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The TEN (seen in red)

"Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom (hereinafter called "the Ten")..."

14 August 2011: As detailed on 5 August 2011 by Hal Lindsey in his MUST SEE 28:30 long video, the above quote is taken directly from a .pdf found on the Western European Union website. "WEO Council Decision at 10" is found on page 2, item number three under the heading "AGREED THE FOLLOWING."

Once again, nothing in English (or French for that matter) makes utterly false the non-Spirit inspired claims of the so-called Eastern Leg-Islamic Antichrist (EL-IA) proponents (i.e. Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson among others) more than this .pdf document because it absolutely confirms the Word of God from the prophet Daniel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ, both of which we know are ultimately from Almighty God Himself.

Once Again, Thank You Hal Lindsey!


Great Grany 5 said...

when all of the talk, and books to be sold, started the Other Leg theory, a lot of Christians got caught up in it. Some because it was a 'new theory' and they are always in the market for a new theory. Then others got caught up in the whole mess because they couldn't or wouldn't believe that Rome would be the real Rome where the Vatican sits.
Because the debate started raging and bringing brother against brother, teacher against teacher a lot of us tucked our heads and prayed that real revelation would come from the author and finisher of our faith.
He has only begun to shine light on these false prophets and so called believers. Now the proof is just beginning to trickle in for the whole world to see in a glass clearly. I wouldn't want to be in the false teachers boots for one minute and yet I still feel the call to pray for all of them.
The same as with our president. I don't support him and his agenda in the least and have been very open about it from the beginning. Just as I was really ready to mount my Heavenly Horse and do battle with the present administration, I heard a very clear call that struck me at my knees. That call was to be in constant intercession for everyone of our leaders but especially Boo Hoo (President).
I have had to swallow my pride, bend both my knees, will and heart to obey the Holy Spirit's instructions but it isn't something that I want to especially do.
Now I feel that the intercession for all of the body has begun full force and my,my, the volume of truly born again believers that are sharing that call is overwhelming.
Pure and simple, it is the objective desire of Satan to pervert the gospel, destroy the Body of Christ and prevent God's Son from Shouting COME UP HERE, and ultimately, cause God's word to lie.
Can't these men see that? Can't they see that the person they are really assisting in all of this confusion is Satan himself?
Perverting the word of God is very dangerous ground to be on and the judgment for those people is very severe.
Thanks for keeping us up to date on all of these matters. I appreciate your labors.

SeanOsborne said...

Great Grany 5,

I tend to believe certain people flock to the Islamic Antichrist proponents because they preach nothing with respect to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the necessity of accepting the sacrifice of the Blood of the Lamb of God. These men constantly preach the newspaper eisegesis regarding the imminence of an Islamic Antichrist and world empire, but offer not one word about the necessity of becoming born again in Jesus Christ prior to the revealing of the man of sin, the son of perdition.

Following the teaching of such men requires NOTHING of their followers but a spiritually blind or intentionally ignorant belief in the power of Satanically created Islam. They have no need of the gift of the Holy Spirit to interpret prophecy, which is the Holy Spirit leading one into The Word for other passages which confirm the prophetic word being interpreted by the Spirit. The Bible interprets the Bible, not men like Shoebat and Richardson, among others. A very few people have made note of the fact that most of their teaching comes from extra-biblical sources, some of which, such as the so-called "al-Mahdi," are directly from the mind of Satan himself, i.e. the Qur'an and the Ahadith of Islam.

It is therefore a form of apostasy from the teaching of our Lord, no? Yes, it is, and herein we have all three aspects of Paul's teaching from 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

None of this has anything to do with glorifying God, His Son or the Holy Spirit; rather it is as you note about idle talk, selling books and making a monetary profit for the authors of such rubbish.

When dealing with such apostasy we need only turn to the Book of Jude for our guidance. Jude is the source of my own understanding of what they are all about and my never ending contending for the faith against such false teachers and their teachings.

Great Grany 5 said...

Amen, brother! You are a real blessing Sean and for the times in which we are living and waiting.

We all have to guard our hearts, just as scripture warns us to do. If only these pretenders ever actually came into the real understanding of the power that is invested in the Blood of Jesus Christ, they would all fall on their faces without delay and no mental reasoning whatsoever.

Keep up the great work and most important,


rg said...


Not sure why you've responded that way.

Maybe you misunderstood what I said. I asked if you'd read Joel Richardson's commentary. He was attacking Hal by suggesting he wasn't doing his own primary research. I happen to know that that isn't the case and that Jack Kinsella is a fine researcher anyhow.

SeanOsborne said...

rg wrote,

Sean, have you seen Joel Richardson's comments on Hal?

Regarding Hal not doing his primary research (according to Joel) - Jack Kinsella does a fair portion of it but Hal still has his finger on the pulse. In fact that's been the case for years.

A case of sour grapes?


SeanOsborne said...


I had a pair of anonymous comments arrive at the same time, I inadvertently mixed yours with the other. I've posted your original comment and round filed the other anonymous accusation. I apologize for the mix up.

SeanOsborne said...


Yes, I did read Joel's tripe of a blog entry.

For those who are unaware, or even care what Joel thinks, Google search this:

"Hal Lindsey falsely announces the fulfillment of Daniel 2"

You ask if that blog item is sour grapes. No, it's much more than that. Much, much more. It is precisely the kind of tripe I expect to come from Joel's keyboard. It is precisely the kind of tripe I routinely receive (and routinely delete) from Joel's and Walid's followers.

Although Joel denies it, this entry on his blog most certainly is an ad hominem personal attack upon Hal Lindsey and his interpretation of Scripture. It is ad hominem because Joel appeals to his readers preexisting prejudices rather than their intellect. That is just an undeniable fact. Period.

What is truly nothing more than a "hyped-up, serious error, dangerous, irresponsible, highly misleading and completely false" teaching is the Islamic Antichrist and Eastern Leg nonsense being taught by Joel Richardson and those of his ilk. Such people are Spiritually blind, deaf and hard of heart to the inerrant truth of the Lord's prophetic Word. We must continually pray for them.

Other than that, the literal near-term fulfillment of Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, Joshua 13:1-7 and several other prophecies will prove their teaching to be both grossly erroneous and obviously moot. They will stand in full view of the rest of us looking not so much different than Harold Camping the day after his false teaching was exposed, and their followers will suffer the consequences of the shipwreck that the Islamic Antichrist-Eastern Leg holds in store for them.

And we will be there to pick them up and dust them off and get them walking again. Amen.

Great Grany 5 said...

There is already a reckoning day in progress for some of the Joel's Juice drinkers. One man that was doing a great job keeping the real news before us, got caught up with the JR/WS gang and now is losing the greatest percentage of his supporters, all manner of expensive monkey wrenches being thrown at his ministry left and right, and in general pretty hard pressed.
Do I dare suggest that it could be the Lord redirecting the Believers away from him? No, I will pray that the wonderful source of Real help will convict him of the path he is now following and if he asks, then I will speak the truth but in love.
Right now he isn't willing to listen.
What is that saying about weaving a web to deceive? I pray that Joel will read the warnings that have been posted and humble his pride to God. Otherwise, he is in big do do.

Gramma from Canada said...

Yes, once again...Thank you Hal Lindsey! and would Joel 'please' be quiet!!!
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I have listened to the Hal Lindsey tape and read this article. I am studying the ten kings currently so this article is interesting to me.

Has anyone considered that these ten kings are really demons or hybrids (humans mingled with demons). See Daniel 2:43 where the "they mingled" sentence is followed by the ten kings reference.

I believe there will be some European/Rome involvement but I no longer believe these kings are mere humans. European royalty greatly emphasizes the "royal" nature of their bloodlines and I believe many of these families are deeply involved w/ Satan worship. Perhaps they are in a perfect situation for being bred w/ demons.

In short, the ten nations of Europe is interesting but, I believe, these kings to come have been around a long time, waiting to receive their power.


SeanOsborne said...


You are absolutely correct!

There most certainly is a demonic/fallen angelic aspect in Daniel 2:43! There are now and always have been God-serving and fallen angelic influences upon all nations and their kings or leaders.

The Word of God declares it.

Daniel 2:43 is confirmed by Daniel 10:12-13, Daniel 10:20 and Daniel 11:1.

These verses identify both the Persian and Greek kingdoms as having a fallen angelic 'prince' exercising direct influence in the earthly affairs of those kingdoms.

Indeed, the prince of Persia withstood Gabriel for 21 days until the Archangel Michael (the prince of Israel!) arrived to intervene on Gabriel's behalf, allowing Gabriel to arrive before Daniel to pass on the information, and then Gabriel returned to the prince of Persia to continue the fight between them.

And then, in the same conversation what does Gabriel announce regarding his role in Daniel 11:1?

"“Also in the first year of Darius the Mede, I, even I, stood up to confirm and strengthen him."

SeanOsborne said...

Oh, and while we're on this aspect of the subject... in the cited verses above Gabriel provides a keen, if not crucial, spiritual insight as to who and what Gog of Ezekiel 38/39 is.

Great Grany 5 said...

The power of the Air and that is what the Prince over Persia was. Right?

A long time ago, when my favorite uncle was serving in WW2, he happened to be one of the American forces that were dropped into Belgium. When he came home he told of times when they would actually notice that on one side of a village it seemed very oppressive while moving to the exact opposite side of the street would remove the death like feel.
He had in this group a couple of very strong Christians and they would pray for that darkness to leave because it was really affecting the moral of the men. They met one of the Belgium Resistance fighters and he told them to bind the powers of darkness before they entered those area and loosen the provisions of Jehovah Jirrah.

Funny that you came up with Daniel's passage because it was what my response was going to be to Jack Kelley. Then I chickened out and didn't send it.

The sooner all of us get it in our mind and understanding that we are in a real spiritual war, the sooner we can begin to walk in the fullness of God's perfect will.

Sean, you are Military trained. Would you let an enemy back into action that you had already defeated and put to shame? I am just a woman, what do I know? But you can bet your bottom dollar, there is no way on earth that I would allow the defeated foe to regroup, rearm and come after me again. No Way!

But I still have trouble believing that Ez. 38 and 39 will happen before the Rapture. One very important reason! The Holy Spirit is the one holding back Satan, the Antichrist and all of the fury of their warfare. We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. How can the Prince of Russia dare to attack when that prayer shield is in place? But in order for Ez. 38 and 39 to take place, Israel has to be WITHOUT FRIENDS that will help her. That would include Spiritual Help coming from the Prayer Warriors, Believers all over the world.

Just something I am still struggling with.

rg said...

Thanks for the clarification, Sean.

IMO, Joel Richardson has done a hatchet job on Hal in an effort to keep the focus on himself. On the one hand he insists he isn't attacking him yet he goes out of his way to point to Hal's alleged faults.

I normally don't like getting involved in this sort of stuff but it annoyed me.


SeanOsborne said...

Great Grany 5,

The prince of Persia was a fallen angelic being, one of those that Satan led in rebellion against God before time as we know it existed.

These fallen, demonic beings influence entire nations and the individuals leading those nations, kings and princes as the Bible refers to them. Their task is Satan's task, to wreck or other wise preempt the will of God the Father. When 2 Thessalonians 2 comes to fulfillment and the Restrainer has been removed, they will pretty much have their way, particularly in the final 42 months of Daniel's 70th Week.

In our day prior to the Harpazo their objective is no different; they are restrained; they know time is short and getting ever shorter as Daniel's 70th Week is fast approaching.

Ezekiel 38/39 does not occur during Daniel's 70th Week. Most eschatologists accept that it will occur immediately prior to the unveiling of the Antichrist and his confirming of a "covenant among many."

Gog is not the Antichrist, the distinctions between the two are legion within the prophetic Word. And with respect to the Harpazo, I also believe it occurs in this same general time period due to a concluding verse found in Ezekiel 39:29.

For example, a primary indication that Daniel's 70th Week has not begun and the Antichrist is not present at this time is because the Jews will be gainfully employed locating, marking and burying the massive armies of Magog and allies in what is today western Jordan. These Jews will go about this task without fear of the Antichrist.

What is it that at least 144,000 Jews will be doing during Daniel's 70th Week when the Antichrist is present? That's right, they will be busy evangelizing the whole world and not burying the bones of Magog's army.

Finally, there is no mention in Ezekiel 38/39 of the Two Witnesses.

Great Grany 5 said...

thanks for the clarification. For some reason not yet known, our Full Gospel Church never delved into prophecy of any kind and explaining the fallen angels was just not done. What I have learned has been gradual and at times, confusing.

With all of the voices out there in the wilderness of the world, so many other false teachers have had their hand in creating the clouded passages. Much like the current situation we have just discussed.

The passages of Ezekiel have been some of my favorites for a long time, along with Jeremiah, Isaiah and ole Zeph. In fact, right after I was saved I was blessed with a teacher that had taught Isaiah at one of the colleges in Illinois. So, getting on your blog has been a real blessing.

The Holy Spirit seems to be really leading me into the deeper study of scriptures past the rapture. I just haven't been very interested in much past the Harpazo but I am gradually getting into the water. Just to my feet getting wet so far.


John Chingford said...

Hi Sean

How are you doing?

Recently I wrote an article covering some of the things mentioned in this debate. Maybe you and your readers would like to weigh up what I wrote?

You can find it on:

God bless