Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Israel Doesn't Care About Peace?

14 September 2010: If there was ever a global corporate newsmagazine cover which visually represents the anti-Israel agenda of the "Global Oligarchy" the most recent cover of TIME Magazine is it. That this graphic image was published at the precise time when Israel and Palestinian Authority representatives are engaged in the process of direct peace negotiations via the good offices of the United States of America the absence of any Palestinian national symbol is as striking as the accompanying headline "WHY ISRAEL DOESN'T CARE ABOUT PEACE."

And where the cover story author, Karl Vick, writes "Israel" he means not only the Israeli government negotiators, but the Israeli people themselves do not care or are totally disinterested about achieving a lasting peace with the "Palestinian" people. The intent and effect of Time Magazine is to blame the whole of Israel for the inevitable failure of the negotiation and for the war which will ensue. Thus we find the agenda of the "Global Oligarchy" unabashedly standing front and center: BLAME ISRAEL. Period.

What the "Globalist Oligarchists" and the nations which they lead are oblivious denial of is that in standing against Israel they stand and build their global empire against the will of Almighty God. They align themselves not with the will of the God of their fathers, nor the false god of the Arabs, but that of another god, a false god of fortesses, a god he himself will claim to be in the flesh as foretold by the prophet Daniel.


hartdawg said...

has this author even ever been to isreal? has he ever talked to an isreali? is he totally ignorant of recent history? is he completely oblivious to the fact that isreal has made concession after concession to the "palastinians" and recieved attack after attack from the "palastinians"? and are people so ignorant as to believe this "reporting"? WAKE UP PEOPLE!

SeanOsborne said...


The autohor, Karl Vick, is a middle east-based writer whose home is in Jerusalem where he's TIME's bureau chief. Previously was the Washington Post's bureau chief in Istanbul.

He's also a long-time Israel hater.
It's integral to his leftist worldview and mindset.

Real, thick-skinned Israeli's don't care about Karl Vick or what he writes.

Others have written worse, but God long ago made sure that what really matters was written.

hartdawg said...

hmm...i spose i just have a hard time believing someone who lives over there with the facts staring squarely in the face could actually believe that nonesense.

SeanOsborne said...



You mean like the dual Israeli-American citizens who live in Israel and voted for Barack Hussein Obama?


Like the Israeli's who both write and read leftist rags like Ha'aretz?


Like the Israeli Arabs who write and read the Jerusalem-based pro-Palestinian Ma'an newspaper?

All of these group live there and have these fact staring them square in the face.

For these people it's NOT about facts.

It's about IDEOLOGY.

Expected Imminently said...

Vipers nesting in the bosom of Israel. :(

Perhaps Israel wisely keeps her enemies closer than her friends?