Monday, December 7, 2015

Global SITREP E5-15: Jihad in Southern California and the game of 'Fantasy Islam'

7 December 2015: I've held off posting about one very important aspect of this Islamic atrocity, and that is the role a brethren in Christ had in it. As you are probably aware by now 52-year old Messianic Jew (he accepted Christ as Messiah in 2013), Nicholas Thalasinos (seen above with his 41-year old wife Jennifer), was a fellow restaurant inspector with Islamic terrorist Saeed Rizwan Farooq for San Bernardino County. That's about the only thing Nicholas and Saeed had in common, other than their occasional discussions on politics and especially religion. It was something about religion which was said between the two at the Christmas party which set off the Islamic terrorist couple of Saeed and his wife Tashfeen on their murderous rampage last Wednesday. That is what it is, and it is now history, our brother has gone to be with our Lord forever and Saeed to eternal damnation.

However, the problem with this that I am having now is the way media of the Left is portraying one of the bride of Christ. The New York Daily News published a truly ignorant report by a Linda Stasi in which she personally impugns Nicholas Thalasinos as "a hate-filled bigot" who was just as responsible (i.e. not an innocent victim) for the San Bernardino murders and grievous bullet wounds as the two Islamic jihadists firing their assault weapons. She implies that Nicholas deserved to be murdered in cold blood by a Muslim jihadist. This Daily News reporter is truly in a world-class of ignorant buffoons because she also exhibits a mind-numbing lack of understanding about why Islamic jihadists kill innocent people. For a New Yorker such a mindset is unfathomable, unless you're a card-carrying leftist of diminished mental acuity. Linda Stasi outs herself as being over-the-top hate-filled towards anyone who is conservative in their political views, pro-Second Amendment, anti-abortion and against Islamic jihadism be it the Sunni or Shi'a variety of jihadism. Linda Stasi, I have been informed, also possesses a deep seated desire for the NRA to be declared a terrorist organization.  There are times when the truly ignorant and hate-filled Leftists among us do merit being popped upside their empty head, even if they happen to be female.

5 December 2015: We now all know a great deal more about what occurred in the terrorist assault in San Bernardino, but we don't know everything. The are a great many details which are being withheld from public knowledge. The biggest and most in-our-face clue as to what the information is that authorities are not talking about is found in the fact identifying this attack as a terrorist act was not as forthcoming as it should have been. Why? Because our Government would not and will not allow corporate media to do so

Even now, more than 72 hours after-the-fact, one can watch television, listen to radio or read print media about the known details of this "act of terrorism" and not get a definitive and true identification of it as Islamic terrorism. The closest any of them will come is to refer to this as "radical Islamic terror." However, that description is deceptive because there is nothing "radical" about Islamic terror. Such extreme violence and cold-blooded murder as occurred in San Bernardino this week is an absolutely consistent, 100% pure, direct doctrinal dictate from the Quran for the pure adherents of Islam. This Quranic doctrinal dictate for Muslim purists, known formerly as Islamic fundamentalists, to engage in violence is specific in how they are to treat apostate Muslims, Christians and Jews or any other non-Islamic creed followed by human beings on this planet. This is the ultimate truth about Islam that our government has refused to acknowledge for many decades.

If one looks at historical U.S. government records one will see that after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing the FBI still describes that act of war as "Global Terrorism" and "Middle Eastern terrorism." None of perpetrators has ever been identified as an Islamic terrorist. Look back at the acts of war that occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. which indiscriminately murdered 3,000 people. None of the Muslim men involved has ever been identified as an "Islamic terrorist." Al Qaeda itself has never been identified as an "Islamic terrorist" organization, and the FBI's own Top 10 Most Wanted Terrorist website refuses to identify any of those individuals as "Islamic terrorists." 

After 9/11 our president and elected representatives declared war on a tactic (The Global War on Terrorism or the antiseptic GWOT) instead of a firmly identified enemy and its ideology: Islam. Moreover, our government is utterly loathe to refer to the newest terror group by its proper Arabic name, Dawlat al-Islamiyah f'al-Iraq w Belaad al-Sham, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, but instead find it absolutely preferable to use the totally antiseptic ISIS or ISIL. Why? Because the Islamic terrorists of CAIR and ISNA, a/k/a the Salafist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, a/k/a HAMAS, find the proper Arabic name objectionable, and therefore so do the dhimmi's in the American government.
Our government's abject refusal to refer to any of these acts of war or their perpetrators as Islamic terrorism or Muslim terrorists is a complete and continuing white-wash of the issue before us. The bottom line in all of this is that the reluctant admission that the San Bernardino massacre was just plain "terrorism" is due to a direct link to ISIS being incontrovertibly established. According to our government's policy ISIS (and Al Qaeda, among others) are known simply as perverters of Islam. This allows the government to continue the fantastic charade that Islam is a 'religion of peace,' and therefore the San Bernardino massacre has nothing to do with Islam. This is a deadly game that must be referred to as "Fantasy Islam" for it has nothing to do with reality in this 21st century.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, I have just laid out for you in factual detail why even more horrific acts of blood-curdling Islamic carnage than we have endured since 1993 will soon occur again in our cities and rural towns. Our government, paid for by our tax dollars, is hell bent to continue its game of Fantasy Islam to the great detriment of us and our progeny. So help us God.

Finally, President Obama has stated that ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States. However, Islam is an existential threat to the United States and President Obama will never admit it nor act decisively against this threat. 

3 December 2015: The first fairly solid intel I received at 6:32 PM EST on the massacre that occurred in San Bernardino, California was that law enforcement knew the identity** of at least one of the three AR-15-armed jihadists, but will not release that information until they were captured or deceased. (**How did the first police responders know this information? Wounded survivors of the assault told them who it was that had burst in to open fire on them.) The principle name that  was overheard several times in monitored law enforcement radio chatter as the manhunt for three active shooter suspects was in full swing was (phonetically) "Farooq Saeed." All three active shooter suspects are believed to be devout Muslims, two are males, the third a female spouse. 

The female has since been identified as Tashfeen Malik. The second male jihadist name has not been released, but he is believed to be the brother of "Farooq Saeed." One of these jihadists was reportedly listed on a federal terrorism watch list. "Farook Rizwan Saeed" (image above) is known to have recently returned from a trip to Saudi Arabia. There is much more that is known, but is not being publicly divulged at present due to an ongoing and widespread investigation. The jihadist link is becoming clearer; the time spent in preparation for heavily-armed jihad (acquisition of assault rifles, ammunition and the mass manufacture of IEDs), tactical training and planning is also being developed.

The 3 December 2015 cover page of the New York Post. The cover on the right is the original, first edition; the one of the left is the second printing edition. Fantasy Islam by definition, an obfuscation of the truth.


Rhonda said...

Fox News is reporting two of the suspects are dead and one is female, I heard
that at 8:45 PM EST.

Ken B said...

I watched Foxnews stream from 1pm - 4:45pm today and they danced all afternoon and claimed domestic violence over and over and over. But would never broach the "M" word...

They are sanitizing this and it's going to fade away without any clarification of what happened or why... They will just stop talking about it. Exactly like the Oregon CC shooting.

Very sad state this country is in!

Ken B

Lance M said...

The religion of peace out proselytizing again....wake up people. Prayers for those effected.


Anonymous said...

The Suspect's LinkedIn Profile spells his name "Syed Farook". according to the Daily Beast. The fact that the FBI isn't immediately dismissing Jihadist, means evidence points to it being Jihadist.

I've also heard that there have been several "active shooter" drills conducted at the Social
Services Building where the shooting occurred. Many of the folks in the 2nd building on the site, thought the shooting was another drill. That seems kinda strange to me.


Maranatha! Mark

Sean Osborne said...

There is no doubt whatsoever that this massacre and cold-blooded murder of innocent people is islamic jihad.

Wake Up America.

Why a great many of you have failed to come to grips with the basic facts of Islam and Jihad since the first World Trade Center attack of 22 years ago is unconscionable.

Why a great many of you do not demand that your government live up to its established purpose as codified by our laws is equally unconscionable.

What part of the following do we still not comprehend:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

FACT: Islam is the enemy of everything non-Islamic. This kind of demonic malignancy cannot be allowed to continue to flourish within our society. Permitting it is suicidal for our society.

Reject the lies of those why try to inform you of something different.

This act of islamic jihad is also in-our-face proof that political correctness is deadly; it is definitively killing us.

Scipio said...

Sean I agree wholeheartedly. My kids, a decade ago, played soccer tournaments occasionally at the sprawling fields in San Bernardino. Re the nassacre-even on Fox, the description was a 'delicate' thing. REALLY? 14 dead and media is PC?
Sean, I understand that the Lord is removing the Restrainer. I think the gov't surely will go the way of removing guns. I'd agree with this IF the criminals would get immediate death but....The other way is to be armed when going to a public place and that is certainly uncomfortable at best.
With Obama's tacit approval of these things, I see civil war shortly. Ultimately, the rapture is soon and our Lord will deal with this evil. THX Sean.

Sean Osborne said...


The civil war aspect is the one that I have the biggest problem with. In my view such a war is being forced upon us by many of those in positions of authority.

A random survey of a hundred mosques in the US was recently conducted. The survey found that greater than 80 of the imams of those mosques preached jihad against this country. That is, in words all of us can understand, sedition. It is insurrection. It is treason.

That those who are in authority refuse to act against this sedition as they are required by their sworn oath of office is by definition a dereliction of duty. Dereliction of duty is an unlawful act in its own right.

Deliberate dereliction of duty is also the manner in which they are forcing civil conflict upon us in pursuit of their agenda. This is what all available evidence over the years has brought me to realize.

All enemies, foreign or domestic.

LD said...


Truly this is a religious war, fought by people who are far more passionate about the lie they believe than the majority of Christians are about the Truth we know. We are "led" by deniers and PC fools who will get us killed. Yesterday, 14 people were the latest recipients of Barak's islamic sympathy and blindness (or worse), and his failed foreign policy...and more will likely come. Bring on the Syrian refugees while he deports documented Christian Iraqis. Shame on our government. I can't help but see the image of this fool pushing our carbon footprint in Paris, while jihadists wear carbon fiber body armor to murder and maim innocent civilians.

Pray for this president: "Let his days be few, and let another take his office" Ps 109:8.

Emar32 said...

Suspects father and neighbors speak about his recent "religious" changes and devotion as muslim

Multiple gunmen in military garb executed 14 helpless victims in San Bernardino, Calif.

Rhonda said...

I agree with everything that you are all saying, but what do we do? We have left
this gone on far too long, thinking that the authorities on the right that
agree with us will one day escort O to the door. But that hasn't happened. I've mentioned George Washington's Vision before here and the third war on American soil is another civil war, bloodier than the previous wars. A march on Washington D.C. hasn't helped in the past, I went to many of those, all they do is laugh at us. I feel a very heavy weight in the air today, I just received a text from a friend and she feels the burdensome weight as well:(

Drew said...

OK, I am a little confused. All yesterday afternoon we heard that three shooters broke into this gathering and began shooting. I saw a report that there was a camera phone video from the adjoining office building that showed three people wearing armor and carrying weapobs entering the building.

Then we heard during the chase, three people, then one in custody, one shot dead, and one wounded. Then two dead one in custody, and it was Farrouk's brother.

This morning the news is only referring to Farrouk and his wife Malik. So was the or was there not another shooter? If so where is he now? Reports of many "Middle Eastern" men coming and going from Farrouk's home at,all hours. I don't mean to go all Alex Jones here, but I get the sense we are not getting the whole story.

Sean Osborne said...


You're going where 'they' don't want us to go. The third shooter from yesterday was captured and taken into custody by law enforcement. It's likely that he is being questioned by law enforcement using the approved, politically correct, less-than-enhanced means of interrogation.

The not yet released info is that as many as six other muslim men were seen by neighbors entering and leaving the home (i.e. jihadist operational headquarters) of Farooq and Malik in recent days. This strongly indicates there are at least six other members of this jihadist cell still at large.

hartdawg said...

The thing that makes me mad is I suspect that the next administration, whether a democrat or republican, will continue the "islam is a religion of peace" lie. There was a time when I would limit such nonsense to the democratic party, but this garbage is infested both sides. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because I hope I am.

Sean Osborne said...


There's no crystal ball to know what the next administration will look like politically, but given what has been the fact-of-the-matter over the past few decades (nearly 40 years at this point) it will take something truly extraordinary to convert your (and my own)hope of being wrong a reality.

Going back to the era of the 1980s Reagan Administration the U.S. covertly armed and supported the islamic jihadists (including a young upstart jihadist named Osama bin Laden) fighting the Soviet Union's armies in Afghanistan. This enemy of my enemy is my friend strategy emboldened the jihadists in ways no one foresaw.

So, to say that this was a tragic decision is an understatement of epic proportions, but its part of the continuing problem of not recognizing that threat that islam poses to everything non-Islamic.

Back to the present and near future... the truly extraordinary thing rests in the hands of the LORD God. As we all know, He is running the whole show, so to speak, and His will is being done, and His Kingdom on earth will be the end result.

Great Grany 5 said...


Reading and keeping up with all that is taking place has been a huge job and I have been having some major health problems, to boot. But I have been praying this quote from one of the other commenters Pray for this president: "Let his days be few, and let another take his office" Ps 109:8." for a long, long time. It amazes me that with the statements from noted high ranking military regarding the actions of one BHO being Treasonist, no one has taken the necessary steps to escort him out of the office he now holds.

The world's governments consider him an ASS, a wimp, and a posturing wanna be "King of the World". Why can't the people of this nation see it also? I think the answer is pretty obvious to Christians as it being deception and delusion but most Christians are not willing to admit it and then to begin the cry to remove the Occupier of the WH.

As for the present reports and numbers not lining up, remember the Muriah Building in Oklahoma City? There was another man in the truck with Timothy McVeigh that was seen by the patrons in one of the businesses near the intersection adjacent to the building that was destroyed. However, the FBI refused to accept that report. The man not there was seen by more than one witness and yet they refused to acknowledge. The reports regarding this other person were made fun of but he seemed to be of a nation we are now confronting regularly. Something in Washington DC smells to high heaven and has for a very long time.

In my knower I have felt for a very long time that this present man in the office of Prez is just itching for a chance to call Marshall Law but like most fools, he has no idea of the real nature of the citizens of this nation when we are threatened. I am not a violent person and I love the Lord God with all of my heart but sometimes I think a little bit of the Maccabees has got into my blood stream but not so much in the arena of hand to hand battles.

I am not forgetting the words of God that tell us of how Elisha opened the eyes of his servant so he could see the great army of the Lord encamped about them. "IF ONE CAN PUT A HUNDRED TO FLIGHT AND TWO TEN THOUSAND, WHAT MORE CAN A HOST DO?"



Lance M said...

People have to wake up. Islam as the religion of peace is such a farce....religion of pieces maybe, because that's what's left after they come to a town near you. I reject the term radical as well. I prefer "devout Muslim" to radical because it captures the true spirit (demonic) if the religion. I know a few very peaceful Muslims.....then they're not Muslims. They're people that have been duped into following someone, and they need hear the good news just like I did....and cry out to Christ for salvation. Great points Sean, and like Hartdawg, I see no change coming.


Great Grany 5 said...


Would you do an edit on my comment and remove the 3 letter word that I should not have used, please. I have no desire to be a woman of such character and even though I feel and know what foreign dignitaries think of this man, it does nothing to keep a clear picture of Christ in me?

Just plain foolishness on my part. Thank you.


Sean Osborne said...


I personally see nothing in your post, especially that three-letter word.

It is inerrant in its description of our Muslim-born and raised chief executive due to the fact that you've used it in the purely prophetic Biblical sense in which the LORD God gave it:

Genesis 16:12 -- He will be a wild ass (Hebrew pere') of a man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand will be against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

This prophetic verse is the inerrant Word of the LORD God, it explicitly prophecies about Ishmael and his progeny to this very day. They are indeed wild asses, and they do dwell among themselves; refusing steadfastly to assimilate into other cultures no matter where they may go around the world.

I stand in defense of your right to freely express yourself; it is your right as an American, an inalienable right given by God and paid for by the blood of our Lord Jesus and of patriots for hundreds of years.

Great Grany 5 said...


One more time, you have enlarged my understanding of the pure word of God! I didn't want to offend anyone and struggled with it all night. I do see the relevance and prophetic reward of the word but honestly did not realize it before. Thank you once again and may we all keep looking up for that very soon appearing of our Savior and greatest shouter ever before heard!

It has been a joy sharing and expressing our testimonies with everyone here and thought of all when I was unable to handle the wild world of the Internet but so thankful for God's providing this last link to getting the true Word of the Gospel to every nation and kindred of the Lord God delivered, as His word tells us to do.

More labor of Love to complete and by the Grace of Him, we will fulfill.


Lance M said...

That is irritating beyond words

hartdawg said...

....and what did you think of obamas speech on Sunday? My sister called me after it and interpeted his speech as basically saying "we need more gun control and we will stand with the muslims". That's how she interpreted it. I didn't watch it because I can't stand the sight of his face, nor can I stomach anything he says. So what did you think of his speech, if you watched it.

Sean Osborne said...


Obama's speech was exactly what I expected to hear coming from the Jihadist-In-Chief, and that was full-blown Islamic Al-Taqiyya.

He wants to kill the 2nd Amendment so other Jihadists can do what the San Bernardino jihadists did, and what they did was achieve a 7-to-1 kill ratio (for each jihadist killed there were seven innocent lives taken). The kill ratio would have been higher except for Law Enforcement rolling up on them as they left their rented home to execute yet another massacre that day.

In my blog posts since 10 September 2014 (yes - 14 months ago) I have been warning in no uncertain terms that Islamic State was here among us. I provided photographic proof of an Islamic State jihadist at a deli counter in Houston who after interception by law enforcement was found to be wearing body armor underneath his Islamic robe.

Within a week of that arrest in Houston 14 months go our Jihadist-In-Chief gave another speech in which he first announced the official US Government policy under his administration that "ISIL is not Islamic." Because of this in-our-face we all should have known at that moment that any Islamic State act of jihad in the United States would be officially divorced from anything to do with Islam.

Now, in hindsight at least, we can see this fact clear as day. At least I hope we all do, it has been staring us all in the face for over a year now. Either that or exactly how long does something like this have to stare us in the face before we recognize it? And then, how long is it before we force our local government around the country to act against the threat? Are not our local law enforcement offices in existence to "protect and serve" us?

The Tea Party has done much to wake America up in recent years. Everybody knows who and what the Tea Party is.

Now America can prepare itself to learn some American history about the III Percenters, a/k/a Threepers.

These patriotic folks, among whom I count myself as one, have adopted the mindset of the 3% of Americans during the Revolutionary War who stood up and fought against the King of England to achieve our freedom from tyranny. That's right, it was just 3, perhaps 4, percent of our forebears who actually fought the British here on our land.

The Left and ignorant Americans vilify the Tea Party because they fear the Tea Party because of what it stands for. Now the III% are standing up to ensure the United States of America returns to Constitutional government of, by and for the people. So help us God.

NG said...

It is funny coincidence that in the GDR (communist East Germany) Stasi was the acronym for Staatssicherheit, the infamous State Security.

LD said...


I have been meditating on the parable of the wheat and the tares this week. Clearly, we are among tares, and the tares only are visible at harvest time (Mt13:26-"But when the grain sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared"). Then I see in Mk 4:29 that Jesus says "But when the grain ripens IMMEDIATELY (emphasis added) he puts in the sickle because the harvest has come". I continue to be amazed at how small the crop of wheat seems to be. Your mention of the III% is so spot on. So many self-proclaimed Christians have no knowledge of end times, prophecy, abominations becoming law, etc. nor do they seem to care. How many of these folks voted for the present obamanation of desolation ( to use your excellent phrase)? I know there is a strong remnant here...but it is a remnant (narrow is the way), and when He comes back and removes us from this forsaken, fallen world, the leftists are going to at last get that Godless utopia they have long dreamed of...and it will be an apocalyptic hellhole once Christians are removed. That may very well be the "reward" they receive for their hatred of all things Christian. I am feeling a massive heavy burden of things coming upon our nation...and I am sure all of your readers feel this too....and I am trying to focus on saving family and friends as we are running out of time. I don't want my family being left behind with the apostate haters. I thank you for this excellent blog, and for your faithfulness. He is coming...and He is coming soon. Pray that He send laborers into the harvest. Praise God!

Sean Osborne said...


The key word in Mark 4:29 is, as you have very correctly emphasized, is eutheōs, meaning immediately. This is an immediately as in "the twinkling of an eye."

This harvest undoubtedly has a direct link to what Paul wrote in Romans 11:25. This is the Harpazo of the bride of Christ.

The harvest (Harpazo) occurs and the Spiritual maladies placed upon Israel by God that have been in-place since Moses gave the Covenant of Moab (Deuteronomy 29:4) will be immediately removed. And the world will see the 144,000 of Israel rise to proclaim the Gospel all over the world and innumerable millions of Tribulation Saints will come to be.

Only God knows when the time of the eutheōs will be, but surely we see the signs, we are living in that season.

I can only hope and pray that three percent of the world's population of circa 7.3 billion people will be caught up. The would make the global bride of Christ about 219 million in number. Everything you say about what it will be like here afterwards is spot-on!

Fighting as a rear guard til our Lord comes and we are caught up with Him.


jmoll106 said...

Sean, This Linda Stasi shows by her actions she is lost. Nicholas Thalasinos has the freedom in this country to speak the truth without fear of reprisal. Anyone has the freedom to reject what he has to say but cannot stop him from speaking. Apparently Linda Stasi feels she can speak and write freely without reprisal even though most of what she says offends far more than 3 percent of our population. Nicholas Thalasinos was conversing what he knows to be the good news of the truth to someone who he believes is lost. That is not bigotry it is God's love. God would have us pray for the enemies of the truth and she can be added to that list. I have saddness for his wife but rejoice that he has followed in a long line of believers who have paid with there lives to give the salvation message to the world.
Thanks for the update.

jmoll106 said...

I just read this in grace gems and thought it was appropriate in regards to the truth.

The Book of God!

(author unknown)

"All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness--that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17

This book contains:
the mind of God,
the state of man,
the way of salvation,
the doom of lost sinners, and
the happiness of believers.

Its doctrine is holy,
its precepts are binding,
its histories are true, and
its decisions are immutable.

It contains . . .
light to direct you,
food to support you, and
comfort to cheer you.

This book is . . .
the traveler's map,
the pilgrim's staff,
the pilot's compass,
the soldier's sword, and
the Christian's charter.

Here Heaven is open--and the gates of Hell are disclosed.

Christ is the grand subject,
our good is its design, and
the glory of God is its end.

This book should . . .
fill the memory,
rule the heart,
and guide the feet.

It is . . .
a mine of wealth,
health to the soul,
and a river of pleasure.

It . . .
involves the highest responsibility,
will reward the greatest labor, and
condemn all who trifle with its sacred contents.

Read it to be wise,
believe it to be safe,
and practice it to be holy.

Read it . . .
and prayerfully.

This Book--the Book of Books, the Book of God, the Bible--is the revelation of God to man!

~ ~ ~ ~

Brian GC said...

I do believe we will be called upon to bear the persecution of this clash of civilizations. The Lord shows the Church will not face his wrath, but that wrath is specifically the last three and one half years of the seven year period we know as Daniel's seventieth week. Other Scripture show that the church will not see the confirming of the covenant made by THE Anti-Christ and that from my understanding begins the seventieth week.

The present rise of Islam, although it is and will affect the West, is from a Biblical setting primarily aimed at the isolation and destruction of Israel and whilst Islam is rampant Israel will never be at rest, yet Ezekiel 38:11,12 shows her to be at rest prior to Gog's invasion. This would suggest that Islam ceases to be a threat prior to that invasion.

Also it is my belief that because God says he will make himself known to Israel (and the heathen) by his destruction of Gog, he will have called his Church home prior or subsequent to that event. Again this suggests that the non Islamic world will wake up and declare war on Islam and eventually defeat it. Sean, I believe you also hold Jeremiah 49 as prophecy regarding Iran and this could occur during this coming war.

I believe this war with Islam is a wake up call for the Church and those who are yet to be part of the Church. I would like your thoughts.

Sean Osborne said...


My basic thoughts are that the "clash of civilizations" is a war between 7th century Islam and the 20th/21st century Rest of the World that began with the seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran 36 years ago.

A bit of history...

From the time of Muhammad's first conquests in the name of his false islamic god, which resulted in the establishment of the first Islamic Caliphate, the Rashidun Caliphate of central Arabia (632-661 A.D.), to the abolition of the last Islamic Caliphate (the Ottoman Empire) in 1924 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in post-WWI Turkey, there had existed an unbroken, continuous series of Islamic caliphates centered in the Middle East.

The Caliphate was the political core of Sunni Islam for the first 1,292 years of Islam's 1,383 years of existence (632-1924 A.D. and 632-2015 A.D., respectively).

Over the next 91 years there was no Sunni Islamic Caliphate (1924-2015 A.D.). This fact went against everything that Sunni imams had taught up to that point about Islam and its process to one day rule the entire world; the lack of a caliphate defied Muhammad's prophecies, the sura and the ahadith.

Then in 1978-79 the Shi'a islamic revolution occurred in Iran, an islamic state came into existence in 1979, but it was, from the Sunni perspective, an apostate form of islamic government, and the Sunnis looked around and saw that there was nothing they could do because there was no pure Sunni state from which a caliphate could arise... "where was the will of (the false god) allah in all this steady demise of Islam, why was Islam failing" the Sunni imams and political leaders thought and questioned.

Then they realized there was one...the pure Sunni Wahhabism of Arabia, and from this emerged the House of al-Saud and the Saudi Arabian dynasty. it is from this basis that all of the Sunni jihadists throughout the Middle East emerged, and ultimately the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant/Al-Sham (ISIL/ISIS), or Daesh.

So, in 1979 with the rise of the Shi'a Iranian Islamic Republic, attacks on the US and the West began at the US Embassy in Tehran, and from there moved to Beirut, Lebanon and from there globally. In that same year, the Sunni jihadists became engaged against Russia in Afghanistan (an infidel invasion of Muslim land). And then in 1990-91 when American and other Western troops landed in Saudi Arabia to defend it from Saddam Hussein and to retake Kuwait, the Sunni jihadist war has been full-tilt ever since.

This is the nutshell history of the "clash of civilizations" which began 1,383 years ago. Islam is a satanic creation the purpose of which is primarily to oppose if not militarily attempt to conquer Christianity and Judaism and then the rest of the secular world. It will not succeed.

Now about the entire 70th Week (of Divine years). It is an entire, literal 7 years of 360 days each, for a total of 2,520 days (or 84 months of 30 days each divided in 42-month halves). The 70th Week of years has two halves of exactly 1,260 days.42 months each. Jesus spoke directly to these two halves in the Olivet Discourse; He called the first half the thlipsis (tribulation) and He called the second half megas thlipsis (Great Tribulation).

continues in next comment...

Sean Osborne said...


Judgment comes down upon the whole earth from day one of the 70th week. The judgment begins with the 1st through the 7th Seals that are opened by Jesus in Heaven with His Bride (clearly the Harpazo/Rapture has occurred - the Bride is in Heaven with Christ. Revelation 4 is where this occurs). The opening of the 1st Seal releases the Antichrist as a false messiah upon the world (first of the four horsemen). Antichrist confirms the peace treaty "covenant among many" and with Israel. The 7 Seal judgments are followed by the 7 Trumpet judgments. Both the 7 Seal and the 7 Trumpet judgments occur during the Thlipsis or first 42 months of the 70th Week. Also, the Two Witnesses are active prophesying for these first 42 months in Jerusalem and the 144,000 are winning the souls of Tribulation Saints for Christ all over the world.

The second half or Megas Thlipsis of 42 months has the Antichrist fully indwelt by Satan/Abaddon/Apollyon. The peace treaty "covenant among many" with Israel is broken, Abomination of Desolation, final 7 Vial (Bowl) judgments are poured out upon the earth (Revelation 15) over the course of the final 42 months until Jesus returns in triumph as King of kings and Lord of lords.

The prophecy of the angel Gabriel to the prophet Daniel has been fulfilled with only one exception...the coming and fulfillment of the 70th Week. We are at that moment in time where the last grafted in Gentile will occur and God will send His Son to collect His Bride. Only God knows when this moment will occur, but we know as watchmen that its time is imminent.

Lance M said...


Is there a possibility that Islam will become such a pariah on the world that someone will rise up to defeat them, and that someone will be admired on a global scale? You can see where I'm going with this question I'm sure...also fits in with non-Islamic AC. Just wondering....thanks.


Sean Osborne said...


I have been hinting at exactly this type of eventuality for quite some time now., but almost no one picked up on it - until you did just now. Not only it is possible IMHO, I think it will be the fact-of-the-matter in the near future.

Some time ago I wrote on this blog about the two individual 'messiahs' (mortal men) the Orthodox Jews are expecting to come in the very near future (Orthodox Jewish Messianic age).

First is Mashiach (or Moshiach) ben Joseph - this is the one for the entire Psalm 83 series of wars (which principally includes the prophecies of Samuel 7, Isaiah 11 and 17, Jeremiah 49, and Ezekiel 28:24-26). He dies either during or as a result of this war.

The second is Mashiach (or Moshiach) ben David, a false messiah that Jesus prophesied would come in his own name and be accepted by the Jews in John 5:43; we know him as the Antichrist... and he is supposed to appear at the time or in the immediate aftermath of Ezekiel 38/39.

Like a little proverbial light bulb appearing overhead, no? LOL. :)

Lance M said...

Very interesting! I have always been puzzled because I can't see how so many could follow the AC....there has to be some accomplishment that gets the whole world to follow the AC. Cleaning up a global threat certainly would earn one high praise. Makes sense that this same person would be able to broker a peace treaty as well.

What is the role of Mashiach Ben Joseph? Does he lead Israel during these wars (like a general or prime minister)?


Sean Osborne said...

To the Orthodox he will be the first of two expected messiahs. I will go to my archives and be back with more about this.

Sean Osborne said...


About this Mashiach ben Joseph, I posted this back in January 2013:

The Isaiah 11 - Psalm 83 - Ezekiel 39 Connection

It was after finding this verse in Isaiah 11 that I have referenced it directly with Psalm 83 for the past nearly three years. Also Ezekiel 28:24-26.

To save time, here is a key portion of that post:

" Well, it was to my surprise and sheer delight that in researching additional information on Jewish Messianic expectations that I found myself reading one of the most important prophetic chapters in the Bible in this regard, Isaiah 11. It is this chapter that the Jewish traditions regarding the first of the two messiahs they hold very high and imminent expectations for, Moshiach ben Yossef (Joseph, and also referred to as Moshiach ben Ephraim), appears. To the Jews, Moshiach ben Yossef is a precursor to the arrival of Moshiach ben David.

Without getting too far off focus in the discrepancies between Jewish and Christian eschatology and the teaching of the Holy Spirit regarding the latter, the essential point I want to make here is that the text of Isaiah 11:10-16 not only ties the appearance of this Moshiach ben Joseph/Moshiach ben Ephraim to the Messianic age, but also and as expected, to the regathering of Israel "from the four corners of the earth;" as well as to the unified nature of the prophesied re-establishment of the Israeli state to be inclusive of the tribes of Judah and Joseph/Ephraim, as is also prophesied by the parable of the two sticks in Ezekiel 37:15-23, but it also ties these things directly to the elimination of the threat posed to the newly regathered Israel, as foretold in Asaph's Psalm 83, by the "Philistines" (Palestinians) and "the people of the East" identified as "Edom, Moab and the people of Ammon" (Jordan). Moreover the elimination of the military threat Israel faces ultimately extends in verse 15 to "the Sea of Egypt" and drying up of "the River" (that is, the Euphrates River in northern Iraq and Syria)."

Also this paragraph from a post in August 2014:

"Israel, for the most part still in disbelief, does not yet realize the spiritual basis of why they have been brought back from the four corners of the earth diaspora into Eretz Israel. It is the same reason why the LORD God had them wander in the wilderness for decades after the exodus from Egypt: disobedience and disbelief. They have been brought back into Eretz Israel to take possession of the land the LORD God has given to them, not trade it for worthless treaties with godless barbarians. And here is where I believe ancient history will repeat itself for Israel but on an infinitely more compressed time scale. Now I believe the time is right for the appearance of one whom the religious Jews expect -- Moshiach ben Joseph. See Obadiah 1. Through the coming trials Israel will learn to walk in faith and have full trust in what God has promised to them, and then will the Lord pour out His Spirit upon them."

Sean Osborne said...


There is more, but I'm out of time right now. Will post it later though.

Lance M said...

Thanks Sean....I will dig into these scripture you cited.