Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vigilance for the Holidays and Beyond

The above embedded video is proof of precisely why "We The People" must always maintain a high state of vigilance with such incompetant, out-of-touch, unelected leaders in charge of our national security.

22 December 2010: Once again the Christmas and New Year holiday season is upon us. Unlike last year when Al Qaeda attempted, and thankfully failed, to blow an American airliner out of the sky on Christmas day, this year Al Qaeda in Iraq have a standing terrorist operations order to carry out attacks against Christian churches across the globe: “All Christian centers, organizations and institutions, leaders and followers are legitimate targets for the mujahedeen wherever they can reach them.” This includes the United States and Canada.

Recent AQAP terrorist plots discovered in the UK that are linked to Anwar al-AWLAKI are reported to have targets that include landmarks, public areas, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and, last but not by any means least, our food supply. The ages of the terrorists primed to carry out these attacks are said to range from their late teens to early twenties.

The persistence of reports citing planned Mumbai-style terrorist attacks remains a primary concern for Europe and well as North America. Most recently, alerts were issued for a type of terrorist the Northeast Intelligence Network has long cited as being highly prized Al Qaeda recruits, the so-called “lily white” terrorists. This group of “white jihadists” is known to exist since two of them were recently killed while in training for their assignments by just one of the nearly one hundred C.I.A. Predator drone attacks in the northwestern Pakistani region of Waziristan this year. The two who were killed were among many “white jihadists” known to have been in training there.

So, the war goes on. Life goes on. And we each in our own way, where ever we live, work, travel and enjoy recreation and good times with family and friends in this holiday season and beyond need to be fearlessly vigilant to the Islamic enemy coming at us from any and every direction. As always, you see something, you say something. And have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Nathan Jones said...

If only our current administration wasn't so busy targeting the non-Islamic citizens of America who they believe are the real threat and call a spade a spade when it comes to terror - Islam.

SeanOsborne said...


You're precisely correct. The current administration see ourselves as the clearer and more present danger to themselves than Islamic jihadists.

They can't help it either because that's the way their imperfect socialist minds have been calibrated to think.

Drew said...

The incompetence is overwhelming!

Do these people not keep up with what is happining outside of the beltway?

Or is it they just don't care?

Guys, I think you are correct. I remember when Bill Clinton was pres, and he had a thing about creating bad guys out of malitia's, and other armed citizens. This is a continuation of that kind of policy I think. Only now it is people who believe differently than he or his communist party do, whether the citizen is armed or not! That must be a REALLY long enemies list!

Oh well, I guess I will see you all in the camps!!!!!!!!!