Thursday, February 19, 2009

Syria Continues Building Massive Chemical Weapons Facility Adjacent to Al-Safir Missile Base

19 February 2009: Here is an instance where a real-world reality very probably foreshadows the prophetic text of Isaiah 17 which cites a coming Middle Eastern war, a war in which weapons of mass destruction will be used, and a day of "disease and incurable pain." This war will result in the total annihilation of Damascus, Syria.

The image above is one of several that have been a part of the file maintained by GlobalSecurity.Org for quite some time now which details the immense and heavily defended chemical weapons (WMD) and missile launch site located at Al-Safir (vicinity of Allepo), Syria.

The Jerusalem Post reported this past Tuesday that additional extensive construction of the chemical weapons plant has been closely monitored over the past three years via new DigitalGlobe commerical satellite imagery. JPost reports that these images have been obtained by the world-reknowned British defense analysis group Janes.Com. One of the new images from Jane's is seen below

Image: A newly constructed possible missile loading building at the adjacent missile support facility. (GeoEye/INTA - Space Turk)

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