Saturday, April 20, 2013

Global SITREP A8-13: Terrorism Grabs the Obama Administration by the Throat

Al Qaeda Islamic Terrorists Dzhokhar (left) and Tamerlan (right) Tsarnaev

(CORRECTED) 15-19 April 2013: The events which played themselves out this week beginning with the massacre of innocent American runners and spectators at the Boston Marathon actually began one year ago, in 2010, when Tamerlan Tsarnaev traveled to the Russian Caucasus, most likely Chechnya, for 6 months of intensive terrorist training in urban combat operations.  Neither Tamerlan nor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are ethnic Chechen. Both were born in Kyrgyzstan and therefore are ethnic Chechens of Kyrgyzstani nationality.

This is military combat training that the Chechen branch of Al Qaeda has been very adept at since they stopped the vaunted Russian Army dead in its tracks and forced them to retreat back out of the country between 1994 and 1996. The Chechen rebels had been highly trained Russian soldiers themselves prior to the collapse and breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. This is how the so-called Chechen irregular forces out fought and  defeated the new and combat untested Russian Army conscripts in that First Chechen War. It was in that war where Islamic Jihad was first waged against a world power, and prevailed. 

Perhaps this knowledge will make sense to you on how the outrageous urban combat operations of the past two nights in Boston's suburbs not only came to pass, but were inevitable. And don't let your guard down just yet, the events of this week have served to inspire hundreds if not thousands of like-minded jihadists who seek America's death and destruction in the cause of the false god allah. This is why Palestinians in Gaza and Islamists all over the planet have been celebrating and treating each other to sweets - the unprecedented spectacle of full-blown islamic jihad of Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria has arrived on the streets and bedroom neighborhoods of America.

What is also unprecedented is that our own government, and I mean the chain-of-command to include President Obama, and the Department of Justice (DoJ) Attorney General Eric Holder, the Deputy Attorney General, the Director of the FBI and the DoJ National Security Division (NSD) have all of the blood spilt this week on their hands because they chose to ignore the specific foreign intelligence warning from Russia that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had become a radicalized Islamist in 2010 while living in the United States and that he planned to link up with and train for six months in Al Qaeda's Chechen training camp. According to the FBI Press Release of 19 April 2013, their check of various US Government databases in 2011 revealed no terrorist links for Tamerlan. Given what we know about Operation Fast and Furious and its anti-American objectives, should any of us be surprised at what has occurred over just the past three years with these radical leftists in complete control of our White House and our Government? Our government leadership has the blood spilled in Boston on its hands and they must be judged by We The People with the verdict to be handed down at the next national election if not sooner through impeachment proceedings.

It is well past time to take our Constitutional Republic back. So help us God.

UPDATE: The islamic attack on the Boston Marathon will be a long-term investigation. Right from the start you need to be informed that there is no difference between a "suspect" and a "person of interest" because a "person of interest" is merely politically correct speech. This political correctness stems from the fact that a lawsuit is less likely to be filed from a "person of interest" than it would be from someone besmirched as a "suspect" before the process of discovery in an investigation has fully run its course. 

The Boston Marathon attack investigation can not be complete without serious resources being put into investigating the very first "person of interest" identified in this attack: Abdul Rahman Ali AL-HARBI. Al-Harbi is Saudi Arabian national admitted into the United States on a student visa. He is a Wahhabi jihadist whose family is virtually synonymous with the emergence of Al Qaeda; a Saudi jihadist whose close relatives are among the elite of Al Qaeda along with the now deceased Osama bin Laden; a handful of whom are still among the living as enemy combatants in detention in Gitmo, Cuba at this very moment. He a jihadist to whom a very close relative can refer to the daughter of Ayman Al-Zawahri as his wife. 

Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was among the first to arrive in a Boston hospital with injuries suffered in the attack. He was that close to the action on Monday, 16 April 2013. So close, in fact, that his presence there warranted a special, unscheduled meeting between President Barack Hussein Obama and a Saudi Arabian Ambassador, a meeting which immediately preceded his official removal as a "person of interest" and the announcement of his deportation back to Saudi Arabia this coming Tuesday. He also received a visit in that Boston hospital by First Lady Michelle Obama the day after the attack.

Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, smiling alone (left) and with  Saudi diplomat Azzam bin Abdel Karim.

Given the Al Qaeda terrorist credentials mentioned above, how on earth was this Saudi terrorist allowed entrance into these United States? Moreover, federal law enforcement knows this Saudi is connected to the Boston Marathon attack from the evidence collected during the raid on his apartment in Revere, Massachusetts. But instead of detention as an enemy combatant like his Saudi kinfolk, this little terrorist, a jihadist who was identified as a "national security threat" to the United States of America is to be sent home to his mama. But now the federal authorities won't say why he is being sent home to his mama. 

This must be a part of the new kinder, gentler federal program I've been hearing about, the Al Qaeda Terrorist Catch and Release Program. We know these things because there are American patriots who work in federal law enforcement and they could not keep silent about this betrayal of our country. Despite how you personally might feel about radio talk show host Glenn Beck, I would urge you to make every effort to listen to his program on your radio tomorrow morning.


Joey Bagadonuts said...

Hiya Sean,

First, thank you Almighty God that the police caught these two demons.

Second, not for one minute do I think that these to soul-less creatures acted alone. Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies needs to keep turning over rocks until we get the rest of their co-conspirators.

Third, with all that law enforcement at the Marathon, especially all the bomb squad personnel, does anyone else get the idea that law enforcement might have had a tip that some type of explosive device was possibly going to be used that day?
I heard that there was a drill going on that day...then I heard that no, there isn't. That's a bit strange.

Fourth, it's somewhat mollifying to see that this horrible incident isn't being classified as "workplace violence" by the bumbler in chief.


Great Grany 5 said...

I thought of you when all of this started coming down. I have noticed a turn of events specific to this latest outrage and that mainly is the Media personalities calling a spade a spade and a Muslim a terrorist. I thought I was hearing things on CNN when Anderson Cooper called the suspects Muslim after the pictures were shown on the Internet. He also laid the charge of Terrorist rightfully at their feet long before the MIT attacks. If this was a Christian protesting Abortion, the names would have been of the worst type at the beginning, without any known facts. However, you are correct, this looked like a Keystone Cops moving into Watertown and I don't mean to be derogatory in the least. But come on, surely there is a better organized way of achieving the goal of capture than what was presented. Can you imagine what kind of a mess there will be (and I mean will be) when the targets get bigger and the outcry gets louder, and the people begin to take matters into their own hands? It is just a matter of time until Enough is ENOUGH and if the current government forces in DC cannot get off of their Socialist butts long enough to act in the interest of the people, the people WILL TAKE CHARGE.

The fact that there is little doubt in most people's minds that the past election was a fraud from the get go, then the display of the lack of honesty and courage regarding Benghazi and the disgusting idiotic rhetoric surrounding all of the current mess, PEOPLE ARE FED UP. I have lived through some of the worst days in the history of this nation and I have never seen such a show of stupidity and cowardice sitting in the WH, except for the Peanut Farmer from Georgia.

We all need this MAJOR: SHALOM

Sparrow said...

Sean, do you think this could have been a false flag event,sort of a dress rehearsal for martial law? I've read so much in the last few days, I don't know what to believe anymore! Sure didn't take long to shut down a major city, and roll out the big armored vehicles!

Sean Osborne said...

Hiya Joey! My fear is that the bigger part of this islamic act of war will not be swept under the rug, American sheeple will swallow the the bile and official explanations and then like two-year olds loose interest just as was done after the islamic atrocities in Oklahoma City, WTC I and II, Ft. Hood.

There was some kind of a drill or exercise, the presence of the military-looking Craft employees in their working uniforms (The black 'The Punisher' logo skull baseball caps, black tops and desert cargo pants and boots) proves it. Those guys need to quit playing at being counter-terrorist hunters and seriously get re-trained because the real-world Al Qaeda terrorists were literally standing right in front of them in plain sight.


I find myself thinking that part of the TPTB agenda is to get some people to take matters into their own hands. That's what they want. Vigilantism. And when it happens they will come down all over it like a collapsing world trade center tower.

This is just the beginning of a new phase of the war and it is happening because our government never truly identified the enemy - Islam. Then our government never created a warfighting doctrine by which to prosecute the war. Bottom line from the abject failures is what has occurred in Boston and will occur elsewhere in the US, most likely with a higher body count next time.


Our government certainly is responsible for the carnage that was within their power to prevent.

They failed to heed the intelligence warning from the foreign government. (I thought this was Israel, but it looks now like Russia was the intelligence warning about Tamerlan's jihadist training in the Caucasus region of Russia.

Our government and intelligence people were oblivious to the fact that this islamic jihadist assault began with the imam in the mosque that Tamerlan was attending in Cambridge, MA over the past few years.

They missed or ignored all of these hard facts simply because they did not want to see them. Evidence of this can be found all the way into the second term of George W. Bush's presidency - an abject refusal to identify the enemy as islam; the chose instead to declare war against the tactic of terror. A half-step, half-measure which as of Monday,15 April 2013, has been proven to be a failure based upon a lie.

Anonymous said...

For more on the initial suspect who is to be deported, Glen Beck intends to do an expose about the matter on Monday.

Sean Osborne said...

Duly noted in my update to this SITREP.

sparrow said...

That's it! There is no hope left for the United States! What in the world is Moochelle doing visiting this guy! That's outrageous!!!!! Say what you will about Bush, at least there were no more attacks under his watch!

Great Grany 5 said...

aw ha, I was right! I was watching the Marathon online and I don't know why, but there was "spectator" standing close to the building very close to the finish line, portion of the right hand side of the Monitor screen. I believe the scene was being shot by local TV station but I cannot prove it. I saw the two brothers walk into view and when they did this guy's expression changed. But then the camera went to a different angle and then right after the first runner passed the finish line, kaboom! That is when the camera shifted back to the place of the explosion and I saw a man of small stature running in the opposite direction than the finish line when it seemed everyone else was going to the scene of the blast. Most of those were going to help the victims but some were moving toward the runners and they had different color vests or jackets on. Then the attention was directly at the area where the man's collapse was being recorded. Later learned that he was in his 70's and the force of the blast caused his legs to give out from under him. He just laid there and it didn't seem anyone was paying any attention to him. But that guy running away from the scene had his pant leg on his left leg torn away and it just seemed odd that he was not responding like everyone else was. There was another man who was in that same frame for a short time but then the scene switched again. But I swear, he actually changed expressions on his face when the two brothers came into view and about the time that the younger brother looked toward the running path of the racers.

I am so tired and angry is strong enough for the disgust I feel towards the coverup in progress. As far as I am concerned, Saudi Arabia deserves everything they are going to get in payment from YAHWEH VERY SOON.
When I tell you Shalom from this point on, I mean it for all that the greeting means in Hebrew.