Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Operation Amud Anan: So Now We Know...

14:30 EST 21 November 2012: IDF Armor and ground forces will hold their pre-invasion positions... for now. It's just a matter of time until Islamic treachery causes a renewal of hostilities.

19:30 EST: Cease fire, what cease fire!?!? 20 additional Gaza terror missiles have hit at least 6 civilian communities in Israel since the alleged cease fire went into effect; an 11-year old Israeli child is the first victim of the continuing terror assault. 

Earlier this evening the English-language IDF website announced "IDF completes objectives for Operation Pillar of Defense."   HAMAS remains alive and continues to attack Israel. Operation Amud Anan is mission incomplete! And the IDF spokesperson says that HAMAS is in distress? No, the civilian population of Israel is in distress because it remains a target for the terrorists. Politicians know nothing about warfighting, only combatant commanders know how to achieve victory.

 HAMAS celebrates its victory over Israel

UPDATE AND ANALYSIS 0600 22 November 2012:  In post-election and post-hurricane America we're waking up on our traditional Thanksgiving Day holiday where Americans will soon attend local high school football games while a feast is prepared in our homes. This feast is the cornerstone of our giving thanks to the many blessings bestowed by the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob upon us in the past year and the year yet to come. I don't know about other American households, but in mine we will give these thanks in the name of HaMashiach Yeshua.

In Israel and in Islamist-controlled Gaza, Judea and Samaria they have awoken to a different paradigm. The promise of a decisive Amud Anan IDF victory over Islamist terrorists in Gaza has evaporated overnight much in the same way that a decisive IDF victory over Hezbollah in Lebanon evaporated during a summer now 6 years removed. A fearful Israeli government has capitulated the sovereign Israeli necessities of life, liberty and the pursuit of security to the whims of a Leftist American regime, its Islamist al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun allies in Cairo and the terrorists in Gaza and Tehran whom they coddle. 

From the jaws of victory defeat has been achieved, and the celebrating terrorists in the rubble-strewn streets of Gaza know it as well the disheartened Israeli citizens in Ashdod, Askelon, Be'er Sheva, Sderot and dozens of other towns across the breadth of southern Israel know it. The people of Gaza read the IDFs leaflets, and they know this morning that the IDF did not cross the border. Among the people of southern Israel their current Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and his Cabinet Officers have lost all pretenses of credibility. They follow not the will of YHWH, but the will of worldly men who despise Him. Their political futures aren't worth a single Israeli Sheqel Hadash for they have guaranteed the citizens of all Israel an immensely more destructive war which many will not survive according to the prophet Isaiah. Iron Dome was good, but it wasn't that good. Iron Dome can be overwhelmed by sheer numbers and it will be in the next war.

Also gone is any chance for a political settlement between the Palestinian Authority (PA) under Mahmoud Abbas/Abu Mazen and Israel. HAMAS has proven itself vastly superior to the PLO/Fatah. HAMAS has won the hearts and minds of the Palestinian street. In his final act of abject desperation Mahmoud Abbas/Abu Mazen will present his dead-on-arrival PA statehood bid to the UN General Assembly in a few days time (next week). What he remains blissfully unaware of is that the so called two-state solution is dead on arrival because HAMAS has now thoroughly convinced the Palestinian street that their version of a one-state solution is achievable through direct action and conflict, through kinetic jihad against Israel. Mahmoud Abbas/Abu Mazen will now be rejected and suffer the same fate as Ibn Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt, Qadhaffi of Libya, Saleh of Yemen and (soon) al-Assad of Syria and Abdullah of Jordan. The Palestinians have been won over to total jihad and their battle cry will be "Give Us Palestine or Give Us Paradise (Death)."  The stage has now been reset for the final act of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 24 through 28.

In the image above, which has gone viral today via social media and was web published by The Israel Times, IDF infantry soldiers use their bodies to spell out the words "Bibi Loser" in Hebrew. Two words that summarize thousands more spoken in the aftermath of Operation Amud Anan.

0800 23 November 2012: A Few End Notes

I can only pray to the LORD that the constant retreat and capitulation of just the past 20 years (1992-2012) by every Israeli government since PM Yitzhak Shamir (Likud - 2nd Term '86-'92) decided to talk to Israel's "inner ring" enemies will finally come to a conclusion in the near future. Such retreat and capitulation has been been a consistent theme in the 7 successive Israeli governments of Yitzhak Rabin (Labor), Shimon Peres (Labor), Netanyahu (Likud 1st Term '96-'99,), Ehud Barak (Labor), Ariel Sharon (Likud-Kadima) and Ehud Olmert (Likud-Kadima) to the present 2nd Term of  Bibi Netanyahu. In the face of resurgent Islamofascism such retreat and capitulation is as inherently deadly for Israel as it is for every non-Islamic nation on earth. But there's a reason for this and it has nothing to do with the God of Israel's fathers. Quite the opposite, and, in fact, it gets worse.

This brings me to my second note. Following the ceasefire and in his official address to the citizens of Israel on November 21st, Prime Minister Netanyahu did not once invoke the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob(Israel). That's right, not even lip service was paid to the God of Israel's fathers. As if this Divine omission requires some additional evidence, I submit to you dear reader that Bibi Netanyahu made it abundantly clear in his address that Israel and Israel alone embarked upon Operation Amud Anan, and it did so with the support of utterly godless international allies. Who did Bibi Netanyahu thank for the Operation Amud Anan defeat before all Israel and the nations of the earth? He thanked the American president Barack Hussein Obama, the American secretary of state Hillary Clinton and "the Egyptians." 

And now my final note. The above describes the crux of the exigent condition of the modern state of Israel. Can it possibly be any more unambiguous? On 21 November 2012 the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob(Israel), the Almighty YHWH, was (and remains) absent and completely unacknowledged by the leader of Israel's government. This is an Israel which remains in disbelief; an Israel without a Temple of God. This is an Israel far removed from the Israel we know will come to exist in the future as foretold by the Lord's prophets, when the fulness of the Gentiles will have been brought in.

I am reminded by the Lord of His prophetic word to us at this time.

Romans 11:25-27

For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written:
The Deliverer will come out of Zion,
And He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob; 
 For this is My covenant with them,When I take away their sins.”

Acts 15:13-17
"And after they had become silent, James answered, saying, “Men and brethren, listen to me:  Simon has declared how God at the first visited the Gentiles to take out of them a people for His name. And with this the words of the prophets agree, just as it is written:
 ‘After this I will return
And will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down;
I will rebuild its ruins,
And I will set it up; So that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord,
Even all the Gentiles who are called by My name,
Says the Lord who does all these things.’"



Rapture Forums said...

Nope, won't be long at all. Israel really needs to wipe these people out and re-take Gaza. This seems to be what happens as well as more during the Psalm 83 conflict. Things are only going to get worse for Israel if they just sit there.

Now that they are hitting TA and Jerusalem, it's just going to get worse. Praying for Israel during this difficult time.

luxuryoption said...

What does Obama have over Netanyahu's head? Why did Bibi agreee not to attack Gaza via a ground war?

SeanOsborne said...


I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know that Obama achieved it via virtual remote control.

The announcement was delayed by one day so Hillary Clinton could fly in, stand in the limelight and claim the achievement for her presidential aspirations four years from now.

My best guess is that Obama has promised Netanyahu something with respect to Iran and its nuclear weapons program.

What Bibi doesn't realize is that Obama is one of the most narcissistic prevaricators this world has ever known.

hartdawg said...

I am sooo angry at all this i can barely compose myself. at our current regime for all the wickedness. i dare say turning on Israel tops it off, at Netanyahu for cowaring to this abominable, slimy, wicked, treasonous "president" at the expense of GOD'S chosen people.

Great Grany 5 said...

I am so disappointed in this same stupid mistake of Israel's leaders. And just like you, I don't think politics with the named countries will ever achieve anything other than continued incursions from one enemy after another. The hope that I had was a total defeat of the Hamas element which would have removed one domino in the Muslim Brotherhood's plans.

It will only delay the inevitable because we all know that the results are clearly presented in our beloved scriptures.

Until that day that they finally do more than get together for a little bible study,

Maranatha and

Shalom, GG5

SeanOsborne said...

I had thought that Bibi Netanyahu was a different man that the one he turned out to be. I saw him as being a different kind of Israeli PM because:

1.) He acknowledged in February 2010 that the prophecy of Ezekiel 37 had been fulfilled.

2.) He often quotes Scripture in public speeches.

3.) He has long been a student of Israel's history and prophetic future per the Tenach.

4.) He is on record saying the the Hebrew Bible is the foundation of Israel's existence.

5.) Not quite a year ago came the news that Netanyahu was hosting a regular Bible study group of researchers, rabbis, public officials and invited guests in his official residence.

This is why Netanyahu's post-Amud Anan address to Israel floored me - it was the antithesis of everything I thought I knew about the man.

Now I've come to the realization that I was wrong about Bibi Netanyahu and he is no different than the most part of Israel who still live under the afflicting Spiritual condition of Deuteronomy 29:4.

Pray for the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon all Israel!!!

Great Grany 5 said...

Does this most recent interference remind you of several years past when Sharon sold out Israel and almost immediately he suffered a massive stroke and has been vegetating ever since? And before that one the history all these sellouts by the Israeli leadership has resulted in terrible consequences for the authors of them. I am hoping that Bibi's capitulation does not reward him with similar consequences.

By the way, Isn't the northern most part of Iraq also the home of the Kurds? They were the ones that Hussein tested his chemical weapons on prior to the invasion by GWB? And are they also part of the Kurds that Turkey is trying to desimate?

Lots of questions but I trust your input on all of these things.

Shalom, GG5

hartdawg said...

1) it seems thar Netanyahu ALWAYS does this. he starts out firm, fights a good fight then when ahead he caves at the very last second. to me that makes him unelectable. he did this in operation cast lead too. he should have obliterated hamas.
2) there are varying "theories" for lack of a better term as to why he did this. he knows full well our terrorist loving president is not to be trusted. could there be some reason or strategy we don't know about? personally I'm not convinced but I'm hoping. right now it looks like he cowarded to adversity

SeanOsborne said...

I view the current situation as many in Israel do: it is a hollow ceasefire that will not long endure.

The Likud Party is holding their primary election today, and I believe the result of Op Amud Anan will cause the election to favor candidates further to the right then Netanyahu (who has become centrist).

Personally, I wish Likud could elect Joshua. He knew YHWH and he fought for Israel exactly as instructed.

As for Psalm 83:8

"Assyria also has joined with them;
They have helped the children of Lot.

Eschatology Today contains multiple references that this verse speaks of modern-day Iraq.

Awaiting Likud's election results for an indication of what happens next.

Great Grany 5 said...

Read on DebkaFile that Obama was the one who made the cease fire accepted. Here is the link: OBAMAS PLEDGE OF US TROOPS . Somehow, I get the feeling that Egypt is one more time involved reflecting back to the ancient of days when Israel ran to them instead of to God.
I think we will have to wait awhile but at least until YAHWEH takes a direct shaking of this basket of Apples.

Shalom, GG5

SeanOsborne said...

It all boils down to this:

Operation Amud Anan (Pillar Cloud) was the Israeli name for 8-days of precision airborne and artillery strikes in mid-November 2012 that was the result of years of ever increasing and deadly rocket attacks which HAMAS and Jihad Islami terrorists launched from Gaza upon the civilian population of southern Israel as proxies for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

These attacks against Israel had been occurring since the unilateral Israeli ceasefire which concluded Operation Cast Lead in 2009 against the terrorists in Gaza which was the result of years of previous rocket and mortar attacks upon the civilians of southern Israel at the behest of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Operation Amud Anan was brought to a premature halt just prior to a large scale invasion by Israel's land forces, via yet another unilateral Israeli ceasefire, through the extreme pressure brought upon the Israeli government of Bibi Netanyahu by the American Administration of Barack Hussein Obama II and the Department of State led by Hillary Clinton which also used the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt led by president Mohammed Morsi Isa El-Ayyat as a guarantor of HAMAS and Jihad Islami compliance with the Israel's unilateral ceasefire.

The full scope of events which began and were recorded by this blog beginning on 9 October 2012 as Regional MidEast War Appears Imminent have yet to come to their completion.

A regional MidEast war remains as imminent today as it was on Tuesday, October 9, 2012.