Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Psalm 83 "Inner Ring" Solidifies

22 December 2010: This report began as an assessment on current events in the Middle East that I sent out as an Email to several Christian brothers on 13 December. The text of that Email follows.

"Subject: Israel - The Ultimate Joint Islamic Cause

Among the "inner ring" Psalm 83 nations only Egypt's publicly vehement opposition to the Shi'a Islamic regime in Iran appears to be intact. And that might change suddenly with an Islamist al-Ikhwan al-Muslimuun (Muslim Brotherhood) victory (coup d'etat) over the Mubarak regime in Cairo.

Syria, Lebanon, Gaza(Philistia), and certain elements within the West Bank are all benefactors of Iranian "assistance" in the continuing and ever increasing confrontation with Israel. Now Jordan, in the person of its reigning monarch, King Abdullah, made it clear yesterday (12 December) that the Hashemite Kingdom intends to follow the lead of its Sunni Arab brothers in reaching out to Iran. This is a stunning and totally out-of-the-blue reversal of Jordanian foreign policy vis-a-vis the Islamic Republic. Why and why now?

Jordan's king wants improved ties with Iran

Excerpt: "The Jordanian (Royal Court) statement quoted Abdullah as saying it was "imperative to undertake practical steps for improving Jordanian-Iranian relations in the service of both countries, their brotherly people and joint Islamic causes and to consolidate security and stability in the region."


I believe this reversal is based upon the Islamic imperative that confrontation with and destruction of Israel is the ultimate in joint Islamic causes. Consolidated security and stability within Dar al-Islam (land of Submission) cannot occur as long as Israel, a/k/a/ Dar al-Harb (Land of War) exists within the Islamic crescent. Tehran's rapprochement with Amman cannot occur as long as its unilateral peace agreement with Israel remains in force. Thus Jordanian abrogation of the agreement may occur without notice or upon the flimsiest of pretexts. Jordan sees what exists to its north - from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea - an Iranian-led and armed to the teeth coalition is intent on vanquishing Israel in the near term. Jordan, the Hashemite Kingdom, set itself up as the guardian of Islam's holiest shrines - from Mecca to Jerusalem - and over the course of recent history has lost both, the former to the Saudi's and the latter to the Israeli's. I believe this underlies King Abdullah's decision. It is an attempt to restore the Hashemite Kingdom's Islamic legitimacy and honor.

King Abdullah wants to save his kingdom - he's very aware of the near disaster his father faced in 1970 when the "Palestinians" nearly took the kingdom for their own. "Bloody September" is the root cause of the Lebanon we know today, and the Jordan. Abdullah is making sure the Palestinian's have their own state so that they don't want his."

Thus can we clearly see a palpable real-world and real-time solidification of the very appropriate "inner ring" nomenclature coined by Isralestine author Bill Salus. King Abdullah has no other option but to consign Jordan to the confederation of nations which have prophetically uttered in their native Arabic language, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.”

It was in no small way that I was a little more than slightly surprised this morning to see the secular Israeli website DEBKAfile publish an article (Jordan winds down military-intelligence ties with Israel) which reiterated the primary points I'd made in the above assessment. We've "closed the loop" so to speak at the tail end of the year 2010 A.D. and beginning of the Jewish year 5771.

On a related note rgarding Psalm 83, verse 8 (YLT):
"Asshur also has joined with them; They have helped ("zĕrowa`") the children of Lot."
Asshur was and is Iraq.
The first part of the prophetic verse above begins in the present and relative to the discrete time period of 1947-2003 (i.e. Asshur also has) and tranistions to a past tense (they have helped...) in its conclusion. The "Selah" at the end of verse 8 is a musical crescendo, it is an exhaltation!

In the period of 1947 to 2003 the Iraqi military precisley fulfilled the role of Asshur as assigned by Asaph. Precisely, and specifically to a 'T'. In fact, Saddam Hussein's clan/family hailed from that former northern Iraqi/Assyrian territory. Iraqi support and direct involvement with the sons of Lot (Ammon and Moab = Jordan) and the whole Arab League's war of annihilation against Israel is precisely what Asaph was speaking to. British-trained Iraqi generals led the pan-Arabic armies in the wars of 1947-47, 1967 and 1973.

Iraq (Asshur) last struck at Israel in 2001 with Saddam Hussein's Scud missiles, and I remain open to the possibility that the past tense of Psalm 83:8b may yet be future, that Iraq may yet assist in some token manner in the coming final battlefield engagement. For that engagement I make note that both Iraqi officers and enlisted are U.S.-trained and equipped professional soldiers. They very well could provide highly-prized assistance or augmentation to Jordan's U.S.-made and trained armed forces in the final battlefield engagement.

Additional Asshur/Iraqi "zĕrowa`" provided to the "children of Lot":

Iraq provided training, logisitics, sanctuary and finance to the Abu Nidal "Palestinian" terrorist organization;

Iraq provided significant financial aid and assistance to HAMAS;

Iraq hosted the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF) under Abu Abbas in Baghdad (of SS Achille Lauro/Leon Klinghoffer infamy);

Iraq paid the families of "Palestinian" suicide bomber cash rewards of $10,000 for each act of mass-murder of Jews and martyrdom. This amount was raised to $25,000 in 2002. The cash was transited directly via automobile from Baghdad to Amman, Jordan along the 10 Freeway and on to the West Bank paymaster Mahmoud Besharat.

The Iraqi Salman Pak terrorist training center specialized the terrorist arts of aircraft, ship and train hijacking, IED and VBIED production, sabotage and assassination.

My final note on this is to recognize that this is an interpretation which could only be fulfilled in this last 'end times' generation, the generation which has witnessed the budding of the Fig Tree.


Nathan Jones said...

Very insightful, Sean!

It's been awhile since I've thought of Saddam's role in being the major antagonist against Israel. With the Bush coalition neutering Iraq, it looks like the stream of Anti-semitism now flows through Iran instead.

Should be interesting if we've not been raptured to see what Iraq can offer to the Psalm 83 Islamic coalition. Terribly to think we've spent blood, sweat and tears and almost bankrupt the U.S. in doing so to set Iraq up to be able to attack Israel and possibly become a base for the Antichrist. Ouch!

hartdawg said...

yo sean! 1st of all merry christmas. 2nd keep us all posted with unfolding events,should be a very interesting year (2011) prophetically. 3rd,when do you see saudi arabia jumping on board with the psalm 83 confederacy? we know from scripture and bill salus` scholarly work that the ismealites are indeed saudi arabia and they are invovled in psalm 83. what i`m trying to reconcile is this:

hartdawg said...

saudi is sunni and the rest are shiite, saudi is more concerned (or so it seems) about iran than isreal and saudi shows up in gog/magog as sheba and dedan giving a half hearted protest but it would seem if saudi was involved in psalm 83 (and i believe they are) saudi (sheba and dedan) would be isreali territory (or a vassel state as nathan jones wonderfully put it) so at what point does saudi arabia jump on board? (maybe after damascus is destroyed??) forgive my slowness but im still trying to figure that piece out. any further insight? thanx again and have a merry christmas.

SeanOsborne said...


I believe that Antiochus IV Epiphanes was such a "dead ringer" with respect to the coming Antichrist - per the angel who spoke to Daniel - that when this 'son of perdition' actually take control of "Rome" he will then literally operate for some unknown length of time out of a headquarters in Iraq... just as Antiochus and his Seleucid Empire were headquatered in Iraq. That location could well be the most fortified place in Iraq, the U.S.-create Green Zone.

Here's a cool map to illustrate my thoughts on this.


The Isahmaelites are already in - the Arab League (The League of Arab States), and the Arab League IS the Psalm 83 confederacy in the here and now. At no other time in history - until the time of Israel's restablishment and through to the present - were these specific nations allied with one another.

Quoting the link above, these are Bill Salus' "inner ring" nations defined:

"The Arab League...was formed in Cairo on 22 March 1945 with six members: Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan (renamed Jordan after 1946), Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria."

As for Sunni vs. Shi'a, all I can say is that Islam is Islam is Islam, and Islam is a historical equal opportunity killer of muslims and non-muslims alike.

hartdawg said...

"islam is islam is islam" cmon sean thats not very PC, islam is a "religion of peace" dont you know that?:) seriousely tho, as for sunni vs shiite maybe something will happen like a regime change or something or maybe they`ll join the war regardless.

hartdawg said...

regardless...prophecy will be fulfilled regardless. as for AC being headquartered in seems to me his political headquarter will be in rome,economic and military headquarter in iraq (babylon) but will move his headquarter (military) to jerusalem before armegeddon. thats what i get from rev 18. could be mistaken tho.i`m in alaska without my study bible.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Sean

As always fascinating reading.

I was pondering what you said about ‘past tense’, so out of curiosity looked up the Hebrew. ‘Zerowa’ translated as ‘they have helped’ means ‘arm (symbol of strength), forces (political and militarily)’.

I just wondered if this could be read as ‘armed’ (Assyria/Ashur has given ‘armaments’ to the children of Lot?) Would that fit past tense as Sadaam did ship out Iraqi weapons to the Bekka sp? Valley and Damascus (at least).


Expected Imminently said...

Have you heard of the huge shipment of nuclear waste that crossed Europe to Siberia to prevent terrorists getting their hands on it? They even gave a demonstration of wrapping the waste with explosives for an easy dirty bomb. I just thought ‘Hm, right up Gog’s street, very handy’!

BBC report was Thursday 23rd December.
“shipment of nuclear fuel has arrived in Russia after a top-secret international operation to remove it from Serbia, where it was feared terrorists could seize it to make a nuclear or dirty bomb”.


hartdawg said...

anyway....merry CHRISTmas!!

SeanOsborne said...


Yes, you're correct about that aspect of the meaning of the Hebrew word "zĕrowa`.

From Strong's Lexicon H2220 webpage:

1) arm, forearm, shoulder, strength

a) arm

b) arm (as symbol of strength)

c) forces (political and military)

d) shoulder (of animal sacrificed)

These attributes of the literal meaning of Asshur's zĕrowa` to the children of Lot were manifested by the government of Iraq during every "inner ring" military confrontation with the State of Israel between 1947 and 2003.

Judgment against Asshur/Iraq came in the form of the American, British, Australian, and the many coalition military forces who destroyed the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein in the "shock and awe" of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003. I am very pleased to have been a "boot on the ground" with CLFCC/CJTF-7 during that operation.

SeanOsborne said...


I think you misunderstood what i wrote above. I was not saying that the AC would be headquarted in Iraq.

What I was saying was that "he will then literally operate for some unknown length of time out of a headquarters in Iraq," meaning that as any military commander his forward combat operations base will be located in the land he is currently passing through. In this case - Iraq. And just as his forerunner Antiochus IV Epiphanes did against the Macedonian Ptolemy of Egypt, the other Macedonian Diadoci, and additional foreign enemies he went into battle against, he will also go to battle against various enemies from that forward HQ.(see Daniel 11:36-45).

Antichrist starts in Rome, takes three, and then passes through many others. Eventually, per Daniel 11:45a, "And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain," which specifies the 3rd Temple on Mount Moriah as his ultimate Higher Headquarters (HHQ). This is confirmed by Matthew 24:15, 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and Revelation 11:1-2.

hartdawg said...

you`re right...i misunderstood. thanks for the clarification. have a merry CHRISTmas.