Monday, June 16, 2014

Global SITREP C10-14: Current Events and A Critical Moment Dead Ahead

16 June 2014: As strange as it may seem to some, the sectarian inter-Islamic war pitting Sunni Muslims against Shi'a Muslims has a particularly strong potential to become a catalyst for the fulfillment of last days Bible prophecy, and thus the destruction of Islam itself.  While we, the Bride of Christ, are forthrightly focused on our own eschatological issues and are watching events as instructed by our Lord, it is also important to realize that Islamic eschatology, particularly that of Shi'a Islam in the Islamic Republic of Iran can play a key role in precipitating the events that are about to occur.

I suspect the government of Israel is keenly aware of the threat they face. I am writing this to inform you of the specifics of that threat. Even though it now appears that the Iranian government is focused on maintaining Hezbollah in Lebanon, and in supporting the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, and most recently in now deploying their elite Qods Force and Basij militia to prop up the Shi'a puppet regime in Iraq, the fact of the matter is that the greater threat is the one that Iran now poses to Israel.

The Iranian regime, from the get-go in 1979, has been driven by their Shi'a eschatological beliefs. In fact, Shi'a eschatological beliefs constitute the driving force of Iranian foreign policy as well as their pursuit of nuclear weapons. While many anxiously await news of an Israeli preemptive strike against the Iranian nuclear program, the specter of a possible imminent Iranian surprise attack designed to wipe out Israel is just as likely in the very near term, primarily because it is driven by the fervently held eschatological beliefs of the current Iranian Ayatollah and his Council of Experts and the mullahs running the day-to-day affairs of the regime.

Iranian Shi'a eschatology holds that the al-Mahdi, also known as "Imam Zaman," will appear during battles in Iraq. According to Shi'a beliefs those battles, potentially self-fulfilling as they could be made to be, are said to occur imminently in the southern Iraqi cities of Karbala and An-Najaf. The Ayatollah believes, and has publicly announced, that he, personally, is the one eschatologically known to the Shi'a believers as "Seyed Khorasani," and it is his personal mission to facilitate the arrival of the (for our purposes fictional) al-Mahdi. In order to fulfill this express purpose he must take specific actions that will change the face of the Middle East. The primary and most important change that must take place prior to the appearance of the (for our purposes fictional) al-Mahdi during battles in Iraq is the destruction of Israel.

One need not think too hard to consider the immediate Israeli reaction to seeing Iranian missiles being readied for launch, or those of Hezbollah, or of Syria or HAMAS in Gaza for that matter. I think we are all well aware of the potential for several prophecies to come into their fulfillment due to Iranian military actions driven by their eschatology. Jeremiah 49:34-39, Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 come immediately to mind for starters. I think we all can see the makings of "a perfect storm" being generated by such events and that they could very easily occur without any warning at all. Just like Noah's flood.

The critical moment in all this lies directly ahead of us. We know that time is short, and we know that at any moment, like a thief in the night, we could hear the shout of the Lord descending from Heaven like the voice of an archangel and the trump of God commanding us to "Come up hither!"


18 June 2014: This is the massive Baiji Oil Refinery complex located a little over 110 miles north of Baghdad, Iraq. ISIS began assaulting the sprawling refinery last night. Reports coming out of Iraq are inconclusive about exactly what is the current situation today. Some say that following a night-time shelling Sunni ISIS forces entered the complex extending their direct control over nearly seventy-five percent of the refinery. Other less credible sources (Iranian) say Shi'a government forces have repulsed the assault. What is absolutely certain is that the refinery is shut down, no production of fuel is coming from it. A British company evacuated foreign oil workers just prior to the start of the assault. The sad news is that gasoline prices will spike for foreign consumers even though the Baiji gasoline product is not sold in the US but is solely for domestic Iraqi production. Any excuse is good enough for oil companies to take more dollars from our wallets at American gas pumps.

Now, to borrow a phrase from New Orleans-based chef extraordinaire Emeril Lagasse, it's time to kick this up a notch or two.  BAM!

The carnage that is occurring in Syria and Iraq in this war, but especially in Iraq, can only be described as mind-numbing barbarism. However, true to the so-called main stream (lame stream, actually) media's political correctness, there is an on-going, deliberate, editorially-directed from on high spin involved in the refusal to truthfully report the near routine day-to-day carnage of Islamic violence in these countries. Heaven forbid the cold hard truth about Islamic jihad be reported to John and Jane Q. Public in America. So, the  official lies are flowing as fast and furious as they can be issued in order to present this war as antiseptically as possible. Even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let slip in a recent interview on a national news program interview that the elite in our government are tightly controlling what is being reported in print or in video. The "religion of peace". Not.

Secondly. We must pray for our Marines and other armed forces personnel who are deploying into the war zone. Pray hard in fact. If you think the Al Qaeda assault on our consulate and CIA not-so-safe-and secure house in Benghazi, Libya was bad on the anniversary of 9/11, wait until the US Embassy Baghdad is subjected to a similar onslaught, lies and hindquarters cover-ups. Our President has a demonstrated and proven history of abandoning anyone and everyone he sends into harms way. And sending our Marines into Baghdad and not evacuating State Department employees is for exactly the opposite purpose of making it appear that Obama is not weak. These things are being done for the purpose of creating a body count that will make Benghazi pale in comparison. A few hundred American defense contractors got out of Balad AFB in Iraq by the skin of their teeth in the past few days. Obama was busy playing golf and making sure the US Air Force was stood down and unable to provide air cover for our contractors escape. Send in the Marines?

This and more is what you are not being told by a lapdog media as well as a feckless Congress who quite unambiguously do not know the first thing about impeaching a US President guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. God bless America. Please.

NEWSFLASH: The State of Iraq is Dead says former DIRCIA General Michael Hayden

19 June 2014: The former DIRCIA General Michael Hayden was on the Steve Malzberg syndicated radio program when he informed the host and his listeners, "The state of Iraq as we know it is gone, and it's not going to be reconstituted.  It's certainly not going to be reconstituted by [Prime Minister] Nouri al-Maliki.''   Those who read Bible prophecy probably saw this coming because 3,000 years ago the singing prophet Asaph referred to it as Assur in Psalm 83, even though the contemporaneous ancient state of Babylonia lay to its immediate south. So, Asaph was inspired by the Holy Spirit to include Assur in his prophecy but not Babylonia. There's a very good reason for that as the world will soon find out. 

 Weapons of Mass Destruction

Update 20 June 2014:  Before this entry becomes too long and bulky I will make this final (no pun intended) bullet-laden update with a view towards illustrating the key prophetic elements addressed either directly or peripherally by the current events in the inter-Islamic war between Sunni and Shi'a.

  • The carnage of this war will continue and almost certainly increase by orders of magnitude as weapons of mass destruction become employed by both sides seeking a decisive victory over their foes. The enemies in this war are very heavily influenced by demonic forces unseen by the human eye but whose evil presence is all but palpable by those who've physically been in that region. The devastating PTSD that our brave soldiers come home with is a direct result of the evil presence resident in the Euphrates. So, be ever mindful that there are four fallen angels which have been bound in the Euphrates River since time immemorial as we know from Revelation 9:13-21 and Jude 1:6 who will remain there until the appointed hour on the day, month and year during the 70th Week upon their release to kill 2 Billion humans beings with the plagues of unrestrained weapons of mass destruction warfare. 
  • The prophecy of Psalm 83 is the key element in understanding the sequence of prophetic wars that must take place prior to the advent of the 70th Week. Without a solid understanding of this very specific prophecy one cannot fully comprehend the coming series of of "birth pangs" which will primarily shape and make extant the political, religious and militarily divided world that will exist on day one of the rapidly approaching 70th Week. Psalm 83 omits any mention the nations known since ancient times as Aram (Syria) or Persia (Iran) but who are today key players in the continuing Arab Islamic war against Israel. Psalm 83 mentions only one location, Assur, as a participant among the 9 other specifically identified enemies that will come against Israel from present-day and geographically bordering locations in Lebanon, Jordan, the so-called West Bank, Gaza and the Sinai. The ancient land of Assur is currently the land in modern-day northeastern Syria and northern Iraq that has come into possession of the Sunni Islamists. The lack of any mention of Iran (Persia/Elam) in Psalm 83 also bodes badly for their Shi'a brethren in Lebanon and Alawi cousins in Syria, and the reason for that is the next bullet item.
  • The prophecy of Jeremiah 49:34-39 clearly indicates that part of present-day Iran where the bulk of that nations nuclear weapons program currently resides as well as its ethnically Arab (non-Persian) population. The text of this prophecy is completely unambiguous regarding what will occur here. Ancient Elam also encompassed the southeastern part of present-day Iraq which is home to the overwhelming majority of the country's Shi'a Muslim population. This prophecy makes clear that great catastrophe will cause these populations to flee to all points of the globe and that the Lord will pursue against the Iranian regime with a sword (war) wielded from all directions of the compass in bringing tactical dismay and disaster against them.
  • The prophecy of Isaiah 17 is also directly related to the ongoing Sunni-Shi'a war,  as is the also unfulfilled prophetic text found in Joshua 13. As clearly indicated in both of these prophetic texts, while they speak to the present-day nations of Lebanon and Syria, the territory east of the Jordan River in the northeastern corner of the present-day Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is also clearly referenced as is the present-day inheritor of them all: Israel.


Anonymous said...

Agreed & Amen!

LivnForChrist said...

Waiting eagerly for your post.

Barthélemy Thessa said...

Can't wait for this. Maranatha!

Sean Osborne said...

It wasn't that long ago that many well-known Bible prophecy writers were pointing to and forecasting that the Iraqi Army, rebuilt and armed to the teeth by the US as being the army that would be the core of the coming Antichrist's military power. They invoked this power as heralding a last days rise of Babylon per Revelation.

Would it surprise you to know that our brother and prolific author of last days books Joel C. Rosenberg was chief among the teachers of such an prophetic interpretation, and that he was teaching this interpretation as recently as 2012?

If you read Joel's books, especially Epicenter what I've just stated above is not news to you.

Well, as we all know from the news of recent days, that Iraqi army no longer exists.

It literally melted away and in large part its Sunni soldiers collaborated with and defected to the ISIS forces. This is a key element of how Iraq's second largest city of Mosul fell so easily to ISIS and the rag-tag Al Qaeda terrorist army originally founded by the late Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi has so rapidly absorbed all of Sunni Syria and Iraq.

This Eschatology Today entry only contains about half of the research I've done on this. I left off where I did in the hope that the Berean's among you would get out your Bibles to see what Bible prophecy really has to say about Iraq in these last days, aside of the role identified in Psalm 83:8. This is going to become an exercise in a virtual real-time Bible prophecy learning experience.

If you carefully read Daniel you will see that the last days beast empire begins rises in Europe and eventually returns to dominate and control the same lands as ancient Rome did at its political and military zenith.

The fourth beast will include the empire of the third beast (ancient Greece) and the second beast (ancient Persia) and the first beast (Babylon) ... which we know today as Iraq.

Therefore, despite certain political and military leaders in the NATO alliance currently saying they have no intention of putting "boots on the ground" in Iraq, a careful study of Bible prophecy clearly indicates differently and we can expect this to occur and become a fact by the time the 70th Week arrives in the not-too-distant future.

Accordingly, this discussion will continue and you can expect updates to this post to reflect those things not originally posted to it.

Ken B said...

Our super prez. announced boots on the ground last night... from the USA.

The actual "birth pangs" come and go of end time developments amazes me! It really does come and go! and seems to push us further along each time.


mark3210 said...


There is something really off about how the US president supports and arms these radical Islamists in Syria against Assad, then across the Iraqi border opposes them while working with Khamenei.

Meanwhile I notice you have yet to comment on the rising tensions in Israel following the kidnappings. This could easily be the spark to a major war!

Sean Osborne said...

Yes, Zero announced that a little under 300 combat ready US Marines (US Marines are always ready for combat)were to be deployed to guard the US Embassy and a couple of consular facilities located in Iraq.

What he did not say was that about 2/3rds of the announced number (about 60 Marines and 100 US Army personnel) are already in Iraq performing the diplomatic security mission.

"End time" events have been inexorably continuous since Jesus ascension into Heaven. Now that the timeline has advanced into the season of the Lord's return the remaining end times events will progress like a run-a-way freight train or an overwhelming surge of flood waters, and only the direct intervention of God will prevent the total annihilation of all life on this planet. The days of these end times, as we all know, shall be shorted for the sake of the elect.

RandallB said...

Which Hadith are the Iranians using in their 'Israel's destruction' before 'al-Mahdi appears during Iraq battle' scenario?

I had heard somewhere that they just needed to be attacking Jerusalem for 12th dude to appear.

Sean Osborne said...


The glaring contradictions of Zero's foreign policy tell us one thing - he's "winging" it; making it up as it goes along, and doing those things which are not in the US national interest, that are detrimental to those interests, and generally just plain clueless when it comes to reality.

In sum he has long been actively creating a chaotic situation. He is a puppet for the larger concerns of the Global Oligarchs (those who prepare the way for and will serve the Beast).

Was it not about a year ago he threatened to attack Iran's Syrian allies? Yes.

Now he intends to help Iran secure safe passage across Iraqi territory so they can keep the essential land bride of supplies flowing to al-Assad in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon - yet at the same time maintain an operations base in Jordan that is designed to topple Assad with kinder, gentler Jihadists.

One would have to be blind not to see the chaos being deliberately created in the Middle East. Make a complete and total mess so somebody can come riding in on his white horse to set everything right again. It's absolutely prophetic.

Sean Osborne said...


There's different ahadith for Sunni's and Shi'a... each sect has their own litany of them.

The Twelver Shi'a ahadith you're asking about comes directly from his facilitator - Ayatollah Khamenei. It was one he publicized just last year. This was done because the ruling inner circle of mullahs, as a mentioned in the article, believe that Khamenei is the specific one ( the "Seyed Khorasani") who is both a companion of the Mahdi and will set the proper conditions facilitating the Mahdi's appearance. They have even date-set this to occur between 2014 and 2019 on our calendar.

If you want details, then view the Iranian regime's video presentation from 2011 titled "The Coming Is Upon Us" where all of this is detailed.

RandallB said...

That is fascinating Sean!
Thx so much for keeping up on all this.

Kenneth Moore said...

I think Daniel 11:36 to end of chapter is very relevant to current situation and near future.

Sean Osborne said...


There is a continuing gap of time between Daniel 11:35 (which was Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 167 BC) and Daniel 11:36 which is the coming Antichrist (as he will be at the middle of the 70th Week).

The 70th Week begins in the near future with the "covenant among many" (a coming treaty that will temporarily put a stop to the coming World War) being confirmed by the Antichrist.

Sean Osborne said...


I just now noticed something in looking at Daniel 9.

Many say that Jesus was born in 7 BC. His death, resurrection and ascension occurred in 33 AD.

That is 40 years.

Then came the 7 year war with Rome when the Temple and Jerusalem were destroyed. That war lasted until the fall of Masada in 73 AD.

From Jesus ascension in Heaven to the fall of Masada was another 40 years exactly.

Per Psalm 90:10 this is by definition a generation of strength. 80 years total.

Jesus death, resurrection and ascension into Heaven occurred precisely in the middle of that 80-year generation of strength.


Scipio said...

Well Sean, THANK you for speaking the truth. Our lams stream media I think is worse than Germany's, circa 1938, because it operates from more light. Although the lampstand is being removed.
Ann Barnhardt says it excactly right on her website. Yes, she is crass...but you, her and maybe FOX (?) are the only ones.

hartdawg said...

Where is Bush or Reagan? If we had Reagan I'll bet a lot of this would not be happening now, but many unqualified, uninformed voters had to put this terrorist loving Muslim in office.
Quick question, it is believed by some (secular) analysts that Jordan is but a step away from falling to Isis. If that happens then the puzzle would be nearly complete with psalm 83. Your thoughts?

Sean Osborne said...

Hartdawg wrote:

"Quick question, it is believed by some (secular) analysts that Jordan is but a step away from falling to Isis. If that happens then the puzzle would be nearly complete with Psalm 83. Your thoughts?"


Global SITREP B10-13: The Jordan Valley, which ran from 6 December 2013 to the final update on 27 March 2014, contains my thoughts on what is coming to Jordan.

Here's the bottom line from the final update (emphasis added):

"The bottom line: A full-fledged revolt in Jordan is extremely likely; it would be a revolt where the minimum 66% majority of common "Palestinians" take up arms to overthrow the regime of the minority Hashemite Bedouin elite.

Keep an eye on Jordan as this is precisely the kind of "great upheaval" in Jordan that would be a precursor to Jordan's involvement in the coming Psalm 83 finale. Islamist Palestinians in control of Amman and the rest of that land east of the Jordan River would then rapidly set their sights on Israel as a remainder to be conquered west of the Jordan River. Or so they will think according to Psalm 83.

Glad to see secular analysts are finally catching up, even though they still are utterly clueless that a Sunni Islamist "great upheaval" in Jordan will lead to the fulfillment of very specific Bible prophecy.

hartdawg said...

Yes Sean, if only secular analysts would read the bible then they wouldn't be so clueless, but then again, I was once reminded to never underestimate ones ignorance when they are devoid of the Holy Spirit

Sean Osborne said...

Therefore, we must double down on our efforts to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them through the literal fulfillment of specific prophecy in real-time.

Otherwise it will turn out that a great many will be allowed to be swept away by deception because they'd rather believe the lie.

mark3210 said...


I see the news that the ISIS has seized chemical weapons in Iraq.

Incredible that after 11 years of the left claiming no WMDs in Iraq, they only tell us they are still in the country now after they've been seized by the enemy!

Sean Osborne said...

Ken B wrote:

"Have you read Joel Richardson's take on the Iraq/Iran + ISIS turmoil? He was posted in WND.

What is your take on his proposition to the reading of Daniel 8?

Joel Richardson (not his real name) has long suffered from a severe tendency to ignore proper hermeneutics. invariably results in his interpretations being ludicrous problems in and of themselves.

In this instance of interpreting Daniel 8 "Joel" not only employs an egregiously incorrect interpretation, but he tops that by completely ignoring the interpretation given in plain language by the angel Gabriel to the prophet Daniel which we read in verses 15 through 36.

What, I ask, is ambiguous or not easy to interpret in Daniel 8:17b, wherein Gabriel says to Daniel:

Understand, son of man, that the vision refers to the time of the end.

"Joel's" problems with interpreting Bible prophecy are legion and quite devoid of any assistance from the Holy Spirit. Avoid his books at all costs.

Sean Osborne said...


Ain't that just fabulously amazing!!!

After the media and the US government (Bush Administration at the top of the heap) attempted to foist the lie upon one and all that Saddam had no WMD, lo and behold, ISIS rolls into the complex at Al Muthanna and finds the entire complex not only intact, but with a stockpile of the old weapons in storage there.

I have been saying for well over a decade that the United States government and media were officially lying their rear ends off about there not being any WMD in Iraq.

There was, and there still is WMD in Iraq.

I can't wait for the imminent email that I'll receive any minute now from Dave Gaubatz... any moment now!!!

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Ken B said...

Thank you Sean,

I had never even heard of "Joel" but Todd Strandberg posted that in the Rapture Ready news section...

I read it and didn't see his twist but I always like to get a quorum =D

mark3210 said...

I was thinking about Dave Gaubatz who mentioned 4 WMD sites south of Baghdad.

This site was north of Baghdad.

Do you think any of the chemicals in the 4 sites he mentioned were moved to this site, or are these a completely separate batch?

Have the 4 sites he revealed in 2006 even been touched?

mark3210 said...

I see that the US inspectors report did say that chemical weapons were still in bunkers at Al Muthanna.

Funny how the media didn't report this at all at the time (as far as I know).

"Stockpiles of chemical munitions are still stored there. The most dangerous ones have been declared to the UN and are sealed in bunkers."

mark3210 said...

I'm seeing that the bunkers may contain up to 15,000 liters of sarin!

This is big!

Sean Osborne said...

I think the WMD at Al Muthanna has been there from the get-go.

To my knowledge the other 4 sites were never followed up on.

What has occurred at Al Muthanna is exactly what Dave Gaubatz has always said would happen.

Sean Osborne said...

Ken B,

RR posted that in its daily news section? (shakes head in disbelief) sigh

The scholarship is missing, the errors are many, and the eschatological value is negligible because the WND article, when you get right down to it, is basically an advertisement for people to spend money buying books and other stuff that "Joel" sells through the "WND Superstore."

The answer to the article's questioning title is "no", but the current events in Iraq will lead to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, but absolutely not in the wild interpretation that "Joel" conjured up to support his Islamic Antichrist/Eastern Leg rubbish.

Put his name in the search tab on the main page and you will see that I have taken issue with his views for some time now. I won't bother with this one however, it's not worth the effort.

Kenneth Moore said...

"I think the WMD at Al Muthanna has been there from the get-go."

No doubt there, the video says all in incased in concrete.

Long line at gas stations! I pray that doesn't happen in the US.

mark3210 said...


After all these years, I'm still confused about something. Why did the Bush administration never pursue the leads that Dave Gaubatz provided, and lie to the public about Saddam's WMDs?

Didn't Bush have a vested political interest in discovering the truth and making it public?

mark3210 said...

Speaking of Duelfer, did you know while in Iraq he was nearly killed by a car bomb that damaged his hearing and killed 2 of his guards and badly wounded another?

It's sad that he aided the coverup even in spite of that incident.

Sean Osborne said...


Yes, Dubya did have a vested interest, and as far as I know only he and VP Cheney held firm to the fact that Iraq had WMDs and that the Duelfer Report of 2004 (released by the CIA) was based upon faulty intelligence or fabricated premises.

99.9% of the US media - including FoxNews - bought hook, line and sinker into the false Leftist narrative that Iraq had no WMD and published and/or broadcast even further to millions upon millions with that false conclusion. Shame on all of them for maintaining that globalist Leftist lie.


I would suggest that anyone not up to speed on these Iraqi WMD developments read the article posted today at

You will read that not only did Al Qaeda just capture the Al-Muthana chemical weapons complex and stockpile of Sarin, but also significant quantities of Mustard Gas, and the deadly nerve agents Tabun and VX.

Like I said, the carnage of this war will continue and almost certainly increase by orders of magnitude.

Anonymous said...

It appears ISIS is now on the Jordanian border.

Sean Osborne said...

See SITREP C11-14 just posted.

Ken B said...


This is coalescing the Psalm 83 regions right now before our eyes! The ones that seemed to have little in common just a month ago…

Am I correct?

Sean Osborne said...

Ken B,

Yes, this is what is occurring before our very eyes. It is a powerful witnessing tool for those who make use of it.

Through this and other prophecies the Lord has informed us ahead of time what will take place. There is no more powerful tool than telling an unbeliever with specificity what will happen before it happens halfway around the world. This proves that God is who He says He is; that there is none like Him!