Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On The Brink

4 August 2010: Approximately three and one-half years ago I wrote a brief report regarding a firefight between troops of the Lebanese Army and Israeli Defense Forces on Februrary 8, 2007. That was a reminder of a similar firefight between the Lebanese Army and the IDF which preceded the surprise war which followed that became known as the Hezbollah-Israel summer war of 2006.

A review of that article might be prudent given the breaking news events of just the past 24-36 hours in the Middle East powder keg. It would appear that once again the Middle East is again on the brink of war – a war which has been repeatedly forecast to occur; a war the enemies of a negotiated settlement appear determined to cause at all costs.

Yesterday another deliberate assault upon IDF soldiers was executed by Lebanese soldiers. In the unprovoked opening skirmish a sniper firing from Lebanese soil shot and killed IDF Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Dov Harari and may have fatally wounded Captain Ezer Lakiya. Israel National News has details on this deliberate Lebanese Army assault. The immediate area of the Lebanese Army sniper assault is seen in the IDF image above. Israel immediately retaliated and the fighting escalated to near open warfare. By no means has this military engagement ended, both sides stand on the brink of full-scale war. The fecklessness of the Western-imposed UNSCR 1701 lies burnt to a crisp, although its remains continue to be propped up like some international scarecrow by malignant global politicians and their toadies.

This morning comes word from many Western and Middle Eastern news organizations of an apparently unsuccessful improvised explosive device (IED) assassination attempt against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad as his vehicle and security convoy drove through the streets of Hamadan, Iran. After first denying such an assassination attempt has occured, I hold little doubt that the Ayatollah’s sock-puppet and holocaust-denying president will blame the attempt on “the Zionist entitity” further inflaming the military situation in the Levant and the entire Middle East region.

This past spring a regional war had been forecast to occur late this summer by many observers in the Middle East. It would appear that once again multiple fuses have been lit to preempt direct negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, and any of which could ignite the forecast war. Our summer vacation has just been cut short.


Nathan Jones said...

The irony of the whole thing is that the Muslim nations are picking a fight they are destined to lose big in. Even without Bible prophecy saying so, history shows they never win these thing. It's truly both delusional and suicidal.

hartdawg said...

does it seem that whenever a skirmish breaks out alot of people jump the gun and say this will be the big one (psalm 83 ezekiel 38&39)? i appreciate the fact that you dont do that. i`ll be honest here, it does appear that this could lead to the big one (psalm 83), but now i am very very slow to make such calls. it could just be anothher "come and go" conflict.

SeanOsborne said...

Nathan's absolutely correct. The deception and delusion that accompany being raised within Islam is very powerful. It is, in fact, the core of the culture of Islamic nations.

The sad fact is that modern Western nations are willfully ignorant of the truth about Islamic culture. Our Founding fathers knew it for what it was, but our present day leaders deliberately ignore the mujahid, the shahid and all the rest of the cult that is Islam.

Our leaders think (are decieved into thinking) they can mold Islam into a global pan-Abrahamic religion at the core of a global economic system. For proof look at Dubai, look at Sharia finance in Western banks - it's already there.

I also am not going to jump at this war becoming the final act of Isaiah 17/Pslam 83/Joshua 13 fulfillment.

No, to the contrary, I believe this is a process of fulfillment. When Israel invaded Lebanon back in the 1980s or in the Second Lebanon War (Summer 2006) either could easily have been trumpeted as the launching of a final fulfillment.

No, those wars were and are a part of the whole process of fulfillment.

The final fulfillment is coming, no doubt about it, but the missing indredient in all these wars (since the 1948 war) has been the lack of full participation of the Arab League in each war.

I've said this before and it may be time for a reminder.

The founding core of the Arab League are the nations and ethnicities identified in the prophetic verses of Psalm 83:6-8.

This IS the "inner ring" of Israel's enemies as identified by Bill Salus. Without the Arab League core participating in a war against Israel the eschatological final fulfillment of Psalm 83 cannot occur.

Expected Imminently said...

My heart rises back into my mouth again. I don't know if I can survive much more of this tension AND the apostasy.


hartdawg said...

our founding fathers knew about the dangers of islam? really, i didnt even know islam was a big deal back then. were there any documented statements concerning islam by our founding fathers? i find it quite interesting. i wonder what they would have said about todays political correctness and it`s attempts of hiding the islamization of america

hartdawg said...

hey, its me again, just one more thing...about the whole arab league core participating...well... that`s NOT the case now (specially with saudi arabia) but things change rapidly. do they not? i personally believe this war could still be 2-5 years off (tho i dont count on it) and Gog/magog and the rapture could be 5-10 years off. (tho not much longer given the age of the "fig tree" generation) then again...

Expected Imminently said...

I would think your founding fathers were aware of the dangers of Islam? The Islamic Turks were well known for their cruelty e.g.
cutting out of tongues and other 'not quite death torture'.

The village where my mums family came from have these details on the old parish records, as tongueless ex soldiers were given charity to help them back into ordinary life. These cruelties were because they were considered Christians by the Islamic Turks.

British and European history is well marked with the effects of Islam, so I am sure the founding fathers knew all about the history of their mother/s countries dealings with Islam? Perhaps they also considered they were distancing themselves geographically from Islam?

Drew said...


While I agree that the entire confederation described in Ezekiel, and even Psalms are not now in open hostilities with Israel, as are Hizballah and Syria, the pieces seem to be comming together at an alarming rate.

This is what concerns most of us who observe world politics, and mid-east events in particular. That is the fact that even a limited outbreak of armed action on the part of the Arabs against Israel could lead to an all out conflaguration between Isarel and all of her Arab neighbors really quickly. Untill now, those times that war has flared, it has been limited to the number of participants, such as the '73 Yom Kippur war that included Egypt and Syria, but not Jordan, Lebenon, or Saudia Arabia. However those countries harbor an ill will toward tiny Israel, and could, given the proper circumstances, open hostilites with her at any moment. And that would indeed be the Psalms 83 scenario.

SeanOsborne said...

Historical Note:

Jordan was appreciative of Israel's assistance in the war they had against the PLO in 1970.
King Hussein showed his gratitude by informing Golda Meir nearly 3 months ahead of time that Syria and Egypt were planning a surprise attack. Israel ignored the warning - the Yom Kippur War on 1973 resulted.

Lebanon has been in a state of war with Israel since that year.

Eschatological Note:

Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38/39 have different nationalities involved and the military actions described are separate and distinct from one another. Two different wars in other words that are successive in terms of their occurance.

This is the basis for the "inner ring" and "outer ring" bought to the fore by Bill Salus.

hartdawg said...

what baffles me is that currently saudi arabia is more concerned about a nuclear iran than isreal so currently saudi needs isreal and they know that. thats why i think psalm 83 can be a year or two away.