Sunday, April 28, 2013

Global SITREP A9-13 : Prophetic Dominoes All Lined Up!

 U.S. Navy F-35 Lightning II - Israel Air Force "Adir"

28 April 2013: Preparations have continued which were postulated in the Eschatology Today article of 7 March 2009 entitled "Prophetic Dominoes." Global SITREP A9-13 will basically constitute an comprehensive update for that article. Those now four-year old strategic preparations have progressed to a very advanced, ready-to-go, now-or-never stage. Only the back-and-forth in relations between the United States and Israel regarding how to deal with the Iranian nuclear problem over these past fours years has kept a preemptive strike simmering in the interim. At the present time it does appear that a strike will occur before the summer months of 2013 have made their passage from our calendars. 

A very recent weapons agreement between the US and Israel has all the earmarks of being a virtual hardware upgrade reward for Israel's patience with the U.S., E.U. and U.N. diplomatic application of sanctions against Iranian nuclear progress. This is a hardware upgrade of such state-of-the-art American-made weapons being injected into Israel's armory that the total real-world military dominance I believe is made evident in the Lord's prophetic word found Jeremiah 49, Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 is now completely unambiguous.

One piece of the new hardware is the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike stealth fighter (image above) which Israel will shortly begin building its combat squadrons around in replacing its aging F-16A Hawk models. Traditionally Israel gives its own name to its aircraft and the F-35 will be no different as it has been christened with the Hebrew name Adir meaning Great, but conveying a more 21st century meaning along the lines of Unrivaled Awesomeness,  which is an apt description of this aircraft's capabilities. Air superiority on steroids in other words. 

There is also another bit of hardware that was all but missed. It's so new that the usually weapons savvy Israeli publications like YNET and DEBKAfile didn't even notice it. YNET even reported the exact opposite, headlining that no bunker busters were in this weapon agreement. (Oops, I hate when that happens!)  The New York Times reported it, but they even they played a low-key note in reporting it.  What is "it"?  It is the GBU-39A/B, which true to this weapons true capability passed straight through almost undetected in only being identified as "advanced focused munitions bombs" in the Times article on the arms deal.

Speaking of steroids, the GBU-39A/B is a flechette-on-steroids of high precision, high lethality, low-to-no-collateral damage aerial weapons.A dart of a bunker buster, if you will. This is the state-of-the-art weapon Israel could immediately deploy on its F-16I Sufa strike aircraft to hit nuclear related bunkers or human targets in downtown Tehran and barely disturb the person sleeping in the building next door. The US has had these weapons since 2008, and now, just five years later, Israel will get the GBU-39A/B too. 

The GBU-39A/B is light, only 285 pounds - but it has a high explosive (blast velocity = 5 miles per second) warhead that weighs 205 pounds. This bomb is more than 2/3rds high explosives. Makes a bad day for the bad guy his last day on earth no matter where he is hiding from a launch point that is 60 miles away - and that is well outside the range of most point air defense systems Iran or Syria possess. Additionally, this weapon's guidance system cannot be jammed or spoofed.

It is my own assessment that the North Korean nuclear test of 12 February 2013 was in-fact an Iranian test of a weapon with an HEU fissile core. A possible second test will confirm it.  Global SITREP A7-13 spoke to the strategic implications. More recent news articles have made clear with respect to the North Korean nuclear warhead test, and the new US military assessment regarding a missile-borne delivery system for that warhead, that Israel regards Iran as now having fully taken a stride over the red line it established in consultation with the United States. A strike on Iran looks as imminent as it ever did and Israel is more prepared than ever to deliver that strike.  Add to this the looming WMD situation in Syria and the conditions for a "perfect storm" in the Middle East to accelerate the toppling of prophetic dominoes are all too apparent.


Sean Osborne said...

Mark 3210 wrote:


It indeed feels like we're entering a very dangerous period where these major prophecies could be fulfilled in the coming months.

I still think most people around the world are unprepared and will be shocked at what is coming.

Indeed. I sure find it difficult to think that Summer 2013 passes without a major prophetic fulfillment occurring.

Drew said...


I have seen several reports that Syria has indeed begun using chemical weapons. Also read a report that the IAF bombed a Syrian chemical weapons facility over the weekend. Looks like Israel has decided that their "red-line" if not crossed already, has Syria at least with their toes on it.

BTW, I know it's been said, but thank you very much for all the work you do in bringing this information to us and allowing us to discuss it. You are very much appreciated.

Sean Osborne said...


I'm glad you mentioned these two items.

I have also seen the reports of the Syrians allegedly using chemical weapons. What I have not seen is any solid evidence for them. I'm still not buying it, especially if the Obama Administration is saying so.

Also, a single sentence in a Reuters report about someone people in Syria foaming at the mouth is not evidence of al-Assad using his WMD against his own people. Those weapons would have to be deployed in some kind of canister; they are easily identifiable by their markings. I have not seen any image of a deployed WMD canister pulled from a Syrian battlefield.

And to be perfectly honest, if he were to use them against Al Qaeda terrorists I have no problem with that after what AQ has done in the US, UK, Spain, Iraq, Afghanistan and dozens of other places, but most recently in Benghazi and Boston.

Syrian WMD used against Israel would be another matter entirely, and i also think Israel would take a dim view of their use in any situation, which bring me to the second item you mention - the alleged Israeli bombing raid.

There's no evidence of the reported raid actually having occurred. The report of this past week had none of the very specific and particular evidences of the raid we know the IAF executed in the western Damascus suburb of Qudssaya (see: "The "Morton Salt Scenario" (When It Rains, It Pours) 01 FEB 14 on this blog).

There is another recent report which very few are talking about that I saw this past week.

What is occurring in this war is the arming of the FSA and Al Qaeda with state-of-the-art Russian and Chinese-made MANPADS systems. Two of these missiles were fired as a Russian A320 commercial airliner flying over Syria on April 29th.

The NordWind Airlines jet had 150 innocent vacationers on board and was returning to Russia from a resort in Sharm al-Sheikh. These MANPADS were released to the terrorists from Turkish warehouses. It's a lucky thing the terrorists were not fully proficient in the use of these very lethal weapons otherwise there might be a different reality in Syria today.