly recall the very unChrist-like dirty lies and tricks that the Ted Cruz campaign launched against his closest Christian rival at the time, who was my own personal favorite, Dr. Ben Carson. Ted Cruz was no saint in this matter, not by a long-shot, so that argument is akin to a dog that won't hunt.

We all must move past these petty differences, forgive as we are commanded to forgive and accept the Lord's will.

My personal choice had been for Dr. Ben Carson to become the GOP nominee. When my preference suddenly became irrelevant, I moved my personal preference to Ted Cruz knowing full well what I just stated above about what he did to severely damage and ultimately destroy Dr. Ben Carson's campaign. Forgive and move on: there is too much at stake to do otherwise and let bitterness consume - that's my advice.

Anonymous said...

Here, here to Miriam's comments. God definitely uses flawed people to accomplish His will. The prayers of righteous followers of Jesus Christ have more power than we know, the power Jesus told us, to even move mountains. For all of his many flaws, perhaps Donald Trump is an answer to many prayers and will bring a short period of calm to our nation before a flood of judgment follows with the rapture. Because of our great sin as a nation, the U.S. should have collapsed long ago. Yet God in His mercy has withheld this judgment, for reasons only He can see. Perhaps there is a strong remnant of believers who are faithful prayer warriors on behalf of our nation.

- Brian from Florida

Jeremy Lobb said...

Hi Sean,

My worse fear is that the powers that be (Obozo and cronies - new world order) will never allow The Donald to win the election:-(.............

The scenario painted has been that The Donald will be assassinated just before the elections which will cause total chaos with possible civil up risings which will then allow obozo to declare Marshall law and stay in power to complete his job of destroying the great country of America.

I pray that this never happens and pray that a strong leader will come back to make America great again.

God Bless

hartdawg said...

Good advice, and about whether Donald Trump being the Lord's will for being the next president, you beat me to the punch. Ultimately, the powers are put in by God. Do we vote? Absolutely! But it's the Lord that sets up and it's the Lord that tears down.....but I'm still a vot'n

Rhonda said...

I sent a comment in yesterday at the same time as hartdawg's first comment.
I still don't see it. Are you choosing to not post it or did you not see
it? I agree that God has placed Trump as the GOP nominee but I believe both
presumptive nominees, Trump and Clinton, spell continued judgement for America.

Lance M said...

Agreed....if any of us put our hope in any man (or woman), we will, more than likely, be let down at some point. The same can be said at church. When imperfect people try to talk about perfection, there is bound to be some heartache along the way. Take comfort in who is in control. As you said, we are exactly where we're supposed to at this point in time.


Miriam said...

To be honest Sean, Dr. Ben Carson was my first preference too. I have a very high regard for his judgment, intellect and faith. I felt that his early endorsement of Trump when he left the race was important. If Trump does become our next president, he has indicated that Dr. Carson will play an important role in his cabinet. God may be calling Dr. Carson to another governmental role where he will be a great blessing to our nation. As you have said, God is the one who will ultimately determine how this all plays out - I may be completely wrong, or something unexpected may occur to derail this scenario. I would personally not be surprised if this is all part of the last, great harvest of souls before the Harpazo, similar to what was depicted in Left Behind, which the Lord has said will occur when we all least expect it. What a time to be an American believer and a prayer warrior!

Also on a completely unrelated topic I wanted to mention that my son tells me that the main funding for Haaretz comes from foreign nationals that are enemies of Israel, and that there has also been a huge political change in Israel; the majority of Israelis have become much more hawkish after the events of recent years. This is also part of why Netanyahu is taking a hard line.

Another random thing I wanted to mention is that my son called me over and showed me a clip of Obama speaking (I've forgotten the venue/occasion) and bemoaning the prosperity and high economic growth rate that has been occurring in Israel, which comes from God and which (of course) the BDS movement has failed to effect. Interestingly, the nation of India is greatly expanding its trade with Israel. In Obama's view, if Israel prospers, they have no incentive to give up land. This gives us a window into the thinking of Obama and his foreign allies, which as we know is diametrically opposed to the Word of God. Their final, total defeat will not occur until the Lord returns.

Martin Karanda said...

I have a completely different view from you brothers, How about this suppose it's Hellary who makes it to your White House as God's sovereign plan to have a thoroughly detestable character as your next president. The harpazzo then follows within two or three years of her rule, who do you think would be best to serve the AC. I see a match made in hell and the world then after the disappearance of millions of saints would sure need some who is used to lying to sell the lie about our disappearance. Just my take which maybe very wrong. I know most of you are fed up with what's happening in your great nation BUT our Lord never promised us a better outcome here, and as we go towards the end of this age things are likely to get worse- transgender toilets, same sex marriages and other "evils" the good book said will visit the world this side of eternity.

Sean Osborne said...


You wrote: "suppose it's (Hillary Clinton) who makes it to your White House as God's sovereign plan to have a thoroughly detestable character as your next president. The (Harpazo) then follows within two or three years of her rule, who do you think would be best to serve the AC. I see a match made in hell . "

Do you not see the significant problem that lies within your thinking?

Since the Creation of the universe, when has the will of our sovereign God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, ever resulted in the sum product of "a match made in hell"?

Also, since when has our omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God ever been revealed in Scripture to do evil upon a nation simply for the sake of doing that evil, i.e "to have a thoroughly detestable character as your next president."?

The truth as revealed by God-breathed Scripture is that "Divine providence is the governance of God by which He, with wisdom and love, cares for and directs all things in the universe." Does your thinking reflect the omnipotent wisdom and omnipresent love of God?

I agree with your second thought: " Just my take which maybe very wrong." Yes, it is very wrong IMHO.

Divine providence is the key. It is what allowed the abject sin of one Judas Iscariot about two thousand years ago to result in the salvation of all mankind through the Risen Christ Jesus. Paul taught this concept in Romans 8:28. All of the evil and sin going on in this world is being allowed as it is leading to a greater, final purpose, the establishment of His Kingdom upon this Earth.

For the USA, millions and millions the Bride of Christ are still resident here, just as the Bride of Christ is elsewhere in the world. We have great responsibility incumbent upon us because we, each and every one of us, have been specifically called according to His purposes, His will. We will give account before Him in how we fulfilled our responsibility for His purposes. The Holy Spirit directs us here and now in this regard.

Anyone who doubts this incurs a requirement to re-read what Paul wrote to the Philippians at the beginning of chapter 1: "He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."

Martin Karanda said...

Thanks Sean
My take was based on the fact the sovereign God allowed Obama two terms for His purpose and His alone as God waves a tapestry of the world which he has total control. God's plan may include Hilary Clinton as the next President just as he had Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus evil medo- Persian kings whom he called "my servants". I am basing on the fact that so many things have been happening in the world to defy logic:- transgender toilets in your great nation, Supreme Court judgements that defy logic, Angela Merkel letting ,millions of people into Europe and large scale deception about climate change and ISIS beheading people on tv and killing Christians in Egypt. So it would not be beyond the realm of possibility for Mrs Clinton to make it. My term match made in hell alluded to the fact the AC would need an acquisitious leader of the biggest nation to carry out his dastard acts. Like I said I maybe wrong and just my view from the shores of UK.

Sean Osborne said...

The election of an American president has never been based upon logic, but from the get-go on Divine providence.

However, if logic were the sole criteria, then based upon logic derived from the mood of the vast majority in these United States, neither Hillary Clinton or any of "establishment" or left-of-center candidate would have anything more significant than a 10% chance of success this November.

Such is the mood in the USA (where outright rebellion against the Democrat and GOP "establishment" is very much a possibility (and has occurred recently on a smaller scale in various locations) within the roughly 65-70 million secular nationalist/patriotic voters going to the polls 6 months from now. That is a number to which one should also add the tens of millions of evangelical voters backing Mr. Trump.

It goes without saying that lots of different types events can transpire in 6 months - anything from death due to a pre-existing medical condition to indictment, disqualification, trial, conviction and imprisonment for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz might well suppress their egos for the good of the country, put the country first, and join in common cause as presidential and vice-presidential candidates by the time the GOP convention rolls around. This is a distinct possibility and is being worked on aggressively.

Would these other potentials also not be within the realm of the Lord's will?

Of course they are.

Miriam said...

Hi Martin, I agree with Sean, but in addition, for what it's worth, my take is that the things that you are accurately describing are further evidence that we are in the season approaching Daniel's 70th week, what Gabriel referred to as "the time of the end." (In addition to all of the earthquakes and natural disasters that Jesus described and Sean has been keeping us informed about). There will be great light and great darkness, with the earth being a reflection of the battle that is kicking into higher gear in the spiritual realm. On earth there will be a sharpening contrast between the wise and the wicked. Here are some related quotes from Daniel 12: 3 Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.

8 I heard, but I did not understand. So I asked, “My lord, what will the outcome of all this be?” 9 He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end. 10 Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.

Rhonda said...

Sean you said,
(Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz might well suppress their egos for the good of the country, put the country first, and join in common cause as presidential and vice-presidential candidates by the time the GOP convention rolls around. This is a distinct possibility and is being worked on aggressively.)
That could really unite the party! Can you tell us anymore information you may
have about this "joining in common cause?"

Sean Osborne said...

Just that it is a distinct possibility being aggressively pursued.

Sean Osborne said...

Just that it is a distinct possibility being aggressively pursued.

Miriam said...

I saw reports this morning that Dr. Carson is setting aside his focus on evaluating potential vice presidential candidates to meet with Paul Ryan on Mr. Trump's behalf in advance of Trump's meeting tomorrow. This scripture from Matthew 5 immediately came to mind: 9 Blessed are the peacemakers,for they will be called children of God. I just prayed that God's will will be done in this situation, that His Spirit will shine forth I hope many of us will decide to pray too.

jmoll106 said...

Great idea. I'm in for praying too.

Nora said...

I'm watching Pastor JD Farag's weekly prophecy updates and I think he is right in his assumptions about prophetic developments and their directions concerning the world and America. If all the destructive (and seemingly chaotic) trends set in motion around the world, including America, are in God's prophetic plan, things won't change their current path. We'll have to wait and see and above all, pray for God's will be done.

Nora said...


One more thing. You wrote “Also, since when has our omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God ever been revealed in Scripture to do evil upon a nation simply for the sake of doing that evil, i.e "to have a thoroughly detestable character as your next president."?”
No offense, I might misunderstand you but your reply makes it sound like the USA is a nation without blame which won’t deserve such a leadership. As the person asked, what about your current administration then? Not only that but we must take into account all the other countries in the world because all those countries have born-again Christian populations and many are oppressed and persecuted by their country’s leadership (which isn’t the will of God.) What makes American Christians different from Chinese ones (for example) that God should provide benevolent leadership in the USA while not do the same for Chinese and Iranian Christians? Also, is the Lord not the one who chose and allows the Iranian leadership being in power as well? Last but not least, are Iranian/Chinese Christians less deserving for a benevolent leadership in their country than American ones? At the same time, are Iranian/Chinese unbelievers more deserving of a malevolent leadership in their countries than American ones? I don’t think so. I don’t think that the Lord runs things this way and I don’t believe the He’s less attentive to the prayers of Chinese/Iranian Christians than American ones.

Sean Osborne said...


A lot of what Pastor JD talks about I agree with. Other things, not so much. As they say, to each his (or her) own.

And, yes, it does appear you misunderstood the point, and which I find just a little bit odd because the person to whom I was communicating, Martin Karanda, understood the point I was making. At not point did I even come close to conveying the meaning that America is "a nation without blame." The evil done by the current administration is beyond belief, and most of that evil, particularly against Israel, is just now being written about and exposed for what it is.

Lance M said...

I had the same feeling Sean. This is no longer behind closed doors, back room dealing, whatever it you want to call it. This is in our face, what are you going to do about it flaunting. The other side is effectively saying "what difference does it make"......sound familiar? Our nation and the whole world is being readied for judgement. To me, this is similar to God's handwriting on the wall. Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin indeed.


Great Grany 5 said...

Good morning Sean,

I have to say right off the bat, what Bill Clinton accomplished with the Justice Department this time is worthy of Benedict Arnold's treason! As far as I am concerned William Jefferson Clinton deserves the same penalty for his betrayal of all of us! But now the question has to be brought forth: What can WE, THE PEOPLE, do about it?

I submit to all who call their self Christian, begin anew taking God's Word very seriously the words as revealed to the Apostle Paul in Ephesians chapter 3! Read it until your carnal mind is finally filled with the reality that ALL of Us who are called by HIS NAME are enabled to be all and completely delegated to sit at the Right Hand of God because we are seated iIN CHRIST JESUS! Do you really realize that all of us, because of Jesus Blod that was shed at the cross was offered up to Heaven and is EMPOWERED in the Holy of HOLIES on our behalf! In other words, we have access continually at the Throne of YAHWEH, and the reason this mess has happened in the USA, we let deception convince us we are weak and deserve to be beaten!

That idea just does not agree with my Bible! We are all much more than conquerors because of the victory Jesus accomplished first at the cross and then the grave and finally the Resurrection! HE WON and so do WE if we stop whimpering and start believing every word of God's Holy SCRIPTURES and base every day on Ephesians. The words are pure gold! I know because HE is showing them to al of us right get now! I can hardly keep up with what the Holy Spirit is pouring out on me and He will do the same with all of us!


Sean Osborne said...

Mornin' GG5!

My view is that We, The People do everything within our rights and privileges as American citizens to see that this unindicted criminal does not get elected; that we refuse to allow a career criminal to become the next chief executive and commander-in-chief of these United States.

In another but related vein... how is it given the facts laid out by DIRFBI Comey that Hillary Clinton has not had her security clearance revoked? How can she remain to be qualified by the DNC for the office of POTUS and to receive daily classified briefings with a permanent revocation of her security clearance?

(Revocation of a US security clearance for any infraction is always immediate and permanent upon the finding that an infraction has occurred! FBIDIR Comey provided such a finding in his Tuesday morning announcement.)

I would also expect a slew of FBI investigators to offer their resignations in the wake of non-recommendation for prosecution. Resignations should be forthcoming for the simple reason of removing or disassociating their good names from what is now an officially sanctioned cover-up of gross negligence in the handling of classified information to the level of the black programs known as TS SAP.

Sean Osborne said...

Breaking News -- the FBI is about to receive a referral from Congress to investigate whether or not former SECSTATE Hillary Clinton lied under oath in her testimony to the Congress regarding her private email account, as well if she lied in her interview with the FBI last Saturday.

Lying under oath before the U.S. Congress is perjury (18 USC Section 1621 and section 1726 of Title 28 USC) rendered the guilty party subject to a fine of $100,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment.

In his statement Tuesday, FBIDIR made it very clear the former SECSTATE Clinton committed perjury before the Congress and in her FBI interview.

jmoll106 said...

I'm glad FBIDIR said it is a crime to lie to the FBI because now their saying she was never put under oath and did not record her statements.
This is not suprising at all.

hartdawg said...

Hi sean, I sincerely hope that I'm wrong, but I'm not expecting much to come from this. Is she's found guilty, I'm guessing she'll pay a fine, but not out of her own money, then will end up being the next president whether elected fairly or not. Again, I'm hoping that I am 100% wrong. If I am wrong, this is one reproof or rebuke that I'll receive very gladly

Rhonda said...

Do you, Sean or anyone think that Comey was threatened into doing this treasonous
act? I mean first he tells all of her crimes and then says no prosecution will
be recommended? Like you said, this is worse than anything we've seen thus far.
I wouldn't put anything past these people, the clintons and "0" have so much blood
on their hands! While typing this comment, the words of scripture came to my mind,
Rev. 13:4 - Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him?

Miriam said...

For what it's worth, I am sensing that God has decided to expose the evil in these last days for what it is, to wake as many people up as possible in the last great harvest before we are all Harpazoed out of here. I personally have the sense that God has been using Trump as part of that. Yesterday, I viewed viewed a video that is available on Youtube of a prayer service last September that Trump did not know was being recorded at the time, at Trump Tower in NY with 40 pastors including what looked to me like Robert Jeffress, Pastor Scott, Rabbi Kirt Shneider, etc. It is not that Trump himself is so great, but God prepared him for such a time as this, and is using him to expose corruption. I have watched some of his recent speeches, and Trump himself has appeared to me to be a bit surprised from time to time by what has been happening. Just speculation, but it may be that Trump will be Harpazoed along with the rest of us.

Don't you all think it is becoming clearer and clearer how easy it will be for those who are left behind to believe the strong delusion that God will send them, so that His judgment will be accomplished during the final week? God sees everything that is happening, and what is hidden and spoken in whispers will be shouted from the housetops - there will be no hiding from his eyes that are like a flame of fire, testing every man's works and motivations. The Clintons and Obama are not getting away with anything - the fact that they may think they are is part of their delusion.

I met with someone at the Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation with one of my disabled adult sons yesterday - he really really wants to work. As he was discussing his situation and what has happened to him with the nice lady from the Family Resource Network, she quoted something that her mother used to say, "we make our plans and God laughs." (she meant that in a nice way). These people may be making their plans, but according to Psalm 2, God is actually laughing at them:

Why do the nations conspire
and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth rise up
and the rulers band together
against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
“Let us break their chains
and throw off their shackles.”

The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
the Lord scoffs at them.
He rebukes them in his anger
and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
“I have installed my king
on Zion, my holy mountain.”

Kenneth Moore said...

My humble opinion is more prayer. In that of Psalm 109 is very troubling to most because it is perhaps the strongest imprecator prayer to destroy the wicked.
I think the Holy Spirit does lead the Christian American's to do the same way
that Ahab and Jezebel were killed just like Elijah prophesied.

Kenneth Moore said...

As for Comey, Hillary and Obama: Civil government is a "minister of God to thee for good." It is a not a minister of God for evil. Civil magistrates have a divine duty to "execute wrath upon him that doeth evil." They have no authority to execute wrath upon him that doeth good. None. Zilch. Zero. And anyone who says they do is lying. So, even in the midst of telling Christians to submit to civil authority, Romans Chapter 13 limits the power and reach of civil authority.

I and many took an Oath.

Active and retired military, law enforcement, and first responders who have took, and are bound by a oath of service from when they first joined, as required (depending on what position) by article II clause 1, or article VI clause 3 of the United States Constitution, or for Commissioned Officers and Enlisted military personnel, section 3331, title 5 and 10, U.S.C. € 502, respectively, that a oath is legally binding, not something to be taken lightly, not some words that are just said because they are required of a position, but something with a meaning that they feel deeply about, something that binds them to it as honorable men, something that may be thought of in this day and age by the masses as archaic. Yet to the men who have sworn to this oath it is as scared as to the men who made this pledge; (the difference between a pledge and an oath is that a oath is legally binding) “For the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.
So pledged on July 4th,1776 the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Kenneth Moore US Army Retired.

jmoll106 said...

IMHO he's one of them.

jmoll106 said...

I think your right. People are even now waking up to the depravity and lawlessness going on in the world. I pray it will be our opportunity to witness to what is to come.

Sean Osborne said...


I think Comey is a big part of the problem, his statement only empowered those who seek to bring the country down through wanton acts of violence and abject lawlessness.

Was Comey coerced into recommending no charges should be brought by the DoJ against HRC? Absolutely, I have no doubt about this. Obama and Hillary knew of his recommendation before he spoke it, so did AG Lynch. How? Because that decision was dictated to him and he had no other option but to resign or comply.

Of course Obama and HRC had prior knowledge of what Comey would recommend, and that is why they were airborne on Air Force 1, to a political rally for HRC, and had her speaking with Zero by her side as she spoke from a podium bearing the Seal of the president of the United States. As I have stated... this is in everyone's grille big time.

Is it any wonder that the attack on the Dallas PD occurred within days of Comey's failure to uphold codified American law? That other attacks are occurring around the country, or will yet occur? Our enemies in power are using domestic terrorism as their weapon of choice. The war, civil war, they have been fomenting for so long is nothing but a vehicle by which they intend to ride to absolute power in this country.

Recall what I wrote about ZBig's 2011 statement in the most recent update. How is it today so much easier to kill a million people? How do you bring about genocide?

You incessantly incite one group of people to kill another group of people by any means available to you. I think that's where all of this is going within the next several weeks.

Domestic terrorists like BLM will make it happen and it will be easy - UNLESS - law enforcement stands firm and upholds our laws, and we all stand firm and support law enforcement. We cannot allow mob rule and unchecked lawlessness overtake the overwhelmingly decent remainder of the country.

Kenneth Moore said...

Sean Said;
Domestic terrorists like BLM will make it happen and it will be easy - UNLESS - law enforcement stands firm and upholds our laws, and we all stand firm and support law enforcement. We cannot allow mob rule and unchecked lawlessness overtake the overwhelmingly decent remainder of the country.

You are exactly right. Both men killed last week in MN and Baton Rouge were crimals with a rap sheet. Cops just do not kill for unjust reason's. The Hands UP Don't shoot narrative is DOA and unjustly used.

Rhonda said...

Oh my stars Sean!! Your May 8 and July 7 updates are so spot on. I'm scared for
our country. This is when we all must pick sides. Trump - nationalist, America
as a continued world power and supporting Israel or HRC - globalist, America ruined
and enemy of Israel!! I have not liked Trump in the past because of many things
he has said and done. I have always been a supporter of Ted Cruz, but we don't
pick who God chooses to use do we? So I definitely see the King Cyrus and Trump
correlation. But doesn't prophecy foretell which side wins here and its not the
one we want it to be. I've always been told America is weak in the end of days,
not having the power she once did, and Israel faces her enemies without world powers so that God alone can fight for her and win the battle. Doesn't that mean that the
globalists win right now? I hope I'm wrong, I hope you have information that proves
I am wrong. I think it is important to remember it is our faith in Jesus Christ as
Lord that will save us and not what happens between the powers of this corrupt evil world.

Sean Osborne said...

Just moments ago Obama was speaking to assembled media in Warsaw, Poland.

In this 'press conference' he directly and with a very broad brush condemned all law enforcement departments in United States of institutionalized racism against African Americans and Latinos.

Nothing I can say makes my point in this SITREP more clearly than what the POTUS just said on live TV to the entire world.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Extreme, Far Left radical engaged in agitation propaganda (a/k/a agitprop) the likes of which this nation has not had to endure since Soviet, Cuban and American Quisling Communists first appeared on our TV screens in the 1960's.

Make no mistake about this.

Miriam said...

What has happened with Trump up to this point is already something that would have appeared to be beyond improbable, but pretty near impossible, to most of the political "experts" in the world a year ago. When God wanted to get peoples' attention throughout history he has often done so by accomplishing impossible things. My son and I just re-read the story of Gideon in the book of Judges, that was one awesome example. For any that are not familiar, the Angel of the Lord came to Gideon when he was hiding in a well so that the Midianites would not steal the grain he was preparing, and called him a mighty man of God :-) the Israelites were massively surrounded. They had I believe over 30,000 soldiers. God told Gideon to tell them that anyone that was afraid should leave and go home. Over 10,000 left. God then told Gideon they still had too many soldiers, because if they won the victory with that force, they would be able to tell themselves afterwards that they did it with their own abilities. They finally weeded it down to 300 soldiers, and God gave them the victory by confusing and panicking their enemies and causing them to kill each other - Israel did not actually have to go into the battle themselves.

I do not believe God is finished using the United States as the only remaining Christian nation on earth to advance the Gospel of His kingdom in these last days. There is a lot at stake, so it is no wonder that the enemy is getting agitated (and sending agitators in the spiritual and physical realm). A lot of what is happening can appear to be frightening, I know that is something that I personally struggle with, but God does not want us to be afraid, but to march on with the spirit of love, power and a sound mind. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world, and we need to take on the mantle of authority we have been given, and pray together for the unsaved in the world and that our nation will be used by God in a mighty way.

I have been listening to "Greater" and "By Our Love" lately, that has been a comfort when looking at the chaos of the world. I hope it comforts all of you too.

Sean Osborne said...

How similar is the victory over the Midianites to the future victory over the massive Magog confederation in Ezekiel 38/39?

Past is prologue.

Miriam said...

What a wonderful insight Sean. How great is our God who weaves these patterns throughout history! And in the spiritual realm, we need to come out of our winepresses (I went back and have a correction, Gideon was actually hiding in a winepress, not a well), and stand up as as the mighty men and women of God that we are :-)

Another interesting postscript to the story of Gideon that I noticed when I went back to correct my mistake about the well/winepress is that the Midianite princes Oreb and Zeeb were killed during that battle, as the Midianites were being chased out, and their heads were brought to Gideon when he was alongside the Jordan. Oreb and Zeeb are mentioned by name in Psalm 83. Past as prologue again!

Sean Osborne said...

Here's another insight to ponder.

The "war on police" is intentional, a deliberate targeting tactic for the desired outcome of causing as may Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) as possible to resign from their department and seek other types of employment to support their families. The end result is a void in law enforcement at the local and state levels.

It not rocket science to foresee that mass resignations of LEOs would result in unprecedented lawlessness. Use of the U.S. the military is off limits in a law enforcement role per the Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C § 1385).

So, guess who is armed to the teeth and fully prepared to step into the law enforcement void?

FEMA. A federal police force under the control of you know who. If you're not aware of who controls FEMA then there's some homework to be done.

And just look at the arsenal of millions upon millions of rounds of high caliber ammunition and weaponry purchased by FEMA in recent years... all the while and simultaneously We The People are being systematically disarmed and our 2nd Amendment rights are being assaulted incessantly.

Again, this is not rocket science to see what is going on here. Planned tyranny.

Miriam said...

As I think I've mentioned before, one of my sons keeps up with the goings-on in Israel. Last night, he alerted me that the Knesset just passed legislation that is going to require all media entities including TV, Radio, Press etc. to disclose where they get their funding. So that all of the left-wing entities that have been pushing land for peace, appeasement, etc. that are being funded by the foreign enemies of Israel are going to be exposed.

I compare this with the exposure of the corruption and foreign influence that God has been using Trump to spearhead in the United States. I believe both are related to the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth that is gaining steam even as the forces of the enemy are agitating.

For what it's worth, I have the sense that when we are Harpazoed it will be in a time of spiritual victory, with the backdrop of encroaching darkness. When we go out, it will be on a high note. I do not believe that evil will succeed in the US at this time because God is going to use us in the final great harvest of souls.

However I read further in the book of Kings last night, and Gideon had an item of gold made from some of the items that were captured from the enemy, and it later became a snare and led to idolatry. And true to form, after Gideon was gone, Israel forgot God and all the victories He had blessed them with, and dove completely back into idolatry and served detestable foreign gods.

So I believe we are on the cusp of a massive revival, but Americans are not different than the Israelites were, and after those of us who have personally walked with the Lord are gone, our nation will be fundamentally and quickly changed, in Obama's sense of the word. I truly hope and pray that those who are left behind do not completely abandon their support of Israel while we are busy with the wedding supper. Let's be sure to keep our lamps full of oil!

Nora said...

Revelation 3:7-8 as the Lord’s words to the faithful Church:

“And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write,

‘These things says He who is holy, He who is true, “He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens”: “I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name. “

Some people interpret these verses that when the Lord returns for the Church at the end of the age, the Church will have very little strength. I think a massive revival has already started but it’s mostly happening in Asia, Africa and at the Middle-East right now. Millions and millions of people get saved in face of persecution. I don’t know about the future of the West maybe there will be a revival too, maybe it will descend more and more into spiritual darkness. I think we should pray and ask the Lord to nurture and strengthen us spiritually, emotionally and psychically the way only He can. Apostle Paul’s prayer is crucial as he asks the Lord to renew us in our minds and make us strong in our inner men by His love through His Holy Spirit, so that we’ll be rooted in His love. This way we could be prepared by the Lord, no matter what the future holds.

“For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 15 from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, 16 that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, 17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height— 19 to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.
20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:14-21)

89rscam said...


I think an important point is that the revival that IS indeed happening in Iran, China and Africa and even in Israel!, through every outlet I have seen it is all happening through the Holy Spirit. People are having dreams and visions that lead them to Messiah.

It's the Holy Spirit so I say the church has little power... But the Holy Spirit has infinite power! =)

I can list examples of the current church if you want me too... Warren, Furtick, Osteen, the NAR it goes on and on. My niece has recently accepted Christ and it has been a mine field trying to keep her away from the strangeness that is the "church". Luckily she asks me when this stuff is presented to her.

Ken B

jmoll106 said...

One of many of my favorite chapters. It's always a good reminder. Thanks

Nora said...


About the Church having little strength at the end times, I thought of two things concerning this topic. One is the Church’s rapidly shrinking influence in society. Also, Christianity being despised even persecuted in many places. The other one is more of a characteristic of Western societies sadly; it’s the practice of living by faith, more precisely the lack of it as many Bible teachers pointed it out. Because of wealth and the way of life that comes with it compared to other parts of the world like Africa and the Middle-East, people in Western societies are much more prone to not being dependent on the Lord concerning certain things and/or managing their whole life. An example of what I mean: in Africa and in other poorer parts of the world where people lack modern medicine they could only depend on the Lord for various healings, just like in old times, and that’s why miracles of many kinds (not just healing) are more frequent in those places. In countries that lack social networks, etc., Christians depend more on the Lord in their everyday life than in Western societies. With that I don’t say that Western Christians don’t live by faith at all, far from it, what I mean is that it’s more frequent in other parts of the world where life is harder in many aspects and people feel their dependence on the Lord to a much greater degree. (All kind of feeling of independence from the Lord is an illusion anyway. Sorry for my English I hope I’m coherent; at times it’s hard to me to talk about these things and explaining my thoughts in a foreign language.)

Sean Osborne said...

There is no doubt, given the context of NJ Governor Chris Christie's speech, and Donald Trump's own words about his being a "law and order" president, that a great top-to-bottom purge of Obama political appointees over the past 8 years and their civil service hirelings will be one of the first orders of business in 2017, along with the repeal of Obamacare, and the naming of a true conservative to the SCOTUS. The Republican-controlled House and Senate will make the passing of laws to this effect their top priority.

Now you know why the Left is quaking in their boots over the very real prospect of Hillary losing this election. They will stop at nothing to prevent a Trump win in November.

hartdawg said...

Hey sean, sorry to be off topic here, but apparently tim lehey had a huge stroke and is not expected to recover. Prayers are needed. Not many teaching prophecy accurately these days.

Sean Osborne said...


Thanks for the notification. I had heard something fairly recently about Tim LaHaye not being well (he is aged 90 years and 3 months!), but I'd not heard he had suffered a massive stroke.

The Holy Spirit is comforting him and his family no doubt! Prayers offered for them all.

Sean Osborne said...

There was an article published in yesterday's (23 July 2016) edition of The Times of Israel.

Here's the headline and linking URL:

Hagee: Pro-Israel evangelicals will ‘storm’ US voting booths

Key bits of information:

1.) Citizens United For Israel (CUFI) has grown to a politically-active membership of 3.1 million (and additional 1.1 million joining in the past year) with the potential to increase in the near-term to 6 - 8 million members.

2.) CUFI was successful in having the just approved GOP election platform refer to Jerusalem as Israel's "undivided" capital.

3.) The evangelicals who Pastor Hagee says will "storm" the polls with a vote for Trump constitute a voting bloc of 60 million Americans.

The solid pro-Israel stance is what Eschatology Today reported in the original post of this SITREP two months ago (8 May 2016) as being essential in order for the "Make America Great Again" slogan to become a reality.

Miriam said...

Thank you for sharing your insights with us Sean. My goodness, my head is spinning this evening with the whole Wikileaks fallout. I saw that there was a demonstration involving 10,000 or so Bernie supporters, many of whom were wearing "Hillary for Prison" apparel and chanting "lock her up" outside the dem convention hall in Philadelphia today. You would have thought you were watching something outside the Republican convention in Cleveland, except I think Cleveland was way more peaceful, despite the threats of violence, there was none as far as I could tell and there was a shortage of protesters there. It seemed like the anarchists threw a war and no one showed up.

The Spirit of Truth is certainly on the move! I found your observation about the harlot in Revelation very interesting. Hopefully Hillary Clinton is about to be relegated to the ash heap of history and as such is a "type" of the great harlot, similar to what the scripture says about there being many antichrists. Do you think there is a possibility that she will turn out to be "the" harlot?

I would also like to say that I find the situation with the Democratic party very sad. My grandfather was one of the original organizers of the ILGWU, after the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in New York. He was very high up in his union until it was infiltrated by thugs/communists/fascists, became very corrupt, and he separated himself from it. He died at 99 years of age in 1975 and there were people from his old union wrapped around several city blocks in NY - family was a tiny minority at his funeral, even thought he had left the union decades before. He was a bit of a socialist but was vehemently against corruption and communism, and that is why he left his union and the Democratic party. He also had great faith in God. Once upon a time it was a different party, at least where he was concerned. Very sad.

jmoll106 said...

I appreciate your comment about your grandfather, I know alot of neighbors and friends who are democrats and who are "good" folk. I deleted my comment because I felt it would neither build anybody up or draw them to Jesus. To speak the truth with grace is something I haven't mastered but desire to achieve.
Come Lord Jesus!

Miriam said...

I wanted to add another thought. One of Trump's major initiatives, one that he repeats over and over and I think has added to the party platform, is the removal/repeal of the legislation that threatens religious institutions with loss of their 501C tax exempt status if they express political opinions. I understand that this is something that he raised during his recent meeting with religious leaders and he also remarked (correctly, I personally think) that they should have taken this on in the public square themselves long ago. I never heard of this legislation before Trump raised this issue, and I suspect most other people have also been unaware of how this has affected the moral and spiritual climate in our nation. My son and I were watching the convention last week and he remarked that that change would have to take place if there is going to be a spiritual awakening in America. It appears that more of the pieces are falling into place.

Sean Osborne said...


My son (who is strongly Christian Conservative) was assigned by his university to an internship with CNN at the DNC convention. He's on the set, but just off-camera.

He says the Wikileaks fallout is massive, overshadowing everything they were told the DNC had planned for this week. Great confusion. Sanders supporters will cause great upheaval and will almost certainly contest the VP nomination because Wasserman Shultz' replacement as DNC chair (Donna Brazile) also wrote emails mocking Bernie Sanders, were big-time negative and intended to sabotage his campaign. DNC in Philly isn't a convention, but a coronation for the great harlot.

Lance M said...

Talk about behind enemy lines...


Great Grany 5 said...

You pegged Mrs. Clinton correctly and her true nature is yet to be made known World Wide! I was a voting Democrat in Arkansas during the whole beginning of the Clinton Wannabe Dynasty. There is no end to the Tales of Horrible Hillary and Wild Billy in that part of the nation but the worst of it has been cleverly hidden by the likes of men andwomen who by this time have met their Eternal Rewards Administrator.

I will enjoy her withdrawing from all the news in a short while!

Reading about the continued Erdogan's actions and now the treats against the US military personnel in Turkey! Things are going just like your analyzes said it would go.


Miriam said...

Sean, I'm confused. HRC does fit the scriptural description, but isn't the harlot of Revelation a city rather than a person?

Sean Osborne said...

We have all been "left behind" by Tim LaHaye who departed this earth to be with our Lord this morning.

Prayers for those most affected by his passing into eternity. We all miss him already, but it will be a short separation indeed.

Sean Osborne said...

Ha! That's exactly what I said when he left a week ago.

Sean Osborne said...


The power was turned back on at Incirlik. The biggest problem for our guys in Turkey will be having to start over in their military-to-military liaisons with new Turkish officers who replace those taken out after the coup.

Turkey has no love for Russia; they know very well who the attackers were in Istanbul three weeks ago that killed 44 and wounded 238 innocents.

The Turks know the murderers were from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan - pretty much the primary nationalities in the Ezekiel 38/39 Magog alliance.

Sean Osborne said...


Yes, I used the scarlet-clad harlot of Revelation 17 because Hillary so closely fits that description on a personal level.

However, in trying to work through all of the symbolism in Revelation 17 there are verses which gives me pause to identifying the great harlot as a literal city.

Revelation 13:15-16:

"Then he said to me, “The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues. And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire.'

Many interpret the seven mountains in verse 9 as being Rome.

But given what is stated in verse 15-16 above, how can the harlot literally be Rome if the kings who are subservient to Antichrist all hate her, make her desolate and naken and eat her flesh and burn her with fire?

Clearly this is judgment from God on the great harlot -- who is very closely associated with the Antichrist according to Scripture.

Her identity we are told is a mystery. Why would a capital city be a mystery? Something else is meant here in this mystery.

Then the answer comes in Verse 9... "This calls for a mind with wisdom" (the Holy spirit is the wisdom given to the believer). Verse 10 says, "the seven hills are seven kings/kingdoms, five have fallen, one is, and one is to come." This cannot be Rome specifically.

Verse 15 tells us who the great harlot has tremendous influence over - the entire world, many nations, peoples, languages; she will have control over the kings who serve Antichrist (Verse 18).

So who or what is the great harlot? It is the evil and totally corrupt system with spiritual fornication that drives the Antichrist's final global empire.

Kinda like what Hillary wants to do with the Clinton Foundation in stealing control of America from We The People if she can get herself elected.

Sean Osborne said...


Additionally in speaking to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation in the above Revelation 17 context, I would be tremendously remiss to not provide an active URL to the full length documentary which details the international, lawless and genocidal blood-on-its hands enterprise known as CGI or, more commonly as the Clinton Global Initiative.

This movie details what I believe is truly believe is the beginning of the prophetic great harlot (the evil and totally corrupt system with spiritual fornication that drives the Antichrist's final global empire) described in Revelation 17.

This is a MUST SEE documentary video which was made from the copyrighted 2015-16 book authored by Peter Schweizer "CLINTON CASH: THE UNTOLD STORY OF HOW AND WHY FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS AND BUSINESSES HELPED MAKE BILL AND HILLARY RICH"


Elect this woman as president of the United States? Never!

Lisa Murray said...

Dear Sean:

Please accept my apologies and forgive me. I never meant to come across in a way to offend anyone. I love the Lord and have walked with Him for many years and I have also failed in many ways over the years but I have repented and I know He has forgiven me. My greatest desire is to be with Him and to be Holy. I also have a great passion for prophecy and how it pertains especially to these times. My writing here was to share genuine questions, I was not trying to start trouble or offend anyone. I do not personally support any candidate because I feel there has been so many lies that no one can be trusted anymore. I was not trying to start trouble by questioning about Trump, knowing that you do support him. Everyone has to choose in their own heart what they will do with this election. My writing here was not to take to task the body of Christ, as I know very well that the Lord is jealous over His bride. However, I also know that He said there would be many in the end that He would spit out of His mouth because they professed something that they didn't live...and I was guitly of that in the past and I never want to be in that spot again. I don't want to see anyone in that position. I want to see all come to the saving grace of the Lord's mercy for salvation. I truly am very sorry for miscommunicating my feelings and perhaps it is what the Lord is doing in my heart and not to be shared with everyone. Again, I am very sorry and I will abide by your desire and not comment on your blog again. Please forgive me.

Sincerely in Christ

jmoll106 said...

After watching the documentary, I was not suprised but had to find encouragement from Psalm 37. Here is a portion..

Psalm 37:12 The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.
13The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming.
14The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright conversation.
15Their sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.

hartdawg said...

I'm only posting this to show how blatantly absurd the media is. My dad was looking at an article and according to the new York times, the polls in the US are 75% in hillarys favor and 25% for trump. I'm not lying, the new York times said that. I simply do not believe it.

Rhonda said...

I don't know if you follow Steven Ben-Nun at but he is
reporting Russia may be planning a preemptive strike on Nato forces. This
is serious, very serious times! He says the '0' admin is building up forces to
bring Russia into war to bring about the NWO. I've been reading Terry James'
Rapture Ready or Not, everything in the book and what we discuss on your blog
happening, its really happening. I think it's almost time we get to leave this
place. I hope I will meet or know all the prophecy teachers that have helped
me in understanding the times when we all go up? Maranatha:)

Miriam said...

Jmoll, I know how you feel, I have avoided watching Clinton Cash or going to the new Dinesh Disouza movie (even though I regret not going to and supporting the movie) because I know it will get me too upset. I know my limitations and keeping my feet on the ground and my eyes on Jesus is my first priority :-)

Hartdawg, the RealClearPolitics national average of likely voters this morning has Trump at 47 and Clinton at 40 - Trump is up by 7! And I'm sure many of the components of those polls are biased against Trump (and many people are reluctant to come out and say that they support him). We can only imagine what the real numbers are. It's remarkable that Trump has spent zero on advertising so far. As he would would put it, "wow" :-)

Lance M said...

The problem with these polls is that they do a poor job of polling the dead, who seem to show up in masses for the democratic candidates (and the multiple voter). That said, I have watched the Rasmussen polls over the the last few years, and they seem to have a statistical track record of being fairly accurate. Although, my feeling is that the globalists will pull out all stops to defeat Trump. I think the next 90 days are going to be tumultuous at best and may have the potential to be the most amazing ever.


Miriam said...

I just want to correct/clarify one thing from my previous comment - it's the new LA Times/USC poll on RealClearPolitics that has Trump up by 7 points, it's not an overall aggregate poll like I had thought. Sorry for my confusion.

jmoll106 said...

After watching Steven Ben-Nun and all the other events going on militarily, fiscally, and morally it is worth keeping our bags packed. Hopefully anything of value was sent ahead to our heavenly home.:)
There is an excitement and a hope that God would bring a few more souls our way who desire to here the good news before it's to late to go in the harpazo. Whether it's today or down the road a ways I pray we reflect Christ like a full moon reflects the sun.

Sean Osborne said...


I have long literally believed what Scripture (John 14:17 and 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Titus 3:5, among many others) says that every individual upon truly becoming one of the bride of Christ also becomes permanently indwelt by the Holy Spirit. I do agree by your own words that you are truly one with the body of Christ, you are our sister-in-Christ and are most welcome with all of us here.

The purpose of this blog is to present Bible prophecy as the Lord's clarifying lens by which we can view events occurring all around us in this world; to understand the truth of the matter and not be deceived, since deception was the number one sign that Jesus gave in the Olivet Discourse regarding the signs of these 'last days' times.

So, this blog is built to fight deception, to truthfully inform and faithfully serve Father, Son and Holy spirit, and seek ultimate truth through God-breathed, inerrant Scripture, particularly prophetic Scripture.

So, please join us and comment whenever the Spirit moves you to do so!

89rscam said...

But have you seen the Hillary possible seizure video???

Someone on you tube has is slowed down and there is certainly something wrong!


Ken B

Sean Osborne said...

Without question Hillary has a very serious health issue, and the best evidence I have laid my eyes on points to a potentially lethal blood clot.

mark3210 said...


As far as I'm concerned, November 8th can't come fast enough. I've never seen character assassination against anyone the way the left has gone after Trump for the last year, and I've over it.

The only thing similar was how they went after Netanyahu last year, but that only lasted 3 months or so.

And to think all the big donors want yet another 4 years of the radical left under the evil witch Hillary! Have they gone mad?

Sean Osborne said...


Yup, me too, looking forward to election day, even more so to that evening.

Don't ever be fooled, the Obama Administration never gave up on going after Bibi or his Likud-led government. The assault has continued in stride and in concert with Obama's Marxist-Muslim and Globalist agenda.

Proof of this is found in every unbiased report concerning settlements around Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria, as well as in Kerry's continued schmoozing with the terrorist Mahmoud Abbas regarding the administration's "two state solution."

Just this week the Obama State Department labeled settlements in Jerusalem as "corrosive to the cause of peace." Ignorance like this is based upon abject hatred, and abject hatred of Jews and Israel is something the Left will never divest itself of.

All the big financial supporters of the Left, Hillary and the Globalist Agenda are a virtual Who's Who of the globalist elite in this country. They are corporations, the CEO'S and boards of directors which govern them. All have paid Hillary and not one of them put so much as a dime into Sanders campaign.

Examples - Largest of the 50 Corporate biggies and % of funding (millions of $) for the Leftist Agenda of Hillary Clinton which totals $374.5 Million)

Newsweb Corp. - 100% to the DNC
Fahr LLC - 100% to the DNC
Saban Capital Group - 100% to the DNC
Paloma Partners - 100% to the DNC
Laborers Union - 100% to the DNC
SEIU - 100% to the DNC
American Federation of Teachers - 100% to the DNC
AFL/CIO - 99% to the DNC
National Education Association - 98% to the DNC
IBEW - 98% to the DNC
Carpenters & Joiners Union - 97% to the DNC
Soros Fund Management - 92% to the DNC

mark3210 said...


What continues to amaze me on a daily basis is that the entire left, from POTUS to the late night comics, have become completely enraged and unglued over the prospect of a Trump presidency. We talked about "Bush Derangement Syndrome" here, but "Trump Derangement Syndrome" far surpasses it. And we are still 98 days away from the election!

Sean Osborne said...

I would say all of the Left, but most of them for sure. (A very large portion are hard-core anti-globalist Bernie supporters who will vote for Trump instead of Hillary.)

The anti-Trump democrats are joined by a good number of name recognition, card-carrying, establishment republicans-in-name-only (rino).

And this entire group is really neither truly democrat or republican - they need to be identified as I have identified them in this SITREP - THEY are die-hard globalists, and they we do A N Y T H I N G they believe is necessary to stop Trump. ANYTHING.

Who are these die-hard globalists who disguise themselves as establishment republicans?

Time to name names. (And remember these names!)

The entire Bush family. All of them.
Sally Bradshaw (Jeb Bush's top adviser, and Bush family employee for the past 26 years.)
Former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson.
Richard Armitage. (Deputy SecState for Reagan and G.H.W. Bush)
Brent Scowcroft. (if you don't know this man, you fail recent American history class)
Alan Steinberg.
Kori Schake. NSC and State Department)
Doug Elmets. (former Reagan spokesman)
Jim Cicconi. (Reagan and George H.W. Bush aide)
Charles Fried. (former solicitor general in the Reagan Administration)
Robert Kagan. (aide to McCain and Romney)
Max Boot. (Senior Fellow CFR; adviser to GOP presidential candidates)
Peter Mansour. (Colonel US Army (Ret.) former aide to Gen. Petraeus)
Larry Pressler. (former 3-term Republican Sentator South Dakota)
Arne Carlson. (two-term Republican Gov. Minnesota)
Robert Smith. (Judge, NY Court of Appeals)
Mark Salter. (adviser to John Mccain)
Mike Treiser. (Romney campaign)
Ben Howe (editor of

There's more, but this will suffice to make the point.

mark3210 said...


I feel like it has reached the point where it is nothing short of total psychological warfare that the left and the MSM are running against the American people.

It is an endless series of false stories and hit pieces against Donald Trump, rigged polls against Trump, and an endless barrage of Hillary commercials in the shows we watch.

This will continue every day for the remaining 3 months until election day.

Sean Osborne said...


That's what I have been saying for YEARS - PsyOps against 330 million John and Jane Q. Public American have been rampant for YEARS. Nothing has changed one iota.

A lot of folks finally realized this, hence the rise of the Tea Party in 2008. Then comes 2012, and not enough folks were had become of the PsyOps and Zero gets re-elected. Now we got Trump because rank-and file Americans are finally understanding that the PsyOps are coming direct from the elite in Washington - both Republican and Democrat - i.e. the DC Establishment.

This election is our last chance to put the utterly corrupt DC Establishment out on its ear.