Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prophetic Dominoes

07 March 2009:  Hmmm... I wonder... what if...

What if the IDF were to launch this "rumor of war" preemptive attack against the whole array of the Ayatollah's nuclear infrastructure.

There is no question in my mind that such a preemptive strike would do tremendous damage.However, that is not the issue, nor would it be the ultimate result. The strike would precipitate something much greater, and I'm talking about what might well be best described as -- I'm going to coin a new phrase here -- "prophetic dominoes"

The real resultant issue would be the retaliatory response, and I'm thinking that response would come from Iran's mutual defense pact ally - Syria. And as I'm about to offer below, an Israeli preemptive strike on Iran might possibly be the precipitating, the prophetic domino, of Isaiah 17.


I have entertained the exegetical position for quite some time now that there will occur a series of wars or military actions which precipitate subsequent military actions involving Israel in the near term. Each one is a precursor to the next.

We have witnessed to 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, which was precipitated by a terrorist kidnapping action in Gaza, that was repeated on the northern front and led to the improperly planned and ill-prepared war (Thank you Ehud Olmert, not). Next came the the IDF's inevitable Operation Cast Lead, during which the potential for escalation or expansion of IDF military operations on the northern front (Lebanon/Syria) was a distinct possibility for the IDF's military planners. Such is the nature of modern warfare and particularly in the Middle East.

My thoughts are that the military engagement predicted in Isaiah 17 is a precursor event to Psalm 83. Imagine, and it doesn't take much imagination, to anticipate the reaction in Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt as well as Gaza and the West Bank to a nuclear annihilation of Damascus. The precursor event to the nuking of Damascus could very likely be a surprise Syrian Bio/Chem warhead assault on central Israel. Syria is threatening and the Israeli's are counter-threatening on their response. After-the-fact of such a limited WMD exchange, the Arabs and Sunni Islamists might unify and take on the mindset and planning described by Isaiah.

This then might precipitate the literal fulfillment of Psalm 83, which leaves only Ezekiel 38/39 as the final military engagement prior to the onset of conditions leading to Daniel's 70th Week.

I also think there is a specific reason why Syria (Aram) is not specifically mentioned by Asaph in Psalm 83. It's because Syria has already been militarily dealt with in Isaiah 17.

I have just engaged in some finely-tuned research which I would quite probably not have done if I'd not been asked by Bill Salus about the Assur vs. Aram issue. Using the King James Version, Young's Literal Translation along with Strong's Concordance and the abundant Blue Letter Bible tools, I came to the position that the reference in Psalm 83:8a is literally to Assur (northern Iraq). Psalm 83:8b speaks to how it is Assur who lends strength to the "sons of Lot" (i.e. modern day Jordan).

The US military has led the way along with our western allies in rebuilding a very effective fighting force in Iraq. Might a token brigade or two be forward deployed to Jordan during Psalm 83 combat operations? I think it entirely possible, especially if Psalm 83 occurs concurrent with the U.S. draw down or after the withdrawal of US combat brigades from Iraq in the next two years.

And as an afterthought, does anyone think the Obama Administration would stand in the way of such a deployment against Israel?

As always, the imminence of the Harpazo is the primary imminent event.
At some unknown microsecond in time between right now but prior to the revealing of the Antichrist -- ALL BELIEVERS IN CHRIST (the Bride of Christ) WILL BE TAKEN IN THAT MICROSECOND TO FOREVER BE WITH THE LORD. With these posts I am illustrating just how VERY CLOSE to the Harpazo, which is the sending of the Son at the direction of the Father to catch away, to elope from this earth, with His betrothed Bride-To-Be.
These prophetic things are being explained to those of you who have not made a committment to Christ in the hope that you will decide to accept His sacrifice for your salvation, or atthe minimum so that when the Harpazo occurs you will know the truth about what has happened on that day.


Rapture Forums said...

Good thoughts. That was a good thought provoking article considering current events. I think a strike on the Iranians could cause a very realistic chance that we could see the prophetic dominoes fall afterwards. I think "mother" Russia would be angry as a result and couple that with the current rise in anti-semtism it is a good possibility that Russia could make that fatal move with her moslem allies.

I think it was reported back a year or two that Russia has numerous defense pacts with Iran, Syria, etc. so it is easy to see the possible "hook" be applied to the jaws in this case.

All of this is a good reason why we need to be watching and remaining sober. The Lord is coming soon!!

God bless.


Jim G. said...

It would also set the stage for someone to confirm a 7 year peace treaty with Israel.