Thursday, January 20, 2011

Iran Completes Its Conquest of Lebanon

UPDATE: 20 January 2011: Today's DEBKAfile report, Hezbollah's eleventh-hour pullback from siege of UN sites and troops, might be dismissed by some as being fanciful, but I'm here to inform that there's a whole lot of facts behind it.

On December 6, 2010 the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star reported that Hezbollah's political ally and world-class Jew hater, Wi'am Wahhab, made the following statement: "If the outside [world] is indifferent toward strife in Lebanon, we can confirm that in the event of strife, UNIFIL troops in Lebanon will not be left in peace." But this really isn't new news, Wahhab's been making the same threat since last July.

Obviously, Hezbollah's current military operational orders, as directed by the Iranian Ayatollah, were planned well in advance. The enhanced Western military presence referred to below indicates that our intelligence and military command authorities took these threats seriously. We'll soon see if Hezbollah is feeling froggy enough to go ahead and jump. It might be the last thing they ever do.

UPDATE 18 January 2011: As of early this morning Hezbollah and AMAL (AMAL is a former rival and secular Lebanese Shi'a militia) soldiers were seen taking up positions on the streets of Beirut. While this might seem to be much-ado-over-nothing in the crazy world of Lebanon, the streets in which these Shi'a soldiers were taking up fighting positions are in Sunni Muslim neighborhoods. The Sunni's are obviously very concerned with this turn of events.

The cause of the Hezbollah/Amal deployment is due to the U.N. STL Prosecutor, Daniel A. Bellemare, CONFIDENTIALLY filing his indictments in the 2005 assassination of PM Rafiq al-Hariri and the murder of 22 others with the Tribunal Registrar yesterday, 17 JAN 11. The Tribunal Registrar will next submit the indictment to the U.N. STL Pre-Trial (international) Judge. Thus, the U.N. STL has entered into the judicial phase of its existence. The (international) Pre-Trial Judge is expected to confirm the indicments and release them publicly. Most observers expect both living and deceased members of Hezbollah's leadership to be named in the indictments, with at least one French report (AFP) publicly indicating that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamene'i to also be included among those indicted.

Additionally, according to new information from Al-Arabia, the former first President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Abolhasssan Bani Sadr, (now living in exile in France) has confirmed the U.N. STL indictments will name Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamene'i as well as both living and deceased members of Hezbollah as being the persons responsible for the assassination and murders. Bani Sadr reportedly stated that Khamene'i personally ordered the assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri saying, "only someone in my position can understand the necessity of such an action." Bani Sadr went on to state that he expects Ayatollah Khamene'i will now "liquidate" Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, mostly likely due to his extemely poor handling of the U.N. STL situation.

UPDATE 12 January 2011: Today Hezbollah's threatened "Zero Hour" arrived at 4:30 PM Beirut time, 07:30 AM Eastern Standard Time.

The "Zero Hour" arrived with the resignations of all eleven Hezbollah government ministers from their posts. The effect of these resignations was the immediate collapse of Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri's government. The resignations occurred as an effective preemption of Prime Minister al-Hariri's meeting with Obama in Washington later today.

I believe Hezbollah and their militia allies will now move rapidly to fill the lack of a functioning government vacuum their long-planned action was designed to cause. The resignations of Hezbollah's government minister has the effect of being a coup d'etat.

This crisis may also become an impetus for the U.N. STL to immediately issue their long anticipated indictments of Hezbollah for Rafiq al-Hariri's assassination, and possibly for some form of Western military intervention to thwart Iranian military expansion into the Eastern Mediterranean.

The USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Carrier Strike Group (CSG), including Destroyer Squadron-2, the AEGIS cruiser USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55) and destroyers USS Barry (DDG-52), USS Bulkeley (DDG-84), and USS Mason (DDG-87) are enroute to the Mediterranean Sea in an augmentation of the US Navy's 6th Fleet.

27 November 2010: The Islamic Republic of Iran's long-term conquest of the Republic of Lebanon is a fait accompli. Once again the agenda of the Islamic Republic has not only trumped that of the inept and feckless Western Powers but it is in fact a de facto usurpation of the imminent, and so-called "inviolable" United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) indictments in the case of the 2005 assassination of Prime Minister Rafiq HARIRI.

This chessboard-like achievement was made evident as Western leaders slept early this morning with the arrival in Tehran of the current Lebanese Prime Minister Saad HARIRI. The Lebanese Prime Minister's trip to Iran ahead of the official releasing the the STL's indictments on the assassination of Saad's father belies Hezbollah's threatened "Zero Day" coup d'etat.

A report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) published on Sunday 21 November, and aired globally on Monday 22 November, revealed that the U.N. STL's indictments provided irrefutable proof in the form of a loyal Lebanese officer's intelligence operation which identified senior members of Hezbollah as Rafiq Hariri's assassins.

According to documentation in the U.S. Library of Congress, Hezbollah has from its inception in 1982 has been a forward deployed element of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) when a small contingent of Pasdaran, a/k/a the "Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution," a/k/a the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, arrived and set up shop at Baalbek in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley in 1982.

Therefore, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad-eddine Rafiq al-Hariri is this morning, and tomorrow the esteemed quest and the newest sock-puppet of the Iranian Ayatollah's regime, a regime who ultimately ordered the assassination of his father.

The word treason is probably in the forefront the minds of those few liberty loving Lebanese citizens who brought about the short-lived "Cedar Revolution" and now watch as their nation has been taken from them with nary a word or deed from the so-called democratic West. Never have I entertained the thought that the treachery of Neville Chamberlain would be eclipsed. Today I stand quietly corrected.


Drew said...

Yes, Iran now controls Lebenon as expected. I grieve for my Lebanese friends.

My great fear is now Iran will move to take Iraq, and the chessboard will be complete.

Iran will have won the middle east conflicts by doing nothing but take advantage of the incompetence of our state department.

The pieces for Ezekiel 38 are just about in place. And great pain and suffering will follow.

I emplore those of you who have not believed upon the Lord Jesus, please do so now as time is running short!

hartdawg said...

hey...i`m not exactly sure if this is the type of question one should ask or not since all is in the Lord`s hands, but here it is: in your opinion unless the Lord puts on the brakes (which he has in the past) do you think psalm 83/isa 17 is likely to occur this year? things seem to be heating up.

Great Grany 5 said...

I just got THIS from DebkaFile and it makes me absolutely sick and so angry that I could begin WW3 without much more thinking. And we were called cowards by the now Acting Attorney General when he was appointed to his post.

As to the question of "could Is. 17 and Ps. 83 happen this year?". You betcha and I am not trying to answer for Sean Hartdawg. But the thing that really distresses me is the fact that the whole world, right now, could end this dastardly deed. If Israel moves in, the whole world would want to bomb them. If the USA interferes the world would definitely take action against us but IRAN, the little rat eyed dictator is having a hay day and the world is watching TV.

hartdawg said...

hmm...good point. and personally watching the whole world shake their fists at God really irks me. i always try`n think of psalm 2:4 "he sits in the heavens and laughs"

Great Grany 5 said...

there are some things that God does not laugh at and it has to do with the Apples of His eye. He blesses those that bless Israel and curses those who curse her. I wouldn't want to find myself in the presence of God's wrath or anger.

But if the whole Middle East is moving along according to the foreseen path of the Endtimes, then all of this will take place and become much worse. But we are not to stop praying and interceding for Israel, Jerusalem and those in positions of Authority.

hartdawg said...

great granny....i totally agree but to clarify psalm 2:4 Gods "laughing" is the notion of the rulers shaking their fists at God while he is in control of everything. his enemies are playing right into Gods hands. i`m not worried about isreal at all...IM WORRIED ABOUT THE U.S.A!

Sean Osborne said...

That's an interesting Debka article which indicates to me that they've finally come to the same assessment I came to back in the original post of November 2010: the completion of Iran's Conquest of Lebanon by the forward deplyed arm of the IRGC.

The fact of the matter is that there are now a slew of meaningless UN resolutions laying about Lebanon like so many bloodied corpses, and to which UNSCR 1701 (from 2006) and the unreleased still born UN STL indictmensts have obviously been joined.

It took 27 years for Iran to achieve their military objective and only Western or Israeli military intervention have any chance of reveresing this on-the-ground fact of Iranian conquest around in my opinion.

All any of this accomplishes is to set the stage further for a series of regional wars, rumors of war to be sure, which readers of this blog are by now extremely familiar.

Without question the world is in overdrive speeding along on the Prophetic Road to Revelation. We are living in a time near identical to when the scoffers of Noah were living in the days just prior to the Flood, which is to say that we are living in the last days, the pre-wrath days, that are known as Daniel's 70th Week.

Suddenly, imminently, without warning and in a mere nanosecond, "the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord." 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

That's what's imminently next.

Only those who have freely accepted the Salvation by the Grace of God through the Blood of the Lamb, and in whom the Lord Jesus Christ lives shall escape the horrendous events about to occur on this earth.

As our Lord has said (John 3:14-17): "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved."

I pray the Lord that you believe this, accept it and say to the Lord with your own voice.

Amen and Maranatha.

hartdawg said...

sean....i know you`ve done your best to alert people by use of this site. GOOD FOR YOU! do i detect an increased sense of urgency in you? these are indeed not normal times.

Sean Osborne said...


There's no urgency in being ready for the Harpazo - that is a perpetual condition of absolute faith in what the Lord has said on the subject.

In place of the word 'urgency' I would use the word 'anticipation'.

The parallel I mentioned above between the time just prior to the Flood and the present is most obvious.

As always, I am convicted by the words of Ecclesiates 1:9.

King James Version:

"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun."

New American Standard Bible

"That which has been is that which will be,
And that which has been done is that which will be done.
So there is nothing new under the sun.

If one has studied and knows the records in the Book of Genesis, then the obvious fact that this generation is the akin to the generation of Methuselah, excepting only that we will not die, but be 'caught up' as Methuselah's father Enoch was 'caught up' - then how can there be any ambiguity or confusion on the subject for true believers? How can they be unaware of these things which Bible teachers have been teaching throughout the present generation?

Put another way, from Adam to the Flood approximately 2000 years passed. And at the time of the Flood there were approximately 7 billion people alive on the earth.

ALL but 8 people (Noah, his wife, Shem, Ham, Japheth and their wives) perished in the Flood.

What does Ecclesiates 1:9 say again?

And did not Jesus prophesy in the Olivet Discourse that were the last days not cut short no life would have been saved? Matthew 24:22

What is the present world population?

About 6.9 billion people.

Great Grany 5 said...

Good points Sean and then I come to the fact that the people in Noah's day weren't too interested in the Creator either. I often wonder what they had heard or recorded about Yahweh from Adam and Eve, on down through the time. To realize that Babylon was the original center for false religions and it was the region that Abram was called out of, seems to point to a complete circle being formed.

Many years ago the expression was often stated as 'God crosses all of the T's, dots all of the I's and closes the circle' prior to the taking away of the church. I fully believe there is great cause to be in Full Anticipation Mode and it has nothing to do with dates that have been suggested by others. There is a Spiritual Presence doing His work while there is yet time and all of us need to know that SUDDENLY will happen when Christ appears in the Clouds.

I am not saying that because I am a great grandmother. It is because in my knower, I can feel Him getting very close to ALL OF US. Young, old and even the unrepentant. Never in all of my life, not even WW2, did I hear so many asking questions and worrying about the Apocalypse that they know is coming. Saved and unsaved, Jew and Gentile. Even the little children who have had some Sunday School in the main stream denominations that no longer preach the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Sean Osborne said...

Full anticipation mode indeed!!

hartdawg said...

hey sean,just one quick thing,i`m in total anticipation...can hardly wait. my use of tthe word "urgency" is simply my feeling about warning some lost people i really care about who unless things change will liekly go to hell.other than that the word is anticipation
God bless!

Expected Imminently said...

Those same thoughts plague me if I let them!

I encourage myself of the fact of a worldwide revival after the Rapture.

It’s awful to think of the killings of new believers, but there are a vast number of all nations who are martyrs clad in their white garments of righteousness. Rev.6:9; 7:9,10.

A dreadful time of killing, but they will be in the first resurrection and escape hell.

Great Grany 5 Your certainty and enthusiasm is exactly what I have needed. My ‘knower’ is also activated. Bless you.

Sue x