Friday, October 21, 2011

From Our Brothers and Sisters Across The Pond...

21 October 2011: Our dear sister Sue, a/k/a Expected Imminently, sent the following which I would like to share will all of Eschatology Today's readers wherever you may live.

Hello Sean

In case you, or any of the bloggers, aren’t aware of the following article; I want to emphasis its huge importance toward helping those of us who love Israel, and ALSO pity the plight of the Arabs being manipulated by the Propaganda machine of the so called ‘Palestinians’; to recognize the face of the evil confronting the true remnant Church in these dying days of this present age. This is the Emerging Harlot apostate church spoken of in Revelation NOW!!!

The DVD this paper is based on, is sobering and serious stuff. At the end is the song ‘How Lovely is your Dwelling Place’ that Arnold Fruchtenbaum is reported to be singing over, and over, and over...

A free DVD of this message can be obtained from:

Dr Wilkinsons book ‘For Zion’s Sake’ is an essential read imo. The forward is by Timothy Ice and endorsed by men like Dave Hunt, Tim Lahaye, Arnold Fruchtenbaum. It is at the cost price of £10 free Postage. I can joyfully proclaim; that The Lord is working in the U.K. against the present apostasy.

They are not online, per The Lord’s leading, but can be contacted by the above email, phone or snail mail below.

Hazel Grove Full Gospel Church
Pastor Andrew Robinson
In Association with The Fellowship of Christian Assemblies. (A replacement to the now apostate Assemblies of God)

Replies to:
Steve & Diane Fitton,
7, Scholes Drive,
New Moston,
M40 3RX

Telephone: 0161 682 1157 (U.K.)

Request a free catalogue of all their ‘Grain’ provided by The Lord, free of charge, post free anywhere in the world.