Friday, May 22, 2015

Global SITREP C6-15: Iran Threatens War Against US, Saudi Arabia and Egypt Over Yemen

UPDATE 22 May 2015: It took over a week to resolve this situation. In the interim since the last update a lot of hand-wringing and angst were to be found in numerous media reports... both those on the political right and the left.

In the end, in case none of those websites have informed you, it was the al-Mahdi-hastening terrorist Iranian regime which not only blinked, but shut both eyes and caved in completely to the non-negotiable demand of the Saudi-Egyptian and Western (US, UK and France) coalition of tier-one naval forces enforcing the blockade of Yemeni ports.

As of this morning the Iranian's heeded the demands of the Saudi-Egyptian-Western coalition and ordered their pawn, a/k/a the Merchant Vessel Iran Shahed, to sail into port Djibouti were all of the other nations merchant vessels bringing aid to the Yemeni people are making their port calls. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy (IRGCN) also stood down as instructed and thus lived to sail these waters for another day.

The bottom line is that Iran (as usual) was engaged in the highest order of bluffing and in the end put its tail between its legs, whimpered and did exactly as it was told by the emergent and dominant military alliance of the Arabs and the West. Not many will make mention about this, but what occurred this morning was one military victory over Iranian aggression that occurred without a single shot being fired. Gunboat diplomacy still works.

Hopefully PM Netanyahu was paying close attention on how to press a military advantage and make a jihadist enemy sit down, do as it is told and shut up in the face of overwhelming military power. Same goes for IS.

14 May 2015: This is an update I received from the Lord early this morning when He suddenly put the fully formed thought into my mind. Perhaps He has given the same realization to you, which is as follows: The military coalition currently fighting Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and the military coalition fighting to stop Iran in Yemen BOTH constitute allied Arab and Western military forces operating together, and are virtually identical the what the Lord prophesied to Ezekiel as "Sheba, Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish, and all their young lions..."  Prophecy teachers! Are you teaching this?

In the Persian Gulf one or more Iranian naval vessels are reported to have fired upon a Singapore-flagged merchant vessel which escaped into UAE territorial waters this morning.

On the Saudi-Yemeni border heavy artillery barrages, both rockets and conventional shelling, are reported between Houthi and Saudi forces with damage being done to towns on both sides of the border. Saudi tanks and mechanized infantry forces have been observed in recent hours moving south towards the Yemeni border. 

13 May 2015: The cargo ship Iran Shahed (image above) is currently enroute to Yemen, ostensibly to deliver humanitarian supplies. Current GPS location data places the Iran Shahed in the northern part of the Gulf of Oman sailing southwards at 8 knots and under escort by Iranian warships. Iran has threatened unrelenting war against any nation which interferes with the Iran Shahed's mission to deliver its cargo to the Yemen's Red Sea port at Al-Hudaydah.

The US, Saudi Arabia and Egypt all have warships maintaining a blockade to ensure no war materiel is delivered to the Houthi rebels in Yemen. The situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate, with the most recent reported military action being a Houthi invasion of the southern Saudi Arabia's southern Jizan Province on Saturday. The Houthi rebels moved several miles and through several towns before defeating local Saudi defenders and seizing control of the city Ahad al-Masarihah. More than 60 Saudi soldiers were reportedly  taken as prisoners of war by the Houthi rebels. An escalation of the fighting appears to be inevitable.


NG said...

And the Vatican just announced they recognize "Palestine" as a sovereign state. Tomorrow is Ascension day but also Israel birthday. Interesting coincidence.

Sean Osborne said...

How the Vatican can "recognize" a state which does not exist is the stuff of pure fantasy.

"The state of Israel is located in the Middle East, it has a border with Lebanon in the north, Syria in the north east, Jordan in the east and Egypt in the south. The West border of Israel is the Mediterranean Sea."

So... where exactly is this alleged "state of Palestine"?

Anonymous said...

Bob from Texas


This Pope/Palestinian deal looks like a a minor deal with a big ripple effect. Sean, do you anticipate Obama, Kerry, and Jerrett will jump on this to isolate Netanyahu. So many scenarios seem possible from this gambit.

Anonymous said...

Bob in Texas


Another question: Do you think the GCC has the will and firepower to pull off Jeremiah 49:34- 39?

The Saudis must becoming quite tired of Iran.

Sean Osborne said...


The Obama administration will do anything it can to compromise Israel as long as it has an apparent alibi to use as a fall-back position should a given ploy fail.

The GCC will never act alone. It needs a coalition in order to muster up the courage for combat.
The potential coalition already exists: the anti-IS coalition that includes the US bombing in Iraq and Syria, or the anti-Iran/anti-Houthi rebel coalition consisting of the Arab League plus the US/UK/FR.

I have just made special note of this - both of these military coalitions (Arab-West military coalitions) ARE IDENTICAL to the prophetic "Sheba, Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish, and all their young lions... found in Ezekiel 38:13.

And most prophecy teachers are teaching what about the current warfare in the Middle East? Are they teaching this? Are they teaching at all? Are they teaching on the cutting edge or are they hedging? Where's the boldness?

mark3210 said...


Congress has finished with the Iran bill, the new Israeli Cabinet is being sworn in, and the new moon is just 4 days away.

Surely we have come to the end of the road now?

Sean Osborne said...

Mark 3210,

No, we surely have not "come to the end of the road."

But without question we are close, very close, but we're not quite there yet in my conservative eschatological opinion.

There is still much pre-70th Week prophecy yet to come to fulfillment, and that final week of seven years does not begin or end with what the U.S. Congress does or doesn't do, or the sitting of a new Israeli cabinet, or even with Iran being as bellicose as ever, even more so than in more recent years.

To quote our Lord, and with specific respect to what he prophesied to His disciples privately concerning the sign (sēmeion distinguishing signs) of His coming and the end of the age in Matthew 24:4 through 24:7 ... "All these are the beginning of sorrows."

There are, as noted in today's update and in previous posts here, some very, very significant real-world indications and warnings (I&W) that tie in directly to virtually all of the pre-70th Week prophetic narrative. These are things which I think prophecy teachers must be writing and speaking about with all due emphasis.

I will also say that, and again as I've opined previously, it appears that the so-called nuclear agreement is dead on arrival. To this I will add that increased Iranian military aggression in Syria, Lebanon and now Yemen and the sea lanes all around the Arabian Peninsula might be the final straw that leads to the fulfillment of Jeremiah 49:34-39. I think of the fulfillment of this prophecy as the potential leading or cutting edge of the flood of prophetic fulfillment that will rapidly follow.

Ken B said...

Iran's mouth still writing checks their moon god has no chance of cashing!

"A ranking Iranian official close to Iran’s Supreme Leader stated that the Tehran government has “divine permission to destroy Israel,” Fars News reported on Wednesday.

Mojtaba Zolnour, who is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s deputy representative to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), said, “The Noble Koran permits the Islamic Republic of Iran to destroy Israel.”"

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...

Ya know Ken I have always wondered what the offense was that resulted in the specifics of Jeremiah 49:34-39 prophecy, as none is given in the text.

However, this kind of ridiculous war-mongering talk makes the "why" of it all a no-brainer.

Sean Osborne said...

I'll say one more thing with respect to my response to mark3210 above.

I am all but convinced that the 70th anniversary of Israel's existence will dovetail perfectly with some very prophetic fulfillments. I was thinking on this today, the 15th being Israel's 67th birthday, no matter how one slices it: 7 cycles of 10 years or 10 cycles of 7 years - the result is the same, and it equals 1 standard generation per Psalm 90:10.

Ken B said...

You know Sean, I've been thinking about the significance of 7's all throughout the Bible and wondered if 70 years wasn't going to be some kind of benchmark.

7th day rest
7th year fallow land
7th year forgiveness of debt
70 weeks of Daniel
70x7 forgiveness

They all have to do with rest or forgiving...

I just don't want people to poo poo me! Haha!

I think you're on to something though!

Ken B

hartdawg said...

You know what's exciting? If my interpretation of the fig tree is correct, that the 2nd advent of our Lord Jesus Christ will occur within a 70-80 year span of the rebirth of israel, and the catching away of the bride occurs prior to the time of Jacob's trouble, then we'll be standing before our Saviour within 6 years. It was about 6 years ago that I came across this site. So we could be halfway between the time of you starting this site and the catching away And that doesn't seem very long ago. Does that excite you?

Sean Osborne said...


Yes indeed... these are the most exciting times!

There has never been a more exciting time than anticipating when the King of kings and Lord of lords will take His throne.

As many will recall, I have been saying on this blog that I believe Psalm 90:10 is tied directly to the rebirth of Israel for some time now; that was the start of the final generation. The final countdown.

I just stated in a comment above what I think will occur within three years time, and folks should have understood that Jesus second advent will occur by the 80th year. To me that year is without question 2028.

Ya'll can do the math; it's very simple.

And the Harpazo occurs at any microsecond prior to the start of the 70th Week.


Positively resonant.

Anonymous said...

Bob from Texas


I see that the Pope has described Abbas as an "angel of peace!"

Pieces are falling into place like never before.

Thanks for being a vigilant Watchman.

Joey Bagadonuts said...

Hiya Sean,

I too saw the news reports this morning that stated that Pope Francis called Mahmoud Abbas an "angel of peace" and I was shocked but not very surprised (if you know what I mean). And as I thought about that "angel of peace" comment, I couldn't help but think of 2nd Corinthians 11:14 "And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light".

I found that very interesting.(But to be clear, I'm NOT saying that Abbas is Satan).

So tonight I checked around online and found that the National Review is carrying a story that says "Pope Francis Did Not Call Abbas an ‘Angel of Peace’

The National Review is quoting a report from an Italian newspaper "La Stampa" which says..."As is tradition with heads of State or of government, Francis presented a gift to the Palestinian leader, commenting: “May the angel of peace destroy the evil spirit of war. I thought of you: May you be an angel of peace.” Pope Francis had called Abu Mazen a “man of peace” when he visited Bethlehem in May 2014, just as he called the then Israeli prime minister, Shimon Peres, a “man of peace” during his subsequent visit to Jerusalem. The Argentinian pope had then invited both leaders to a prayer vigil for peace in the Vatican Gardens which took place on 8 June that year and was also attended by the ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew".

Who really knows exactly what was said? I learned a long time ago to have a healthy suspicion of anything the press says.

Keep up the great work here my friend. May God bless and protect you.


Sean Osborne said...

Hiya Joey!

Yes, the media headlines of the Pope referring to Abu Mazen as an "angel of peace" appear to have been sensationalist nonsense.

Many of us are too quick to assign evil intent to anything having to do with the Pope/Vatican and Israel.

The important fact is such things are for the 70th Week and the exploits of the False Prophet. Far too many of us apparently believe we are living in that time despite the fact that the Harpazo has not yet occurred, and fall victim to accepting what they corporate media puts to print as some kind of established fact.

I can fault this kind of thing to poor prophecy teaching or a dearth of any prophecy teaching at all.

Kudo's and Thanks to you for bringing us the facts of the matter!

Anonymous said...

Bob in Texas

My compliments, Joey.

I made an assumption and bought the story.

jmoll106 said...

Hi Sean,
It seems Israel's neighbors just can't learn from history. From Israel's rebirth 'til now the God of the bible has kept her as promised.
Last year you recommended an old movie "Cast a giant shadow" and I have made it a tradition to watch it. It is a great reminder. Happy Anniversary Israel.!

mark3210 said...


Can you be more specific on where exactly you think we will be 3 years from now?

Is that approximately when you expect Ezekiel 38-39?

Sean Osborne said...


I already have been very specific in posts to this blog about what I think is going to happen between now and 2028.

1948 + 80 = 2028. (Psalm 90:10 generation of strength)

Subtract 7 for the 70th week = 2021. (These days are also cut short so that humanity can continue to exist on the Earth).

2021 - 2015 = 6 years. (5 and 1/2 years actually, this is because we're halfway through 2015 already.)

In the next 5.5 years I believe ALL pre-70th Week prophecy comes to fulfillment. All of it.

mark3210 said...

Not that it makes a big difference, but I was thinking the 70th Week could start as late as May 2021 (if we were counting from Israel's birth date).

Is there a reason pre-70th Week prophecies can't be fulfilled in the early part of 2021?

Sean Osborne said...

Not enough time in just part of a single year I would think for all of them to fulfill...

In no particular order, there's:

Isaiah 17/Jeremiah 49:23-27,

Jeremiah 49:34-39,

Psalm 83 and Joshua 13:1-7

Then we get to Ezekiel 38/39 where Israel has had the necessary time to recover from war, consolidate gains and new wealth, and feel totally secure, fearing no nation on earth... understand this I am sure.

Things future always appear to be far off.

But I can guarantee you that the 12 years from Iraqi Freedom start in 2003 to the present now appear to have occurred like a flash in the pan.

mark3210 said...


I can't speak for others here, but while my comments here have mostly been focused on short-term events, everything pre-70th Week I would consider medium-term events.

Long-term events I would consider to be more than a decade away, and I can't even begin to imagine how different the world is going to look 10 years from now!

Sean Osborne said...


Most folks reckon dates using the common, current usage Gregorian calendar, and to them on 15 May every year since May 1948 Israel's Yom HaAtzma'ut (Independence Day) has been observed.

This is close, but does not get the proverbial cigar prize for accuracy.

I'm going to try and be as clear and non-confusing as possible with what I am about to write here.

For the big-picture prophetic perspective I believe it is absolutely essential that we reckon time according to the Hebrew calendar. Why? Because it is by this calendar that the whole of the 70th Week has been predetermined by God in the prophetic terms given to us by His various ancient Hebrew prophets. There are an exact number of days involved (2,520), and an exact number of months (84 divided into 42 month halves), and a halving of the whole into the prophetic Thlipsis (Tribulation) and Megas Thlipsis (Great Tribulation)

This perspective is necessarily carried backwards from the future 70th Week, because the "end times," as Jesus told us, began circa 33 AD.

Accordingly, were at the very end of the nearly 2,000-year long prophetic "end times" road, and the pre-70th Week prophetic short-term should be defined as the next three years as reckoned on the Hebrew calendar. It should coincide with Israel's 70th year. God is very prompt in keeping His appointments. Isaiah 66;8 is the direct prophetic reference to Israel's re-birth occurring in a single day, so we can, as the saying goes, "take this prophetic check to the Spiritual bank and cash it."

(As an aside, the common phrase, "should the Lord tarry" I find to be nonsensical, for our omniscient God has known and made His appointments from the Beginning, even before Genesis.)

So, these final three years can be reckoned as follows, allowing for the occurrence of Yom HaZikaron which precedes having a conflict with a Shabbat(Sabbath Day).

The first of these three years began with Yom HaAtzma'ut commencing at sundown on 4 Iyyar 5775 (22 April 2015); it will conclude on 3 Iyyar 5776 (10 May 2016).

The second of these three years: sundown on 4 Iyyar 5776 (11 May 2016) to 5 Iyyar 5777 (30 April 2017)

Israel's 70th year will commence on 6 Iyyar 5777 (1 May 2017) and conclude 3 Iyyar 5778 (17 April 2018).

It is this three year period that I consider to be short-term pre-70th Week which leads directly to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38/39 that I believe immediately precedes the start of the 70th Week. I also refer to this period as "harvest time" because I do believe the Harpazo will occur within it.

Anonymous said...

Bob From Texas


I completely mis-judged how this would turn out. I expected the US and Saudi-Egyptian led coalition to "fold."

Whete did they (US, especially) get the backbone?

Sean Osborne said...


You weren't alone in misjudging how the MV Iran Shahed gambit would turn out. Iran played it to the hilt and lost big-time by shooting at one merchant vessel in the Straits of Hormuz, then shooting at another and taking it hostage (MV Maersk Tigris) for a few days, and then shooting at yet another Singaporean merchant vessel before it escaped into UAE territorial waters. This is the "Popeye Syndrome" for the coalition; the straw which broke the camel's back. 'Game' over.

Iran had its pride of the fleet frigate, the Alborz, shadow the MV Iran Shahed albeit at some distance. Yet Iran knew that should it fire upon any coalition naval ship in a confrontation the Alborz would have been destroyed within minutes.

Iran knew this, and a whole lot more, because all of the signals coming from the coalition strongly indicate that if it is war that Iran wants, then war it will receive and it will be a war the Twelver regime would not survive.

Iran knew it was going to be the target for all of the high-precision munitions and bunker-busting ordnance that the US agreed this past week to provide to Israel and the GCC Arab states.

Iran has clearly seen the red-line that the nuclear deal has no chance of becoming a reality for them to exploit based upon what General Jafari and Ayatollah Khamenei said about no inspections of military facilities or interviews of scientists. No immediate inspections whenever and wherever American and allies chose at the drop of a hat, or no nuclear deal.

I am confident there will be no nuclear deal. Instead there will be coalition military action to abort Iran's nuclear and offensive military capabilities. That is what I have interpreted Jeremiah 49:34-39 is all about for some time now - a preemption of Iran's offensive military capabilities and ultimately action inside Iran that results in regime change, probably down the road a bit during Ezekiel 38/39.

Anonymous said...

Bob in Texas,


ISIS seems to be rolling like OU through Rice University.

Iran is attempting organize a defensive effort.

Do you feel continued losses by Iran will result in a regime change?

Sean Osborne said...


Iran hasn't lost anything, but Syria and Iraq have lost much especially over the past few days.

But with respect to your question, the battlefield gains of IS in Syria and Iraq mean nothing to the domestic political equation in Iran; foreign losses have no effect upon the regime.

Only direct and sustained military action within Iran against the regime and its military infrastructure can bring about the conditions necessary for regime change in Tehran. I think this is an eventuality, but as I have assessed previously, it is an eventuality which is fully achieved during the 70th Week.