Saturday, December 5, 2015

Global SITREP E6-15: Rise of the European Superstate

5 December 2015: What makes a state a state? Its sovereignty. When states lose their sovereignty the become the subject of something larger and more powerful than themselves - a superstate. The map image above is a depiction of what the European superstate may look like in a very few years time.  Take a real good up-close and studied look at this map and its blue-shaded areas and compare what you see to a map of the European Union as it exists today.

Also notice there are no internal borders or individual states within this European superstate. It portends to achieve what both Napoleon and Hitler failed to achieve in the past 200 years. It looks more like ancient Rome than a modern and independent continent of European nations. 

The loss of sovereign border control is what has just occurred to the nation of Greece. That country now has foreign guards from elsewhere in Europe on its borders, and it's all because of a flood of "refugees" which Greece was unable to stop. A sovereign nation which cannot control its own borders is no longer a sovereign nation. 

Suddenly, Greece is a subject state of the ever growing European superstate. There are lots of things on the march these days, and the European superstate is one of them and its growing into the beast that is prophesied to exist in the 70th Week.

There's more to come...


hartdawg said...

I'm wondering if the European superstate will actually be the beast empire, or just a model of the beast empire. Back in the 90s the common believe was that the European Union would be the beast empire, but it's been in decline, actually, not decline but transition. I'm still not exactly sure what form it will be, except that it will consist of 10 kings. Will it be nato, the EU, the UN? or will it be the European superstate or something not revealed yet? And what nations will be the 10 nations? Will you be discussing all these " possibilities" in this post? I saw all the arguments for all these senerios, but I'm not sure what it will be

jmoll106 said...

Turkey and the Ukraine look like their part of this map?
I feel a headache coming on :)