Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Regional MidEast War Appears Imminent

09 October 2012 (also UPDATED): It now seems obvious that due to the deteriorating military situation in Syria the Iranian mullahs, string-pullers for the puppet government of Bashar al-Assad, have decided to engage Israel in war through their HAMAS proxy in the Gaza Strip. This grossly ill-advised military action may have consequences far beyond anything the Ayatollah or his equally apocalyptic sock puppet have envisioned and without the mythical al-Mahdi to come riding to their eschatological rescue.

A cross-border artillery war between NATO ally Turkey and Syria is nearly a week old and a seventh day of rest looking highly unlikely and having the potential to lead to a ground war in northern Syria, the Iranians and their forward-deployed allies of Hezbollah this week upped the ante and launched a drone aircraft on a photographic reconnaissance mission over the Negev whose apparent strategic target was the nuclear facility at Dimona.  The Israeli Air Force tracked the drone for the better part of a half-hour before directing F-16 fighters to shoot it down in the area of the Yatir Forest on the southern slopes of Mount. Hebron.

The failure of the Iranian reconnaissance mission resulted in orders to HAMAS and Islamic Jihad in Gaza to launch a massive rocket barrage into Israel in the midst of the Simchat Torah holiday (7-9 October 2012). Israel's response according to multiple Israeli news reports is that a large scale invasion of Gaza by the IDF is imminent. The Iranian drone utilized for this mission was the recently unveiled Shahed-129, itself a close copy of the Israeli-made Elbit Hermes-450 UAV. The speed with which Iran transferred the Shahed-129 into an operational role out of Lebanon is remarkable. It's only a matter of time before another new and more lethal Iranian drone targets Israel. That vehicle is the Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) known as the Karrar ("Striker") which is powered by a subsonic turbojet engine. This vehicle bears an uncanny resemblance to the Nazi V-1 "buzz bomb" of WWII. The resemblance does not end there as its mission appears to be identical. A fully armed Karrar UCAV launched from a point north of the Litani River in Lebanon has the speed and range to strike Dimona approximately 45 minutes later. Israel will have no choice but to destroy the Karrar UCAV in mid-flight over populated areas.

The failed Iranian reconnaissance of Dimona also appears, via breaking news this morning, to have been an element in fast-tracking a joint US-Israeli series of strategic strikes on Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities. While these strikes might last from just hours to a couple of days, there is no media mention at this point of the inevitable retaliation which could certainly range from Iranian missile strikes against US bases throughout the region to Syrian or Hezbollah missiles and their WMD warheads falling on Israel. The new deployment in the past day or so of Patriot PAC-3 air defense batteries in northern Israel are not intended to shoot down little UAVs coming out of Lebanon. These systems are to defend Israel against missiles from Hezbollah and/or Syria.

UPDATE 10 October 2012: What remains uncertain at this point is whether a US-Israeli precision joint strike on an Iranian nuclear target is related to the Obama re-election campaign or an effort to buy-off a unilateral Israeli strike prior to November 6th.  Nevertheless, Israeli media continue to report on the possibility of a US-led "surgical strike" prior to November 6th citing sources close to the Pentagon and the White House. Two such articles appear in YnetNews.com today here and here.  The assessment regarding the second window of low observability for a unilateral Israeli strike put forward here in late August remains plausible. If the US leads the strike any day between October 15th and 30th would also be plausible. In fact, a long-postponed "exercise" named "Austere Challenge" (AC12) will commence on October 21st with large numbers of US troops arriving in Israel beginning this Sunday, October 14th.

UPDATE 17 October 2012: An accurate count of the number of terrorist rockets and missiles being fired into southern Israel from Gaza in just the past week is difficult to know, but a good estimate would be between 75 and 100. At least seven were fired in a barrage aimed at Sderot in the past 12 hours. IDF soldiers returned fire with reports from inside Gaza revealing that their fire was accurate. The IAF was also in action with attack helicopters targeting missile launch sites in northern Gaza.

Multiple reports indicate that American  air power is prepping a strike for somewhere in the Middle East; the exact point of attack is unknown but could occur anywhere from Libya to Iran.

In Syria, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has captured (and killed) members of Hezbollah from the region of Baalbek. According the Lebanese media the FSA has issued an ultimatum that they will expand the war into Hezbollah strong holds in Lebanon, including southern Beirut, unless Hezbollah's forces immediately withdraw from Syrian territory. The FSA ultimatum to Hezbollah includes a direct threat of assassination to Hassan Nasrallah.

UPDATE 22 October 2012: The assassination of Lebanese Brigadier General Wissam al-Hasan, a Sunni intelligence and security chief, by the apocalyptic Shi'a of Hezbollah on Friday, 19 October further pushes Lebanon to the precipice of renewed civil war that has been raging in Syria for months. A Sunni retaliation, possibly against Hassan Nasrallah (as noted above) or one of his key lieutenants is a virtual certainty.

That this assassination occurred just as a large US-Israeli exercise was beginning was probably no accident. At the minimum it provides the exercise with a real-time, real-world vignette to include among the nodes of the exercise's preplanned aspects, along with the active low-intensity conflict occurring in southern Israel, Gaza and along the Sinai frontier with Egypt. At the maximum current events are a boon to Israeli war planners on what the tactical map of a multi-front war will look like and how Israel can shape that map to its strategic benefit.

UPDATE 23 October 2012: Two weeks after the first OSINT mention of  "a joint US-Israeli series of strategic strikes on Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities" mentioned in the fourth paragraph above, it is still the hot scuttlebutt among US military forces in the Middle East and elsewhere. Something, no one is really sure what, is in progress towards an execute order. This observation is based upon various service members in the region, and who are not necessarily involved in the executable, are seeing indications and warnings (I&W) of its existence.

UPDATE 25 October 2012: As the update directly above was being posted to Eschatology Today the Yarmouk weapons factory just south of Khartoum, Sudan (see Eschatology Today reference: Kuwsh) was in flames and spewing exploding live ordnance over a nearby residential area. The weapons factory had just been struck, most probably by stealthy Israeli F-16I Sufa aircraft. Eyewitnesses to the attack have perfectly described F-16I strike aircraft in a ground attack role as they were maneuvering in the sky overhead; I recognized these descriptions because I am an eyewitness to similar F-16 maneuverings just about every weekend in the sky over the Warren Grove ground attack test range in the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. What is important about this is that it proves that Israel is more than capable of striking any similar factory or bunker complex located in Iran, sites like like Fordow, Esfahan, Arak, Natanz. How can I be so sure of this? Simply because the distance in air miles between Tel Aviv and Khartoum is 1,148 miles and the distance between Tel Aviv and Tehran is 987 miles. All of the probable target sites in Iran are closer to Israel than 987 miles. Intellectually honest military planners have probably taken notice of this now established fact as well.

UPDATE 04 November 2012: Do not overlook the fact that this long-range strategic strike by Israel into  Sudan (Kuwsh) occurred with thousands of American troops deployed in the Holy Land in preparation for the official start of "Austere Challenge 2012," or "AC12," the largest joint exercise ever between the two nations. The original start date and the deployment of American troops into Israel was postponed indefinitely from last spring due to the fever pitch of rhetoric coming from the Netanyahu government regarding a unilateral Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities and the Obama Administration's opposition against a strike at that time along with official statements that the U.S. would not support Israel if it initiated a war with Iran over its nuclear weapons program.

Exercise "AC12" is classified 'TOP SECRET' and only the slimmest margin of details on the type of scenario being exercised will be made public. However, I personally have no doubt that the scenario being exercised regards the defense of Israel and American bases in the kind of regional Middle Eastern war that this nearly month-long blog topic is about. Make a special note of this: the American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (C-JCS), General Martin Dempsey, arrived in Tel Aviv this morning along with the top American general for the European Command, Admiral James Stavridis, to officially launch this top secret, $38 million dollar exercise just 48 hours before presidential election day in these United States. The presence of an American C-JCS at any exercise is extremely unusual. The message to Iran found in the Yarmouk strike in Sudan and the launch of the AC12 exercise is unmistakable as are the blatant political calculations of Barack Hussein Obama (see the update above for October 10). Concurrently with the start of AC12 the Islamic Republic of Iran announced this morning that it has suspended its uranium enrichment program at the 20% level, just a short step from achieving nuclear weapons grade enrichment. Coincidence? I think not.

UPDATE 11 November 2012: The full-scale, no-holds barred IDF engagement I've been forecasting for almost a full month against the terrorists in Gaza is getting harder for Bibi Netanyahu to not execute as the order of the day. The longer he waits the more Israel voters in this region will turn against him. Netanyahu's credibility is on the line with a promised "escalation" of his own against the terrorists. Israeli's don't want an   escalation of violence, they want a thoroughly vanquished enemy and they want it now.

This morning Gaza terrorists escalated their attacks with barrages of Katyusha rockets and 120mm mortars against civilian targets. These are likely the heaviest weapons in the enemy arsenal and may well be the continuing response coming out of Gaza for the destruction for the Yarmouk weapons factory in the Sudan. The good news is that no more supplies of these weapons will be forthcoming from the Sudan.

The question we are all waiting for an answer to is whether Bibi Netanyahu's bite is more than his bark; whether he will cease being the Jewish politician in order to become the Israeli Commander-In-Chief.

UPDATE 14 November 2012: Today we see the answer to the question posed above just three days previously with the full-scale execution of the IDF's Operation Amud Anan (English: Operation Pillar of Cloud) against the terrorists in control of Gaza. The stated objective of the Israeli Defense Forces operation against Gaza terrorist organizations is to completely cripple them. Israeli special forces are already inside Gaza's borders and IDF armored and infantry units are poised to invade. The full statement by IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich was as follows:

“The foremost goal of this operation is to protect Israeli civilians, who have been living under fire for past 11 years. Only this year, the citizens of southern Israel have suffered over 760 rocket attacks. The second goal is to cripple the terrorists’ capabilities. As you heard, our first target was a vehicle in central part of Gaza. Inside the vehicle was Ahmed Jabari, born in 1960, the head of the Hamas military wing who was involved in numerous terror attacks on Israelis, as well as Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping. This is a man who has a lot of Israeli blood on his hands. 
The second phase of the operation was an aerial attack which targeted 20 different targets, all underground, which served as launching pads for various kinds of rockets. Among these rockets were Fajr-5 rockets, Iranian-made weapons which can reach a lot further than the ordinary Grad missile. This was the second phase. 
IDF General Staff is currently assessing the progress of the operation and according to its findings, will decide how to continue. All options are on the table, including a ground operation.”
We shall see what transpires tomorrow, 15 November 2012, 1 Kislev 5773.

The potential for a rapidly escalating regional war throughout the Middle East continues to evolve and intensify more than has ever been seen in this region in history. The prophetic implications are simply staggering to contemplate. Expect a plethora of updates to continue.


hartdawg said...

I appreciate how you don't give in to sensationalism. When a lot of prophecy sites go on about how war is eminent i barely raise an eyebrow. we need mors scholars who will sound the alarm while having all the facts before saying "this is it". Keep us posted

Scipio said...

Wow, Sean, this may be the start of blasting the Inner Ring. THX for this and presumably, many more updates. This will be a terrific witness for the accuracy of prophecy and hopefully, the lifting up of a decent leader for us. Unless a dirty bomb hits us and Marshall Law is enforced. We'll see.

Sean Osborne said...


And I greatly appreciate that you recognize that I take a very dim view of sensationalism. I abhor that type of thing as a ridiculous endeavor.

The Eschatology Today blog also does not have even a single advertisement or request so much as a red cent from its readers, nor will it ever.

Given that the key conflicts and potential conflicts (wars and rumors of wars) kicked into a higher gear over this past weekend I thought an informative advisory was warranted.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as "Martial Law".
It is martial law buy defination.
martial law is not the suspension of any civil right in BOR period.

We pray the government doesn't use NDAA.


Sean Osborne said...

I gave Scipio a pass with his misspelling of "Marshall Law," yet Kenny is correct and here is his html activated link:

Constitutional Topic: Martial Law

"Martial law is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, but the suspension of habeas corpus is mentioned in Article 1, Section 9, and the activation of the militia in time of rebellion or invasion is mentioned in Article 1, Section 8."

To this I would add "martial law" is government by military rule of law. The Catch-22 for this is that our federal military forces are all volunteers who swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. The same is true for the National Guard of each sovereign State in the Union, unless the Governor declares a "State of Emergency."

A problem may exist with the NDAA for FY 2012 in Section 1031 which by all appearances repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 with respect to federal military forces executing law enforcement tasking on US soil.

Great Grany 5 said...

with the history of this current Federal Government Administration, I don't think the Constitution of the United States of America is going to be adhered to. I only pray that God enter this time of great deception to come to our aid. Is this, indeed, the
'False Flag' event that is being so loosely tossed about on the various web sites?

I am not fearful because God has not given me a "spirit of fear" and only for that very reason. I have lived to witness many outrageous attempts to over throw our government and take over the USA but this time slot seems at first glance to be the worst. I am not fearful but my knees are pretty sore right now from knocking together.

Sean Osborne said...


With only 26 days between today and election day there's not much Obama or his minions could do thwart the U.S. Constitution. I double-dog dare them to try.

I also do not think there will be any such thing as a "False Flag" event between now an election day either. Those White House buffoons haven't the intellect to pull something like that off at this hour. And there is no way Obama or his minions are orchestrating all of the various nations and individuals, sects, or power blocs involved in this present scenario. Such nonsense is the mantra of clueless but wild-eyed conspiracy kooks on early morning AM radio. I have no time to listen to them or anyone who does.

God the Father is in complete control of all things; He is that omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. His will is being done in these last days resonating with the birth pangs that are heralding the coming of His Son and Our Savior's Millennial Kingdom on this earth.

Great Grany 5 said...

Thank you for reinstating some hope and positive trust. Neither do I listen to the conspiracy kooks (I like that description)but my dear hubby has some friends that just have to drop by for a cup of coffee 3 or 4 times a week and that is all they can talk about.

What is so sad is the fact that all that is doing is robbing them and me of the Joy of the Lord. Can't let them do that anymore so tomorrow (every Thursday)my foot is going to be placed down firmly, soundly and if that doesn't do it, I know somewhere else my foot can be placed firmly, soundly. You get the picture, I am sure.

But where do these things come from? I know that the Illustrust One in DC is pathetic but why give him more than a passing thought!

I have read your latest post and then found that some of our military personnel are in Jordan. Doesn't make sense but then I am not military. Aren't you glad!


Sean Osborne said...


Some time ago I came to the realization that conspiracy theorists ratchet-jaw their theories back'n'forth with each other because none of them really knows anything concrete about what is really going on in this world. So they make conspiracy garbage up in order to wrap their minds with some things that seem to make some sense to them and provide a comfort zone of sorts.

Not knowing anything is like standing in a pitch black room and having no sense of where the ceiling or walls are, or if the next step in any direction sends one falling into an even darker abyss.

But those things have no basis in reality. They are self-made illusions or delusions.

In Christ and His Word we have a brilliant light; we know the end and how we'll get there through His prophetic Word. We don;t have to make stuff up to explain the world situation, we already know tomorrows headlines.

For example, we know that one of these mornings we will wake up to the news that Damascus is a smoking hole in the ground. We know this with the same surety that the sun will rise tomorrow morning, even if its a cloudy day.

On another item you mention, we're in Jordan because smart military commanders shape the battlefield before the battle begins. That way the battle can be fought on our terms.

Scipio said...

THX so much for your in-depth study of the Word. Your military background helps immensely too. Hopefully we can skirt the rules of engagement in the ME (fat chance) but I take it the Israelis will do 90% of the work.
Forgive the sp error; I guess I was 'partial' to martial. And I read the WSJ too...

Sean Osborne said...

Thanks hartdawg, and you are spot-on about why I think it to be a waste of time and a fruitless endeavor to list a bunch of websites.

The question itself was transparently disingenuous -- anyone but the completely ignorant knows overt sensationalism when they see it. I merely stated the obvious to Mr. Anonymous.

hartdawg said...

I'd like to ask a very direct question, its been somewhat discussed but if possible...if possible i'd like to know exactly how closely tied is the looming war in the mid east to the coming election? more and more people are thinking an Israeli strike or iran strike will be held off til just before or just after November elections but I'm starting to doubt there will be any such connection at all and am of the mindset war will break out when it breaks out regardless of the US or anyones timetables. what do you think?

Sean Osborne said...


War in the Middle East is ongoing, and the border between Turkey and Syria and from the whole of Syria, through Lebanon, to Gaza, in the Sinai, and Egypt's new government calling for jihad to liberate Jerusalem (which pretty much covers the "inner ring" around Israel), and with a US troops now deployed in Jordan along the Syrian frontier (the exact same region as mentioned in Isaiah 17:2) and tens of thousands of US troops arriving in Israel and off shore next week, and further to the west in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa the war continues unabated.

So how closely tied to the election is all of this?
My answer is that this election will determine whether victory or defeat hangs in the balance.

The prophetic wars also hang in the balance of the outcome of what is occurring right now from the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf, the Straits of Hormuz, south through the Arabian Sea down to the Gulf of Aden, up through the Red Sea and gulf of Aqaba and through the Suez back to the eastern Mediterranean. Every one of these bodies of water is either in an active war zone or soon will be.

A top notch American Commander-In-Chief is ESSENTIAL at this point in history.

Anonymous said...

Still praying for God's protection and direction in today's moed. After reading in Isaiah 17 and digging a lil deeper along the way, I can't explain the Peace that suddenly came over me. Why should I worry when I KNOW that our Abba Father has his Mighty hand over us all. Just cannot describe the strength of my new found Peace but I can tell you that I know from whence it came.

Shalom, GG5

Sean Osborne said...


Amen sister! He's got it all under control. He knew all of these things and the things that will yet occur would occur even before any of this was created.


Great Grany 5 said...

You got it brother. No not one and instead of fussing about the change that comes with people, I love that OUR Abba Father never changes and isn't bullied or nagged. I just have to get back to my study but wanted you to know that I feel the special Clouds gathering, real strong!


mark3210 said...

Thanks for the continued updates, Sean.

It's rather nerve-racking to see these events unfold in the final days of our election cycle.

Rapture Forums said...

Very interesting analysis Sean, especially about the recent strikes in Sudan. I didn't realize that the miles between the target struck in Sudan was longer than those that could be struck in Iran. Thanks for pointing that out.

God bless.

Sean Osborne said...

It's thinkin' cap time folks:

Israel has missiles in its arsenal, and combat drones too, that could have executed the same mission against this non-existential threat target in Khartoum, Sudan (Kuwsh).

So why use pilots and risk their lives to execute this stealthy long-range mission???

Unknown said...

Israel has mid-air refueling capability, so range is not a problem. Stealth certainly is though.

For the attack on Sudan, Israel (if they were responsible :) would have used the commercial flight paths that follow the Red Sea, thus disguising their approach.

It isn't possible for them to approach Iran in a similar way. They would have to fly over the territory of neighbours who are likely to warn the Iranians of their approach and/or attack them on their way to and from the target.

If Jeremiah 49:34-39 is a prophecy of what appears to be about to happen, I don't see Israel as necessarily involved with those four winds. They may be too busy completing Psalm 83.

mark3210 said...

Debka has reported Hamas has fired rockets at Dimona.
Israel is going to finally have to launch a full blown war against Gaza now, right?

Sean Osborne said...

Phil Mayo wrote:

"Stealth certainly is though.

Stealth is a problem for the IAF? Really?

No, not really. In fact, not at all. This is a false supposition.

Israel is more than capable of turning off all enemy electronics (i.e. early warning communications and electromagnetic radiation emitters) in the area of the target of their choice. The broadband effectiveness of their system even turns off commercial television transmitters (unintentionally, of course).

Israel has more than proven this capability in Syria (September 2007) and now in the Sudan. It's a shame you are in denial of this state-of-the-art capability Phil, but the facts are the facts.

"For the attack on Sudan, Israel would have used the commercial flight paths that follow the Red Sea, thus disguising their approach."

Military professionals know that stealth is stealth by whatever means it is achieved. Period.

And don't even try to suggest that commercial air traffic can be electronically confused with small strike aircraft, either radar or interrogating IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) systems within any nation's ADIZ (Air Defense Identification Zone) can easily make such a distinction.

The Yarmouk weapon depot was making all manner of weaponry, including chemical weapons, and therefore it was well defended - or so the Sudanese and their Iranian patrons thought.

Here's the fact Phil:

The IAF strike package of four fighter/bombers with refueling aircraft successfully evaded detection by the air defense systems of four enemy nations: Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan as well as whatever enemy warships may have been underway or in port in the Red Sea. That is a major accomplishment. On a par with flying a strike team all the way to Entebbe in Uganda through enemy airspace without detection. Complete tactical surprise.

"It isn't possible for them to approach Iran in a similar way."

Well, I certainly hope the Iranians are thinking as you are!! As just illustrated, this kind of thinking is severely technologically challenged.

Obviously, Israel has the capability of electronically turning off and/or spoofing enemy air defenses, of making them not see what is in the sky overhead. Kind of like Obi Wan Kenobi waving his hand and telling a potential threat, "These are not the droids you are looking for. Let them pass. Move along."

The Sudanese never saw it coming.

Neither will Iran.

Sean Osborne said...

Israel SUCCESSFULLY attacked the Yarmouk weapons facility in Khartoum, Sudan (Kuwsh) with no losses or adverse repercussion against itself.

That, my brothers and sisters, is called victory in battle. A God-ordained victory in battle.

As noted in one of the last sentences in my 25 October update, only "Intellectually honest military planners" will make positive note of this achievement.

Intellectually dishonest pundits, whatever their professional bona fides, will be ignored as irrelevant to the real-world facts as they have been established.

Sean Osborne said...


Thank for pointing this out, the DEBKA report in this instance is quite accurate. However, the two high-trajectory missiles fired towards Dimona fell significantly short, landing much closer to Be'er Sheva than Dimona.

And so much for those who say that HAMAS has abandoned the pro-Shi'a Iranian axis. Such thinking is extremely naive.

Besides being a fools errand, attempts to target Dimona with a pair of wildly inaccurate Grad artillery missiles in revenge for the Yarmouk facility's destruction by the IAF is distinctly at the behest of the Iran-Khartoum-HAMAS enemy axis.

Israel's reaction thus far has been in the form of several additional airstrikes in Gaza today. Both of the HAMAS missile sites in northern Gaza which launched against Dimona no longer exist.

The land battle being taken into Gaza itself is just a matter of time, and it will occur at the time of Israel's choosing, not Tehran or HAMAS.

Great Grany 5 said...

Very concerned about you and your safety. I know that Sandy was not calling for any good thing and keeping up with all of the news feeds, that are not in the hands of the local MSM, is a very busy job.

We have family serving in the National Guard in Ohio (eastern section)and also, great friends in the Atlantic City area. Short Wave radio is still pretty darn good means of getting worry worts taken care of.

Me, the Worrying most wort ever,
Shalom, GG5

Sean Osborne said...


All good for my homestead here in NJ, but nearby neighbors and adjacent towns not so good at all.

Clean-up and recovery will take months if not years. Some things are unrecoverable. But we're all safe and sound and that's all that really matters.

Time to rebuild what we can; leave the rest to God.

Scipio said...

Sean, Joel Rosenberg mentioned that Israel (BN) said that war is delayed for 8-10 months now that Iran used some uranium already (?) That's a good thing, IMO, although we know its eventually going to happen

Sean Osborne said...


I do not agree with Joel Rosenberg's assessment.

My assessment is that the amount of time that will elapse before Iran produces its first nuclear weapon can be measured in days.

hartdawg said...

Thank you for your response to scipios response. i saw the same article from Joel and had my questions. since the prophecy concerning elam seems to me must precede psalm 83, and psalm 83 (and Isaiah 17 for that matter) seem to be forming today, it would make sense that Iran would be attacked pretty soon.

mark3210 said...

When you assess Iran will build a nuclear weapon in "days" do you mean less than a month?
Or do you mean less than weeks?

Sean Osborne said...


It is assumed that Western or Israeli intelligence would know the very moment the Ayatollah authorized the production of nuclear weapons.

I do not believe they would know until it was too late, after-the-fact.

As proof for this contention I would cite the surprise (it was a make-nicey-nice gift actually from the anti-regime MeK terrorists) revealing of the entire Fordow nuclear enrichment complex to Western intelligence. The world had no clue as to the existence of this facility under the mountain near Qom.

With the Ayatollah's authorization an Iranian nuclear weapon could be assembled within days.

mark3210 said...

That's one of the key disputes between Obama and Netanyahu, isn't it?
Netanyahu talked at the UN about how a weapon could be built in a very small space which couldn't be detected.
I kind of feel Israel is only waiting because they think Romney will win next week. If they thought Obama would win I think they would've acted already.

Scipio said...

Sean, THX. I like Rosenberg but trust you, as there is 'in-community' experience plus deep biblical knowledge. THX again

Great Grany 5 said...

God takes good care of his Watchmen Sean, and I am very thankful for your safety. My worry wort feels much better now.

I don't trust Persia in the least and sneaking has always been their strong points. But just as Esther waltzed around Haman until he was hung, Bibi won't dance but the movement will be swift, direct, and fatal just as much as hanging was to the plotter of evil.

We have all been side tracked with the very soon to be elections and without a doubt, a lot of disputes that will ensue, seems like a perfect time to pull a fast one. We can not afford to become distracted.

Shalom, GG5

mark3210 said...


So what are your thoughts on what happened last night and how it will impact the future?

Was there massive vote fraud last night or is a majority of the country brainwashed?

I think most of us are feeling a combination of anger and disbelief. That's how I feel right now.

Sean Osborne said...


First and foremost I think the election result has set off a rampant case of newspaper exegesis.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month or next year, so opinions about what will occur over the course of the next four years are wildly speculative and I personally want no part of any of that nonsense.

Prophetically nothing has changed, so I am going to deal with yesterday election result on that basis.

mark3210 said...

Does the election result have some role in fulfilling prophecy?

America is supposed to abandon Israel at some point, right? It certainly feels like Israel is all alone now for the foreseeable future.

hartdawg said...

Sean, WHAT A PRACTICAL AND TERRIFIC ANSWER!!!!! too bad more Christians don't share your thoughts on that.

Sean Osborne said...


Since most Bible prophecy scholars insist that America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy then they should also be saying that America's 2012 presidential election has no role in any prophetic fulfillment.

Look carefully at the various prophecy websites to see if they are being consistent with their prophetic proclamations in this regard!!!

If America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy then how can America prophetically abandon Israel?

How can anything America does or does not do at this point in history have a Bible prophecy implication for Israel?

The Bible says all nations will come against Israel, but that occurs during Gabriel's 70th Week, after the Harpazo, and that eventuality is some point into the future from the present geopolitical-military situation in the Middle East.

There are several thousand American soldiers in Israel right now. Today. Their presence in Israel has no direct relation to or impact upon Bible prophecy because the Lord's attention is still focused upon His Church. His focus will be upon Israel during the 70th Week.

Until that time then all we are witness to right now is preparatory for that time, just as everything that has occurred since 33 AD has been preparatory for that time.

Sueg said...

Dear Sean,
I really thank God for keeping you safe all last week!
I am so anxious to hear your thoughts about ALL of this that I await your postings with great anticipation.
So many of thiose I know are almost "hanging" on your (nearly) every word. Not in any sense supplanting God's role in our knowledge and understanding, but needing a real moment sense out of all this worldly nonsense!
God bless you over and over!

Sean Osborne said...


Sandy's effect on this region was horrific, but that was just physical damage. Praise God, no lives were lost, no spirits were broken. A week later came the election which proves this contention - the people along the Atlantic Coast most affected by hurricane Sandy voted overwhelmingly (by 7 to 20 point margins) against Obama.

This won't be over for us until the Relief Centers wind down and cease their operations, but much improvement has been made over the previous 10 days, Thank God.

I'm working on an update to be put up shortly.