Monday, April 27, 2015

Global SITREP C3-15: Israel Commences Air Offensive Against Syrian and Hezbollah forces in Syria

Israel Air Force F-16I Sufa

Update 27 April 2015: Most media in Israel are accurately reporting the additional airstrikes and Hezbollah's feeble attempt at retaliation on the Golan, so there's no need this evening for me to just reiterate what has already been reported. Just be aware that while a larger flare up is possible, Hezbollah is already hard pressed and really feeling the strain of supporting Assad's regime at the present time, especially due to the large combat losses of its soldiers on Syrian soil, and Iranian promises of new equipment and other supplies are easier said than accomplished. 

25 April 2015: If you're like me you've been quietly and patiently waiting for the proverbial "other shoe" to drop in the Middle East. This shoe may have dropped overnight and may even be continuing at present according to multiple MidEast news sources from Lebanon to Qatar to Israeli media also. Those media sources report IAF F-16I Sufa (Storm) and F-15I Ra'am (Thunder) strike aircraft pasting targets to include weapons convoys and the Syrian Army's strategic rocket forces of the 155th (Scud-B) and 65th Brigades deployed along the Qalamoun Mountain range which forms a natural barrier along the Lebanese border.

On the above map you can see along the M5 Highway corridor the three specific sites the IAF is reported to have struck. On the north to south axis of the M5 find the Syrian towns of Qara, Yabroud and Qutayfa. If these reports are accurate, and there is no reason to doubt their veracity at this point, once again these strikes demonstrate total the domination of Syrian skies by the Israeli Air Force. 

Thus far there is zero evidence of Syrian, Iranian or even Hezbollah antiaircraft missiles or gunfire reported to be opposing these IAF strikes. Back in December there was evidence of enemy anti-aircraft missile fire, possibly the Russian-made Buk-M1, against the IAF strikes, but those missiles flew wildly in the air indicating no effective radar control of the weapons as evidenced by published video (screen capture below) recorded from another IAF aircraft inside Syria.

In this screen capture image a pair of IAF F-15I Ra'am strike aircraft contrails are seen at the lower-left and a pair Buk-M1 missile contrails are seen to the right. What is clearly also seen is that the IAF aircraft reversed their direction and the Buk-M1's continued on their harmless flight away from the Israel aircraft.

Updates as they occur.


Scipio said...

Sean, THX. Just getting this out in CA. Well, if it's not the convoy, this Israeli "aggression" may invoke a response. Also very interesting how there was no anti-air vs. the Sufa's.

Sean Osborne said...


Yes, this could amount to something; eventually it has to, but that all in the Lord's good timing and in His appointment book.

I was just re-reading the 2 Kings 18-19 situation. I think it has relevance to the present day. If we had eyes that could see the Spiritual realm, I believe we'd see Michael and an army of angels in the skies above the Middle East at the quick halt awaiting the Lord's command.

Ken B said...

I believe there is now a 3rd air strike Sean.
Israel must know of something specific to be hitting Syria that often and open?

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...

Yes, the operation continues and I'll post an update this evening.

Sean Osborne said...

In the meantime...

Israel Hayom should be read.

mark3210 said...


What you wrote here 3 months ago is looking spot on to me now:

"It is my assessment that the government of the State of Israel stood down from engaging in full-scale warfare this week in order to allow the Western gambit of negotiations with Iran to run their course by May 2015."

Sean Osborne said...

Now we now the final act of the P5+1 negotiations is scheduled for June.

However, most folks in the West who have been paying attention would agree at this point that the month of May will be meaningless for the P5+1 effort because a bad deal is a bad deal and no amount of CPR or emergency life support will resurrect the dead in this case.

Things could hit the proverbial fan any time now... and it's gonna be really, really messy.